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How nice to start the morning with a cup of coffee. We know many ways to get this magical and invigorating drink: coffee machines, coffee makers, Turks, French-press and just instant coffee. But true gourmets believe that this can be considered only coffee prepared in Turku.

There are many recipes, but there are basic principles of how to make coffee in Turku correctly.

Turka - a vessel in the shape of a cone with a narrow neck and a thicker wall. Turks themselves called her pots. It may be formed of copper, clay or ceramic. Clay Turk has a porous structure, and coffee brewed in it is saturated with air and acquires a special taste. The drink, made in ceramic Cezve too will be strong and fragrant.

But ceramic and clay Turks have one drawback - it is brittle. Therefore, the most popular copper Turks conquered it. To protect your hands from burns, better opt for a model with a wooden handle. It is believed that the Turk has the right size, if designed for one or two cups, with a greater amount of taste and flavor are not as saturated.

 Coffee beans
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How to choose a coffee?

There are about 90 varieties of coffee trees. But the popularity won only 2 of them - Arabian and Congolese. It is from the seeds of these plants get known throughout the world varieties of coffee - Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica - is an expensive brand. Fragrant and delicate, it gives a little sour taste, which indicates the high quality of the coffee. Robusta is cheaper and less valuable option, drinks from this variety are obtained strong and rich. Which type of grain prefer, you decide. If desired, you can purchase both varieties and experimenting, mixing them in different proportions.

Today the shops abound with a variety of colorful packages with attractive names. How to find the right combination of price and quality, and the first thing to pay attention to?

Most important is the appearance of the content. Correct grain should be smooth, oval-shaped and have approximately the same size. Remember that the larger arabica robusta, and the grain in her oily in appearance. If the coffee beans look dry and cracked, it means that the product is not fresh and it is not worth buying. Also important, and the smell of coffee. Good grain are always vivid, rich aroma. If you smell burning, so the coffee was overcooked and the drink made from it will taste bitter. Pay attention to the manufacturer's country. Prefer Central and South America, Brazil and Vietnam. This will guarantee that you buy a really decent coffee beans.

 cooking coffee in Turku
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How to make coffee in Turku?

The process of preparing the beverage is quite simple, but decided to cook it yourself at home, we think about how to make coffee in Turku, many grains need to use one cup, how long to keep the Turk in the fire, the extent to which heat water, etc. Let us examine this process in stages.

To cook really delicious coffee, you need to grind grain. To what extent do they grind up to you, but the finer grind is, the more intense will drink. Try to grind as much coffee as you can use at one time.

Continue to heat the bottom of the Turks and only then pour the crushed grain. Proceed better rate of 1-2 teaspoons per 100 ml of water. You can add sugar or spices (cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla) to your liking. Norma coffee increase is not necessary. The taste of the drink will not change for the better, it only add bitterness. Thereafter fill Turk water until until it reaches the narrowest part of the neck. That's right, if you use purified, filtered water. Superfluous impurities contained in tap water, can spoil the taste of coffee.

Stir well to avoid air bubbles, and the Turk put on a slow fire. Keeping up until not begin to rise cap of foam. It is important not to let the water boil, and not to destroy the foam barrier. Then the cap is not shall fade and seductive aroma of coffee will continue.

As soon as the foam will begin to actively raise, remove from heat and Turk wait until the cap is not settled. After the procedure is repeated 1 or 2 times. Your Turkish coffee is ready, you can pour it into a cup. But before that, they are recommended to heat up. Fill them with hot water, let stand a minute and pour the water. This procedure will allow the coffee to open up even more, and the drink will retain all of its magic.

Brew coffee Turk properly hone their skills, then you can get a delicious and aromatic beverage.   And remember, the main thing in this process - clarity and consistency, well, and, of course, a good mood.

 How to cook a delicious and aromatic coffee in Turku?

 coffee pot


  • Historical aspects and modern necessity
  • The process of brewing
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In the world there are millions of coffee lovers, but how to brew coffee in a saucepan know not all.
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Historical aspects and modern necessity

Most people bought a coffee machine and rejoice, even knowing that this is the first thing that is killing the real taste. It is worth noting that the only real coffee brewed on the fire, whether the flame from a tree or an ordinary gas, but in any case no electric heaters. Dishes for it is better to use metal, because clay absorbs flavor, and the end use will have to use only one type of coffee. A couple of centuries ago, people knew what needed to brew coffee, but to get it was not an easy task, even for a rich man and then was born the idea, how to brew coffee in a saucepan.

Nowadays, coffee pots, and the Turks are widespread, but because their prices are very low volume, and like them is not all. Most people still prefer to cook volume pots, as their limited volume of coffee at the same time allows you to make all the guests, as they were not. Others do not recognize the small portions of the cup and drink your favorite old half-liter, as it was not harmful.

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The process of brewing

To get started is to decide which of the options would like to see on the table - Arabic, Polish or American. Also worth considering that in most species, you can add all sorts of spices, but he must first hand in the ordinary stuff - cinnamon, ginger and cloves, other variants are rare, but pepper, cardamom and nutmeg can be added, too. Proportion in all embodiments of the same - 50 g per liter.

For the Arabic version will have to grind the grain as it is possible smaller. To begin the tank falls only half portions of water and sugar, then boil put coffee and waiting for the rise of foam. Thereafter, the other half is filled, all thoroughly and rapidly mixed and brought to a boil again. It is not necessary to do so that the water was boiling, because This can ruin the taste.

Polish is known to everyone. Here a portion of it should double, but each person controls by himself. I fall asleep necessary amount of coffee, pour boiling water for 9-10 minutes, and you can safely forget about it. Then poured into cups and you can start to enjoy very strong divine drink.

US - It is important to be able to determine the degree to eye on the behavior of water. There are 2 options: the American pot with the contents will have to warm up from 84 to 90 degrees and boil for a few minutes. European option allows you to simply pour boiling water over an espresso, but the concentration of caffeine significantly reduced.

 proper coffee brewing in a pot
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Comments Brews

Above it has been described how to cook at home, but it is important to take into account that the latter was conceived under the coffee machine, and it is not being put spices and monitor the temperature have steadily. Espresso for it is better to buy in any local store, because at home to get it is not very easy (medium grind on the verge of rude).

If the coffee is brewed and consistently about the same volume, the best option would be to purchase a separate copper pan that only in it and cook, as Copper is best suited for the coffee and with a stable preparation in a bowl - it starts itself contribute to palatability. If the pot has been allocated separately, it can be washed under running water, without cleaning and worry-free.   Too thick a layer of plaque break away himself, and before that it should not be a rip off, because it was he, and adds flavor and aroma every time.

 Fast and delicious coffee at any kitchen