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Healthy and properly developing kids - this is exactly what they want everything the parents, without exception. But, unfortunately, this is not always, and the parents have to state the fact that their baby is not like all the other kids. Often parents simply refuse to accept this fact and run into terrible despair and depression, blaming all the troubles only themselves, but often they are absolutely in no way to blame.

This article will be discussed about this issue as autism in children. If your kid put such diagnosis, the first thing to do - is to calm down. The presence of the child's autism is not a sign that your pipsqueak worse than the others - it's just different. The second thing to the parents of children - to get as much information about the disease, because only by knowing the opponent in the face with him you can fight successfully.

Nowadays there are a huge number of all kinds of literature describing the psychological characteristics of children with autism and give parents recommendations. However, despite this, parents are faced with the same problem, are in complete information isolation. Why did this happen, despite the huge amount of information? Firstly, most of the literature is intended for health care workers, as it is written in the language of science, with many specialized terms and concepts. Secondly - remain largely pseudoscientific literature is not bearing absolutely no useful information and often harmful. After all, if autism in children, treatment should be carried out by experienced specialists, not the guidance of parents on dubious advice from at least questionable printed sources.

Main ally of parents in the education and treatment of such children should be experienced teachers and psychologists with experience in working with this group of children. But, of course, in any case, parents should not try to fully pass on to them the responsibility for their children. The extent to which psychological characteristics of children with autism will allow them to continue to adapt to society, depends on the parents - their love, patience and desire to help your crumbs. After all, no one, even the most high quality and competent expert does not know you, even a little of this all, the kid is better than know his dad and, of course, mum - the native people, watching his development and growth from the first the date of its conception.

In Russia, there is a certain so-called Classification of Diseases Tenth Revision. This classification characterizes children with autism as follows: a disease is a complete violation of the overall development of a child aged 2 - 5 years, largely affecting the psyche of the child. Signs of autism in children are typical and easily recognizable. One of the first and the main sign of a change in the normal child needs to communicate with the people around him - both family members and his peers. To a large extent affected the capacity for social adaptation, there is a certain stereotype of pathological behavior of the child, his thinking and behavior.

Talking about the abuse of communication, doctors do not have in mind the speech-impaired or hearing. The organs of hearing and speech apparatus such children often works absolutely fine. It would be wrong to talk about autism have hard of hearing child or a child with a serious speech disorders in the event that a baby is still reaching for communication, compensating for its violations of active gestures, facial expressions and other nonverbal means of communication.

Kids as autistic when trying to communicate with him someone else responds, usually two ways - either ignores all attempts of psychological contact with him, or else quite actively, and sometimes even aggressive, rejects all attempts to communicate with the him, carefully avoiding them. What - any contact with such a child is extremely difficult to establish, and even if it fails, this contact will be purely formal and very distorted. Babe with autism is absolutely incomprehensible to human feelings, emotions, motivation of other people.

Because of this worldview psychological characteristics of children with autism all mental and psychological function, even those that are potentially kept unchanged, developing a highly significant deviation from the norm. Many people believe that the symptoms of autism in children can include dementia. However, it is absolutely erroneous view - these kids have, as well as healthy children, a completely different level of intellectual development - from a pronounced dementia to display signs of giftedness and the extremely high level of development.

Little has been said above that children with autism have certain stereotyped behavior. Under this concept, "stereotyped behavior" refers to multiple, cyclical repetition compulsion absolutely nonfunctional and meaningless motion, starting from the lip biting and shaking hands, finishing with quite long and complex actions, reminiscent by a strange ritual.

Aggression, including those directed towards the child himself - self-injury, various protest reaction from the passive to the distinct, different fears and other such behavioral abnormalities, of course, often accompany the disease, however, are not his constant companions. Any of the above symptoms, and sometimes all, may simply be omitted.

Also, parents should remember that the growth and maturation of the child, almost all signs of autism will evolve, often most dramatically. However, unfortunately, children with autism are never considered completely izlechёnnymi and clinically healthy - signs of autism to a greater or lesser extent, but remain for a lifetime. Adequate treatment and psychological work with the child's ability to reduce their occurrence to the minimum possible, but still not completely get rid of the disease.

Signs of autism in children, even though the first and most common, need to know absolutely Behold the parents, without exception. After all, the sooner will be able to identify the disease and start appropriate treatment and psychological correction, the less pronounced are manifestations of autism. Sometimes parents are very difficult to objectively evaluate their crumbs, and therefore immediately detect the problem - any - any deviation in the psychological and mental development of the child's parents did not immediately succeed, but only if it becomes sufficiently serious nature. And the symptoms of autism in children in the early stages is very vague.

That is why any parent should listen to what they say about his child outside people - relatives, friends, children, doctors and psychologists. Of course, do not self-diagnose and despair only by the fact that old neighbor told you that her grandson at this age already being spoken. But if some people indicate to you on the same problem, even if you think non-existent and, of course, is necessary to reflect and consult with the baby to a child psychologist. Of course, in most cases, a psychologist reassure parents and dispel all their doubts. However, in the case of the health and welfare of the child is still better to be safe than just miss and miss out on the issue.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that some particularly original, signs of autism are very, very similar to each other with the symptoms of other diseases and abnormalities. In most cases of autism begin to think of the field as a notice in a child misbehavior: rocking in the arena for a very long time, the lack of communication skills, reluctance to contact even with his mother and others. Of course, the likelihood of such symptoms, or even their combination is not always indicative of the presence of a child of such diseases as autism or any other, but parents still have to turn to a psychiatrist or child psychologist, at least for their own reassurance.

Diagnosis of autism in children

 Autism in children treated

There are a certain number of signs and symptoms of behavioral deviation from accepted norms that should alert parents and get their attention. As a rule, the most effective diagnosis of autism in children of two years, but often it can be done much earlier. So, what should you look for parents? Autism in children has the following symptoms:

  • The kid is absolutely not able to make, and even more so at least some - a time to keep, direct eye contact "eye to eye". The child may cry, act up, to break out of hand, or simply look away. Although, of course, it is not necessary to conduct such an experiment, if a child is upset about something, scared, tired, or just naughty - in a state of nervous excitement such a reaction is quite possible and perfectly healthy baby, not having any deviations to the psychological development. Also, do not draw any conclusions after one - two attempts. Talking about abuse in the psychological development is possible only after the systematic failures in the attempt to establish eye contact with the crumbs.
  • The child does not respond to his own name, does not respond to it. What parents need to do first? Of course, to see a doctor, and make sure the child's hearing aid is functioning fully, without any - any violations. You should not attempt to independently verify the rumor baby at home, popping in his ear and other "grandmother's methods." Current research scientists long ago proved that the human ear is a very complicated structure and the person perceiving some sounds, a certain volume and frequency, is absolutely not perceived by others. So it is quite possible that a knock or cotton baby hears, but your voice - no. It is also worth bearing in mind that if you had not been called crumb no different than "my honey, bunny, mother's joy," etc., is nothing surprising in the fact that the baby does not respond to voё name - he just does not know it .
  • At crumbs observed a pronounced lack of joint attention. Joint attention - this is an attempt of the child in some way (in words or gestures, and touch) to pay attention to an adult or a peer to interest him in the subject of an event. Parents should be wary if a walk kid never on what does not react and is not trying to show that - or, it attracted the attention of parents.
  • Very often parents are touched, watching their son or daughter groan, wheeze from last forces trying to cope with what - or daunting yet for their task, whether it be an attempt to reach a fallen rattles or tie the laces on the shoes, but the assistance of an adult do not apply. Of course, the pursuit of self-reliance should be encouraged by adults, but parents should think. If this always happens and the child never asks for help to the pope or the mother, it can also indicate many disturbances in mental development or problems in the psychological state of the child, including autism.
  • Typically, most children are very open and good-natured, always ready to share a toy, or sweets. Of course, all the kids at a certain stage of development, are showing signs of greed and categorically unwilling to share anything they owned, but much beloved mother, they are ready to give the last. The children with autism had never even try to share what - or with someone else.
  • In addition, many parents children with autism, note their rather strange attitude to people - like a totally inanimate objects.

Particularly attentive and, as a rule, experienced parents with older children are often wary even during infancy crumbs, noting atypical behavior. Children with autism often have very pronounced difficulty in feeding. Such children are often very sluggish sucking chest, often abandoning it, as, indeed, and from supplementary feeding and bottle, and sometimes, on the contrary, very greedily suck the milk without feeling the onset of satiety, and again srygivaya In undertaking suck. Later, moving to adult food, baby gets very, very selective, chooses a certain group of products and does not accept any other food, even if he is very hungry.

Most children with autism from birth parents report violations in regular full-fledged work of gastro - intestinal: Very frequent vomiting, intestinal colic intense expression, manifestation of dysbiosis - constipation, diarrhea, nausea, causeless very common and even vomiting.

Too many kids suffer from sleep disorders cardinal. Some children can sleep 20 - 22 hours a day, while others, on the contrary, sleeping only 3 - 4 hours. Even more often in children with autism, there is a disruption of the so-called biological clock. As a result, the child confuses night and day - sleeping during the day, awake at night.

The temperament of these children are also different, but, as a rule, from one extreme to another. A baby can be very controversial, to roll up such hysteria parents that they never dreamed of and one can spend hours on end lying in bed and absolutely nothing on to respond by considering your pen or drawing on the wallpaper. Such peace of mind is often very happy parents, who are proud to tell friends and relatives about what they have wonderful and balanced baby does not respond to the cold, nor the lack of attention for some time, or even more so for such a "trifle" like wet diapers. But in fact, such a thing should make parents seriously guard.

Of course, the symptoms of autism in children has far more numerous, but the above are the earliest which is quite able to find their own parents who do not have medical training. Again, I would like to once again draw the attention of parents to the fact that a single manifestation of such symptoms in children is not a reason to panic and not a signal of the presence of their children any - any abnormalities in the psychological development. Only regularly repeated, they can serve as the first alarm bell, and the reason for seeking medical help.

Diagnosis of autism in children is a very difficult task even for experienced child therapists who repeatedly had to deal with similar cases. Diagnosis of autism in children is physically impossible for one - two visits to a psychiatrist. A doctor requires a number of surveys and long-term monitoring of the baby, careful analysis of each individual case of deviation from the normal mental and psychological development of each individual child.

Often parents are too painful to re-appointment at the doctor techniques, conducting various surveys and tests. However, they should remember that only the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment can help their kids more fully integrate into society and lead a full life as possible. Remember that it is often accompanied by autism, or is itself a companion of so many others, often even more severe mental disorders to be diagnosed in time and are in need of quite serious treatment and adjusting.
For example, autism is often diagnosed together with very severe mental retardation and is accompanied by severe disorders of speech. Treat as a single infringement, leaving at the same time more neglected, quite simply it makes absolutely no sense. That is why so important a complete diagnostics, in its full extent. Only after a proper setting, the sweeping diagnosis possible appointment of adequate treatment and proper organization of correctional work.

The causes and treatment of autism

 autism symptoms in children

If, after a thorough examination, your kid put a disappointing diagnosis of "autism", the first thing parents should do is to reassure and to realize what happened. Your child is now a vital your support and actively participate in his upbringing.