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  • Currant jelly jam
  • Kissel for adults out of the jam and wine
  • Cherry jelly

Who never tried jelly jam or fresh berries? Typically, the first acquaintance with the sweet syrup viscous occurs in early childhood. Because of starches and fruits, of which accepted to prepare a drink, it gets pretty high-calorie and nutritious. Doctors recommend to enter into the diet of jelly babies, since twelve months. This daily rate is not more than 150 milliliters. In addition, the water baby jelly every day is not necessary - only one or two times a week.

Cooking homemade drink quite difficult - it is only at first glance it may seem difficult task. Starch is added to, depending on their wishes: if you want to make a thick jelly, take about 35-45 grams (based on one liter of fluid). Easier texture you get when you add two or three tablespoons of potato starch. Corn and wheat thickeners better used for desserts and kneading biscuit dough.

In the summer, of course, it is recommended to brew a drink from fresh fruits and berries - it will be tastier and healthier. However, you can resort to more economical way: to make delicious homemade jelly of the jam. To do this, you can use any sweet syrup: raspberry, cherry, strawberry, currant. If you decide to arrange a friendly party, try to master the recipe for jelly for adults. Cook it long, so please be necessary products and develop their culinary talents.

 jelly jam recipe

Currant jelly jam

In principle, the pudding can be cooked out of any jam of your choice: raspberry, strawberry, cherry. It all depends on personal preferences and wishes of each family and its relatives - her husband and children. Some like fruit drinks made of apples, oranges, apricots, others prefer berry mix of gooseberry and sea buckthorn, rosehip and cranberry, and so on. Let's look at a very simple, but in spite of this, quite tasty recipe. It consists of currant jam. This drink is good thirst quencher and is effective in the fight against colds, it also serves for the prevention of SARS, influenza and other viral infections. After all, red and black currant - a real storehouse of vitamins.


  • 1000 milliliters of boiling water
  • five tablespoons currant jam
  • a pinch of citric acid
  • Sugar - to taste
  • Ten grams of potato starch

Cooking method:

In this recipe includes citric acid, which performs two roles. Firstly, it helps to make the beverage taste more vivid and colorful, and secondly, it retains its original form in the shade, so the jelly does not tarnish. If you do not have stock of this ingredient, use fresh lemon: squeeze the juice out of it (about two tablespoons) and enter the nectar into the hot syrup.

Well, let's take a closer look at the recipe, then you can safely begin to translate it into practice. So, warm water, then put it currant jam with constant stirring and bring to a boil. Five to seven minutes, strain the syrup using a fine sieve, then remove the excess flesh, and the broth, return to its rightful place - send in a saucepan on low heat.

Add the sugar and beverage citric acid, diluted in a small amount of boiling water. Now, in a separate piala connect hot currant syrup and starch. When the latter is completely dissolved, pour the liquid into jelly. Continue to cook for about seven minutes, then turn off the burner and let cool drink. Serve it in glasses, if desired can decorate each serving with fresh mint leaves.

Cook a delicious fruit and berry jelly everyone can, the main thing - to carry a detailed recipe. Depending on the amount of potato starch, and changing the consistency of the beverage. For example, a table spoon of thickener per 1000 milliliters of water will help to prepare a liquid syrup, and adding 40 grams, get a drink, more like a souffle. You can decorate with whipped cream, powdered sugar and fresh berries.

Kissel for adults out of the jam and wine

We offer master drink recipe for adults. We'll cook it on the basis of a jam, you can certainly use fresh fruit or berries, but then the process will take much longer. We added potato starch, but if you decide to cook corn pudding, keep in mind that you need to increase the amount of thickener twice. That is not to take two and four teaspoons.


  • 150 milliliters of red wine
  • potato starch - two small spoons
  • 60 grams of any jam
  • glass of warm water
  • 20 grams sugar

Cooking method:

First, bring to a boil the water, and then connect it to a mixture of wine and put on a slow fire. This also add a sweet syrup, after getting rid of the berries, as well as specified in the recipe amount of sugar. While languishing liquid, dissolve the starch in boiling water, pour the resulting solution is rapid movement to the future of the jam jelly. When it starts to boil vigorously, turn off the burner and cool liquid. If desired, add a little citric acid (quite a pinch).

Prepare the drink can and berries of the jam. In this case, pour the syrup into a pan, seven minutes after boiling, remove with a slotted spoon raspberries, strawberries or currants, depending on what you use, and grind them through a sieve. The resulting fruit pulp throw back into the jelly and continue to cook as described above. To make the beverage taste even more intense, add two of a handful of frozen or fresh berries.

 how to cook jelly jam

Cherry jelly

For those who love pets and do not drink too lazy to cook, we offer the following recipe. Kissel from jam is good in that it is cooked very quickly and did not hit the family budget. You will need a small set of low-priced products. If you have a family jelly like, next time it may be prepared from raspberry or, for example, apricot jam.


  • 15 grams sugar
  • 70 grams of cherry jam
  • 750 milliliters of boiling water
  • fifteen large spoon starch
  • lemon juice - two tablespoons

Cooking method:

The first step is Boil water, then add the jam and mix thoroughly. 250 milliliters of liquid pour into a separate bowl and at the time set aside. The resulting sweet syrup, strain through a sieve, you can use a folded several times gauze. Settled safely discard pulp - it is no longer needed. Now pour the potato starch in a glass of hot water (the one you left) and stir until completely dissolved.

Sweet syrup diluted jam pour into a saucepan and put on a slow fire. When the drink begins to boil, enter it in the sugar, lemon juice and thickener. Note that the pudding is boiled with constant stirring. Hold it on the stove a couple of minutes, then put in a bowl of cold water for rapid cooling.

These recipes are versatile and perfectly suited for any time of year. The drink can be prepared not only preserves, but also fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, and even cocoa. However, this is a completely different culinary history, about which we will tell the next time. The semi-solid jelly is an excellent breakfast, and you can have a drink in the afternoon. Complete the meal with a muffin or pastry - a light snack will give strength and energy for the rest of the day. And if you add a little more starch - six to seven tablespoons per liter of boiling water - then you get fruit "souffle" out of the jam. To him perfect cold milk or cream. Bon Appetit!

 "Children" and "adult" pudding: the recipe of jam

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 how to cook a thick jelly


  • Jelly from apples
  • Slush "Health" from the hips
  • Sweet apple-buckthorn jelly
  • Milk and pumpkin pudding
  • Kissel from jam and milk

Kissel - a beverage that is suitable for both cold and hot for the time of year. In winter, it can be made from dried fruit - prunes, dried apricots, dried apples - fresh summer berries. In addition, milk pudding is cooked with the addition of cocoa. In the entire history of its existence practicing chefs have come up with a thousand and one recipe. Now these secrets will be available to everyone, because we do not hide anything from its users. It offers lovers of delicious and original cuisine offers an entire library of culinary.

Today, as you know, we will focus on the drink, which many people associate with childhood. After all, a juicy thick jelly often serves kids in kindergarten. It is made from a variety of juices, kvass, sugary syrups and fruit puree. The drink can be cooked with the addition of fructose or sugar. If you decide to cook or milk, for example, almond jelly, experts recommend to enter not only potato starch, and a little bit of corn that will add tenderness. Discuss drink charms can be long, but know its true taste of work, only having welded own pudding, and this is useful to you our recipe.

Jelly from apples

Any recipe for jelly can be a little change. So, if you liked a particular drink - from berry puree, milk or fruit - but you do not want to make it liquid, and, say, a thick, add more starch. In addition, it should be noted that in the first case, the mixture should be cooked very long: as soon as it comes to a boil and starts to boil, turn off the burner immediately and remove the dishes from the stove. To jelly on the surface of the film is not formed, it is recommended to sprinkle with sugar or tighten the cling film. In general, there are a lot of nuances. But first, let's look at the first recipe.


  • 500 grams of sweet apples
  • two tablespoons of potato starch
  • 3/4 cup of granulated sugar
  • two glasses of water

Cooking method:

If you decide to make a dense pudding, this recipe fits perfectly. Buy sweet juicy apples, not necessarily that they were very beautiful. You can use a little beaten, trampled fruit, because when you're cooking them, they will still lose its appeal. Suitable for both the red and green product - decide what sort of purchase.

So wash your apples and cut them into thin slices, after getting rid of the tail, seeds and core. Put the fruit in a deep pan and cover with water. Then put on the stove and turn on the burner. Please note that you need to cook for a drink at a minimum the fire, it should not spill out in all directions. When the apples are soft and begin to disintegrate, fold them in a colander and thoroughly clean. Then, the resulting puree connect with broth. This also enter sugar and potato starch. Last pre-dissolved in a little warm water.

Now again send back the pan while cooking flavored jelly should be as long as it is sufficiently thickened. Periodically stir drink and do not do too much fire. As you can see, the recipe is very simple, does not require special culinary talents. There are many varieties of jelly, and the same applies to the form of its submission. The drink can be put on the table in conventional glasses, top Garnish with a slice of fresh apple, sprinkle with black or red currant.

But there is another more original way of feeding: wait until the finished pudding cools, then pour it into a bowl and return to the top shelf of the refrigerator. Once it hardens enough, cover the bowl and turn the flat plate pudding, removing it from the mold. So you get a sweet jelly-like dish of apples. For decoration you can use whipped cream. Prepare the jelly is not difficult, the main thing - to choose the right recipe that will appeal to you and your family. Very popular in modern mistresses (especially in summer) are currant and other berries drinks. Why do not you vary the menu of your family?

 thick pudding recipe

Slush "Health" from the hips

This recipe is especially useful with the onset of cold weather. In autumn and winter, when every third inhabitant metropolis suffer from colds, complain of cough, headache and runny nose, rosehip jelly will become an indispensable tool for combating the common cold. It can also be used prophylactically, especially because the berries are a source of huge amounts of vitamins C, E, B2, P and K. This is not the entire list. In addition, wild rose contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, essential oils, calcium and other beneficial to the human body and trace elements.

If an ordinary liquid beverage in its traditional version probably will not like the child, the beautiful dense pudding is likely to win the heart of the baby. Therefore, every mom must know at least one of his recipe. Regular consumption rose, according to doctors, increases immunity and therefore neither SARS nor influenza will not be afraid of you. Cook the pudding is easy and drink it - a pleasure. To interest your child a drink, be sure to decorate it with fresh currants, black or red. You can put a few mint leaves.


  • Sugar - five large spoons
  • five cups of water
  • 100 grams of rose hips
  • citric acid - at your discretion
  • 50 grams of starch

For decoration:

  • some currant berries (fresh or frozen)

Cooking method:

Each recipe jelly - is an individual combination of ingredients and their preparation certain technology, but overall action in all cases alike. Just something and make that first mixed, then cook. Let's try to do this together. So first, fill with warm water (take two cups) dried rose hips and leave it for a couple of hours. When it swells and softens, get rid of excess fluid: strain it through cheesecloth or a sieve and remove the side and the product rinse under the tap.

Now mash berries with a mortar and transfer to a small saucepan. This also enter 600 milliliters of cold water and put the pans on the fire. Boil rose hips should be about fifteen minutes. After this time, strain the beverage with the previously strained berry broth. Add sugar to your taste sprinkle in a few pinches of citric acid. The latter can be replaced with freshly squeezed fruit juice. Then dissolve the starch in water and enter it in the future jelly. Send your pot on the stove and cook until thick drink should be. When he is ready, cool it, pour into glasses and garnish with fresh currants. Bon Appetit!

Sweet apple-buckthorn jelly

Even our mothers and grandmothers cooked pudding, so drink reminds many of the times of carefree childhood and is associated with loved ones smile. Modern housewife somehow did not pay enough attention to it, preferring to shoplifting juices, soda and the like. However, your child drink "chemistry", which is in abundance on the shelves of supermarkets, nutritionists is not recommended.

As doctors warn it can cause high content of acetone in a child, allergies and various disorders of the digestive system. It is better to give preference to more natural drinks. In summer you can cook compotes and jelly with fresh fruits and berries. The technology of their preparation is very simple and does not take much time. In the cold season it is recommended to add additional "vitamin" ingredients such as rosehip and sea buckthorn. Let's look at another not only delicious, but also useful recipes.


  • four large sweet apples
  • 1000 milliliters of cold water
  • half cup sugar
  • starch place depending on the desired thickness
  • 125 grams of sea buckthorn

Cooking method:

First, let's take a closer look at some of the nuances of the recipe. Firstly, if you are not available fresh sea buckthorn, feel free to use frayed with sugar or frozen. Second, keep in mind that you need to boil the liquid jelly with a small amount of starch - in this case, is usually taken 25-30 grams. Note also that to bring a drink to a boil it is not necessary. Once it starts to boil, turn off the burner. To subsequently jelly on the surface of the film does not appear, after cooling sprinkle it with sugar and cover with polyethylene.

So how are we going to cook a thick drink, and will take a lot of starch - Take 40-60 grams. To the product is well mixed with the other ingredients, it is recommended to dilute the first fifteen milliliters of warm water. Then, the washed apples divide into large blocks and remove them from all unnecessary: ​​seeds and core. After fill with water and place on a plate. Fruits should be cooked until tender; when you see that they break up, turn off the fire.

Now for sea buckthorn: grind it through a very fine sieve, then strain it with a piece of gauze, folded several times. Connect both ingredients in a saucepan, sprinkle them with sugar-sand, enter the citric acid, and Boil on low heat. After about ten minutes after the start of cooking, add the starch dissolved in water and cook jelly with constant stirring. And when it cools down well, call relatives - her beloved husband and kids - enjoy flavored drink.

 How to cook a thick jelly

Milk and pumpkin pudding

Pumpkin can make a variety of mouth-watering dishes. For example, if there is time, just cut her pieces and sprinkled with sugar and sprinkled with olive oil and bake in the oven. Useful and tasty delicacy for children - it is rice porridge with milk, pumpkin. There is another recipe is popular among vegetarians and followers of healthy food - braised pumpkin with fruits (apples, oranges, apricots) and raisins, covered with honey syrup. In general, if you love to cook, then, as they say, is where carousing. We offer a new, perhaps unknown to you the option of cooking pumpkin - try to cook from her jelly. It is very tasty, believe me and check in practice.


  • potato starch - four large spoon
  • 600 grams of pumpkin
  • vanilla - on request
  • sugar - 80 grams
  • table salt - a little pinch
  • 500 milliliters of boiled milk
  • the juice of red currants (can take any berry drink at their discretion, for example, strawberry or raspberry)

Cooking method:

The first thing to do - cut the cleaned pumpkin into large chunks and rub them on a fine grater. Now take a little milk - ten or fifteen milliliters - and dissolve potato starch in it. Then, in a separate pan Boil cow's milk. If the surface of the foam will gently get rid of it with a spoon. Now here is enter the starch dissolved, pouring it in a thin stream and continuing all the time to interfere. Bring jelly next to seething after add the pumpkin, sugar, a pinch of salt and vanilla. Reduce the heat and let the drink afterwards. After the cover and set aside to cool. Ready jelly pour into glass vase and send in the refrigerator. Serve with juice.

Kissel from jam and milk

Finally, we offer another simple recipe. For obvious advantages of the drink are its efficiency and ease of preparation. You will need a very affordable set of products - starch, homemade berry jam, milk - and a little time. The delicacy will certainly please both adults and children.


  • 800 milliliters of milk
  • 45 grams starch
  • pinch of vanillin
  • strawberry jam - to taste
  • Three spoons (more) sugar

Cooking method:

Boil the fruit jelly is recommended from liquid berry jam: strawberry, raspberry, currant. Beforehand, remove the berries, take only syrup. Then heat the milk and dissolve the sugar in it. Three spoons of liquid dissolve starch and connect it to the milk mixture. Bring to a boil pudding, then type in a jam, vanilla and even hold on the stove for about four minutes. Cool and serve in glasses. If desired garnish with fresh berries.

Deciding to make a drink, remember that the starch is added, depending on what you want to achieve consistency. If the liquid does not boil the sweet syrup too long - enough to bring it to the boil and a couple more minutes to hold on stove. As for the ingredients used to prepare jelly, considered the most appropriate fresh fruits, berries, and the most cost-effective option - make a drink out of a jam.

 How to cook a thick jelly: Science beverage production

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