antiviral drugs for children

Winter and spring - a time when children are ill with acute viral respiratory infections. And, of course, in order to avoid the complications which may result in a viral infection, treatment of the disease should be started as early as possible. Of course, at the first sign of illness parents should call as soon as possible at the house of the doctor - a pediatrician and purchase antiviral drugs for children.

And this is no accident - it was the first day after the disease are crucial to the future course of the disease. If the child's mother malaise notice immediately, and immediately begin to treat it - the chances that the disease will end, so plainly not even begun, is very, very high. Or, in extreme cases, the disease will flow much easier than without treatment - and not last as long, and the temperature may be small, if not absent. Agree pros treated early there.

However, unfortunately, not always the doctor comes in the very first hours of the disease. The reason for this may be many - the child was ill in the evening or night hours or during the seasonal epidemic of SARS or the flu, your doctor may not have time to examine the child in the first hours of the disease.

And in such cases is allowed yourself to start treatment of the child, in order not to lose valuable time and do not give the child a final ache. But in order to do this, you need to know exactly what are antiviral drugs for children, and how they differ from antibiotics. Otherwise, when properly selected medicines, the child can only get worse.

Treatment of Viral Infections

It is known that antibiotics in viral diseases is simple - simply are not effective because they do not have a virus absolutely no impact. Yes, and prescribe antibiotics may appoint a doctor. And at the same viral infection, treatment should be done is an antiviral drug that quickly suppress the livelihoods of certain viruses, leading them to the death and, consequently, improve the child's condition.

Incidentally, the anti-viral drugs have another interesting feature - the sooner treatment is started, the virus will die. This is not surprising - in the beginning of the disease they have no time to reproduce in very large numbers, and medicines is much easier to remove them.

Also do not forget that the treatment of viral diseases should be comprehensive, it includes three stages:

  1. Detoxification treatment.
  2. Symptomatic treatment.
  3. Directly antiviral treatment.

The first two stages of treatment - detoxification and symptomatic, and in any case can not be ignored. Detoxification treatment is necessary in order to eliminate the toxicity of the body, which worsens the state of health of the child and complicates the course of the disease. Symptomatic treatment can also relieve symptoms of crumbs - cough, runny nose, sore throat and temperature.

For the treatment of viral diseases nowadays widely used homeopathic antiviral drugs for children. More recently, doctors have treated homeopathy rather incredulous, believing that these drugs are completely ineffective. However, numerous studies have shown that homeopathic medicines are not worse chemical cope with the virus. Almost all of these drugs can stop the progression of the disease in its very beginning.

Most common are drugs such as "aflubin", "Oscillococcinum" candles "vibrukol." These drugs are very effective in suppressing all vital processes of viruses, bringing relief in the first hours after the onset of the disease. However, note one caveat - always give your child to drink plenty of fluids. This is necessary in order to prevent intoxication child.

Another group of effective antiviral drugs are interferons. For example, doctors prefer to prescribe the very beginning of the disease the child rectal suppositories "viferon." This drug not only successfully fights different viruses, but also greatly increases the immune system of the child. By the way, thanks to its property "viferon" very favorably acts not only in viral, and bacterial diseases. However, if the pathogen is a bacterial infection, in addition to "viferona" necessary to carry out the treatment with antibacterial drugs.

The third group of antiviral drugs - chemical. This drug has a much stronger impact not only for viruses, but also on the child's body. Therefore, these drugs can be prescribed only pediatrician, having regard to the general condition of the child. Most pediatricians often prefer to prescribe domestic product "arbidol." The action of the drug is based on the stimulation of the body's own antiviral protein interferon, which, in turn, detrimental effect on viruses

If it is about antiviral drugs for children 1 year old, your doctor may prescribe rimantadine. As a rule, appointed syrup for children, called "orvirem." This drug effectively prevents the penetration of viruses into cells of the child. However, please note that this drug is effective only in the first hours after the onset of the disease. In the future, the efficiency decreases significantly. In addition, this antiviral drug for children very effectively removes intoxication.

 Antiviral drugs for children - a panacea or placebo?

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 otitis media treatment

Mom, I have an ear ache! Similar complaints at least once in his life heard any mother. And in almost all cases, the cause of the pain is otitis media. Otitis - it is nothing like an ear infection, occurring in either acute or chronic. During the disease in the middle ear cavity in a patient person accumulates pus. Most often it is the children suffer from otitis media, and usually quite small, have not reached school age.

This fact is explained by anatomical structure of the middle ear in children. The younger the baby, the shorter his auditory tube, which, inter alia, also almost completely straight, with no bends. Due to such structure, the penetration of the ear infection occurs without a problem. As the child's predisposition to otitis rapidly decreases. However, according to statistics, about 80% of all children under three years of age, at least once in his life had been ill with otitis.

The causes of otitis

Mostly ear infection is the result of the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. In almost all cases of otitis media develops as a consequence of colds and acute respiratory diseases. Slightly less common causes of diseases such as ear injury or severely allergic reaction occurring. And now in more detail about each of them:

  1. Acute respiratory infections These diseases affecting the nasal mucosa, provoking blockage of Eustachian tube opening. As a result of this blockage is a violation of the natural process, such as ventilation and drainage of the tympanum.
  2. Penetration of infection into the middle ear. As a rule, the infection penetrates into the cavity of the middle ear through the auditory tube, all at the same ARI.
  3. Adenoids, tonsillitis, purulent sinusitis, nasal tumor.
  4. A malfunction of the immune system.
  5. Sudden changes in pressure, such as during takeoff and landing aircraft.

Symptoms of otitis

Symptoms of otitis media are typical, so for the doctor, the diagnosis is not so difficult. The only case where the only sign of otitis media is unwarranted anxiety and a strong cry - a disease of a child under one year of age. In this case, the doctor performs the next test - the external opening of the auditory canal the doctor gently presses his forefinger. In that case, if the result of this action baby crying and anxiety increases, the physician has reason to believe that the child is acute otitis media.

In children, the older are the following symptoms of otitis media:

  • A very intense, "shooting" pain in the ear.
  • Hearing loss, sometimes very significant.
  • Severe headaches and dizziness.
  • Increased body temperature, sometimes up to 30 - 40 degrees.

In the case of a child-like symptoms, parents should as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor - an otolaryngologist.

Doctors are three types of flow otitis acute, protracted and chronic. The most commonly found in children acute form of otitis media. With proper treatment of acute otitis stage lasts for two - three days. After this manifestation of otitis media are on the decline, and after about five days the child is almost completely healthy.

In the same case, if the disease has not been seen in a timely manner, and accordingly, the treatment of the child has not received or received, but wrong, may increase the duration of otitis media. The disease spills over a protracted form. During a protracted form of the symptoms of otitis media may occur during the week, and only some 10 days comes a full recovery.

Finally, the third form of otitis - chronic. In the chronic form of the disease symptoms of otitis media appear and disappear again. By the development of chronic otitis media causes a lack of adequate treatment, or excessively weakened immune system of the child. If your child has a chronic otitis media, the treatment should be strongly integrated.

 otitis media in children treated

Complications of otitis

As a rule, otitis media, although it takes is hard enough for a child, special complications for overall health does not entail. But still sometimes there are exceptions to this rule:

  • The development of diseases such as encephalitis and meningitis.
  • Inflammation of the mastoid.

As a rule, to suspect that otitis entailed a particular complication may be on rapidly raise the temperature and deterioration of general condition of the child. In addition, parents should be guarded in case suppuration of the ear is not terminated for more than two weeks - this may be symptomatic complications.

Treatment of otitis

As mentioned above, otitis media in any case not allowed to leave without proper attention, and even more so of treatment. However, treatment of folk remedies is also not optimal. Treatment should be given only the child's physician. The treatment regimen in each case is selected strictly individually: the doctor takes into account the severity of the disease, the shape of its course, the presence of some - any concomitant diseases, as well as the individual characteristics of the child's body. However, in all cases, it is true that the sooner will start the right treatment, more effective it will be and the less there is a risk of complications.

In general, treatment of otitis scheme is as follows:

  • Reducing the intensity of pain

The first thing to do - is to reduce the intensity of pain. And this is no accident - their intensity is so high that virtually deprives a child of peace - he can not sleep, refuses to eat. In order to relieve the pain, the doctor may prescribe any child paracetamol-containing preparations intended for children. In addition, there are a large number of special drops for the ears. The doctor will choose the ones that suit your child.

In addition, very effectively helps to eliminate even the most intense pain a special wrap. To make it, you need to purchase a pharmacy sterile gauze, glycerol and 3% boric acid solution. Glycerol and boric acid should be thoroughly mixed, and to make small gauze swab. This tampon must be carefully moistened in the resulting solution, and placed in the child's ear canal.

Also very effective hot compress. For him, you will have to put in a little effort. Because cotton is necessary to sew a small bag, about the size of a matchbox. After that, a large common table salt must be heated in a skillet. Place the salt in a bag and ready to cool to a temperature that will not cause discomfort to the child.

Put the bag on the sore ear, the top cover with a layer of cotton wool and bandage fix. Leave the compress on the ear of the baby until the salt is completely cool. Such packs have no contraindications, no side effects, so they can be performed as often as necessary.

  • Eliminating edema

In order to reduce and, after all, and remove excessive swelling auditory tube, making the outflow of pus from the middle ear will be completely unobstructed, the doctor prescribes a child vasoconstrictor nose drops. That is exactly what will be used drops, and in what dosage, doctor decides the child.

And if a child has developed otitis amid varying allergic reaction to eliminate the increased mucosal edema auditory tube it is advisable to use antihistamines. The doctor, on the basis of an objective evaluation of the child's condition, select the appropriate antihistamine. Do not try to do it yourself, as incorrectly selected drug can significantly degrade not only for otitis media, and the general condition of the child.

If your child is faced with otitis media, do not be afraid and panic. Timely access to a doctor and the right treatment will help your crumbs on his feet very, very fast!

 Otitis media, the treatment of the child

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