Green Coffee


  • Roasting and grinding
  • Cooking process
  • Common mistakes when preparing
  • How should I drink green coffee?

Green coffee - a unique product. It allows you to bring back to normal body weight, cleanse the body of harmful substances and energizes.

But to get the maximum benefit from its use and to fully enjoy its flavor, it is necessary to properly prepare a drink from the main recommendations.
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Roasting and grinding

On the shelves are usually sold green coffee beans. Accordingly, after the purchase of such a product will require pre-grind it. This must be done in order to taste the drink became more saturated and pronounced. Furthermore, the ground coffee brewing process is much easier and faster. But first it is recommended to fry grain. To do this they need to be rinsed with running water. Then the grains are laid out on a cloth and dry. Then you can send them to the pan. We should not at one time to fry the whole package of coffee at once. We need to do this in batches. It is necessary to fill the pan layer of grains is not more than 2 cm.

During cooking stir constantly need them, so they are not compacted and not deteriorated. Fry the grain necessary to simmer for 5-10 minutes. It is important to keep track of time and do not overdo it, otherwise the coffee will lose its distinctive tart taste. Also, not too long it will maintain roasting all the nutrients. It is recommended to buy this new pan and use it just for coffee. Then the product is not absorbs no foreign odors.

Coffee beans can fry in the oven. For this purpose it is necessary to heat up to 350 degrees. Then, baking in a single layer poured grain. He then put in the oven for 10-15 minutes. During this must also produce agitation of the grains. When they are ready, you need to get them out and give them time to cool down. Then you can pour the grain into a jar or bag.

Grind such a product should be with extreme care. Use an electric coffee grinder for this is extremely undesirable. Green coffee has a high density, therefore it is possible to break the knives appliances. It is better to use a hand grinder, a so-called mill. It is necessary to grind the grain to approximately the size of the particles 1, 5x1 mm.

If the manual is not in the arsenal of the grinder, then use the meat grinder. For grinding grains need not take knives for meat and spices nozzle. It can be ground green coffee grains with a mortar. But it will require a lot of effort and costs of such a process is quite time.

 the process of preparation of green coffee
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Cooking process

Most brewed green coffee in Turku. But how well prepared in such a device a drink? Before starting to make coffee, you need to warm up a little Turk. But it should be done on a small fire. It is not necessary to maintain it for more than 1 minute. If the Turks do not warm up before brewing coffee, the drink will not as tart and fragrant.

Then you have to pour cold water in Turku and immediately add the ground coffee at 3 teaspoons. It should be noted that some cooking recipes this drink include the use of hot water, but it is wrong. If you just put the ground coffee in hot water, it will not be able to extract from it the maximum of useful substances. This negative impact on the efficacy and taste of the beverage. Therefore, always use cold water. Once it is filled coffee, you should put a Turk on low heat.

Soaking need to drink until its surface appear boiling bubbles. Then you need to immediately turn off the heat and pour in a cup of coffee ready. Now you can enjoy a drink. However, if you want to make it more flavorful and spicy, then during cooking, add a little spice to it. And if you want to make a more refined drink, then when cooked should be added to the Turk a few spoonfuls of semi-sweet champagne. Then you need to wait for the fumes evaporate under high temperature. Then you can enjoy the most delicious drink.

Many people are interested in information on how to brew coffee properly in a geyser. The cooking process is not complicated. First compartment geyser located at the bottom, filled with the required amount of water. Then, set the filter from the metal and poured into his groove 3-4 tablespoons of coffee. Further twists the top of the geyser, and then set the device on low heat. It is necessary to wait until the water boils and coffee fully arrive in the upper compartment of the geyser. Once this process is complete, the device can be removed from the heat and pour the drink into cups.

Cooking drink French-press maker

Some prefer to cook green coffee french press. This is not surprising, since in this case it is possible to cook an incredibly flavored drink, which will please its extraordinary taste of each. But how to cook it properly? First, you must fill in a special reservoir of French-press a few spoons of ground coffee. Then it is filled with hot water. All of this must be left to infuse for 8-10 minutes. Then, slowly push the plunger and drink from separate grounds. Now you can pour it into cups and enjoy an extraordinary flavor and aroma.

Green coffee can be brewed in the coffee machine. This can be used as ground product and whole grains. The cooking process is the same as that of the conventional black beverage. First put into a special compartment of coffee, while the other is filled with water, then made the desired settings based on the model of household appliances. After that, it remains only to wait until the drink is ready.

A simple way of cooking drink

Often, it may be that the house no Turks, no coffee machine, no French-press or other suitable device. What do you do in this case? It is necessary to use a simple recipe for cooking. It provides for brewing coffee in the cup. We will understand how to do it correctly. So, first you need to pour into the cup 2 teaspoons of ground coffee. Then it is poured boiling water in the required quantity. Then you need to brew the beverage. It is recommended to leave it on the table for 5-7 minutes. Then you need to take another cup, set her fine sieve and pour a drink. After that he will be ready for use.

How to cook a strong drink?

From green coffee is often brewed strong drink. For this it is necessary to take water (1 part) and whole grains (6 parts). All of this is put over medium heat, and maintained for 15 minutes. Then the finished drink a bit cooled and filtered. Thereafter, it is possible to drink. As a rule, with this method of cooking it turns out quite a lot of coffee. If you can not drink it at once, it is recommended to remove the remainder in the refrigerator, and then, if necessary, you can get it and warm. Keep cooked green coffee in such a way can be several days.

 Errors preparation of green coffee
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Common mistakes when preparing

Quite a few, buying green coffee and start grinding, disappointed in the product. And it all is that they fail to make the grains of fine granules. As a result, they obtained only after grinding coarse crumbs, and they believe that it is absolutely not suitable for cooking. However, green coffee is almost impossible to thoroughly crush. So do not be upset when able to get a fairly large particles. Feel free to use them for preparing a beverage.

Often during roasting some in order to give them a more aesthetic appearance kept them more than 15 minutes on the fire. Doing this is strongly discouraged. After all, then get a regular black coffee, to which we are accustomed.

In the production of coffee using certain active ginger is known to accelerate the metabolism and fat burning. However, do not abuse this spice. Nutritionists say that drinking more than one cup of green coffee a day with ginger harmful. Therefore, use a variety of spices. Despite the fact that the weight will go a little slower, you'll still be able to maintain their health.

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How should I drink green coffee?

Separately, it must be said that drinking green coffee. Use it in different ways, it all depends on what purpose the person wishes to achieve. So, if you need to recharge your energy and vitality, it is enough to one cup at breakfast. If your goal is weight loss by such a beverage, there is need to drink at least 4-5 cups a day, of course, if you are denied the caffeine in large quantities. This drink green coffee to the extent necessary for at least 10 weeks. Only after this time will be able to normalize your weight.

To diversify the taste of coffee, you can add to it, not only spices, and milk. You can even put in a few spoonfuls of flower honey. Sugar can be added only if the drink is not used for the purpose to lose weight, and that cheerfulness and energy. Mix it with some drugs or Badami is not recommended.

If the woman is in a position or breastfeeding, it is best to abandon the use of the drink, or at least reduce its daily dose of up to two cups a day.

 How can I prepare green coffee?