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A few decades ago, pediatric gynecologist was something out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, in our time pediatric gynecologist endocrinologist - one of the most popular specialties of pediatricians. Gynecological diseases rapidly and often younger girls face a very unpleasant events. Children's gynecologist is becoming increasingly popular specialist.

Usually, my mother noticed that something was wrong, she begins to panic and seek advice and support from more experienced friends or relatives. In the course are starting to go a variety of means - from the uncontrolled use of antibiotics to the baths with all sorts of herbs. Sometimes these measures are temporary help, and sometimes only worsen the situation. The most prudent to consult a doctor - a gynecologist timely consultation of children will avoid a lot of problems, both in the present and in the future. Too many parents hesitate to contact the children's gynecologist, believing it is what - what a shame. But, in fact, the issue of child gynecologist can help you avoid many unreasonable worries. But if your fears are not in vain and your crumbs indeed have health problems, children's gynecologist consultation will help in time to diagnose the disease and prescribe effective treatment.

All parents interested in the question of what makes a children's gynecologist?   The doctor will conduct a reasonable inspection, appoint, if necessary, certain research and select appropriate treatment regimen.

What are the diseases faced by pediatric gynecologist endocrinologists? They are quite a lot, but the bottom of the list only the main ones:

  • Vulvovaginitis and simple vulvitis. They are the most frequent diseases of the genital organs of an inflammatory nature. Cause inflammation of the microorganisms, such as E. coli, streptococci, enterococci and staphylococci.

Most susceptible to inflammatory diseases of the genital organs those girls who suffer from metabolic disorders frequently suffer from colds: bronchitis, laryngitis and tracheitis. The body of the child is very weak and as a result of microbes, one way or another fall into the vagina girls cause sufficiently strong inflammatory diseases. In most pathogens enter the vagina along with the feces, inappropriate daily toilet genital baby bathing in contaminated water, including natural bodies of water.

These diseases as vulvitis and vulvovaginitis, have roughly similar symptoms. The main symptom of these diseases - whitish discharge from the genital tract Girls. In the same case, if the baby has introduced into the vagina of any kind was a foreign object, be it a button, small toys, paper, pin or paper clip, usually develops strong enough vulvovaginitis, accompanied by very copious cables, which have an extremely unpleasant odor .

 pediatric gynecologist endocrinologist

Cystitis - the second most common disease faced by the children's gynecologist .  Cystitis occurs with equal frequency in boys and girls, but the girls he takes much more seriously, in a pronounced form .  In addition, cystitis occurs with the same frequency as that of young girls and adolescent girls .  Cystitis in children usually occur as a result of hypothermia or vulvitis and girls older - as a result of hypothermia, as well as dysbiosis vagina .  Treatment of cystitis in children is not different from the treatment of this disease in the adult .  Inspection at the children's gynecologist, the analysis of urine, as well as crop sensitivity of microflora to antibiotics .  In no case can not delay the initiation of treatment of cystitis, as inflammation in girls quickly spread to the bladder to the kidneys .  At the first sign of the disease it is necessary that the child examined pediatric gynecologist .

  • Thrush - this is the most common disease in adults not only women, but even in infants girls. Infection of yeast fungi occurs in the moment of passing the baby through the birth canal of the mother. Likewise possible infection of the girls not only fungi but also other protozoa - chlamydia, trichomonas, herpes and gonorrhea.

Thrush is characterized by symptoms such as itching, burning and redness marked the external genitalia, the release of the white cheesy discharge. If the disease has trichomonas nature, have a foamy discharge form. Parents need to remember that the disease is most commonly manifested immediately after birth, but only after 4 - 5 years. In some cases, the incubation period of the disease can last even longer and show themselves only after menarche.

  • Another pathology, which come to the reception of children's gynecologist is Juvenile bleeding. There is in this period when there is the establishment of the menstrual cycle. Called it a variety of diseases of internal organs, chronic intoxication and all sorts of psycho - emotional overload. Very often, the occurrence of juvenile bleeding triggered by prolonged exposure to the sun on the body girls, or the diseases accompanied by prolonged hyperthermia.

Often it is the Juvenile bleeding is one of the first signs of the defect blood of women - both innate and acquired. Juvenile bleeding often develops gradually: first the girl appear very poor spotting ichor, only a few days later turning into a fairly heavy bleeding. But in some cases, the Juvenile bleeding begins very suddenly and violently - the girl opens the strongest bleeding. In this case, there is a serious threat to a child's life, so there is an urgent need for an immediate inspection of children's gynecologist.

  • Amenorrhea - is the lack of a normal menstrual cycle in women and girls of reproductive age. As a rule, if the girls 15 - 16 years there is no menstrual cycle, doctors speak of primary amenorrhea.

Primary amenorrhea can be caused by many factors: wearing hereditary (late onset of menstruation in mothers, grandmothers), disruption of normal physiological development and organic defects (absence of the uterus, ovaries underdevelopment), endocrine diseases, disorders of psychological development, critically low body weight.

If the menstrual cycle in women already established, but after a while stopped menstruation and pregnancy is excluded doctor talk about secondary amenorrhea. Examination of a large number of women with secondary amenorrhea says that in most cases, amenorrhea due to serious violations in the endocrine system, such as a tumor of the pituitary gland or ovaries. Also cause secondary amenorrhea overload can become associated with the training load, stress, and a sharp decrease in body weight as a result of diet, and as a result of disease. But in no case can not attempt to determine the cause of amenorrhea and self-treat her.

  • Another problem that sometimes there are girls is endometriosis. Endometriosis is called the spread of cells of the uterus (endometrium) outside its location. These areas of endometrium, as well as the endometrium in the uterus during menstruation, under the influence of hormonal background, bleed.

In that case, if the blood has no free flow, it is for some time accumulates in the body and forms endometroznye cysts. Each month, after each menstrual period, increasing the size of the cyst, the girl is experiencing very strong pain. These cysts should be removed. If cysts are small, removal takes place by laser or by means of electrocoagulation. In that case the brush is very large, the removal occurs by surgery. The girl, who has endometriosis, needs constant supervision gynecologist - endocrinologist.

  • Inflammation of the uterus is also part of the reason for appeal to the children's gynecologist. Of the uterus are the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and ligaments. Most often there is inflammation of the fallopian tubes.

Girls inflammatory processes occur most often due to the weakening of the immune system. Most often, inflammation of the uterus precede diseases such as appendicitis and other abdominal diseases, acute respiratory infections, sore throats and tonsillitis. No less dangerous and hypothermia, especially during menstruation. The inflammatory process in appendages of the uterus is characterized by severe aching, localized in the left and right lower abdomen, reaching its peak during menstruation.

To treat the disease, doctors use anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and antispasmodics. In addition, applied antihistamines and multivitamin complexes for the overall strengthening of the organism and the immune system. Furthermore, in complex treatments must include physiotherapy such as treatment of an alternating magnetic field, and ultrasound.

  • Sorry, but even little girls found a tumor genitals. The most common ovarian tumor is slightly less marked swelling of the vagina and uterus. According to the statistics of medical observation of every three cases of neoplastic processes genitals in children two cases fall, unfortunately, malignant neoplasms.

And if the girls before the establishment of the menstrual cycle, the risk of these tumors is relatively small, it is during the formation of the menstrual cycle significantly increases the odds. The reason is that in this period varies greatly hormonal girls, increases the sensitivity of ovarian tissue to hormones, increases blood flow to the genitals, increases the synthesis of cellular elements of the ovaries. That is why this period is favorable not only for increasing the size of the natural ovarian, but also for the development of tumors.

Sometimes, in some cities it is still practiced by gynecological examination in kindergarten. In general, of course, routine inspection gynecologist girl needs, but parents should be aware of a few simple things:

  • It is unacceptable to conduct gynecological examinations in the medical room of a kindergarten - only in a specialized children's clinic office.
  • In no case is not acceptable conduct gynecological examination without prior notification of parents and obtain their consent.
  • Gynecological examination of girls under the age of 15 years is carried out only in the presence of the mother.

That is why the gynecologist in kindergarten has long been a subject of debate among physicians. If you have any - any doubts about the health of your daughter's much more reasonable to see a doctor - a gynecologist in your clinic.

In that case, if the health problems the girls still emerged, parents are beginning to wonder about where to find the children's gynecologist. Someone prefers to appeal to private clinics, residents of large cities have the opportunity to issue a challenge to the clinic, a gynecologist and a children's home will come. However, as the experience of many parents, pediatric gynecologist - a good and competent technician, can work in the usual district clinic.

Before turning to the doctor, try to learn about it from other parents or the Internet. In addition, you can always ask a question children's gynecologist and get him the most exhaustive answers. Remember that you and your doctor a common goal - the health of your daughter. After all, if the disease begin to treat the very beginning, complications will be much less. Remember that from an early age should be protected not only honor, but also the fragile health of the future of women.

 Children's gynecologist endocrinologist - who is he?

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