leeches for weight loss


  • Hirudotherapy: general description
  • What are the secrets hirudotherapy efficiency and convenience?
  • How safe girudoterapiya
  • Are there any contraindications to treatment with leeches?

Any modern and aspiring to be a beautiful woman worries about her figure. Therefore, the focus of its attention are always in various ways power adjustment and maintaining form in the body. The really clever girl that wants to look perfect, listen to the recommendations of doctors, the advice of friends and acquaintances, follow the diet show-business stars and fitness programs athletes. For this reason we want to talk about yet another method - about hirudotherapy; Leeches are popular for weight loss really since time immemorial.

So what is this method and how effective is it? Could it be a real alternative girudoterapiya exhausting diets or receiving drugs with side effects? How costly this method, whether it is safe and whether he has any contraindications? On all these issues we give the answer in this article - let's talk about the fight against excess weight with the help of leeches.

Hirudotherapy: general description

This is one of the oldest methods of treatment and strengthen the forces of the body, used for centuries in China, Thailand and Taiwan. Moreover, girudoterapii enough rich Russian history, which began in the XVII century. This method is actively used since its inception, it is not surprising that even today in Russia there are medical institutions that prepare specialists in this field.

Girudoterapii essence is to place leeches on the acupressure points of the body. In the case of the fight against excess weight in an amount of 2-3 pieces put in the sacral region and behind the ears, that is, in areas of the mastoid process. Blood sucking leeches secrete secret normalizing metabolism.

Standard course hirudotherapy in the fight against excess weight is 10-14 days. This is necessary to put bloodsuckers 1-2 times a day. Naturally, in parallel need to lead a healthy lifestyle, do not abuse alcohol and smoking (it is better to give up these bad habits) to monitor the balance in the diet. Remember to normalize the metabolic processes of the digestive system to be activated.

What are the secrets hirudotherapy efficiency and convenience?

  1. Leeches put in areas respond best to the impact point - they have a zonal or a projection on the key organs, joints, nervous nodes. In fact it is a kind of response to acupuncture, which gives the same good results.
  2. Allocated girudami secrets have complex effects on the body: they not only help improve the metabolism, but also help to restore hormonal levels, cleansing the blood, normalization of pressure.
  3. When using leeches, provided a healthy diet with increased activity of the brain - this contributes to a constant oxygen replenishment. Plus, the very body absorb all the nutrients produced in the process of eating. In addition, the combined effect of the secret released girudami, the inflow of energy and cheerful mood - a result of the diet in the fight against excess weight most easily tolerate even the weakened people.
  4. At the same time the procedure of leech therapy is harmless and painless - any serious discomfort will not. So we can safely throw away all your fears, fear, prejudice, and recorded on the course gerudoterapii.

By the way, losing weight with the help of leeches over popular with stars, many of the singer or actress do not hesitate and do not hide the fact that they use this method. The most striking examples of Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson. Last so do not tire of praising gerudoterapiyu and recommend it to all my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Simpson's position is quite clear: the plump figure of the singer a few months is a favorite topic of discussion in the press. In this connection, Jessica decided to take extreme measures she said she began to lose weight with the help of leeches. This method advised her friend Victoria Beckham, ever since the Spice Girls successfully use the services of little bloodsuckers.

Jessica experienced firsthand that all the stories about the amazing properties of the saliva of leeches truthful. As we have said, it contains effective enzymes, numbering more than 150, speeds up metabolism, perfectly removes inflammation, strengthen immunity. After a course of hirudotherapy, Simpson took care of their health and protect against cellulite. Say more, just a month Jessica managed to regain harmony - in the photo with all the parties she looked just fine. Treatment with leeches really helped the star, so this method can safely take the weapons to fight against excess weight.

 leech slimming

How safe girudoterapiya?

Many girls, to put it mildly, a negative attitude to leeches and even fear them. But fears are groundless: Modern medicine has proved that this method of recovery is 100% safe. Of course, there is one thing: a course of treatment should take place under the strict supervision of girudoterapevt - then the patient will receive a series of guarantees:

  1. Full protection from diseases of HIV, hepatitis or any other diseases transmitted through the lymph. During the course in any hospital only used disposable medical leeches, which are disposed of immediately after the session - as you know, such girudy simply can not be carriers of viruses, bacteria, genes.
  2. Security startup self-regulation mechanisms and metabolism - enzymes leeches have a complex, but mild effect on the body. Normalization pressure, activation of brain activity and other processes are no side effects - all based on natural exposure, fully controlled experimental girudoterapevt.
  3. Painless and effective absorption kelloidov, scarring and even seams - leeches widely used in cosmetic purposes. The enzymes secreted by leech, improve skin tone and color, as well as make it tighter, that is, provide a natural lifting. Today, there is even a separate area of ​​cosmetology, popular and rapidly developing - girudoplastika.

Are there any contraindications to treatment with leeches?

Of course, hirudotherapy is not a panacea for everyone - someone it just can not be assigned. By the way, this is another reason why a girl that wants to be treated with leeches, without fail, you must first consult your doctor: Specialist will determine if she could put all bloodsuckers.

The main contraindications are:

  • Hemophilia, that is bad or zero blood clotting. In such cases, after removing the leeches may be left bleeding wounds, to cope with which it will be very difficult even for specialists. In a situation where any cut can turn into the most serious consequences, not worth the risk, 2 times putting 2-3 girud within 10-14 days.
  • Hemorrhagic diathesis, ie frequent spontaneous (or the resulting injury) bleeding and hemorrhage. In such cases, too, there is no need to take risks, the more so because the disease is often a companion or a harbinger of hemophilia.
  • Anemia (anemia), ie low concentration of red blood cells. With this disease, even a minimal loss of capillary blood transported to the lymph, can lead to serious consequences and the deterioration of women, so better to refrain from gerudoterapii.
  • An allergy to leeches, or rather, one of them carried by enzymes. However, it all depends also on the specific form - the patient may not be suitable only Chinese or only European species of bloodsuckers.
  • Girudofobiya difficult to treat, that is considered a panic fear of annelids. In such cases it is necessary to look for another option to combat obesity.
  • Pregnancy - in most cases, it is also a contraindication: the expectant mother should be sure to consult with your doctor about this.

As you can see, the main "ban" is not so much - a whole girudoterapiya available and open to modern Russian women. This is not only an effective, painless and quick, but also a relatively inexpensive way to fight obesity. The course of healing of leeches can be held safely - only need to obtain the consent of your doctor and seek good girudoterapevt.

 Leeches for weight loss: a real help, or fiction?

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 nutritional supplements and their effects on the body


  • Pay attention to the markings
  • If a friend was suddenly
  • "The best" ten

How often is that so pleases the eye with beautiful packaging and pleasure amazing taste, it contains in its structure of the invisible enemy - a list of food additives, especially harmful to human health! In this age of rapidly evolving technology is almost not to find packed products which are not contained would be composed of harmful food additives: synthetic stabilizers, emulsifiers or dyes used to improve the palatability of the product, extend its life and, of course, to make it more attractive appearance.

Pleasant pale pink hue sausages, jellies of all colors and milk stays fresh up to one and a half or two weeks - all these "miracles" are created by a variety of food additives e, which, incidentally, can be found in almost all products. And well, if we are talking about, at least relatively harmless to the health of our cells, which, unfortunately, there is quite a bit.

And yet many of us doubt whether the harmful use supplements or all not so scary as it may seem? After all, the vast majority of producers assures the buyer that supplies only environmentally friendly and healthy products. They are echoed by commercials, literally screaming about the absolute safety of the products. Compounding the situation, we ourselves are almost never pay attention to the structure of the purchase, or simply do not understand the meaning of this or that chemical term or abbreviation. Meanwhile, among the many nutritional supplements is, and really extremely dangerous. Some of them, once in the body, under certain conditions, produce toxins and other harmful exert their "character", interacting with other products. So what supplements e considered "persona" non grata, and which can be used without damage to health?

Pay attention to the markings

Almost all food additives are artificial chemicals, which is why even the most secure of them have hypersensitive individuals are capable of provoking a backlash. And what can we say about the harmful food additives E, which represent a danger to anyone, even the most strong and healthy, the body!

Choosing foods or dietary supplement thereto (BAA), not overlook their packaging, especially the part where said composition: a worldwide letter E (from Europe) and three numbers at it (this label marked food additives). If the codes begin with the unit, so it is a dye, a deuce - a preservative, a triple - an antioxidant. Topped four and five warn of the presence of stabilizers and emulsifiers, respectively, six figure indicates the presence of flavor enhancers and flavor, and the codes starting with nine figures indicate antiflamingovye (defoaming) agents.

This supplements - dyes are designated numbers from E 100 and E 182. Among them are "found" a large number of hazardous substances, and for the goods under the numbers E 121 and E 123 and imposed a strict ban altogether. Food additives, E numbers beginning with 200, - a preservative, whose main task - to optimize the shelf life of products. In achieving this purpose, they without further ado with our body, having a negative impact on its place in biochemical reactions and in addition, eliminating the live bacteria.

Separate conversation, no doubt, deserves a nutritional supplement marked e220, which is sulfur dioxide (a colorless gas with an irritating odor). It is used in the preservation of different products, and authorized for use in almost all countries. At the same time the danger of e220 is beyond doubt: the addition of provoking serious poisoning with sulfur dioxide, ending runny nose, cough, hoarseness and so-called sore throat. A richer inhaling sulfur dioxide, can threaten a person choking, speech disorder, difficulty swallowing, vomiting and acute pulmonary edema.

In people with asthma and kidney failure, a close "acquaintance" with e220 able to respond damage to the digestive organs and fatal allergic reactions, as well as the destruction of vitamins B 1 and B 12. It should therefore be very carefully study the relevant packaging and labels, bearing in mind that the maximum the amount of sulfur dioxide (e220) for different food products and goods is not a constant. For example, in products directly edible, it should not be more than 100 mg per kilogram, for the wine, the highest concentration - is 200-250 ml per liter, depending on the country of manufacture and wine varieties.

 the effect of food additives on the human body

If a friend was suddenly

Nutritional supplements, food products operating in the role of antioxidants, antioxidants and acidity regulators are marked with codes from £ 300, and are designed to slow down the oxidative processes. By its effects on the human body, they are very similar to the preservatives. Indexing product numbers from E 400 and E 430, the manufacturers warn buyer of them thickeners and stabilizers, which are designed to maintain the necessary consistency of the product.

Many of them are vegetable or animal food additives e, but, unfortunately, most E 400 - E 430 - it is still chemicals, which means that harmful food additives. Emulsifiers (minerals) denotes the index E 430 - E 500, disintegrating - E 500 - E 520, and the presence of taste enhancers or flavorings corresponding natural, point E 620 and E 642.

Still, do not think that all of the food additives is, are classified as hazardous, because they came to us from the time when the chemical industry and never heard. Our ancestors used different food additives is, to increase the shelf life of certain products. The problem is that today we are virtually unable to eat really environmentally friendly products without harmful supplements e. And often threaten the health of those is that we are very popular.

"The best" ten

And how do you know whether to use harmful food additives present in the composition, for example, potato "fries"? In this case it is useful to list the top ten products with harmful food additive e.

Chewing gum and a variety of sweets, which, however, can hardly be classified as food, because they consist mainly of food additives e. Their frequent and indiscriminate use, usually ends stomach disorders, dehydration, kidney and liver diseases, allergic reactions, skin and other diseases.

High levels of harmful food additives E (preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, etc.). You can "please" and products, such as boiled sausage, frankfurters, sausages and minced meat and smoked meat, fish and sausage. They are, without exaggeration, can be classified as the most harmful to the body products, fraught with cancer, stomach diseases, allergies and impaired vision.

Next on the list - so our favorite yogurt that came here because of the same stabilizers, antioxidants, thickeners and flavoring agents that provoke the development of cancer, allergies and diseases of the pancreas. Also, chips and potato "fries" deserved "the honorary title of" harmful products, thanks to the stabilizers and flavorings (flavor enhancer). Disastrous results of their use may become cancerous disease, headaches, excessive facial flushing, sweating, and other diseases.

No less popular we have, and ice cream, many species of which are also "friendly" with unhealthy additives, which, in the end, can not lead to cancer, kidney and liver diseases, disorders of the stomach, slowing the metabolic processes in the body, and to such dangerous diseases. Harmful "snacks" with the contents of e are considered and crunches that can cause stomach disorders, blood pressure and allergies.

The most dangerous include soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, etc.) and energy, which also has not been without food additives e: synthetic sweeteners, food preservatives, flavorings and emulsifiers. Despite the fact that they are extremely difficult to attribute to food, the damage they cause (cirrhosis of the liver, allergies, degenerative diseases) - is sufficient reason for inclusion of these liquid pests in our list. Just as various sauces, which, although they are not independent of food, but with the success destroys the useful qualities of any food.

And completing the list of products containing harmful additives e chocolate. We need to work hard to find a representative of the sweets, do not threaten the body allergies and many other diseases.

Probably not worth a reminder that our health - in our own hands. Use in your diet only the most useful products, become a supporter of proper diet, forget the potato chips, Coca-Cola and others, can be delicious, but it is very dangerous products. And you will surprise many years friends and family your good health!

 Food additives - an open enemy of the evil one, or friend?

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