• What causes this disease?
  • How does the disease?
  • The main factors of the appearance of myopia
  • What are the categories of myopia?
  • What to do?

Myopia, or, as they call it medical, myopia, - a disease in which the human eye can distinguish between bad images, as well as objects located far away. In this case, the image does not have a certain part of the retina, as shown in the plane located in front of it. Because it is perceived as a blurred, indistinct. This occurs due to a mismatch of the optical power of the eyeball and its length. Usually short-sighted it is enhanced (axial myopia), but the disease can also occur as a result of excessive force refractive apparatus (so-called refractive myopia). The greater the mismatch, the greater the problem.

Today, it is a social and clinical beach, quite common among school - they suffer from almost 12% of children. Basically, the first symptoms of myopia occur at a young age, but over the years the situation is only getting worse.

What causes this disease?

The fact that short-sightedness as a biological concept - an ambiguous phenomenon. Many scientists believe it is not a disease but a normal variant. All cases are united by one feature - the visual setting of the eye. This physical category is characterized by a combination of certain parameters of the human cornea (the length of the anterior-posterior axis of the eye and the lens), the main focus of the optical system is located in front of the retina that is common to all types of myopia. Such features may be due to different reasons.

Aboriginal pathogenetic mechanisms of occurrence of myopia are not well understood, in fact as well as hereditary pathology, intrauterine disease, structural and biochemical transformation of the growth of the body's tissues and the like. Immediate causes, because of which formed myopic refraction, are better known. The main characteristics of the disease are: an increase in the refractive power of the visual apparatus and the eyeball is too large (the exact length) PZO.

 This short-sightedness

How does the disease?

Basically myopia begins with typical complaints. A man falls acuity, the surrounding reality is perceived as a "fog", it becomes difficult to translate gaze from one object located at a short distance to another in the distance (the so-called slow refocusing). Sometimes the patient sees double, often fatigue and strain, there are "creepy" and darkening, acute reaction to light, decreased visual acuity and performance.

Often developing myopia in children of school age. They begin to see distant objects bad, clearly distinguish between numbers and letters written on the blackboard in the classroom, trying to get closer to the screen or the TV in the first place in the cinema. To see something in the distance, near-sighted, usually narrows his eyes. Very often the real myopia begins with a spasm of accommodation (CA), which is the first stage of the axial form of the disease. If the time to identify the symptoms, it can be cured. CA may disappear after passing the optical hardware-physiological and medical treatment, if you reduce the load on the optic nerve, or in the process of growing children.

Myopia phase accommodative spasm characterized in that the eye is still retains a spherical shape, but over time it anteroposterior dimension (i.e. axis) increases, and it becomes elliptical.

At the beginning of the SA expressed slightly, he is said to physicians, the short-lived - it arises and disappears. The kid and his parents may not notice its presence. Emerging temporary blurring of letters and numbers written on the board quickly. Vision improved in the suspension or on the way home from school, so the child does not attach any importance to this and, therefore, does not tell an adult. Consequently, nearsightedness often found already at a later stage, when the duration of accommodation spasm increases from a few hours to a day or two. Change the situation for the better is possible, after a long pause, a night of sleep, during the holidays, that is, in the moments when the eyes a rest. Later, the periodic fall of becoming much more resistant and durable restored vision partially or totally after undergoing special treatment.

The main factors of the appearance of myopia

There are many reasons for myopia. We mention the main ones:

  • weak sclera which does not have adequate resistance to the rapid growth of the eye;
  • incorrect landing during operation (a person sits too close to the subject, for example, the child is sitting close to the computer or TV), inadequate lighting, lack of rest;
  • undeveloped accommodative muscles, responsible for "setting" of the lens at various distances, so that there is over-voltage;
  • myopia can also develop due to hereditary predisposition;

As you can see, the factors affecting the development of myopia, there are many. However, what is the main one? Why is it sometimes difficult for the same load on the optic nerve in some children manifest the disease, while others - not? Just a weak immune system, in contrast to the strong, not able to fight and "punch". Therefore, as a rule, the disease and appears rather weak people and myopia. Let's look at a few reasons for this state of the human body:

  • damage to the cervical spinal cord during birth;
  • chronic diseases of the mouth and throat (e.g., adenoids, sinusitis);
  • rickets;
  • a tendency to allergies and infectious diseases such as measles or scarlet fever, tuberculosis, diphtheria and others;
  • a weak immune system;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

All the above factors when too heavy load on the optical system in most cases can cause accommodative spasm, thus, subsequently, if not detected in time symptoms and treatment not just appears and progressive myopia. If a family has a predisposition, it is natural that the process begins much earlier miopizatsii and flows quite rapidly.

What are the categories of myopia?

Ophthalmologists are following myopia:

  • weak - 3, 0 diopters;
  • considered changes in the average area of ​​3, 25-6, 0 diopters;
  • high - over 6, 0. It can reach significant values ​​(for example: 15, 20 and even 30).

The man, who identified myopia, needs glasses for long distances, and sometimes even for the neighbor. However, unfortunately, they are not always capable enough to correct vision, due to the ongoing changes in the eye membranes.

The disease can be congenital or occur as a result of the negative impact of some of the factors mentioned above. Over the life it is either kept at the same level, or progresses. Myopia be treated, and for this there are special modeling techniques, the main task - so weaken the refractive power of the eye unit, so that the image came from a certain area of ​​the retina.

 the cause of myopia

What to do?

If you think you have nearsightedness (manifested symptoms, doubt, etc.), be sure to consult a doctor. You check visual acuity, appoint suitable glasses, make treatment (average duration in two weeks). There are some methods to combat the disease, as the electrical stimulation of the eyes, bioresonance therapy, optical and physiological massage vizotrening both.

You should be aware that myopia - is not just a violation of the optical apparatus. This "problem" in the whole organism. So, because of the problems of mineral-protein metabolism sclera weakens and eye is stretched at length, thus acquiring the shape of a pear. At the same time it suffers the most posterior part. In severe cases may even detached from the underlying tissue and retinal tears. As a result, there is a real risk of losing all sight.

Also be aware that myopia is a contraindication to certain occupations, requiring that the employee could see. The disease is limited to the household: people suffering from it are prohibited heavy load, lifting heavy weight and so on. Women with this problem give birth naturally can not, as an alternative to physicians offer a cesarean section. So start taking care of your body with the youth. Do not read in poor light, eat properly, to avoid unnecessary stress and injury, and then you will be healthy!

 Myopia: the norm or illness?

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 acne treatment


  • General recommendations for skin care
  • Acne treatment by folk remedies

Acne. This trouble is familiar to many people. And unfortunately. Not only teenagers. Of course, most acne plagued it for young people aged 14 to 25 years. But if a person has oily skin, the problem may persist throughout life.

And if acne on the face of a teenager - it is a natural phenomenon, the person in the presence of adult acne looks like, at least messy. What to do in such a situation? The answer is obvious - the treatment of acne! For acne - it is a real disease. This skin disorder is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

The disease can be caused by many physical causes: dysfunction of the glands and metabolism, abuse of stimulants, sugar and medicines. Contribute to diseases of the nervous fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, hypovitaminosis, as well as failure to comply with hygiene skin. In each case, the cause of acne is to establish a dermatologist. Unfortunately. Almost always people neglect a visit to the doctor. And a very good reason - if not eliminate the root cause of the disease, get rid of acne will be much harder.

Blockage of the mouths of the sebaceous glands and the stagnation of sebum in the duct there are stepping pyogenic bacteria, leading to inflammation. The process is usually localized on the face, neck, back, chest. Determined Acute and subacute ongoing inflammatory lesions predominantly nodular and pustular character.

  General recommendations for skin care

The most important thing - it is a systematic, thorough and proper skin care. Firstly, the cleansing of the skin prone to acne, should be carried out at least three times a day. And if possible - even more often. Secondly, cleaning should be carried out correctly. Third - it is important to review your diet - it depends on many things. But let us look at these issues in more detail.

  • Schedule cleansing

As a rule, most people cleanses the skin once a day - before going to bed, believing that it is in the evening it is the most dirty. That may be so, but in the morning the skin needs to be cleansed, no less. After all, while you are asleep, the sebaceous glands continue to work. This means that the skin has accumulated a large amount of sebum itself. And you should only go out as the dust will settle on the skin of the face.

If the morning facial skin will be cleaned, this dust will be much less. And that means, and acne will be much less. Ideally, the skin should be cleaned periodically during the day - at least with a damp cloth to wipe the problem areas. Although, of course, if you are out of the house and on the face of your tonal basis, make it virtually impossible.

  • Terms cleansing

Practice shows that most skin cleansing is as simple as washing with water. In the best case - with soap. However, both of these methods will not bring the desired result. Plain water will not be able to properly cleanse the skin. A washing with soap can lead to peeling of the skin - it would be wrong to think that oily skin is not exposed to irritation. Therefore, doctors beauticians recommend to use special means for washing - a variety of foams and gels. Although there are no less effective folk remedies for washing - we will tell you about them a little later.

Make sure and water temperature - very moderate washing should be carried out with hot water and finish it must be rinsed with cold water. Hot water to expand the pores, which allow for a more thorough cleansing of the skin. A subsequent rinse with cold water will help narrow the pores, to slaughter them in the dust and dirt.

  • Diet

Numerous studies significantly demonstrate that the development of acne often depends on what it is man. The most common cause of the problem are the following products:

  1. Any sweets, especially cocoa and chocolate.
  2. Smoked sausages.
  3. Fatty and fried foods.
  4. Carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol.

So try to eliminate these foods from your menu. Or at least a pinch use a possible minimum. The most positive effect on the skin of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products. By the way, if you like the menu will be familiar to you, your whole body will tell you thank you very much.

 acne treatments

Acne treatment by folk remedies

Very often folk remedies to get rid of acne is possible to much more quickly than most modern cosmetology means. The only thing you should pay attention - this is on the components of a recipe. None of them should be an allergic reaction. Moreover - all funds must first try. To do this, apply a small amount to the skin behind the ear. Observe the reaction of the skin - if you do not, redness and itching, a means can be used without any fear, you do not have allergies.

  • Means for washing

Remember that underlies the struggle with acne? Correct, skin cleansing. So, first of all need to be considered folk remedies to cleanse the skin. One of the most popular means - it is the most ordinary oatmeal. Put 200 grams of oat flakes on a hot frying pan, cook for 5 minutes. Then cool and grind using a grinder to a powder.

Take a piece of ordinary children's soap, grate it on a small grater and mix with chopped oatmeal. All cleanser ready. It's very easy - moisten the skin, apply a little of the resulting mixture and thoroughly spread. Massage for about two minutes, then rinse with water. This means effectively cleanses the skin without causing irritation.

Aloe and liquid soap can also be an excellent way to cleanse oily skin. For this you need baby liquid soap - 100 g, 5 leaves of aloe. Using a gauze cloth squeeze the juice, mix it with liquid soap. All use it for daily washing.

  • Scrubs

Two to three times a week should be cleaned more deeply by using the scrubs. Do not rush to the store - you can cook at home is very good and effective scrubs. The easiest - coffee. If you drink natural, and not instant coffee - a tool for you to fit optimally. Do not dispose of coffee grounds - mix it with sour cream in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Apply to damp skin resulting mixture, massage for a few minutes. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with plenty of cool water. A similar procedure can be carried out not more than three times a week - otherwise there is a risk of damage to the skin.

Buckwheat also can be a wonderful tool. To do this on a hot frying pan fry grits, cool and with the help of the grinder grind buckwheat. But not to the state of powder - should get the larger particles. Buckwheat can also be mixed with sour cream, and yogurt can be any - in equal proportions.

Rasparte face, clean it thoroughly, then apply the scrub. Massage your skin a few minutes, then rinse with cool water. Pat skin with a towel, apply your usual moisturizer. This scrub can be used no more than twice a day.

  • Masks

Masks are also a very important step in the treatment of acne. Masks normalize the sebaceous glands, relieve inflammation - acne retreats. There is a lot of masks, so we'll tell you just about the most effective ones.

One of the most effective masks - aloe with honey. To prepare this mask you need three sheets of aloe plants are not under the age of three, five tablespoons of any of honey. Aloe previously put in the freezer for 10 days. After this, mince, blend the mixture with honey - in the end you should have a homogeneous mass. Place it in a glass container with a lid - Keep the mask must be exclusively in the refrigerator.

The mask should be applied to thoroughly cleansed. Leave the mask on your face for about 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water. This mask must be done twice a week. Significant improvement of the skin is observed after 2-3 procedures. But then it is not necessary to stop the mask to avoid the recurrence of the disease.

If in addition to acne annoy you still boils, try a mask with cranberries. To prepare the masks can be used as fresh berries and ice cream. You will need 200 grams of fruit and 100 grams of any of honey. Berries mince, mix with honey. In a water bath, bring mixture to a boil, turn off and cool.

After the mixture was cooled, pour it into a glass jar, which need not be stored more than a month in the refrigerator. The mask should be applied to the affected skin and leave for about 15 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of cool water. Normally, pimples disappear fast.

In addition to masks and scrubs can be applied compresses with a decoction of camomile. Place in an enamel pot five tablespoons of inflorescences pharmacy chamomile pour 0, 5 liters of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Insist hour, then strain. Wet in the resulting broth gauze for 10 minutes attach to the affected skin. Such compresses very well relieve inflammation.

As you can see, in the treatment of acne and acne is no big deal. The main thing - is compliance with all rules and recommendations. But only if the acne is not too intense. In the most severe cases also treat acne should only dermatologist. Otherwise, deterioration of the skin, the appearance of scars you provided. It is not necessary to neglect a situation. Be healthy and beautiful!

 Acne treatment is possible! Useful tips

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