Health tips

Tips for Health are relevant at all times. This is not surprising - after all health is the greatest value of the person. No wonder the people there is a saying that the most important thing - it's great, and everything else will follow. But, hand on heart - whether you do anything for this? An old proverb says: "Because nothing is nothing." The same can be said about health.

What factors depend on human zdorve

Of course, in this case we are not talking about any major diseases - hereditary or acquired when a person does not depend on anything. In all other cases, the health is in the hands of the man himself.

  • Motion

Remember the statement that "the movement - life"? And it is entirely true! Human nature was created as a creature moving. And if a person moves a little, begin to develop various complications. So, for example, most of the people who have sedentary job and not seeking additional physical stress, can diagnose diseases such as low back pain, scoliosis, and other hemorrhoids.

We should not forget about the main "scourge" of the 21st century - about overweight. Sedentary lifestyle in most cases leads to an increase in body weight. And obesity, in turn, frequently leads to the development of a wide variety of pathologies. And including the disruption of the normal functioning of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Simply put, obesity - a recipe for disease.

  • Good dream

Healthy sleep helps the body relaxation. And the rest of it depends on the work of the central nervous system. And, accordingly, virtually the whole body, because it is directly related to the nervous system. Remember that sleep is a healthy adult should last at least 8 hours. And if you have the ability and the desire to have a rest day an hour or two, to deny myself this pleasure is not worth it.

  • Proper nutrition

In that case, if the person does not receive a sufficient amount of food are important to the life of the substances about any health we go, alas, can not. After all, for the normal functioning of the body must be a lot of variety of vitamins, minerals, micro and macro nutrients. Otherwise, depletion and vitamin deficiency does not take long to wait.

By the way, many people refer to vitamin deficiency too lightly. And a very good reason - a vitamin deficiency can cause the development of very serious diseases. Therefore, carefully watch your diet. And, if necessary, ask your doctor to help you find suitable for your multivitamin complexes.

  • Psychological calm

In that case, if the person lives in harmony with himself and his family, and he enjoyed a lesson, it is much more likely to maintain their health. And it is quite natural, because the psychological peace of mind helps to ensure proper operation of the central nervous system. And that means that the whole organism. Try easier to relate to all kinds of minor troubles and woes. Well, in that case, if in your life there are any serious problems, do not delay their decision "on the back burner."

Very often, people begin to make their own certain pharmacological agents. However, to do that is by no means impossible, as incorrectly selected sedatives could have on the central nervous system rather depressing effect. As a result, human health deteriorates significantly. To admit this can not in any case. If you think that you need any medication, ask your doctor to prescribe them to you.

Even seemingly minor sins, weaknesses and disorders, such as cigarettes, alcohol, lack of sleep, or the regular use of medication, disturb the equilibrium in the body.

 Health Tips

Tips for Health

  1. Vital substances make a good life

    Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, moderate amounts of meat, and many products from wheat flour ensures that the body gets enough of substances necessary for life. It implies the vitamins, minerals, trace elements. They tirelessly to help a person feel good about themselves and to strengthen the body's defenses.

  2. Movement - the oxygen of the soul

    Anyone who regularly twice a week, jogging, cycling or swimming, are satisfied with the present oxygen shower for the heart and blood vessels; perceive more oxygen to the lungs, the heart becomes more active. The amount of blood increases. The muscles become more elastic and gain strength. In addition, the physical movements well help in dealing with stress.

  3. Turn off the current

    Whatever may have been practical electrical appliances, many of them (stereos, phones, computers, microwave ovens, and so on. N.) Have a load on the body for its magnetic fields. Doctors talk about "electrosmog", which is constantly exposed to the action of each of us. Therefore, you should try at least a couple of hours to reduce the burden - the best night. So: in the bedroom did not put the bed in the vicinity of the wiring. Remove from the bedroom clock radio and television, and in any case not to use electric blankets. Built-in relay can take care that the voltage is switched off at night.

  4. Paint the soul

    A well-chosen colors - Balm in a state of stress dushi.Osoboe value because of its wealth of color is the vegetable kingdom. Possesses natural forces. Thus, in the preparation of the menu, pay attention to the color scheme. And the best paint with yourself! You can simply spend thick brush bright stripes on paper or paint poverhnosti.Ispolzuyte color accents in everyday life. You'd be surprised how freely will feel in a few minutes.

  5. Breather

    Regularly give yourself a break. Each of us can work with concentration not more than 3 hours. After this performance curve is sharply reduced. And the rest does not have to be very long - sometimes enough just ten minutes of rest to fully operation vosstanovilas.Odnako remember that the rest - it's not a game to a computer game. And not even a cigarette. Walk a little mash, close your eyes, even for a few minutes - and you feel like forces quickly returned to you. Of course, only if you fully enough sleep - otherwise all measures will be absolutely useless.

  6. Sun breathes life

    The daily half-hour walk in the sun mobilizes internal forces. This applies especially to the poor sun time - autumn and winter. But be careful in the summer months: an excess of sunlight brings damage to the skin.

  7. Strengthening the immune system

    Very good protection against colds are morning contrast showers, with which to pour half a minute, the body first with warm, then cold water a few seconds. All this is repeated ten times. This is very useful for circulation. But before going to sleep like a douche conduct is not necessary, as the nervous system of this only excite. You do not want to spend a few hours, tossing and turning in bed and trying unsuccessfully to sleep?

  8. Relaxation in a dream

    To relax the body and is especially important nerves often mentioned "before the midnight dream." Anyone who regularly goes to bed very late, straining their nerves before this psychological thriller television or eating a sandwich with bacon fat or a lot of potato chips, leaves your body a chance for a peaceful sleep.

    Thereby it harms their health. Do not forget about the room temperature - the temperature is too low, or, conversely, stuffy and hot room are unlikely to be your allies. And forget about the mattress in any case can not be - do not skimp on it. After all, in a dream a person spends about a third of his life. And spend it wisely in a comfortable environment. And your back will thank you too.

Additional advice:

  • Laugh helpful

Scientists have found that gay people are more healthy. They produce less stress hormones they produce more cells that protect against pathogens. Thus, laughter creates a perfect harmonious balance between body and soul.
Also, do not forget that prevention is much more effective treatment of the disease. After all, prevention is not to bring the body is nothing but obvious benefits. But treatment can negatively affect a wide variety of internal organs. Because many drugs are quite a lot of variety contraindications. That is why doctors are very highly valued prevention. And tips for health are the best preventive measures. Of course, if your desire to suffice for more than just read them. Be healthy!

 Tips for health - the key to success!

 meningitis in children

Meningitis in children. This disease is no longer terrifies one generation of parents. Remember, even in childhood we are constantly frightened parents - "immediately put on a hat, or cold and you get meningitis?" Probably all familiar phrase. However, the child usually does not go into the details of what kind of disease such - meningitis, and therefore refers to it very lightly. And just as adults and with the appearance of their children, parents are beginning to become more aware of the fear of the disease.

Do parents have a lot of questions, one way or another connected with the disease. This article is designed to help parents understand, whether so devil as he is painted - in the case of meningitis in children.

The causes of the disease

So what is meningitis? Doctors called as an inflammatory process that involves the shell as a spinal and brain. Please note - it is inflamed lining of the brain, not his own cell. In other words, the inflammatory process in meningitis develops outside the brain or spinal cord.

Of course, any inflammatory process should be triggered by any other factors. And meningitis are also not an exception - its development can provoke a variety of pathogens, such as fungi, viruses and bacteria. And a lot depends on the state of the body of the child at the time of penetration of pathogenic bacteria. Yes, and the general condition of the child is also extremely important.

For example, there is a misconception that it is a purely meningitis childhood disease. However, this is not the case - a person can become ill with meningitis completely at any age. Why are formed such an opinion? The reason is very simple - the worse the body's immune system works, the higher the risk of meningitis. And in children, by definition, the immune system is not yet sufficiently mature - it's physiological features are the child's body. And, therefore, the children are more prone to the disease - these are misleading and explained that meningitis - exclusively a childhood disease.

But among children, there are also certain risk groups, whose chances of contracting meningitis is much higher than all the others. These risk groups include:

  1. Premature babies. Children who were born prematurely, more often exposed to the disease. And this fact is explained by the fact that the immunity of a premature baby is much more immature, and it is very difficult to resist the pathogenic bacteria. Parents of such children should be particularly careful with regard to the state of health of the child.
  2. Violation of the nervous system. Monitoring of children's doctors, greatly increases the risk of meningitis and disruption of the normal functioning of the central nervous system in children. And the more serious the disease, the higher the risk of meningitis. As a rule, without exception, children's doctors - neurologists are aware of this feature and carefully monitor the health of their young patients.
  3. Injury to the brain or spinal cord. It is a common cause of meningitis in a child are different spinal or brain. Pathogens is much easier to get injured in the shell, unable to resist this invasion. That is why in most cases, trauma brain or spinal cord almost all children, doctors prescribe antibiotics in prophylactic doses. Such a measure designed to reduce the risk of initiation and development of the disease in children.

Of course, there are many other causes that can trigger the development of meningitis in children. However, talk about everything - is difficult, must be limited to only the most common causes of which have been mentioned above.

Very often frightened parents who are faced with this disease, ask your doctor about what consequences may result in meningitis in children. The answer to this question is ambiguous. Most often it passes almost unnoticed meningitis, leaving no effects or complications. As a rule, exactly what happens under the condition that the disease is diagnosed in a timely manner, and the treatment was suitable and competent.

However, very often, but still there are exceptions to this rule. Complications can occur, and sometimes quite serious, such as a partial or complete loss of vision, hearing loss or deafness does, a strong delay in the child's development - both in the physical and in the mental. In severe cases, a child can fall into a coma or die altogether. Usually, such dire complications occur in the event that the parents do not seek medical help, or pay too late.

Fortunately, these complications are less and less. For medical statistics, currently complications of meningitis occur in not more than 2% of all cases. And repeated meningitis in children occurs very rarely and - as a rule, only if the treatment was inappropriate, and cure disease is not fully succeeded.

Most often this happens in the event that the parents were engaged in self-medicate. Independent use antibiotics and other medicines, if you are very lucky, only for a very short period of time to eliminate the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, in order to avoid such terrible consequences, at the first sign of the disease, you must immediately seek medical help from doctors.

Signs of meningitis

Meningitis in children occurs in a very clear form. Experienced doctors to diagnose the disease is not worth a lot of effort - its symptoms are too specific and easily recognizable. Parents of young children should also know the basic symptoms of the disease not to miss the beginning. Meningitis in children, symptoms include:

  • Increased body temperature. The body temperature of the child rises very sharply and to a very high numbers - up to 40 degrees and above. The baby is very lethargic or, on the contrary, excited, can sleep a long time away, or cry uncontrollably for a very long time - it all depends on the individual and the central nervous system of the child. In addition, often in such a state child can experience strong sense of chill. Older children may complain to parents that they are cold, the younger just simply shake. Shoot down a similar temperature, giving as when acute respiratory illness antipyretic, almost unreal.
  • The appearance of the rash. As a rule, in the first, and less during the second day of the disease in all children, without exception, there is a pronounced purpura.
  • Meningeal symptoms. At about the same time it appears and the first meningeal symptoms that doctors detected during examination of the child. First the doctor will make a puncture of the cerebrospinal fluid. As a rule, its subsequent investigation found that it is either a dairy or a dirty yellow color, cloudy. The content therein of leukocytes and neutrophils in largely increased, and in the cytoplasm can be detected bean shaped diplococci, and the protein content is increased. The content of glucose greatly reduced. If you make a crop, you can easily determine the type of pathogen, which has led the development of meningitis.

In the study of blood test found a sick child is very pronounced changes indicative of a strong inflammatory process occurring in the body. All these signs clearly indicate that the child is ill with meningitis, and requires immediate treatment.

 Meningitis symptoms in children

Types of Meningitis

There are several types of meningitis in children. These species depend on exactly which pathogen has caused the development of a child of meningitis. Doctors have identified a number of basic types of the disease:

  • Pneumococcal meningitis

In the event that meningitis caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, doctors say about pneumococcal meningitis. Very often, the disease is preceded by either pneumonia or sinusitis or acute otitis media. However, this is not a requirement - about half of all babies infected this type of meningitis is the primary, without any - any previous illnesses.

The disease begins to appear quickly enough and in the acute form, but directly meningeal syndrome manifests itself a little later than in all other cases - by about the third day, not before. However, the progression of this type of meningitis is very, very active - very quickly comes clouding of consciousness of the child, the development of nerve paresis.

During the lumbar puncture you may find that the cerebrospinal fluid contains a large percentage of pus, white blood cells and pneumococci. This form of the disease is one of the most dangerous of all. Doctors explain this feature in that the inflammatory process involved is extremely fast and the ventricles of the brain, and its very substance. That is why parents need as quickly as possible, at the first symptoms of the disease, seek medical help from a doctor.

  • Haemophilus influenzae meningitis

This type of meningitis is triggered by Haemophilus influenzae. Most often this disease affects children aged up to one year, but in the older age it can also occur. The first manifestations of the disease can be very different - just as the acute meningeal and the catarrhal, similar to those typical of acute respiratory diseases - runny nose, cough, sore throat. In the latter case directly meningeal symptoms appear already in the fourth, or even fifth day.

And doctors warn parents of young children, so they were extremely attentive to the slightest indisposition of their baby. And with the appearance of symptoms such as frequent regurgitation, vomiting, excessive swelling of the fontanelle, the termination of its pulsation and wanton cry, you should immediately call the brigade "first aid" or independently to deliver the child to a medical facility.

  • Viral meningitis

In that case, if the development of meningitis occurs because of certain viruses, onset of disease will also be slightly different. Strictly speaking, the disease occurs in two stages - first the child develops a viral disease, and after - there are signs of meningitis. However, meningeal syndrome manifests itself a little differently than in other cases. Despite the fact that the sick child is experiencing severe headaches and depressed overall themselves meningeal symptoms are quite weak. Often, they are not always expressed in full, and disorders of consciousness, which is typical for all other forms of meningitis, in this situation is not seen.

Changes in the blood in this situation most similar to those that occur in the baby's blood, the patient's viral diseases than those that occur with meningitis. However, if the child is not receiving adequate and timely treatment, a few days later, these changes may occur.

  • Tuberculous meningitis

TB meningitis is the most rarely seen type of the disease, but, unfortunately, also have a place to be. More recently, the death rate in this type of meningitis has been high enough in recent years, modern medicine has learned to cope well with the problem and mortality virtually eliminated.

However, tuberculous meningitis, and today is a major threat to the health and life of a child. It also manifests itself quite unusual, and for atypical characteristic of him. Therefore, there is a real risk that the disease will be diagnosed untimely, and accordingly, and start treatment as untimely, resulting in a very large amount of time is lost. And to cope with the disease is extremely difficult. Typically, the disease begins with fever, whereupon he begins vomiting and headaches.

The problems in the diagnosis of meningitis

In some cases, diagnosis of meningitis is too difficult even for experienced doctors. This happens if doctors or parents themselves, considering that the child has a particular inflammatory disease begin treatment with antibacterial drugs. As a result, the clinical picture of meningitis became slurred. Thus, for example, fever expressed not so much - the body temperature can be maintained at 37 - 38 degrees. Headache is also not as strong as usual, but is regular. Nausea and vomiting almost always present, and quite exhausting.

Treatment of meningitis

More impose upon treatment of meningitis has no meaning - self in this situation is by no means unacceptable. Treatment should only be done under strict medical supervision and only in a hospital. This requirement is due to the fact that meningitis is a very insidious disease - the child may become critical and may require emergency resuscitation, which are possible only in a hospital setting.

Doctors will conduct a full examination of your child and appoint necessary treatment that will help fast enough to suppress pathogenic bacteria. And very soon the disease your child will be over, provided that you promptly seek medical attention.

Often parents ask the children's district doctors question of whether the vaccine is effective against meningitis children. On the one hand, such a measure can be quite effective in certain cases - the period of increased fixation of the disease, in disadvantaged areas, children might be at risk.

However, we must not forget that the vaccine is able to protect the child only on a particular type of meningitis - but far from all its varieties. So always the risk that the child is still faced with meningitis. And in any case, the vaccine protects the child of not more than 4 years. After that, you need the following vaccination.

And no other means of non-specific prevention of this disease does not exist. The only thing that parents can do - is to be attentive to the health of their child. And at the first symptoms of meningitis as soon as possible, seek medical help. This will help save not only health, but also the child's life.

 Meningitis in children. The invisible enemy

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