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In recent years, more and more people became interested in the question of how to boost immunity. It is no accident, because of the immunity of states is very, very much. Here and there a man doubts his own immunity. In this article, we will order the knowledge of the human immune system, find out when the immune system needs help. And most importantly - learn how to enhance body immunity.

Let's start from the beginning. You know what the immune system? Doctors characterize it as a collection of cells, tissues and organs, the function of which is to protect the organism from aggressive external and internal influences. That immune system gets in the way the most diverse infections - fungal, bacterial, viral, - which penetrate into the human body.

Signs of weakening of the immune system

As already mentioned, the immune system is a shield that protects the body from various diseases. And if the immune system is weakened, the body will not hesitate to let them know about it. The main symptoms of disorders of the immune system include:

  • Most emerging viral diseases

Of course, ARI and ARI periodically suffers almost anyone. And this is not an indication of the poor state of the immune system. But only if colds not repeated more than 4 times a year. Well, in that case, if the ills visited by a visit more than 6 times, you need to go to the doctor-immunologist immediately. Most likely, your immune system is not merely weakened, and is in poor condition.

  • The long process of recovery

No less an indicator of the immune system is also how the human body is restored after a disease. In the event that too long rehabilitation period is also possible to suggest a problem with the immune system.

  • Fungal infections

If you previously had no idea that such a beast - a fungus, and now do not know how to get rid of it, most likely your immune system is very weakened. A healthy immune system to cope with the fungal diseases in the shortest possible time and with virtually no interference.

  • Various allergic reactions

The same applies to a variety of allergic reactions. If a hitherto healthy person suddenly appeared allergic to a substance, whether food products, cosmetics and perfumery, household chemicals, etc., should think about your immune system. Maybe she needs your help.

  • Dysbacteriosis

The work of the immune system and the condition of the intestine directly related. Therefore, the appearance of dysbiosis often is one of the main signs of disruption of the normal functioning of the immune system. The main symptoms of dysbiosis - a systematic diarrhea and / or constipation.

  • Fatigue, drowsiness, apathy

Normally, a weakened immune system, sooner or later lead to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. The person feels "overwhelmed", constantly sleepy. In severe cases, perhaps even the appearance of complete apathy.


As a rule, suspected problems with immunity, a person is sent to the pharmacy where you purchased immunomodulatory drugs or resort to traditional medicine. But then, and another - is not the best solution to the problem, as it can lead to complications.

Immunomodulatory drugs require special care in the application. Moreover - to find a suitable drug can only be a doctor, after conducting a number of studies. Otherwise, the use of inappropriate immune modulators can lead to serious and sometimes irreversible. Do not be so risk their health.

Traditional methods of strengthening the immune system are mostly harmless and sometimes very effective. But before applying them yet you should consult with a physician-immunologist. After disruption of the immune system may be so severe that to cope on their own almost unreal. And you just miss precious time.

Doctor will prescribe the necessary research. Based on these data, it will assess the state of the human immune system. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe medication and will give its recommendations. But in any case we should not forget, that depends on the person very much. No wonder even Hippocrates said that it is impossible to cure a sick person without his or her desires.

 how to enhance immunity

General recommendations

To start pay attention to your lifestyle and diet - depends on them very, very much. And we start a conversation is a way of life of the sick person:

  • Physical activity

Lifestyle majority of modern people - mostly sedentary. But, as is known, the movement - life. Therefore, if you have disrupted the immune system, primarily note on locomotor activity. If you have the opportunity to purchase a subscription to the pool or the gym. In an extreme case, if you do it for some - any reason not possible, at least remember to pedestrian walks.

Just 30 minutes walk in the fresh air will bring your body invaluable. In addition to strengthening the immune system of walking can help get rid of excess weight will tone up the muscular system. And the mood of these trips will be reflected in the most positive way.

  • Normalization of sleep

As a general rule, most modern people very strongly enough sleep. Sleep duration is on average 6 hours. And for the normal functioning of all organs and systems of the body - including the immune - adult needs at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Of course, if you do not have enough sleep once, there is nothing to worry about. But in the event that a chronic lack of sleep sooner or later will begin a health problem.

  • Refusal of bad habits

If we tell you that smoking and alcohol abuse has on the most negative influence, America, we will certainly not open. But despite this, the majority of people from these bad habits are in no hurry. And a very good reason - and nicotine, and alcohol leads to intoxication. A intoxication disrupts all systems, but primarily it is immune.

In addition to the lifestyle not the last role played by human diet. It is important to ensure that the menu was varied, and most importantly - complete. Include in your diet the following products:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably grown in areas inhabited by humans.
  • Fermented foods that do not contain preservatives and artificial colorants.
  • Lean meats and poultry - rabbit, beef, chicken, quail, turkey.
  • Low-fat varieties of fish, caviar.
  • Natural fruit and vegetable juices - in case you do not have digestive diseases.

These products help provide the human body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements, thereby eliminating the possibility of beriberi. A vitamin deficiency contributes significantly to the weakening of the immune system and provoke a violation of its work.

But the so-called harmful products are better avoided. These products include:

  • Spices, seasonings, hot sauces.
  • Smoked and all other sausages.
  • Products with preservatives, and dyes.
  • Fizzy drinks.

If you exclude from your diet foods listed above, at times improve the performance of your intestines. A healthy gut greatly reduces the risk of weakening the immune system. And for your stomach such a diet will be very useful - you exactly gastritis face will not.

Folk remedies for immunity

There are a number of very effective means by which to raise the immune system in the home. But just remember - they can be used only after prior consultation of a doctor. And be sure to be sure the order of the chosen means does not include those components that in the past you have had an allergic reaction.

  • Vitamin broth

One of the most simple, but very effective means to strengthen immunity - a decoction of the vitamin. To make it, you need 100 grams of dried rose hips, five tablespoons raspberry leaf, two lemons and five tablespoons of any of honey.

Untreated Lemons mince and put into a thermos, add the crushed leaves of raspberry, honey. In an enamel saucepan, place the hips, pour a liter of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. After that, pull the neck thermos gauze cloth and pour broth hips pre-prepared ingredients. Thermos cover and leave to infuse for three hours.

Get the vitamins you need to drink a decoction twice a day - morning and before bedtime - for half a glass. The duration of treatment - 60 days. Subsequently, in order to maintain the immune system is recommended twice a year - spring and fall - to conduct refresher courses, the duration of two weeks.

  • Honey-lemon mixture

If a person is often sick colds, strengthen the immune system and prevent the disease, it can help the following agent. To cook it you need two heads of garlic, 200 grams of any of honey, three medium-sized lemon.

Garlic clean, mince. There also should go and lemons - to clean them in any case impossible. Minced garlic and lemons mix thoroughly with honey - in the end you should have a homogeneous mass. Place it in a glass container with a tight screw cap. And keep this mixture in the refrigerator is only necessary that it did not lose its beneficial properties.

Take the mixture is necessary before each meal, two tablespoons. The duration of this course of treatment - not less than 14 days. The year is recommended for at least two supporting treatments. Especially important it is in seasonal epidemics of influenza and SARS.

As a rule, the person taking the mixture, does not suffer from colds, even if the talks with the already sick people. But pay attention to a very serious feature of this equipment - because of the content of garlic on the mucous membrane is sufficiently aggressive action. So from him is to give people suffering from gastritis, and even more so from gastric ulcer.

  • Healing Balm

Another very effective means, which strengthens the immune system - balm. To make it, you need 100 grams of aloe juice, a glass of vodka, every 250 grams of honey, 500 grams of walnut kernels, 3 medium-sized lemon. Nuts chop, squeeze the lemon juice and aloe, add the grated nuts and vodka.

All components mix thoroughly, put in a glass bowl. Before each meal, take three tablespoons of balm - at least 5 tablespoons per day. Duration of treatment - no less than 10 days. All you need to carry out three such courses a year. Please note - like a means of strengthening immunity can not be given to children, pregnant women and people who, for one reason or another alcohol is contraindicated.

  • Walnut tincture

Another fast-acting remedy, allowing a home to strengthen the immune system - a tincture of shell pine nuts. You will need two cups of crushed walnut shells and a bottle of vodka. The recipe is very simple - put it in a glass container shell, fill it with vodka. Carefully close the cover and leave in a cool dark place for 60 days.

Take this infusion takes three times a day, half a teaspoon. It is best to drink brandy just before eating, to once again not to irritate the stomach lining. Duration of treatment - 21 days. In the year should be conducted three courses of such treatment. Of course, it is a means of enhancing immunity in the home is contraindicated in children, pregnant women and people who can not tolerate alcohol.

  • The mixture for pregnant women and children

Unfortunately, children and pregnant women are faced with the deterioration of the immune system is much more than any other people. And to treat them can be used, not all recipes. The same approach is just perfect. You will need one glass of raisins and peeled walnuts, half cup of almonds, zest of two lemons.

With grinder grind nuts and raisins, add the chopped lemon zest and juice. Place the mixture in an enamel container, add half a cup of water and a third cup of sugar. Once again all the ingredients and mix on low heat bring to a boil. Boil for 15 minutes, then cool and pour into a glass container. Keep it should be in a refrigerator, the mixture did not lose its beneficial properties.

Broth must take six times a day, at regular intervals - preferably just before eating. The duration of treatment - 14 days. If necessary, treatment can be extended to one month. Next is to support the immune system by conducting such treatment at least once a year.

 boost immunity

The physical effects on the body

In addition to the funds intended for oral administration, there are no effective methods of physical effects on the body, improves the immune system quickly at home.

  • Hardening

And the first means increasing immunity - is hardening. Of course, we do not encourage you to pour ice water and plunge into an ice hole. But douche can be very useful. In no case do not do too cold or too hot water - the habit is not sophisticated and simple. Lower the temperature of a cold shower gradually.

  • Walking barefoot

On the soles of the human body contains a huge amount of biologically active points. Their stimulation has a very positive impact on the whole organism. That is why it is useful walking barefoot. And try to go barefoot whenever possible - on a carpet, parquet, gravel, sand, earth. As practice shows, people often walking barefoot almost never a problem with the immune system.

  • Sauna and steam bath

If you have the opportunity at least twice a month to visit the bath and sauna, consider yourself very lucky. When exposed to high temperatures the body is cleansed of toxins, strengthens blood vessels, strengthens the immune system. But do not forget that not all people can visit the room and even a sauna. So - if you have any chronic disease - before visiting the pair should consult with your doctor.

Finally I would like to remind once again - if you want to quickly strengthen the immune system in the home, consult with your doctor, review your lifestyle and strictly follow the recipe preparation and subsequent reception of an agent. Be healthy!

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