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Today from such unpleasant diseases such as cystitis, is suffering a significant part of the population. Moreover, this disease affects women more often than men. This is due to several reasons, including anatomical features: the women quite short and wide urethra adjacent to the anus. Particularly increases the risk of this disease in periods of high sexual activity, pregnancy, and during menopause. To learn how to manifest cystitis, what are its causes and how to overcome this disease, as cystitis, forever, we will try to tell you in this article.

Symptoms and Causes of cystitis

The main symptom indicative of troubles is frequent urination, pain during the cutting process, discomfort during intercourse. In severe cases, the disease appears in the urine, such discharge, like pus and blood. When these symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.

Why is there such diseases as cystitis? Its causes are many. Basically, the disease is caused by hitting the urinary system of a particular infection: bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic. In addition, factors that provoke the disease, may also be:

  • allergies
  • kidney stones or bladder
  • autoimmune diseases
  • injury
  • bladder cancer
  • receiving anticancer drugs
  • radiation therapy

Cystitis can be both acute and chronic. Acute cystitis is developing very quickly. Patients concerned about frequent urination, accompanied by sharp pains and burning. As a rule, the temperature rises, there is pain and suprapubic, in the urine can appear traces of blood.

Sometimes, after acute cystitis a so-called recurrent cystitis. It can manifest itself in a few weeks after the treatment of acute cystitis, and after a few months. Symptoms are the same: the urine with blood, pain, discomfort during sexual intercourse.

The chronic form of the disease is expressed in the manifestation of all of the above signs and symptoms for a long time. Very often, chronic cystitis diagnosed with inflammation of the tissues of the bladder.

It should be noted that the anesthetic is enough insidious disease that is difficult to complete recovery, despite the fact that modern medicine has a wide array of medicines. In order to achieve good results, we need high-quality diagnosis and adequate treatment of cystitis, which can only assign a qualified doctor.

 What is cystitis

Diagnosis and treatment of cystitis

Timely diagnosis of cystitis - an important component of successful treatment of the disease. Analyses cystitis play a decisive role in the formulation of a correct diagnosis. First we need to make urinalysis in which the acidity is determined, the presence of mucus, bacteria, salts, leukocytes and erythrocytes. If you suspect the presence of bacterial cystitis, shall be required crop on flora. Qualitative diagnosis is impossible without ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys.

What measures should be taken with this diagnosis? Of course, the necessary medical therapy, the rate of which is prescribed by the doctor. Note that self is unacceptable - the doctor treats! When the wrong selection of antibiotics acute cystitis can become chronic. Only a qualified doctor based on available survey data and analyzes can choose drugs that the patient should be taken to accelerate the disposal of such unpleasant diseases.

The competent doctor, usually heals with the help of complex therapy. In addition to well-chosen medications that can quickly and effectively eradicate infectious agents and thus relieve the patient of the disease, and other methods are used. The physician, in particular, can apply an infrared laser, ultrasound bladder irrigation and other advanced therapies.

Cystitis Treatment folk remedies

Traditional medicine has also gained a lot of treatments for cystitis. As already stated, when the first symptoms of the disease (pain when urinating and during intercourse, blood in the urine) should consult a doctor, get tested and comply strictly with all appointments. Traditional medicine treats, such as herbs, honey, warming, but they can be used as an adjunct to medical treatment.

Healers recommend taking herbal teas, tinctures and Napary that are very indicated for this disease. Drink with cystitis have a lot. Especially useful to take these herbs like nettle, bearberry, plantain, St. John's wort, horsetail, and fruits and roots of wild rose, chamomile flowers, cornflowers. Decoctions of herbs can be any drink with honey, which has good antimicrobial properties.

Excellent herbal remedy in cystitis - a good friend of all of the cranberry. It is not for nothing called a natural antibiotic that cures many diseases. For good health you should drink the delicious fruit drinks as often as possible. Of course, it is not a store of products, but the Morse home cooking. By the way, to soften the sour taste of cranberry juice can be honey.

It is not necessary at this forget that the grass must also be taken with the mind, it will tell you every doctor. As a rule, doctors are loyal to a particular use of medicinal herbs. But the doctor can always give good advice on the treatment of herbal based medication. It is important that these substances (herbs and medicines) do not come into conflict with one another.

  Cystitis in pregnant and lactating women

Cystitis during pregnancy - a phenomenon quite common. During pregnancy, the risk of this disease increases with increasing uterine since the flow of urine from the bladder is complicated. As a result, the mucous irritated, and in the case of accession of infection cystitis almost inevitable.

There is one danger more seriously cystitis. The fact that the full bladder can cause a reverse process - the urine from the bladder into the kidneys go, which is fraught with the development of such dangerous diseases as pyelonephritis.

It is important not to miss a bacterial cystitis during pregnancy and to treat it in a timely manner. Such symptoms as frequent urination, still about what does not speak, as is the normal state of a pregnant. However, if it is joined by a feeling of incomplete emptying, false urge to urinate, pain during intercourse, blood in the urine, most likely, you have cystitis. In any case, you need a good diagnosis, a mandatory urine test and a good doctor who will prescribe the modern high-quality treatment.

Treatment of pregnant women (especially in the early stages) and mothers in lactation when they breastfeed, has its own characteristics. It is very important to help the patient, and not to harm the child. What are the means to take, in what order and quantities - it solves only qualified urologist, who is in close contact with your gynecologist.

Pregnant or breast-feeding should be wary and traditional medicines. Many herbs can not be taken during pregnancy (particularly in the early stages) and during lactation, if the child is breastfed. Not recommended for heating, baths with herbs, can not be abused as honey and other bee products.

Actually, everything is contraindicated in pregnancy, it is not necessary to accept and mothers who have a child is breastfed.

 Cystitis is

  Cystitis in children

The bacterial cystitis in children also occurs quite frequently. The reason - the infection of the urinary bladder in children. The main pathogens are E. coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus, chlamydia and other pathogens triggers bacterial contamination.

In young children, cystitis develops as a distinct disease, and in parallel with diseases such as urethritis and pyelonephritis. Many boys and girls, there is a clear predisposition to the emergence of cystitis. First of all at risk of immunocompromised children with chronic diseases of internal organs suffering from vitamin deficiencies with birth defects of the genitourinary system. It provokes disease and taking certain medications.

As in adults, boys and girls are acute and chronic cystitis. The latter is a direct consequence of acute cystitis undertreated and can last a long time, because poorly treated. That is why parents should carefully monitor the health of babies and be alert in time to orient and prevent the disease develop chronic. Boys cystitis is less common than in girls.

If a child has pain in the lower abdomen, fever, and the urine becomes cloudy, change the color and smell of urine, blood appears in it - it's time to alert and seek medical advice. As for acute cystitis, that with proper treatment it can be overcome within 7-10 days.

Treatment of cystitis in children

Children cystitis treated with certain medications that are prescribed by a doctor. They must be taken in strict compliance with the recommendations of the doctor. Important role for diet, hygiene. Traditional medicine will not remain on the sidelines. As with cystitis need to drink a lot, then it shows the herbal teas. It is useful to drink tea of ​​chamomile, motherwort, valerian series (you can with honey, if the child has no contraindications). Of course, a program of treatment with herbs (how long the treatment should last, what to drink and how much, etc.) should monitor the child's physician.

Special attention should be given to the illness diet. No fried, fatty foods (though they should not be in the children's diet by definition). Milk products, dietary meats, vegetables, steamed vegetables - these products are most suitable. You can drink herbal teas appropriate, recommended to drink fruit juices and fruit drinks, flavored with a little honey, is useful to drink non-carbonated mineral water.

General conclusions and advice

The main conclusion to be drawn from all of the above - there is no self-healing! The disease cures doctor. Doctor prescribes a medication that must be taken in strict compliance with its regulations. Only he can say what herbs can be taken that they do not come into conflict with medication.

With extreme caution should be approached to the treatment of cystitis in pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as in children. Who treats a pregnant woman? Specialists, the urologist, but always in contact with the gynecologist, who watches her in the antenatal clinic.

Concerning children suffering from cystitis. They treat pediatric urologist, who is charged with a very difficult task: assign adequate course of antibacterial drugs, which should be completely rid of the child from infection and prevent the emergence of recurrent cystitis or acute phase transition into a chronic disease.

Be attentive to their health and do not self!

 Cystitis. How to deal with it?

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