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New Year's Day - a traditional feast, fun parties and ... serious stress for the body. The New Year's eve hectic we often forget about the need to monitor the health and eat right. The result - a heaviness in the stomach, extra weight and other unpleasant consequences for the organism.

How to restore the body after merriment?

First you need to take care of proper nutrition. At least for some time excluded from the diet fried, spicy and salty foods, hot and strong drinks. Try eating small portions every two or three hours, approximately six to eight times per day. The morning begins with oatmeal, which helps protect the gastric mucosa and well absorbed by the body.

 Mineral water "Essentuki" №17

But the most important secret of good health - the use of mineral water Essentuki. This mineral water drinking even our grandparents, she still poured from the wells, known since the Soviet era! The quality and properties of mineral water "Essentuki" the test of time, and its regular use which will ensure good health.

Essentuki have a unique composition of minerals, each of which has a beneficial effect on the body. Table water Essentuki №4 activates the production of acid glands of the digestive tract and motor function, promotes metabolism of basic substances, improves liver function mochevyvedeniya, zhelchevyvedeniya, as well as the pancreas.

Also, from the body to quickly remove toxins and harmful substances, which is particularly important after consuming heavy meals and alcoholic beverages in the New Year holidays.

 Mineral water "Essentuki" №4

But it is important to take a responsible approach to the selection of the correct water. Essentuki №4 - is alkaline water of medium mineralization and Essentuki №17 - acidic water of high salinity. Select "those very" Essentuki help following instructions on the label: GOST R 54316-2011, Essentuki field - the same field, the water from which drinking our countrymen and foreign guests for generations. Also note the number of wells, from which water was poured, for example, Essentuki number 4 - out of the hole number 49-E and Essentuki №17 - from the well №46.

The use of such Essentuki - a great opportunity to take care of your body: not only improve health, but also to prolong youth and beauty.

A legendary green bottle "ever" Essentuki perfectly fit into the traditional New Year's atmosphere.

Holiday greetings!

Water is used in non-acute diseases. Before use, you should consult with a specialist.

 New year with health benefits

 jelly from starch


  • Kissel "Vitamin charge" from the hips
  • Kissel from wine and jam
  • Apple drink
  • Creamy pudding "Kids" with fresh apricots
  • The drink of oranges

Kissel relates to the traditional Russian cuisine, and the secret of its preparation is still owned by our great-grandmothers. However, this is not just a drink - it benefits the human body has long been proved by physicians. Firstly, it is not only very good at cold symptoms - cough, runny nose, wheezing - but also has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. With a dense, thick and yet soft consistency, jelly envelops the stomach wall, thereby relieving cramps and pain reducing.

Secondly, the drink is extremely satisfying and, oddly enough, a light dish. It can be made from potato and corn starch, fruit, berries, from homemade jams, milk, honey, pumpkin, rhubarb. The list is endless, because each recipe - is an individual combination of different ingredients, proportions and tastes. If just a kid, not too lazy to prepare a drink from the hips. You just have to dissolve the starch, briefly soak the berries and cook a pudding. It will not only help your child to quickly cope with a cold, but also increase the body's defenses young, because rosehips - a real storehouse of vitamins.

Over the years of its existence, has undergone significant changes jelly. Earlier it used to be done on the basis of pre-fermented cereals (it hence the name of the beverage). However, modern housewives do not need to suffer for a long time - enough to buy a ready thickener. Kisel is usually boiled potato, at least - from corn starch. The first gives the future a drink thicker and transparent texture. The second, by contrast, allows you to cook hearty, "muddy" syrup that flows pretty well.

If you use a recipe based on potato starch, but in the absence of this ingredient decided to replace it with corn, keep in mind that it is less viscous, so it is necessary to increase the proportion. That is to take twice as much thickener than that specified in the recipe. Nuances of the beverage, there are many, so we offer to practice to master all the subtleties of the great culinary skill. Moreover, it is quite difficult and takes a minimum of time.

Kissel "Vitamin charge" from the hips

What has been said about the positive qualities of medical hips - all pluses and no count. Its undeniable benefits for a long time and proved. Primarily rose hips are a potent source of vast amounts of vitamins C, K, E (seeds), B1 and B2, R. According to the content of ascorbic acid over 10 times richer blackcurrant and 50 - lemon. In addition, a decoction of rose hips is a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and bactericidal action. And he is excellent at helping the general weakening of the body, anemia, and atherosclerosis.

I think that now it is not necessary to convince you that rosehips must at least sometimes appear in the diet of each individual. You can make him tea, cook fragrant liquid drink or cook a thick jelly. We only need to take up this recipe and get down to business. Please note that the berries have a good brew, then broth get rich and delicious.


  • half a lemon
  • starch - depending on the desired density
  • two of a handful of rose hip (about 70-90 grams)
  • five large spoons of sugar
  • one liter of cold water

Cooking method:

What should be added to the starch jelly? It tells you the desired consistency of the future of the beverage. Modern chefs are five species. For example, if you want to make the liquid jelly, enough to take one tablespoon of the thickener, which is about ten to fifteen grams per 1000 milliliters of water. For a more dense state, add 30 grams, and to weld very thick jelly-like pudding, need about six large spoonfuls of potato starch.

Note one more thing: first, the thickener should be diluted in cooled boiled water, mix thoroughly, and then quickly poured directly into boiling drink. This does not need to enter it into the center of the pan, and closer to the edges, which will provide a more uniform jelly. If you are willing to learn the basics of culinary skill, let's get started. To get started please read the recipe, and then secure the knowledge in practice.

Put washed wild rose in a small bowl and fill it with two cups of cold water. After two or three hours, strain the infusion, the fruits are well mash mortar and send simmer. Fifteen minutes later, here it is, add the sugar, previously cooked and strained berry syrup and fresh sour juice (about one teaspoon). The latter can be replaced by citric acid. Now you need to dissolve the starch: pour it into a small bowl and mix with water to dissolve it. Once the jelly begins to boil, quickly pour into a thickener, and for some time to boil with constant stirring.

Before submitting "Vitamin charge" on the table, well cool it. By the way, on the surface of the drink does not form a film, sprinkle with a little sugar. It will taste better if you file a pudding with fresh berries, black or red currants, raspberries. You can also enter prunes or apricots, pre-soaked in hot water. If you wish, diversify the recipe by adding sweet fruits of strawberry jam. Bon Appetit!

 how to cook the starch jelly

Kissel from wine and jam

If you do not know how to cook the starch jelly, do not worry - now cope with the task will be easy. We suggest a simple recipe for a delicious drink, familiar to many from his childhood. The semi-solid jelly jam remind you of pleasant moments spent with friends over pranks. It can be cooked simply with sweet syrup, but we decided to experiment a bit, adding a dry wine that will give a special piquancy.


  • 25 grams sugar
  • 0, 5 cup dry red wine
  • tablespoon (no slides) of potato starch
  • 50 grams of strawberry jam or any other
  • 225 ml of boiled and cooled water in advance

Cooking method:

To start, connect the water in a saucepan and red wine, and then put the bowl on a slow fire and turn the burner to a minimum. While the liquid is heated, remove the jam from the fruit, leaving only the sweet syrup. Go to the next step: now it is necessary to dissolve in the water above the amount of starch. Pour sugar into a saucepan, add the syrup and quickly enter the thickener. Boil drink regularly stirring, for about ten minutes. Then cool, spread in portions of glasses and serve. If you do not want to jelly formed on the surface of film, sprinkle with sugar (need about a handful) and cover with a lid or polyethylene.

Apple drink

When difficult to get fresh fruit, jelly can be prepared from home-made jam, use frozen berries - raspberries, currants, cherries, gooseberries - or some other way. We offer a recipe of dried apple drink White filling. Cooking it better based on potato starch, since corn is more suitable for biscuit dough, delicate sauces and desserts. It gives the dish a milder flavor.


  • cold water - four glasses
  • Three teaspoons potato starch
  • Sugar - to taste
  • 130 grams of dried apples (we used white filling, but you can add any kind of fruit)

Cooking method:

Dried apples briefly (about fifteen minutes) Soak in hot water. Then shift into a saucepan, cover with a fresh portion of cold liquid and simmer. When they begin to disintegrate, become soft, rub them through a sieve. Excess pulp and discard peel and pour the broth back into the bowl and continue to cook. Dissolve the starch in a small amount of water and connect it with the other ingredients. Constantly stir the pudding, so it does not come from lumps. When the drink thickens enough, turn off the burner and let cool it.

Optionally, you can change the recipe, for example, make jelly with fresh apples. Variety selected depending on what kind of want to get a taste. If sweet, buy McIntosh, Golden and Fuji. Such fruits as Idared, Simerenko or Antonivka, will drink a little sour. To achieve a thick dense consistency, add 15-25 grams of starch and flavor to enter the vanilla sugar.

 how to make jelly from starch

Creamy pudding "Kids" with fresh apricots

Use jelly for the patient stomach is that it envelops its wall, reducing pain. Therefore everyone who has problems with the digestive tract, doctors recommend at least occasionally eat this sweet drink. It is brewed out of a jam, on the basis of dried or frozen fruit - plums, rose hips, currants - as well as fresh fruit. Not every child will come to the delight of jelly, but there is a recipe that is the best fit is for children. No kid will not give up such a delicious creamy drink, you'll see.


  • three cups of cream average fat content
  • 150 grams of ice-cream Sundae
  • 15 grams of starch (preferably potato)
  • nine large apricot
  • 20 grams sugar
  • two spoons (tablespoons) of sweet berry syrup or jam
  • vanilla - on request

Cooking method:

In the first place the starch solution in a few ml of warm cream, mix well and enter the remaining dairy sugar and vanilla. Put the dishes on the stove and heat the resulting liquid on the quiet fire. At the end, add starch, pouring it in a thin stream. Note that it must be done very quickly, then the pudding will come uniform and without lumps. Hold it on the stove for about five minutes, stirring constantly. After turn off the burner and remove the drink aside to cool down.

If you cook pudding for yourself, at this stage, you can stop. However, "children's" recipe requires a little more effort: spread the mixture on glass bowls, garnish each serving with a scoop of ice cream and apricots, cut into medium-sized cubes. Then pour on top of homemade jam or berry syrup bought in a store. We think the baby will appreciate your efforts.

 starch jelly recipe

The drink of oranges

You were introduced to the secrets of cooking cream and fruit and jelly, cooked from home-made jam. Now go to the next level of culinary skill. Orange drink recipe can be used not only in everyday life - why not treat them to gather in your friend's house? Thanks citrus jelly leaves an incredibly delicious, rich and fragrant. You can even experiment a bit, adding a tangerine.


  • liter of pasteurized milk
  • three medium orange
  • Four chicken egg yolks
  • sugar - 100 grams
  • 25 grams starch

Cooking method:

This jelly is not likely to drinks and desserts. Due to the large amount of starch, he becomes quite thick and resembles in appearance not too frozen pudding. The incredible aroma of the dish attached to oranges. So let's get down to cooking. First, cut off a thin layer of citrus peel and squeeze out the pulp from the remaining juice. Then take two oranges, peel them and cut into not thick circles. Now Put them in a bowl and sprinkle with sugar. Baste the top and close the lid. Clean dishes in the cold, while they themselves enjoy a rest of the ingredients.

Separate the whites and yolks carefully whisk whisk with sugar. Put the quiet fire of milk with chopped zest. Bring the liquid to a boil it is not necessary - as soon as it begins to lightly boil, pour it into the egg yolk and starch. Last pre-dissolved in a small amount of milk. More about seven minutes, the mixture hold at the plate, do not forget to stir. When the pudding thickens, pour it into a shallow dish and send in the refrigerator. Then slide it candied orange slices and serve guests. Pour dish fragrant fruit syrup.

How to take the starch jelly, every woman decide. As noted above, one or two tablespoons allow to cook semi-liquid drink, and six to eight - very thick, like a souffle. If you add a fresh berry juice, enter it in the end, after a thickener. In addition to the mixture grabbed lumps, it should cook over very low heat with constant stirring. Otherwise, you can expect a failure - jelly get "lumpy" and unappetizing in appearance.

In winter, when to buy fresh fruit is problematic, it is recommended to use prunes, dried apricots, dried apples, pears, frozen raspberries, strawberries, cherries, currants. Preparations for the Future jelly can be done in the summer. To fruit drink lost its appeal, take into service a little advice: add to it a little citric acid, diluted in warm water.

 Kissel of starch: a delicious drink in haste

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