The optimal choice of contraceptive method

Today, there is a fairly wide choice of contraceptives, a significant proportion of whom are funds of hormonal contraception. They are a way to protect against unwanted pregnancy with the help of artificial hormones. By choosing such a tool should first consult a gynecologist and a specialist - an endocrinologist, as the application of some of them can be quite hazardous to health effects.

Action contraceptive pill based on the principle of suppressing the natural process of ovulation. He suppressed using braking develop their own hormones and call some changes in the lining of the uterus. As a result, the uterus is sealed, preventing the free movement of sperm got into it, and its fertilization does not occur.

The use of hormonal contraceptives is not safe for women with a heightened sensitivity to estrogen and progestogen .  Signs of such sensitivity - acne, severe weight gain during a previous pregnancy, excessive hairiness of the body surface, edema before menses, profuse discharge during ovulation .  We do not recommend the use of such tablets and women in the family that observed thromboembolic disease and bleeding disorders .  Very carefully should use them women, suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, asthma, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy .  Therefore the choice of hormonal preparation is carried out only after consultation with a gynecologist and endocrinologist who must first appoint a survey and carefully examine the history of the transferred and existing diseases .  Before using this type of contraception is necessary to measure the pressure and examine the status of mammary glands and liver, to conduct an analysis of cervical cytology and donate blood sugar .  Women are constantly receiving hormonal agents, it is necessary not less often than once every six months, to visit the gynecologist and pass his inspection .

In the event that was postponed viral hepatitis, use means of oral hormonal contraception can be no earlier than six months after the normalization of the liver. Women who smoke more than thirty years, intending to resort to means of oral contraception before must completely give up smoking, because estrogens contained in such preparations to increase the risk of thromboembolism.

In general, to select the optimal variant of the hormonal contraceptive should visit a gynecologist, endocrinologist, mammalogy. In addition, be sure to donate blood for biochemical analysis, to analyze the hormonal and ultrasound, and to conduct research on blood clotting. All these measures will help reduce the likelihood of negative side effects when using the tablets to a minimum.

 The optimal choice of contraceptive method

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 Restless legs syndrome

Probably not today, these people who would by the end of a working day not feel heaviness in the legs. Many simply do not pay attention to it, especially those who walk on his heels, thinking that it must be so. But in fact, this syndrome is not as harmless as it seems. If time does not take action, the syndrome can develop into a more serious disease - varicose veins. If you do not want your legs covered with a network of veins, it's time to take action!

Today there are many ways to deal with this disease. This and a variety of exercises and hydrotherapy.

Do you have restless leg syndrome or not, make sure this will help the following symptoms:

  • numbness of legs
  • feet feeling the buzz
  • Fatigue, heaviness and pain in the legs during the day
  • the swelling of the ankles and feet
  • cramps in the calves

Remember: all of the above symptoms are normal for healthy feet. In a normal foot should always be easy.

Where does the restless leg syndrome?

First of all, due to large load on the legs. On average, each woman every day makes about ten thousand steps. And well, if low-heeled shoes, but if heels, so even top presses overweight. Because such a large load veins begin to fail in doing their job poorly flowing blood, making them just bursting. That is why in the evening on the skin of the feet comes through net veins. In addition, the stagnant venous blood and lymph. And as a result - swelling!

Many people mistakenly believe that the restless legs syndrome bothers only those who spends most of the day on their feet. However, such an unpleasant manifestations susceptible and those who engaged in the business spends most of the day at the table. After all, as it is necessary to drive the blood through the veins, the feet should always be on our toes.

We struggle with restless leg syndrome

As soon as you started to bother restless legs symptoms, immediately start to take action :

- Only wear quality shoes;
- Enclose orthotics in shoes;
- For everyday wear, choose shoes with a low heel stable (no more than 4 cm).
- A careful approach to the choice of footwear: it should not be cramped;
- In the evening, lying on the couch watching TV, at least 15 minutes, lift your legs up, for example, on the wall;
- Do not eat at night;
- Try to relax when sitting legs: do not cross them and put one foot to the other.

"Accelerate blood" in the legs help following exercise:

  • Take off your shoes and sit on the chair directly. Now try to lift your toes off the floor a small object such as a box of matches or a lighter.
  • The next exercise, "pedal". Sitting on a chair, knees together, connect, and legs as if pedaling. When this toe of one foot to be lifted up, and the other - downwards.
  • Also stretch your legs while sitting in front of you and rotate the feet alternately in one direction and then the other.
  • Stand up straight, pull your hands forward. Now go up on tiptoes and lowered. Do this exercise 4-5 times.
  • Twist the feet "bicycle" in a prone position.

Now proceed to water procedures

Water treatments is best done in the evening when the feet of the worst. So do not be lazy bedtime pamper your tired feet water treatments, for it they'll just say thank you.

  • Pour into a bath of cold water, so that it reaches mid-calf. Add 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt and walk on water. You will see that in a few minutes fatigue is gone.
  • Fitovannochka leg. Prepare a decoction of calendula and horse chestnut, or buy ready-made structure in the store.
  • Contrast foot bath (or douche). Alternately immerse feet in cold, then hot water. After the procedure, rub into the skin of the legs lemon or almond oil. Also, you can use any protivovarikoznye cream.

Pressure therapy - a radical method

Pressure therapy is based on compression. Do this procedure in beauty salons with special pants to wear on your feet. When filling the air, they begin to put pressure on them rhythmically. Feels like this procedure is very similar to a regular massage, but unlike him, is more efficient: the result of pressure therapy session replaces the usual 20-30 sessions of massage. During the session, the blood vessels simply thrown out of the top, causing the foot rest.

 Restless legs syndrome

 Sedentary work - not a sentence!

If you spend without moving from your desk for hours on end, your spine, as well as other organs, are at risk. But do not worry - it's not so bad. All you have to do - from time to time to perform the following exercises:

  • Sit on the edge of the chair so that the lower leg, hip and back are each other at right angles. Shoulders slightly bent, and hands free to drop. At the same time tighten the muscles of the back and abdomen, calves, zaprokinte head, shoulders back so that the blades touch each other. This voltage sit a few seconds, then relax.
  • Stand by connecting the heel, tighten the buttocks, knees and stomach muscles now rises on his toes as high as you can. Then slowly relax.

Such exercises performed for a long time, make a graceful posture even in a relaxed state.

Try walking is no slouch and bulging belly.

When doing homework, read and follow these golden rules :

  • Sitting at the table or clean vegetables, avoid tilted above the work surface.
  • Downloading the washing machine, try not to bend, and squat.
  • When ironing board should be at elbow height of 10-15 centimeters.
  • When cleaning the apartment, try to use a brush on a long handle and use tools with long attachments: this will not only reduce the burden on the back, but also to avoid a constant slope.
  • To raise the easiest thing on the floor, lean hand on the hip and bend your legs - this technique will facilitate the bending and straightening of the trunk.
  • When lifting a heavy load from the floor, back straight, feet slightly apart, with most of the work must comply with the leg muscles. In the process of lifting cargo should keep it close to your body while avoiding rotating movements.
  • When washing dishes to keep the back straight is much easier if the legs are slightly bent at the knees.
  • When washing the head under the faucet, help avoid bent back slightly apart and slightly bent at the knees.
 Sedentary work - not a sentence!