attachment baby to the breast

Almost all expectant mothers plan to feed your baby your milk, and plan to do it as long as possible. But, unfortunately, very often it happens that these good intentions and there are only intentions. It happens like this.

Pregnant woman gives birth to her baby in the delivery room comes latch baby to the breast for a few minutes, and then carry on processing. Further, there are two possible scenarios. The first variant. The kid is separate from the mother, medical personnel to finish feeding the kids or a mixture of glucose, in the feeding mothers bring clean, sleeping and snoring quite svёrtochki. On the third day my mother begins milk production, milk child is not eaten, and as a result there are painful events, up to mastitis. On day 5, my mother discharged home, where she remains alone with her baby, which is so dear, but totally unknown. Mom begins to feed the baby, the baby is constantly asking the chest, long suck it, as a result of my mother's nipples begin to crack, chest continues nagrubat, feeding into a real torture.

The second scenario. Immediately after birth, the baby stays with his mother, applying a baby to the breast are not normalized. On the third day there is milk, the child is at all times at the breast, cracked nipples, breast pain. On the fifth day my mother discharged home.

Further, in both cases approximately the same. More time mom suffers from chest pain, the child is suffering from hunger, exhausted by all. Mom can not stand, buys milk mixture, and everyone is happy. However, breastfeeding is over, mom and baby will never know the charm of this process, and the baby loses more and advantages that breastfeeding.

But in most such cases, breastfeeding could develop and continue for as long as my mother would have wanted this. The root of the problem lies in the fact that the young mother did not know what a good attachment of the child to her breast. And they are not to blame. Unfortunately, in many hospitals breastfeeding paid very little attention: the purely formal attachment baby in the delivery room, and then - my mother went to "free floating", it does not explain how to put the baby to the breast, how often to feed and how much Feeding time should last.

In order not to be faced with such a situation, even being pregnant, a woman should have an idea of ​​how to proceed should the early postnatal period and the establishment of lactation.

It is necessary to try to advance to ask the staff to make some deviations from the rules. In most cases, if you can convincingly explain and defend their point of view, doctors will meet you. But do not put it off until later, as at the time of birth, you will not before.
But to ask for something, you should know what it is. The information in this article is designed to help you with this. In addition, you must clearly understand how to put the baby - video tutorial will help you in this.

What to expect at the hospital?

Also, do not forget about their rights. In many hospitals, doctors are trying to do as it is more convenient to them, and not, as would be best for mother and baby. Here are some things you should know every pregnant woman.

  • After the birth, you must immediately attach the child to the mother's breast for at least 15 minutes. Colostrum immunoglobulins contain crucial to help prevent the disease in the baby when passing through the birth canal, the baby was infected pathogenic flora.
  • In addition, the attachment to the mother's breast, the baby contributes to the early discharge of the placenta, as the uterus begins to decline much more intense. More it significantly reduces the risk of bleeding in the early postpartum period.
  • However, there are a few cases where a woman may prohibit the attachment of the child to his chest disease mother om AIDS, syphilis, viral hepatitis, a caesarean section was performed under general anesthesia, heavy condition of the child.
  • In that case, if you show delivery was by Caesarean section, but you plan to successful breastfeeding, ask doctors to operation was carried out with the use of epidural anesthesia.
  • Many hospitals are trying to finish feeding the children. Discuss in advance with children's doctors to do not. Some women worry about the fact that in the early days they had no milk, and the child feels a sense of hunger. In fact, it is a profound mistake. The kid in the first few days hardly feels the need to obtain food, it is enough for the few grams of colostrum, which are produced in my mother's breast. A further supplemental foods or mixtures of glucose dopaivanie no benefit, even on the contrary - gives an additional burden on the kidneys of the baby.
  • If the baby is not with you, remember that forbid you to feed the baby, doctors can only be, if it does not allow the state of health of the crumbs you are taking drugs that are contraindicated during lactation. But the common cold or the flu can not serve as a pretext for refusing to breastfeed. Although, of course, before feeding can not forget the need to use a gauze bandage.

Do not be shy, ask your doctor or nurse to show you how to put the baby to her breast. Almost all of the problems and failures in breastfeeding due to the fact that the mother did not know how to be good attachment of the child to her breast. Almost all problems with breastfeeding, whether the lack of milk, engorgement or cracked nipples, closes it on the fact that my mother does not know how to put the baby to her breast. If the child is not properly breastfeed, it will not work effectively suck, as a result he will receive less of the desired amount of milk, and besides, her mother hurt her nipples.

How to put baby to the breast?

 good attachment baby to the breast

By applying a kid, you should pay attention to some features. Most importantly, you should pay attention to is the fact that my mother was convenient and comfortable. The stress state is highly likely that feeding will not succeed. If the mother is feeding in a prone position, it should not interfere with anything: uncomfortable clothes, blankets. Pillow. If the feeding occurs when the mother is sitting, you must make sure that the woman was based on the whole foot, it is advisable to use a footrest.

It is advisable to have someone more experienced for the first time showed the mother how to put baby. This person can be a pediatric nurse, lactation consultant, or simply an experienced woman who has long and successfully breastfeed her own child - the main thing that people knew well need to put the baby to her breast.

For those moms who do not have such a possibility, the following describes how to give the baby to the breast. If you follow this advice, you reduce the likelihood of a situation where the child is not properly takes your chest.

  • Taking the baby in his arms for feeding, push it a little tighter turning belly to my stomach. This absolutely does not matter whether you hold the baby on the side or at a diagonal, most importantly, make sure that the baby had to face rotated in the direction of his chest, and he did not have to make an effort to turn the head.
  • When breastfeeding nose crumbs in the correct version should be at her mother's nipple and the baby's head has to throw back a little back.
  • If the head while feeding crumbs lying on the mother's forearm, the second hand may mom hug the baby, gently supporting him in the ass. Many mothers do attempt second hand head hold kid. However, it leads only to the fact that the child takes the mother's breast is wrong, because the baby is essential to freely move the head.
  • Many mothers very worried when they see that the baby tightly against the spout to the nipple. Mom decided that the child takes the breast correctly, take the baby the nipple, and then again allowed, but the situation is repeated. In fact, this is how the child and must take the breast. And do not be afraid that the child is not enough air, and the baby can suffocate. In children aged 0 - 6 months after the spout is arranged that the air circulates through the edges of the nostrils. And even if the crumb will press very strongly to the chest, he will have no difficulty with breathing.
  • If your pipsqueak in no hurry to eat, you can get his attention, stroking the cheek or lips baby. This action immediately activates reflexive search for the breast.
  • In the case of the crumb - still does not open her mouth, share it nipple. Scarce widely opens her mouth and puts out the tongue. Giving chest, make sure that the baby is really wide open mouth. In most cases, when a child takes the wrong mother's breast, it is not widely open mouth and improperly seized the nipple.
  • Please note that the child must himself be pulled to the mother's breasts, not my mother to his chest. Of course, this does not mean that should pipsqueak long and painful stretch, and my mother just watch, but let's chest like a bottle, you can not.
  • During the meal the child's chin should touch the breast. Sometimes the answer to the question is how to put the baby, a woman hears that the areola should be in sight by 30%. However, this is a very controversial issue and consultants on breastfeeding are advised not to focus on this indicator.
  • Never allow a child to continue to breastfeed if the child took only the tip of the nipple. Milk it all exactly suck fails, but hurt my mother nipples - very likely. Carefully take away the child's chest and give it again.
  • Sometimes mothers are faced with a situation where the kid behaves restless at the breast sucks a lot, quickly. After that, he may stop sucking, vomit again take up the chest. To eliminate this situation, keep the baby during feeding to the level of the baby's head was above the level of the priests.
  • In that case, if the milk you usually pours easily, try before feeding decant very little milk. As a rule, this measure is sufficient to stop the child to choke and gag.
  • For the safety of their nipples ever, after feeding, do not pull the nipple out of the mouth of the baby. Just press down gently with your finger crumbs on his chin.
  • Be sure to change the breast at each feeding. If you constantly feed the crumbs from the same breast, you can get a complication in the form lakostaza and mastitis.

In fact, breastfeeding is not a complicated process, as it might seem at first glance. Although, of course, have to endeavor to understand how to put the baby - and video materials, and special literature designed to help women organize a successful breastfeeding. And most importantly, it must be remembered mom that this difficult time will last a little longer. Just a month - half you will easily feed the crumbs, not even thinking about how to properly give the baby to the breast.

All your hard work and efforts will be rewarded in full. Well-being of the child, its harmonious development and a happy smile will pay in full all the experiences and difficulties. We wish you patience, and your kid the tastiest mother's milk!

 How to put baby to breast

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