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One of the major problems in modern medicine - recovery after stroke. The main actions in the reconstruction are timely start, regularity and duration of the treatment.
Circulatory disorders in the brain leads to the formation of pathological focus in it. The core focus is dead nerve cells, and coming from a cell in a state of reduced activity or complete inhibition. Activity will help return them promptly started treatment measures.

Recovery should begin in the first month after the occurrence of stroke, ie during the hospital stay. For neurorehabilitation you can apply at http://neuroreha.ru. Recovery also depends on the mental attitude of the patient - the optimism and the desire to achieve the intended purpose to help cope with the disease. After discharge, the patient can not stop the home rehabilitation, treatment should coordinate the doctor-physiotherapist or neurologist.

Rehabilitation includes medical treatment by the physician active non-pharmacological treatment - a physiotherapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, massage. As well as patient education lost due to illness skills. Speech and movement disorders amenable to reductive treatment is best in the early months. After microstroke all the functions usually recover within a month.

Properly organized and initiated recovery time of the patient after a stroke brings back his health, full of life and reduces the risk of relapse.

 If your house caught trouble

 Donorostvo. What do we know about him?

We are at school know who the donor. The donor - a person who gives his blood voluntarily. And if this is really the case? We will not dissemble. And in our time found selfless donation, this is when the blood pass close friends or relatives of patients who need blood transfusions. But mostly, people become donors for money. At present, not many people want to be a donor, that the state and we have to encourage this area of ​​medicine as a donation, the donor paying services.

If you think that there is only one version of donation of blood, then you are deeply mistaken. Blood sampling - this is the easiest option. During this simple procedure is taken from a donor just 400 ml of blood. In accordance with the legislation of Russia to take the whole blood can be no more than 1 time in 60 days, so the men can donate blood up to 5 times a year, and women - 4 times a year.

A more sophisticated version - plateletpheresis donor. This is when the pick from the donor blood is filtered, separating the platelets, and the remaining blood components are returned to the donor.

The next option - the donor plasmapheresis. This is when isolated from blood plasma and other particles are returned to the donor. After passing the whole blood plasma fence permitted no earlier than 36 days.

And as they say "perishable" version - commissioning of granulocytes (white blood cells derived). Due to the fact that the shelf life of this component only 24 hours, this procedure is carried out as necessary. Retake plasma or other blood components are permitted no earlier than 2 weeks.

According to the Law "On the donation of blood and blood components" donor can be any adult citizen. But before becoming a donor you need to undergo a medical examination, as there are some restrictions. The donor can be a person suffering from, or endured diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, hepatitis.

Also, you may be denied if: you weigh less than 50 kg, you have low blood pressure, you have spent a sleepless night before taking the blood, drinking alcohol the day before the procedure, a hearty dinner (not recommended to use fatty, fried, smoked, spicy food). For women there are additional donor restrictions: you can not donate blood during menstruation and 5 days after the end of her pregnancy, lactation, and not earlier than six months after the abortion.

The procedure for blood collection takes place in the special centers of blood transfusion .  To find out where the intake center does not need to contact the help desk, but simply refer to the clinic .  If you decide to become a donor for this you need only apply to the penny blood sampling with a passport with a residence permit in the area, to have a free medical examination and blood tests .  If this is your first time donating blood, your blood is required to be sent to quarantine to avoid diseases that occur at the quarantine period .  Blood collection procedure is carried out mainly in the morning, that is, .  to .  the body recovers better in the morning, and there is time to put the blood on the storage .  After the procedure, you must sit in the hallway, and it is desirable to eat some sandwich .  Then you need to take two certificates for submission to the place of work for 2 days off, and the attending physician of the patient for whom you donated blood .  If you donate blood for money, you get a certificate to receive money .  And you will be given coupons for enhanced nutrition, where they otovarit prompt you in the center .  And remember, the donation of hundreds of lives saved .

 Donorostvo. What do we know about him?

 Women's health and factors affecting it

Today, in the pursuit of emancipation, many women have forgotten that they belong to the beautiful, the weaker sex, choosing a dangerous and complex male profession and totally inappropriate way of life. However, unfortunately, as a rule, nothing good is not the end, because women's health is much more vulnerable than men and need to protect it with the utmost care.

What factors affect women's health more than anything, and how to protect yourself from them?

First of all, no matter how corny it sounds, but the main cause harm to themselves of the fair sex, which is why, in the pursuit of beauty, trying to look stylish and fashionable, sometimes look quite ridiculous. So, wearing a short skirt in the winter, even with a long coat, it can cause inflammation of the appendages, cyst formation, and many other equally serious diseases, which subsequently can significantly affect a woman's ability to become pregnant and on the course of pregnancy in general. That is why it is always worth to know the measure, being able to look beautiful, stylish and impressive, while not harming their health.

The next important factor - is food. What kind of diet is not only invented the ladies! But not every one gives the expected result, but on the state of your health such events will affect not the best way. In an effort to lose weight is not to starve, and to adjust the power supply system - it helps to lose weight and body and will not hurt.

As for food, it plays an important role as what we eat, which is why the purchase is only natural, quality products. For this purpose we also check how useful these or other products, and if they will not do more harm than good to your health. Therefore, such a device as a digital radiation dosimeter to buy still is, even more so that there are enough of specialty shops, to fit in right cost and functionality for you and your family.

Women's Health - a fragile bowl, beat that is very, very simple, which is why you need as you can take good care of your body, sparing him and without exposing various dangers, and then afterwards you will not have any problems and you are a long time to forget about the visits physicians.

 Women's health and factors affecting it

 Herpes on the lips treatment


  • Treatment of herpes
  • Treatment of herpes folk remedies
  • Preventing Herpes

And again on the lips appeared nasty blisters - herpes. How to fight against this scourge, from which, according to statistics, nearly 90% is suffering the world's population? Is there a preventive maintenance? What are the treatments? To answer these questions we will try in this article.

We will tell you how to prevent infection and herpes infections, and how to reduce the impact of the virus on the body, if you are already infected with them, and how to quickly remove the symptoms of the disease and the cure herpes.

The main danger lies not in the fact that herpes spoils the appearance of your lips, and that the virus can affect all organs and systems, as well as complicate the already existing disease. It is transmitted in every possible way - from the droplet to the sex, so none of us is immune from meeting with him.

If your body has not attacked the herpes viruses, you can protect yourself from them. So do not panic ahead of time - forewarned is forearmed. It is not just that the herpes virus, once caught in the body, it remains there forever, and that herpes infection - a serious blow to the immune system as a whole. This virus makes your body vulnerable, increasing the risk of incidence of colds and other viral infections.

If the blood is already herpes virus, then 24 hours we compromised. The danger is that a long time the disease may not occur, although the symptoms of herpes (or otherwise cold) on the lips know everything: first the affected area turns red and starts to itch unbearably, and a couple of days there are small vials of clear liquid. In no case do not squeeze them and try not to touch the liquid, as they are very contagious, and as a result can infect the surrounding tissue.

A few days later the bubbles burst, and in their place there is a thin crust. It also should not be touched, or recovery may take a long time. If you are infected with herpes sexually, this will manifest symptoms on the genitals, besides the appearance of genital herpes lips accompanied by poor health, fever, weakness and fatigue.

Treatment of herpes

Many are wondering how to get rid of the virus forever, and what tools are most effective in the fight against this disease. Completely get rid of herpes, alas, will not succeed, no doctor can cure herpes infection forever, so eliminate the virus and offer a wonderful remedy for herpes on the lips just charlatans.

To send herpes long "dormant" in the first place to improve the immune system, as it had a natural protection from all troubles. Cure herpes at home without a doctor's advice is not possible. Before starting treatment, you must pass a series of examinations, which will tell the doctor-immunologist. The fact that effective treatment is necessary to know the state of the body and at the current moment and the concentration of viral particles in blood.

Treatment of herpes on the lips often boils down to handling emerging bubbles dries means. Usually this and limited. However, we want to encourage those women who this disease affects frequently enough not to neglect a visit to the doctor. Consultation of competent expert, comprehensive examination and preventive treatment if you do not help get rid of the disease (which is almost impossible), then at least make it a manifestation of a much more rare.

It should be on guard when herpes infection manifested itself in the form of shingles, or localized rash in the genital area, as well as herpes rash flowing from deteriorating. It may require treatment in a hospital, where it is necessary to take a course of drug therapy: injections, tablets, physiotherapy.

Treatment of herpes on the lips, and other manifestations of the disease requires giving up alcohol, dieting. In the case of genital herpes should avoid any sexual contact and treat the partner.

If you are going to become a mother, it is important to not only get sick during pregnancy, but also to be treated in advance, as in a calm state herpes during pregnancy is very dangerous to the fetus. Even cold sores on the lips during pregnancy can have its negative impact on the health of your unborn baby.

 herpes treatment on the lips

Treatment of herpes folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers his treatment of herpes on the lips. Against this disease well help broth of herbs, such as, in particular, mint, thyme, lemon balm and lemon St. John's wort. They are brewed as a tea, cool and apply lotions with this decoction to the affected area three times a day for 30 minutes.

Well reduces inflammation 70 percent alcohol, cologne or valokordin. Moisten a cotton swab with alcohol or drugs, and apply to the cold. Most likely, you will feel a burning sensation at first, but these gadgets are well dried sores.

Against Herpes on the lips is also used fir oil. They are advised to lubricate the affected area every 2 hours, and be sure to do it before bedtime. When applying the oil it is likely to burning, but it will not last long.

Recommend healers against herpes and a tool such as an alcoholic solution of propolis - it is not just a rash dries, but also has an antiviral effect.

If you do not trust the people's means you can buy at the pharmacy a special ointment for herpes on the lips. They are now a great many: Acyclovir Zovirax, Fenistil and others. There are also pills that must be taken in the course of a preventive measure.

 how to treat cold sores on the lips

Preventing Herpes

As is known, the prevention of the disease - the best way to deal with it. There are some rules, observing that you can minimize the risk of infection with herpes and other viral infections.

  1. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water is always as soon come home, even if you went to a nearby pharmacy.
  2. Never use someone else's makeup and do not allow anyone to use his. Test samples in stores greatest evil, since they contain a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses, some of them far more dangerous than herpes, although everything looks more than gracefully and beautifully.
  3. Use condoms as a means of contraception, especially with a new or casual partner.
  4. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and active - the key to good health and strong immunity. Do not use too strict diet, even if you really want to lose weight in a few days. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink juice and mineral water, spend more time outdoors.
  5. If your friends or relatives exacerbation of herpes infection, limit contact with them and eliminate close contact, the more kisses.

I think you are not afraid, because owning information is always one step ahead. And in the end you do not have to treat herpes. And to comply with these rules is not only difficult, but also nice. Prevention, healthy lifestyle, united against this insidious disease, allowing the body to recover fairly quickly. Our health depends on us.

 Herpes on the lips: treatment and prevention of disease

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