child grinding his teeth in his sleep

Probably every mother at least once in his life heard the sound of gnashing teeth toddler coming from the crib. This sound can be single and multiple. Time and varies from a few seconds to several minutes. Of course, gritting his teeth can not scare parents. This phenomenon raises many questions and concerns - whether it is dangerous creaking teeth, how to fight it, and most importantly - why is it that the child grinding his teeth in his sleep?

Among the people for longer than a decade about the gnashing of teeth There is one very common, but it is a misconception - if the baby fasten his teeth, then he has parasites, more simply, worms. Both parents, having heard similar stories, and hear their own child grinding his teeth at night, in a hurry to the pharmacy where you purchased pharmacological agents that are designed to combat the worms.

However, such actions are wrong, and the opinion of the worms - no more than a common misconception. The chance that a child who has a tendency to grind their teeth during sleep, when examining the worms will show up, is not higher than that of any other child who is faced with gnashing dream. But the reception of anthelmintic drugs is not such a safe activity, as it might seem at first eye.

The drug, once in the body baby, has a toxic effect not only on the parasite, but on every single cell of the baby. And that is why in any case not allowed to take these drugs just for the sake of prevention, for your own peace. And if you suspect your child the presence of worms, it is much wiser to pass tests to help identify the body has parasites in a child really.

Reasons creaking teeth

But, in any case, you can not just ignore the problem gnashing his teeth in his sleep. This problem is a direct threat to the health of children's teeth. Unfortunately, the exact reasons why the child grinding his teeth, bears the name of bruksizim in medicine, doctors still could not be determined. But still there are a few prerequisites that may trigger bruxism:

  • Stressful situations.

As everyone knows, the child's mind is very fragile and easy to injure. The state of stress in a child can be caused by even minor, in the opinion of adult issues: moving to another residence, going to the garden, the advent of a new member in the family. Moreover - even positive emotions, if too much can lead to a stress state. That is why psychologists advise strictly metered quantity of impressions of the child.

  • Sleep disorders.

In that case, if a child has a tendency to disturbed sleep - it wrong alternation of phases, nightmares, bruxism risk is very high.

  • The presence of the child's adenoids.

Doctors say that if a child suffers from adenoids, the risk of bruxism is about eighty percent.

  • Hereditary factor.

It is often a tendency to grind their teeth toddler passed by inheritance from parents to children. Very often hereditary factor is manifested in boys. If your baby has started to creak teeth, ask your parents - if there was any seen this for you when you were children.

  • Cutting teeth.

Sometimes there are cases when even baby creaks teeth during sleep. In young children, this phenomenon can occur not only in the structure of pathological jaw malocclusion or stress, but when cutting bits. Gums crumbs itch, and he involuntarily clenches his jaw, trying to eliminate the itching. If you notice that the year-old child grinding his teeth, check to see if he had swollen gums. In that case, if you notice signs that the crumbs teething, lubricate them with a special gel, relieves itching and pain, let the crumbs teethers.

  • Malocclusion or abnormal structure of the body.

Often gnashing of teeth may indicate the presence of a child of any problems with the bite or a congenital disorder of the structure of the jaw apparatus. For accurate the diagnosis parents noticed at your child's teeth grinding at night, should consult a doctor - dentist.

In that case, the child's doctor if your baby identify malocclusion, he will offer you treatment options. Leaving the problem of malocclusion without attention also extremely unwise. Since the baby may develop certain complications, such as:

  • Premature erasing dentin - enamel, resulting in tooth sensitivity and their propensity to breakage.
  • The increased risk of tooth decay in children.
  • Acute and chronic inflammation of the periodontal tissues.

The level of development of modern dentistry is so high that it allows almost one hundred percent probability to eliminate any malocclusion in children. But for this you need to start treatment as early as possible, without losing precious time.

Elimination and prevention bruksitsizma

But, despite the fact that all parents are very worried about nocturnal teeth grinding, it is found in one of the three children, and some of them not only grind their teeth during sleep, but also during wakefulness. Children's doctors say that periodic teeth grinding, lasting no more than 7 - 10 seconds should not be a cause for panic on the part of parents.

In most cases, bruxism is caused not by - or severe pathologies runs completely independently, without any - any foreign intervention, around the age of seven. In the event that neurologists believe that the cause gnashing are some - or nervous disorders, appropriate therapy can get rid of bruxism.

If the cause of the disorders are dental problems, the relevant experts will make every effort to overcome the disadvantages of occlusion, if possible. And besides, it is the doctor - dentist must decide whether there is a need to use the special protective covers that are designed to protect the teeth and prevention of injury. These pads are placed in the mouth of the child to sleep.

Very often, doctors use another type of treatment - vitamin - mineral therapy. As numerous studies have shown, the lack of magnesium, calcium and B vitamins increase the pathological convulsive chewing muscles at a time when the baby sleeps. Receiving appropriate vitamin - mineral complexes can virtually eliminate bruxism caused by lack of vitamins.

Also very good preventive seizure activity of masticatory muscles are special exercises. Incidentally, chewy candies serve excellent trainer. If your child is old enough to accept your explanation, show him how to relax the muscles of the jaw, the teeth are not meshed. Such a measure is also an excellent warning teeth grinding tool.

 child grinding his teeth at night

Other measures

As mentioned above, the creaking of the teeth during sleep can be caused by disruption of the normal functioning of the nervous system. And parents able to adopt a number of measures needed in order to avoid such a situation. Pay special attention to the psychological atmosphere in the evening. In no case do not find out the relationship with the child at night, less than three hours before bedtime - it could negatively affect the peaceful sleep crumbs and cause as to why the child grinding his teeth at night.

Create the child before bedtime calm and cozy atmosphere - dim the lights, avoid watching television and, especially computer games. Turn quietly relaxing music, preferably all the classics, talk with your child or read something to him - in a word, point it in a quiet channel.

In no case do not allow the systematic violation of the normal daily routine. In that case, if the child goes to bed too late and very tired, the risk of teeth grinding during sleep increased many times over. The doctors - pediatricians advise those parents whose kids grind their teeth during sleep, put them to bed an hour earlier than usual, for example, nine and ten o'clock in the evening. Watch the child - whether it will be on this day gnash their teeth. If an attack does not happen again bruxism - the reason for it is the name of excessive fatigue.

Try not to feed your baby at night - less than two hours before the moment when the child went to sleep. The only thing that may be an exception - a glass of kefir or milk before bedtime. However, dairy products and baby may be given only if it has no problems with bedwetting.

Psychological aspects

Child psychologists strongly recommend that parents talk to their children before bedtime. Check with your baby, do not worry if it either, if he was afraid of something. Often, even the smallest kids keep all your fears in himself, fearing to talk about them out loud. If your child tells you about their fears and doubts, in any case, do not make fun of them, however trifling they may seem to you. Listen carefully to the crumbs and try tactfully as possible to dispel all doubts and fears of the child. If for some - any reason you can not do it yourself, be sure to consult a child psychologist, do not leave the problem unresolved!

Warm sincere conversation is very useful for the child even if he is not afraid of anything and completely calm, and the reason is gritting his teeth in something else. After all, parental attention, warmth and affection the child is always needed, no matter how big or small. Psychologists noticed that in those families where the parents are constantly communicating with their children, and this communication is not confined to ordinary checking lessons and reading notations, much less problems, quarrels and bickering. Even the difficult transition from the age of these children takes much more gently and painlessly.

Remove discomfort

The morning after the night when a small child grinding his teeth especially hard, waking, the child may experience fairly significant discomfort in the jaw muscles. The doctors, in order to help the child, recommend the following:

  • Rinsing the mouth with a decoction of camomile.

What ordinary pharmacy chamomile is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, known to all. But the fact that a decoction of chamomile helps relieve pain, is not known to everyone. In order to facilitate the child's condition, prepare a decoction of chamomile rinse your mouth let the kid. Preparing the broth as follows: Take two teaspoons of dried chamomile blossoms, which can be bought at any drugstore, place them in an enamel bowl and simmer 10 minutes. After that, cover the bowl with a lid, let the broth cool and strain through cheesecloth.

  • Warm compresses.

Such a simple measure as usual moist warm compresses, quickly remove the discomfort remains. They do very simple - just to moisten the cloth with warm water terry cloth and apply to the baby's jaw. Change cloths as necessary to cool down, as long as the pain will not go away.

Bruxism happens in the daytime

Sometimes parents complain about the doctor that their child is grinding his teeth in the afternoon. Bruxism during the day is less common than during the night, but it still happens. The operating principle of the parents should be the same as in the night attacks. And, in addition, parents should monitor the child's behavior and to discourage all attempts to grind their teeth.

In any case, sooner or later, provided that the parents will strictly comply with all recommendations of the physician, the violation will disappear quickly.

 The child grinding his teeth in his sleep?

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