Women's Health

Proper nutrition - the first step to a woman's health. Scientists have found that we can reduce the risk of disease, if we give up bad habits and start eating right.

Cookies, candy, chocolate and semi-finished products have become the norm of modern life. Manufacturers easier to produce and store food, subjected to treatment, rather than natural, for example, vegetables or fruits. But we must remember that the more we eat processed foods, the less healthy we become. The trouble is that in these processed foods contain too much fat, sugar and salt, and it is from them that we have to give up in the name of our with you a healthy body.

What is good nutrition?

A healthy diet does not mean a reduction in food intake. Eat properly so - to enjoy a delicious meal, not to count calories every time and do not weigh small portions.

60% of our energy must come from carbohydrate contained in vegetables, fruits, rice, bread and potato, 30% of the vegetable fat and cream, and 10% of the proteins contained in the meat and nuts.
Today, our food diet includes plenty of protein and fat than you need, and fewer carbohydrates. Unfortunately, at present foods rich in starch, such as potatoes and rice, he came out of "fashion", as nutritionists fighting for harmony of our bodies, assured all and sundry that on this fattening food. But now we all know that foods rich in starch, give us energy and they should be the basis of our food.

  • Eat small, frequent meals.
  • Do not skip breakfast.
  • Reduce your intake of fats. Instead of the usual meat frying in butter, cook, bake or fry it on the grill.
  • Every day, eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • In order to give your body more calcium go to the low-calorie dairy products.
  • For cooking, use olive oil or vegetable oil instead of butter or lard, which contain saturated fatty acids.
  • Prefer ordinary clean water, rather than fizzy drinks.
  • Reduce consumption of salt.
  • Drink at least 1, 5 - 2 liters of water a day.


The proper, balanced diet involves a wide variety of products. While, for example, apple diet, or a diet consisting of carrots alone does not bear on nothing useful and healthy. Variety is the key to the health of the female body. Each product has its own special nutritious and useful properties. For example, dairy products are rich in calcium and carrots contain beta-carotene.


Do not place in front of a rigid framework and dramatically reduce the amount of food you consume, do it gradually. Remember, there is no good or bad foods. There can be all but in everything you need to know when to stop. You can even eat chocolate, cakes and biscuits, if you include them in a well-balanced diet.

Less fat

Fats twice calories than carbohydrates and proteins, fats and moreover give dishes special taste and stimulate the appetite. They are easily absorbed and accumulate in the fat cells, whereas proteins and carbohydrates for what would turn into the most fat must undergo radical changes.
Drinking large amounts of fat are very harmful to the health of women, especially the fat affects the heart.

Products containing a solid saturated fats acids :

  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Sausages, ham, bacon, pate
  • Chocolate
  • Pies
  • Biscuits, cookies
  • Cocoanut
  • Cured fish oil and vegetable oil

Plant sources containing fats with unsaturated acids, they are more beneficial to health, but they also should not be abused :

  • Sunflower oil
  • Olive oil
  • Peanut butter
  • Corn oil
 Women's Health

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 Caution heels!

In the wardrobe of every woman has a high heel shoes. Although the legs and not very comfortable feel with high heels, we can not resist the desire to look more attractive. You must agree that any woman in high heel shoes looks more slim and sexy.

Take the example of the main characters of the series "Sex and the City", which is almost never parted with heels: go not only to work and parties, but even run and walk the dog.

According to statistics, every tenth of a modern woman wears shoes with heels no less than three days a week, and still does not believe that harms their health. According to British scientists, regular walking in high heels not only leads to damage to tendons and joints, curvature of the foot, pinched vertebral nerve, but even a weakening of mental abilities.

Now, first things first. The first shoes with heels deforms the front of the foot. Because of the increased pressure exerted while walking the fingers have to compress unnaturally. This narrow strip of shoes only exacerbates the situation. All this leads to the appearance of a "seed" and growths. Just look at the foot of Victoria Beckham, to make the consequences of overreliance on high heel shoes. Now she has surgery to remove lumps. Unfortunately, Victoria is not alone in their suffering. The same problem with the feet of the models Iman and Naomi Campbell and actress Tilda Swinton.

A lover of high heels and waiting for the other foot problems - the Achilles tendon, which often makes itself felt immediately, but after about ten years of regular wearing high stiletto. Because of the unnatural position of the tendon extending from the heel to the calf muscles, it shrinks and becomes less flexible. Therefore, with age it becomes increasingly difficult to walk in flat shoes (because the tendon is already accustomed to the rise), brisk walking or jogging deliver the same pain as when stretched.

High heels and a negative effect on your posture. And also increase the risk of crushing the vertebrae, which leads to a sharp pain in the neck and lower back, and then to radiculitis. Not to mention the fact that in the fall, you can earn not only the line of the joint, but a broken ankle.

 Caution heels!

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 Treatment of a herniated disc

Diseases of the spine of every kind, - the scourge of our time. One of the most common of them, and perhaps the most difficult - intervertebral hernia. With such a herniated disc is deformed, shifted in and out of the bounds of its normal position. As a result, there is the probability of narrowing of the spinal canal and compression of the strong shell of the spinal cord and nerve endings. It can cause inflammation of the tissue surrounding the spine, which in a short period of time begins to cause severe pain in the area of ​​a herniated disc.


However, the disease for a long time, if the hernia is located in the center of the spinal canal, can not assert itself, appearing only occasionally in the form of a nagging back pain. Acute pain also occur after fracture intervertebral disc, moreover, they can appear anywhere in the body, - arm, leg, neck, groin, chest interscapular area and so on. Pain accompanied by numbness of the parts of the body that, in general, and is the main symptoms of a herniated disc. Sometimes they are combined with a decrease in temperature of the skin, slight edema, change in the amount of sweating, increased dryness of the skin.


The causes of this rather serious illness can be hereditary, bad posture, heavy loads on the spine, sharp slopes, infection, trauma and other. In most cases, a herniated spinal osteochondrosis consequences. The disease is found mainly among people between the ages of twenty to fifty years. In the absence of a competent treatment it can lead to disability rights and lead to temporary or even complete loss of ability to work.

Treatment of the disease

The most common disc herniation occurs in the lumbar spine. Ways to combat it vary depending on the stage of the disease characteristics of the patient and other factors. Sometimes, for the treatment of hernias require surgery, and in some cases you can do without it. Without surgical treatment of herniated discs made using a motor, manual therapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy methods.

Motor ways of dealing with a herniated disc develop muscle tone and strengthen the immune system, but they often include exercise. Such loads can cause the deterioration of the human condition, so the motor hernia treatment is not for everyone.

Manual therapy is quite effective, but it only reduces the load on the intervertebral discs, but does not eliminate the reasons for the formation of a hernia.

Physical therapy treatments for a herniated disc include massage, spinal traction, physiotherapy and so on.

The optimal variant of the method to combat a herniated disc can be determined only expert. Today, diagnosis of a herniated disc is performed using magnetic resonance imaging, which allows you to get the most information about the size of the hernia and its location, the narrowing of the spinal canal and inflammatory changes and other defects of the spine. On the basis of these data it is determined by the most safe and effective method of treatment capable of a certain amount of time to deal with the problem.

Cure intervertebral hernia, with timely treatment to the doctor, it is possible in 90% of cases. Treat carefully to their health, and it will ensure a long happy life!

 Treatment of a herniated disc

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