birch sap benefits


  • When collect birch sap
  • Storage birch sap
  • Birch juice for your beauty

The slender white birch trees - is not only one of the most popular trees in Russia, praised by poets and musicians. Birch sap, the use of which has long been proven to be indispensable in many situations. Doctors say that the properties of this natural product can protect against depression, vitamin deficiency and the enduring fatigue.

So what is useful birch sap? It strengthens the immune system, increasing thus resistance to the effects of various kinds of infections and viruses. In addition, it has anti-tumor and diuretic properties, has anthelmintic effect, cleans the blood, activates metabolic processes, breaks stones in the kidneys and liver. He is incredibly useful for people suffering from a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the joints, tuberculosis.

In short, the product - the panacea for many ills. It can only be harmful to people who are allergic to birch pollen. The others can enjoy this precious gift of nature, much as you want. Explains its medicinal properties that birch sap has the following composition: iron, glucose, fructose, potassium, tannins. In addition, it includes mineral substances, volatile, and calcium. In general, the birch sap contains the following components that simply can not bring harm to the body.

Our ancestors knew how to collect birch sap and how to harvest it for the future, to preserve all useful properties. They could take it virtually unlimited amounts, while not harming the tree. Today the situation has changed: the collection of juice in excess of fifty liters requires a special permit. In addition, it should be collected only in the forests, the environment that leaves no doubt. You can not take the juice of birch trees growing near highways and railroads - it can be harmful to human health.

 How useful birch sap

When collect birch sap

Collect the juice begin during the swelling buds. Usually this process is in the middle of March. It ends in mid-April, after the leaves appear on the trees. To collect the juice most suitable birch, trunk diameter of not less than 20 centimeters. This makes the trunk of a small shallow hole, which is attached under the groove of birch bark or some other material. Under groove sets vessel, which will drain the juice.

It is best to collect the juice from 12 pm to 6 pm - during this period of time it flows is particularly strong. The trees do not do a lot of holes to collect the juice, so as not to cause them irreparable harm. Even in the old birch tree with a trunk diameter of more than 40 centimeters of such openings shall be not more than four. Wood lishivsheesya part of its vitality, can become sick and die. To avoid this, you must carefully after collecting the juice to cover the hole in birch wax, moss or close the stopper.

Storage birch sap

Birch sap is stored in a cool place no more than two days. Then he begins to thicken and turn sour, his features disappear - it becomes unfit for consumption. Of course, there are many ways to protect against damage such a valuable product as much as possible while retaining all of its beneficial properties. Let's look at a few recipes storage.

Kvass from birch sap

The juice is heated to 35 ° C, add to it the yeast, sugar or honey, raisins and lemon zest. Then the dish with this mixture sealed and left to ferment for one to two weeks. After this period, it turns out very tasty drink, keeping all the beneficial properties of birch sap.

You can make kvass and different. The juice is poured into oak barrels and lower back a bag of rye crackers, tied to a rope. Barrel leave for a couple of days, after which the juice begins to ferment. Then it adds the cherry leaves, stems dill and oak bark. Kvass will be ready in two weeks.

Drink "Berezovik"

It is prepared in several ways. One of them is the fact that the barrel of kvass pour vodka and port wine and add sugar and raisins. The contents of the keg are thoroughly mixed, after which the barrel is sealed tight and put in a cool place for two and a half months. Then drink bottled that are well sealed and stored in a cool place, putting them on the side. Another method of manufacturing Berezovik differs from the first only in that the juice was further added and lemon pulp without seeds.

Another method of obtaining Berezovik - the juice is poured into a bowl and add the sugar, then everything is mixed and put on fire. Cook the mixture until the pelvis is not left in two thirds of the initial volume of the liquid. Then remove from heat pelvis and its contents poured into a barrel, straining through cheesecloth. The juice is allowed to cool to a temperature of 40 ° C and poured into a solution of vodka and yeast.

Then add the juice cup seedless lemons, and leave in a warm barrel for 10-12 hours. After this period of time, endure the cold barrel, where it should stand for another seven weeks. Then the juice is filtered again and bottled. Bottles sealed and stored in a cool place.

Several recipes harvesting juice for future use

  • From birch sap can be water that if it fresh pour into bottles, each of which put sugar, raisins and lemon zest. Bottles closed and left in a cool place for two to three months. Before use in the juice can add sugar;
  • Birch sap is also suitable for the preparation of a vinegar. To do this, the juice poured into a barrel, add honey and vodka and put an open keg in a warm place. Two months later, the vinegar is ready. Properties which has a given product is also useful for the human body;
  • From fresh birch juice, if it put a lot of sugar and evaporate on the fire until thick sour cream, you can prepare tasty and healthy birch syrup;
  • Birch sap can insist on dried fruits and herbs, add to it the juice of berries and others;
  • The easiest way to preserve the workpiece juice - add a little sugar and citric acid, pour into jars, pasteurization hold and screw caps.

 birch sap benefits and harms

Birch juice for your beauty

Birch sap has a wide scope. It is an extremely beneficial effect on the skin of a wonderful cook hair masks and face.

  • One tablespoon of sour cream mixed with two tablespoons birch juice and one teaspoon of honey. The mask is applied for fifteen minutes, then wash off with cold water;
  • Problem skin can be cleaned by simply wiping it birch sap;
  • Hair, rinse in birch sap, cured of dandruff and get healthy shine and silkiness;
  • Very useful juice during pregnancy. Especially recommended he expectant mothers with high blood pressure. For the normalization of the pressure you need to drink a glass of drink a day - will not bring harm, but the benefits will be enough.

Surely in this article you will understand what is useful birch sap, and try to learn from his use of a lot of good. First of all - it's a miracle drug, given to us by nature, but from such gifts, few refused. Just remember to collect the juice, how to take care of the birch trees, not to inflict harm. After all, keeping the trees, we find the possibility of a long and healthy life.

 Birch sap - benefits for the whole body!

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 dental care


  • Prevention of gum
  • Prevention of tooth decay
  • How can I get white teeth?

Unfortunately, not every woman can boast a healthy and well-kept teeth. Perfectly smooth and white teeth are a great advantage of the exterior of their owner. Of course, each of us knows to keep your teeth healthy, you need at least twice a year to visit the dentist. Know something we know, but a visit to the dental clinic each time postpone: that once, it did not work, then just laziness.

As a result, most of us falls into a chair dentist only when the teeth make themselves felt, that is, require immediate treatment. To avoid such errors in the future, many after dental treatment begins to disturb the question as long as possible to maintain a good state of their teeth? And the answer is simple - it needs proper care of their teeth at home.

Prevention of gum

Healthy teeth - this primarily healthy gums. Therefore, dental care homes should be complex. Maintain the health of the gums is not so difficult - massage and hygiene. In most cases this is enough to correct a conventional dentifrice. How do we tell a little lower.

It is rare, but still there are cases when the gums are too sensitive and a massage with the help of a toothbrush can not do. In this case, you can resort to alternative medicine of various peoples. By the way, these recipes also help protect yourself from decay.

  • Chinese medicine

The Chinese, too, from time immemorial, have learned to cope with caries and other ailments with simple and ingenious ways. By its efficiency so simple Chinese prevention of dental caries is not inferior advertised today popular and expensive facilities for the care of teeth and oral cavity.

He washed in the morning, dial a mouthful of cold boiled water, hold it in your mouth for at least three minutes, then slowly swallow in three steps. According to Chinese wisdom, this procedure helps release saliva strengthens the gums and teeth.

All of us in childhood is known that after a meal it is necessary to rinse your mouth. For such a seemingly simple procedure in addition to the benefit to the teeth has a strengthening effect the muscles of the cheeks and lips.

  • Tibetan medicine

Living in the mountains of Tibet natives have never faced such a problem as caries, they have not even heard of its existence. And all this thanks to the salt paste, which is used since ancient times, all the inhabitants of the mountainous areas of Tibet. It is a miracle cure helps Tibetans to preserve their teeth into old age beautiful and healthy.
Want to know the recipe of Tibetan silver bullet? It is very simple, so it is easy to cook at home.

Take 1/2 cup coarse salt, fill it with a small amount of cold water and boiled for one minute to stir the solution vigorously with a spoon. Remove the foam and, scooping up a toothbrush, crystals from the bottom of a glass of clean their teeth twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening after meals.

"Brine" is used for rinsing the mouth during the day. First, you're likely to feel the taste of salt some discomfort, especially in those places where the increased sensitivity of the teeth, but it will soon pass - after a week all unpleasant sensations disappear completely. Thus prepared salt paste works wonders: strengthens tooth enamel, kills bacteria, covers the mouth, chips and cracks on the teeth with a thin layer of disinfectant.

 dental care at home

Prevention of tooth decay

Caries - the scourge of modern man. It is difficult to find even a child who does not have any fillings. But in most cases the necessary dental care can help prevent caries.

  • Selection toothbrush

Selection of brushes is so huge that easy and confused. But really need to know a few simple rules. Firstly, the rigidity of the brush. Soft bristles are suitable only for children whose enamel is thin and very sensitive. Adult same person with a soft brush never clean teeth as necessary. A too stiff bristle - is the risk of damage to the enamel.

Secondly, in any case, do not purchase a brush with pig bristles! Not only is it very quickly wear out, so still and very unhygienic - inside of each bristle is a tiny channel in which microorganisms can grow. It's best to buy a brush with synthetic bristles - durable and hygienic.

And one more thing, which should pay attention - this is on the rounded bristles. If they are not rounded off, they may injure the delicate gums and as a result, you are guaranteed inflammatory processes. So where better to give preference to a brush with rounded bristles, because they do not damage the enamel and gum massage perfect.

Of course, the appearance determine the roundness bristle very difficult. Therefore, on the packaging of the brush looking for inscription «Tynex». And in any case, do not forget that a toothbrush should be changed more than once a year, and at least every three months. Otherwise dentifrice from almost no sense is not.

  • Selection of pasta

In addition to the brush you need to select a suitable paste. Ideally, the paste should choose your doctor - dentist. Picked pasta according to individual needs. When unpleasant smell - refreshing, with bleeding gums - relieves inflammation, if necessary - whitening. In any case be sure to talk to your doctor.

  • Proper cleaning

Unfortunately, it is often possible to observe such a picture - a man held several times a toothbrush on the front teeth and a sense of accomplishment left the bathroom. But to take care of teeth is not permitted! It is important to thoroughly clean all tooth surfaces - and not just the front. On average, cleaning of the teeth should be spent not less than three - four minutes. Of course, you need to brush your teeth twice a day.

 proper care of teeth

How can I get white teeth?

It is no secret that even the most expensive advertised special whitening pastes are not able to remove plaque from the teeth unattractive. Teeth whitening procedures in dental clinics and offices, while effective, but it has a lot of nuances. For example, teeth whitening has such unpleasant consequences as tooth sensitivity to temperature changes, and the fact that this procedure will have to be repeated periodically.

If you do not trust modern "miracle means" to achieve the desired effect is possible by means of folk remedies.

  • Herbal Powder

Return has lost teeth whiteness helps powder prepared from medicinal plants. For its preparation will need: 2 parts powdered rhizomes cinquefoil, the same sweet flag root and 1 part powder birch charcoal. Buy all these components - no problem, they are usually sold in every pharmacy.

Mix the ingredients in specified proportions, dilute with water at room temperature until the consistency of thick cream. The final blend for use as a conventional dentifrice toothpaste. Within half an hour after the procedure should refrain from eating. Of course, this is not so easy - to women who want to have a beautiful white smile, have to work hard for the glory of preparing an effective means to save their teeth.

  • Aubergine coal

Fry in the oven or in a frying pan without fat finely diced eggplant slices to a state of charring. The resulting black powder used for cleaning teeth. Treatment time - the longer, the better (at least three minutes), brush your best finger, dipped it in the powder obtained. This means not only effectively whitens, but also strengthens teeth. Aubergine "coal" can prepare for future use several methods at once.

  • Lemon pasta

Another no less effective way to whiten teeth at home using lemon juice and baking soda is probably familiar to everyone. We offer to try to whiten their teeth in such a simple way. It's enough to once a week brushing teeth freshly squeezed lemon juice. To remove the yellow plaque with teeth is recommended during brushing is used to add a little baking soda paste and 1-2 drops of lemon juice. But do not overdo it and regularly resort to this method of whitening.

Do not spare the time and effort to preserve the health and beauty of your teeth. Do not be lazy and do not delay the visit to the dentist. Do not neglect years of proven ways to take care of his "pearls" and follow the rules of the dentifrice.

 Dental care - the key to health

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