quail eggs benefit and harm

Children's diet has always been, is and will be the object of attention of all parents. After all, it is crucial for the child's full and balanced diet which is essential for its proper and harmonious development. That is why parents are always trying to buy for your baby the best food. However, unfortunately, in our time, the cost of food is not always an indicator of quality. That is why parents need to know what products will benefit their child and which one will bring only harm.

Not enough well-written child's diet can lead to a child's health problems such as:

  • Disruption of the normal functioning of the stomach. Improper and unbalanced diet may develop chronic gastritis and even erosive gastritis.
  • When used in baby food is too greasy or spicy foods may develop acute pancreatitis.
  • Also, unfortunately, the children due to malnutrition, often there are various disorders of the liver.
  • If a child's diet suffers from an abundance of food rich in allergens, it is possible the development of atopic dermatitis and other manifestations of allergic reactions.
  • Furthermore, incorrect diet often leads to the development of intestinal dysbiosis child, which in turn can lead to breakdown of the chair.

In this article we will talk about eggs. However, not a chicken and a quail egg. Recently, quail eggs got in baby food is very, very widespread. What quail eggs deserve such love among parents?

Quail eggs - benefits and harms. This is what will be discussed in this article. The fact that meat and quail eggs are dietary products, people knew in antiquity. But many parents doubt whether children quail eggs. Quail eggs are not only a product of diet, but also help get rid of quite serious diseases. Therefore, the use of quail eggs for children is invaluable.

What is the quail eggs? Weight quail eggs are very small, and is approximately 10 - 12 grams. The shell quail egg is very thin and delicate, intricate coloring is spotted. This unusual appearance really like children, and even the most fastidious gourmets with little
happy to eat quail eggs.

Quail eggs are very nutritious, they contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals - more than any other was the eggs. Take food quail eggs can be both raw and boiled, baked and fried.

The composition of quail eggs

 the use of quail eggs

What is so good quail eggs? It is not for nothing that they are so popular. And then, what is the use of quail eggs, will be described hereinafter. If a comparison of quail and chicken egg, visible to a significant difference in their composition - vitamin A in a quail egg three times more than in chicken, vitamin B1 - more than 4 times, and vitamin B2 - sevenfold. At the same amount of egg and quail egg yolks iron content quite different - in quail 8 times.

In addition, the quail egg contains minerals and amino acids, which are indispensable for the child's body:

  • Brass . Copper is necessary for the human body to the proper formation and development of cardio - vascular system. Furthermore it controls the level of copper in the blood sugar and uric acid. Also, copper is necessary for strong bones, stimulates the production of enzymes of the blood, stimulates the immune system. Copper is essential for the growth process in children. Another important property of useful copper is that copper helps to maintain the normal balance of flora in the body, thereby protecting the child from dysbiosis.
  • Cobalt . Cobalt is one of the essential trace mineral for the human body. Cobalt is essential for the normal process of human blood, and for the full functioning of the nervous system and the liver.
  • Tyrosine . This amino acid is indispensable for the child's body. It occurs from tyrosine construction absolutely all kinds of proteins contained in the human body. Also going from tyrosine to synthesize neurotransmitters, which are necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system. If the baby is not getting enough tyrosine, he may suffer from fatigue, excessive sleepiness, restlessness, inability to concentrate.
  • Lysin . It also refers to a group of amino acids that are essential to the functioning of any living organism. Self-lysine to synthesize the human body is not able to, so it should always be ingested with food. Lysine is composed of the proteins that are required by the body for children's proper growth and functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems. Furthermore, it is responsible for lysine normal tissue regeneration.
  • Glycine   Glycine is necessary for the full supply of all body cells with oxygen, reduces over-voltage cells and significantly lowers the activity of neurotransmitters, reducing them to the optimal value .  In addition, glycine helps to remove phenol, inevitably accumulates in the body of the child and has a strong toxic effect on children's nervous system . Glycine reacts with phenol and removes it from the body of the child, without causing him at the slightest adverse effect .  As you know, the nervous system of the child is always very hard to respond to the most minor irritants .  Even a small stress, such as an exam or a quarrel with their parents, are able to trigger the development of serious problems with the nervous system and psyche .  Glycine is not only prevents the development of the disease, but also helps to cure existing and fully restore the proper functioning of the nervous system . Glycine is a part of absolutely all, without exception, proteins and other physiological substances the child's body .  Also, it is synthesized from glycine much needed purines and porphyrins .  Glycine has successfully positively influence the nerves of the brain and spinal cord, stabilize and normalize their activity .

The above substances - is only a fraction of all contained in the quail eggs. In the quail eggs present in almost all the necessary human set of biologically active substances, minerals and trace elements.

All of quail eggs are equally useful, however, if the egg is used to treat a child, parents should give their preference to the Chinese quail eggs. Their eggs have enormous therapeutic effect on the following diseases:

  • All kinds of gastro - intestinal tract, including erosive gastritis and colitis children.
  • Chronic and acute dysbacterioses. Also, quail eggs remarkably prevent the development of dysbiosis during antibiotic treatment of the child. To do this, during the course of treatment on a daily basis to give the child to drink raw quail egg one.
  • Iron deficiency anemia. Many parents know how hard it is to cure childhood iron deficiency anemia - many months of receiving a variety of expensive drugs iron, and as a result - again, the low level of hemoglobin in the blood. A treatment with quail eggs can get rid of anemia in a matter of weeks, and for a long time. To do this within 21 days, give your child an empty stomach to drink two raw quail egg.
  • Headaches in children of school age, resulting fatigue and overexertion.
  • If your child suffers from chronic pneumonia, you will help to cure his simple recipe - mix 3 quail eggs and one tablespoon of juice of aloe leaves. Of course, taste like a mixture of left much to be desired, but the result will not take long. Total after weeks of once-daily teaspoon will get rid of chronic pneumonia.
  • It is also very beneficial quail eggs affect the health of children suffering from asthma. Bronchial asthma - a very insidious and serious disease, so treat her quail eggs, of course, will not succeed. But you can significantly alleviate the condition - for that child must be taken orally every day for one raw quail egg. After a month of treatment can be done a week break, after which treatment must be repeated. As a rule, after three courses of treatment such improvement occurs in about six months. After this period, treatment should start anew.
  • Quail eggs most efficiently remove almost all kinds of intoxication - like food, and others. At the first sign of poisoning a sick child should be given to drink of one raw quail egg every hour. After about 10 - 12:00 child's condition improved significantly.
  • Quail eggs very quickly and effectively normalize the nervous system.
  • Allergic reactions of any kind, whether seasonal hay fever, or atopic dermatitis. The use of at least one quail egg a day will remove all the manifestations of allergic reactions in a few days.
  • Quail eggs - benefits for pregnant women. Although this article deals with the children's nutrition, we can not talk about the useful properties of quail eggs for pregnant women. Quail eggs remarkable remove even the strongest toxicosis - both early and late. A pregnant woman should morning without getting out of bed, drink two - three raw eggs. Such a measure will help avoid feeling sick all day long. In addition, the use of quail eggs a pregnant woman to a large extent reduce the risk of violations of normal pregnancy, especially of miscarriages and premature births. In addition, the use of quail eggs a pregnant woman significantly reduces tooth decay during pregnancy and ensures proper formation of bone tissue in the unborn baby.

Unlike medicines, quail eggs, healing one disease does not damage the rest of the vital systems, since they do not have any side effects. Treatment quail eggs suitable for everybody, without exception, kiddies.

There is also a list of useful properties, you must add the fact that regular use of a child to eat quail eggs significantly strengthens the immune system. Even frequently and chronically ill kids after regular consumption of quail eggs have practically ceased to hurt.

Incidentally, the quail eggs in seasonal epidemics can successfully replace a flu shot. In order to protect your baby from getting the flu and other viral diseases, you need to prepare the following means. To make it, you will need the following components:

  • 10 quail eggs.
  • 3 tablespoons all natural honey.
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice.
  • 1 peeled garlic clove.

Garlic must be ground to a pulp, thoroughly mix all ingredients until smooth. The resulting mixture should be placed in a glass container and store in the refrigerator.
In the season of epidemics this mixture should be taken on an empty stomach, one teaspoon. This will help your child avoid the disease even in the peak of the epidemic. This feature is ideal for the prevention of disease in both adults and children.

In order to strengthen the children's immunity, you just need to enter in the child's diet eggs. Below is the average daily rate of quail eggs needed to achieve a result:

  • Quail eggs for children up to one year may be given only after consultation with the pediatrician.
  • For children from one to three years - two eggs a day.
  • For children from three to ten years - three eggs a day.
  • For children from ten to fifteen years - 5 eggs per day.

The strongest effect is the use of raw eggs in about half an hour before meals. Eggs should be washed down with juice, milk or water, but not in any way tea. Eggs should be eaten for at least three months - to achieve the effect can only be subject to regular and systematic use of eggs.

Very often, parents are asking how giving children quail eggs. In that case, if the child can not be eaten raw quail eggs, they need to be mixed into porridge, mashed potatoes or soups. The only thing you need to pay attention - this is the temperature of the dishes - they are in any case should not be hot, otherwise the value of quail eggs a little drop and you will have to increase their number.

If you decide to expose eggs to heat treatment, consider the fact that after a five-minute heat treatment of almost all vitamins and minerals are destroyed. It is necessary to consider when deciding how to cook quail eggs for children. Quail eggs in the children's diet, nutritionists recommend eating fried, raw or cooked.

Too many parents are afraid to give their children to eat raw quail eggs, for fear that the baby is infected with salmonellosis. However, these fears are totally groundless and parents are groundless - unlike chickens, quail are not ill with salmonellosis. The explanation of this fact is very, very simple - the body temperature of quails at least 4 degrees higher than that of other birds. That is why any pathogen salmonella or other pathogens in the body quail just simply do not survive.

This feature quail and resistance to all kinds of kinds of diseases has another very, very big plus - quail are grown without the use of - or pharmacological agents that prevent mass death of the birds, commonly used at poultry farms. Quail eggs do not contain any antibiotics, so to be safe even for the youngest children. And the benefit of raw quail eggs are very, very high.

In Europe, quail eggs a long time - long used in dietary sick and weak children. As mentioned above, quail eggs have on the weakened body of a child is very positive impact: fewer sick child, improving his overall physical development and growth.
Quail eggs also have an amazing ability to rid the body of heavy metals and other substances that affect the health of the child. Quail eggs are very useful for children who live in ecologically unfavorable areas. After regular use of the raw quail eggs in these children significantly improved well-being, are headaches, fatigue is reduced, improving the overall performance of blood significantly increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. In the children's nutrition quail eggs - use and treatment in "one package".

The shell of quail eggs

 quail eggs for children

Giving the baby quail eggs, do not rush to throw eggshells. The shell of quail eggs are not less useful than yourself eggs. One group of researchers interested in the properties of the shell of quail eggs. Conducted numerous studies, which resulted in the researchers found that the shell of quail eggs - a real storehouse of minerals and trace elements. And the most high content in it - calcium. And just as it is proved that quail eggs - the good, the shell is undoubtedly a remedy.

Calcium quail eggs in the shell is in the form that is best absorbed by the body of the child. Everyone is familiar with the fact that if the body has a calcium deficiency, the normal development of the child becomes practically impossible. If the child does not have enough calcium, it can develop complications such as:

  • Rickets. Rickets - a systemic disease of the body, negatively affecting all vital systems. However, most of all at the same time it suffers from skeletal system - there are pathological changes in bones. Primarily rickets - a result of incorrect or metabolism, or the lack of baby food calcium. For the treatment of rickets first child needs to take as much calcium.
  • Problems with the tooth system of the child. The child, in which the body does not have enough calcium, the first teeth can appear much later than his healthy peers. In addition, the teeth can grow properly, to collapse.

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