allergic to the sun


  • The symptoms of sun allergy
  • The causes of sun allergy
  • Emergency assistance for solar allergies
  • Treatment and prevention of solar allergy

Wait! Finally, it has come summer. Summer - time of the long-awaited vacation, blue sky, warm sea and the bright sun. That's just about sun and will be discussed in this article. It's no secret that the prolonged exposure to the sun can lead not only to sunstroke, but also serious burns. But the fact that there is a problem such as an allergy to the sun, it is known only to those poor fellows, who happened to her face.

And these people, unfortunately, are not so little. Doctors say thousands of annual new cases of allergy to the sun or photodermatitis - so it is a disease called correctly. Therefore it is better to know in advance exactly what you'd expect from such an unpleasant phenomenon that, if necessary, react quickly and correctly.

The symptoms of sun allergy

One of weakly expressed signs of sun allergy is mild peeling of the skin that appears after an hour or two, spent in the sun - for example, on the beach. Most often affects the skin of the upper and lower extremities, face, neck area and other places, which fall sunlight. Unfortunately, most people do not notice these disorders, suggesting that it is just a result of excessive dryness of the skin.

However, if a sun allergy unnoticed and people are still exposed to sunlight, its condition starts to deteriorate significantly. The body red spots are pronounced, they are joined by blisters, very reminiscent in appearance ordinary burns. There is a strong itching and sometimes pain. These phenomena develop gradually and gain its maximum by the end of the first day.

In the same case, if the human body has appeared particularly sensitive to the sun, can develop the most severe form of sun allergy - bronchospasm. As a result, a strong start choking. In addition, it is possible sharp drop in blood pressure, until he lost consciousness.

 a cure for allergies to the sun

The causes of sun allergy

Sometimes doctors hear objections related to the fact that the sun - it does not matter, and hence it does not cause allergies in state. This is partly true. But it was the sun's rays provoke a strong build-up in the body other allergens to which he had handled easily. It stands out even whole groups of risk, which get people who have a high chance to meet personally with sun allergies. These include:

  • Disruption of the normal functioning of vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands.
  • People with fair skin, blond or red hair, light eyes pigment.
  • Pregnancy. The waiting period for a child in the mother's body is a serious burden. And it can be extremely sensitive to sunlight.
  • Pharmacological preparations. There are a number of medications that can trigger allergic sunny - consult your physician.
  • Weakened immune system and exhaustion. These factors are also often trigger the development of allergy to the sun.

Emergency assistance for solar allergies

In the case of an allergic reaction to the sun's rays revealed severe and the man began to choke, or lost consciousness, an urgent need to give him first aid. And the first thing to do - is to call the brigade "first aid". Prior to their arrival, you can alleviate the condition of the sick person:

  • clothing

Pay attention to the clothes - it must be free and do not irritate the skin. If you want to undo the collar and remove the belt. But the best option would be a cool wet towel wrapped around the body of the victim.

  • Chill

In that case, if the patient developed a fever - and it happens very often - it is necessary to attach to the forehead, groin, legs, knees and armpits cold compress. As it can be used that turned up under the arm - cold water, ice cream.

  • Medication

In that case, if the person is conscious, and you will be in possession of any anti-allergy medicine, can give him. If the person is unconscious, under no circumstances should one try to give him a pill or liquid - otherwise he might choke. If, due to a high temperature in a human patient vomits, it must be turned on its side.

 how to get rid of the allergy to the sun

Treatment and prevention of solar allergy

In order to eliminate the most unpleasant symptom of sun allergy - itching, you should use the ointment, in which structure is lanolin or zinc. If necessary, the doctor will burn patient designate a person or another hormonal preparations. In addition, the doctor may prescribe any anti-inflammatory drugs, which eliminate the inflammation of the skin.

Naturally, the question arises of how to get rid of the allergy to the sun, because every summer to live in this mode is extremely difficult. Is it possible to practice to win such diseases as allergic to the sun? Doctors answer this question in the affirmative. And the best way would be prevention.

  • Sunbathing

So, you're allergic to the sun? Cope with it will help you ... the sun! Yes, yes, medical sun bath will be most effective. The first days in the sun can be no more than 5 minutes per day. After three days begin to increase this time by adding five minutes per day.

  • Perfumery

Scientists have proved that perfumes and deodorants at times increase the risk of sun allergies. So try not to abuse these means before going in the sun.

  • Choosing the right clothes

In that case, if you know about your predisposition to allergies to the sun's rays, pick the right clothes. It should only be made from natural materials such as cotton or linen, and the maximum closing body from the sun.

  • Sunscreens

Another very effective in the prevention of solar allergy is to use sunscreens. Moreover, you should choose the means of having the maximum degree of protection.

Of course, an allergy to the sun - a phenomenon very unpleasant and annoying. But if you do it right, you can proudly say: "I got rid of! ".

 Allergy to the sun. Summer nuisance

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 Ointment for herpes on the lips


  • Medical history
  • Herpes on the lips and its treatment
  • Acyclovir Zovirax and others ...

The fact that a herpes on the lips, without exaggeration, they know everything. It all starts with itching, tingling, burning, and the process is developing so rapidly that sometimes people do not even have time to orient in time and to take protective measures and treat the rash with an appropriate ointment.

Now study this viral disease has a serious scientists in many countries under the supervision of WHO, as the problem of herpes relevant for the entire population of the planet, over 90 percent of whom are carriers of the virus. In this regard all patients should not be, because sometimes you can live with the virus for life and never get sick. And there are people who suffer from this disease permanently. And, of course, very important to find an effective means to treat this rather insidious disease.

Medical history

The study of this disease belongs to the distant 1912, and first started this job Russian doctors, then picked up the baton to the German colleagues. The main purpose, which they put in front of him - to identify the causative agent. The case dragged on for years, since the studies were funded poorly. Finally, in 1964, British physician J. Burkitt confirmed the viral origin of the disease.

However, how to treat herpes, doctors had no idea. Only in the late 70s of the last century in America, he appeared well-known acyclovir, which is now widely used for the treatment of herpes on the lips. However, to this day there is no drug that can save mankind from herpes, but a whole series of drugs that make it easier for the disease and may prevent the appearance of the rash.

 ointments for herpes on the lips

Herpes on the lips and its treatment

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) of the first type occurs mostly on the lips, on the nasal mucosa. Many believe that to pay attention to such common disease like cold sores on the lips, which takes place, even if it is not treated, it is not worth. But it is a dangerous delusion. Yes, if you have a cold sore on the lips appear every few years, then, by and large, special reasons for concern. This suggests just that at some point due to various reasons fallen immunity, and the virus dormant in almost every one of us, reminded himself.

It is quite another thing when it comes to frequent manifestations of the disease - herpes on the lips occurs several times during the year. This is an occasion guard and visit the doctor to be examined in order to understand that the body is wrong and why it is so vulnerable to HSV.

How to treat cold sores on the lips? The question, of course, interesting, but to give a definite answer is not possible. Now talk about the vaccination against herpes, however, in the opinion of competent experts, this kind of "divorce" - there is no vaccine against this virus yet. And what is offered in many hospitals, is nothing like a regular vitamin complex. No harm, strengthen the immune system - that's all the utility ends. Is it worth it to do it or not - you decide.

Today, with the appearance of symptoms of herpes most commonly used special antiviral ointment that facilitate the discomfort and promote rapid healing of lesions on the lips and nasal mucosa.

 medicated ointment for herpes on the lips

Acyclovir Zovirax and others ...

We begin with a presentation of acyclovir, which is offered in the form of tablets and ointments (creams) are applied locally. When the rash ointment applied directly to the bubbles several times a day, allowing you to speed up the healing of wounds.

People suffering from frequent manifestations of herpes simplex virus, sometimes the doctor prescribes the drug acyclovir in the form of tablets as a preventive measure. It is justifiable purpose, especially during seasonal outbreaks of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections.

Not recommended tablets acyclovir during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the ointment can be.

Another popular remedy for herpes - Zovirax. Actually, a variation of the same acyclovir - main active drug substance (available in tablets and in the form of ointments for external application) that is acyclovir. Used as well as the above mentioned drugs.

Apply the ointment as fenistil, Famvir and valacyclovir (the latter two drugs are dispensed by prescription). To choose the most effective means will help the doctor.

 Ointment for herpes on the lips. Effective treatment

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