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  • How to choose a coffee bean?
  • Making coffee in Turku

Cooked grains of ground coffee is the favorite drink of many. A cup of fragrant invigorating drink in the morning has become for them a kind of ritual. However, the real coffee connoisseurs know that his refined taste can be felt only if properly cook ground grain. Currently, there are several ways of cooking, from traditional to modern Turkish coffee machines. In spite of this, the principle of preparation is always the same: under the influence of hot water extraction takes place - are extracted from the ground coffee, natural essential oils, which give a unique taste and aroma.

At home, often for the preparation of the coffee beverage using the Turks or pots. Traditionally, they have a shape widening towards the bottom and are made of copper with an inner coating of a thin layer of tin. This form of the Turks is not accidental, tapering neck helps to preserve the special smell of coffee.

In order to properly cook ground coffee at home, except for the Turks, only need 3 ingredients:

  • coffee;
  • water;
  • sugar.

Making coffee in Turku interesting by the fact that the taste of the drink can vary by using different additives, such as salt, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon.

 cooking ground coffee in Turku

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How to choose a coffee bean?

Thinking, what does the right to cook coffee, keep in mind that a lot depends on personal tastes and preferences. Someone spends his cooking a few minutes, cooking for others - a special ceremony. In any case, you need to consider a few points. It's best to buy raw coffee beans: they are almost no smell and painted in green color. Before use, they should be browned. This procedure is performed in the following sequence:

  1. To use a thick cast-iron frying pan, which had previously been heated on the fire.
  2. Then it is poured in a thin layer of the green beans. A large number of grains will affect the quality of the cooking.
  3. During roasting must be constantly stirring them with a wooden spoon or spatula.
  4. A few minutes later the grain will turn yellow, and after a while one begins to evaporate moisture and hear a crackling.
  5. After this point, it all depends on personal taste: those who enjoy strong roasted coffee may continue to process until the beans become dark brown.
  6. Whole grains roasting process takes 15 to 30 minutes, after which they must be emptied onto a metal tray or colander to cool.
  7. Grind freshly roasted beans can be approximately 12 hours.

For those who prefer to buy already roasted beans should be aware of:

  1. It is best to have retained the flavor of freshly grain. They are usually packed in vacuum bags, revealing that there is a very strong smell of coffee. Of these grains can be cooked excellent coffee.
  2. If you bought a coffee, roasted for a long time - it does not matter. You can try to rectify the situation. To do this, the grain is heated in a pan for 10-15 minutes until a strong smell of coffee.
  3. Buying grain should be noted that depending on the grade, they will have a different flavor and taste. Features of the drink depend not only on the variety, the most common of which are considered to be Arabica, Robusta and Brazilian coffee, but also on the country in which they are grown.

The easiest option - is to buy ready-ground coffee. At the same time you need to carefully study the information on the manufacturer of the goods specified on the packaging: Country of origin, variety, degree of roasting and grinding.

 delicious ground coffee
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Making coffee in Turku

Properly cook the ground coffee is a snap. To do this you need to know the sequence of cooking and some of the subtleties of the process.

  1. Turku pour fresh, cold water, without adding a few centimeters to have a place to risen crema. In the water you can add salt pinch of sugar or a little bit. This will increase the boiling point of water, and make your coffee even more fragrant.
  2. Heat the water to simmer.
  3. If you use the grain, it is better to grind them before cooking. The average consumption of ground coffee is about 1 teaspoon of the hills on 100-150 ml of water. The proportions, of course, are approximate and determined by trial.
  4. The best moment for filling coffee - when the water begins to boil. Small bubbles released from the water, as it makes it cloudy.
  5. Coffee goes to sleep, do not just stir it. The bulk of the powder will stay on the surface. Teaspoon to gently heat a little it, soaking water.
  6. When boiling water on the edges of the neck of the Turks will start to appear thin band of foam. At this point you have a spoon to stir the coffee throughout the volume of the liquid and reduce heat to a minimum.
  7. Continuing to make coffee simmered need to closely monitor the rising foam, stirring constantly drink. One of the rules of correct preparation of the drink - water should not boil. At a time when the foam begins to rise rapidly, pots off the heat.
  8. Do not just pour the coffee into the cups. He needs a little brew. In order to grains of coffee soon settled in Turku you can drop a few drops of cold boiled water.

After waiting a few minutes, it can be filled with a fragrant cup of liquid and have fun while enjoying the great taste of cooked properly ground coffee.

 The art of cooking ground coffee: tips and consistency

 coffee in a coffee machine


  • Drops and geysers
  • Horns and capsules
  • Alternative method

Coffee - the best friend of honest clerks and romantic poets, students and young serious business woman. It invigorates, heals, it gives inspiration. That he always brought joy to know how to make coffee in the coffee machine, and to adhere to two basic rules:

  1. Coffee should never boil.
  2. Use only high quality, fresh and soft water, filtered or bottled. This will not only improve the taste of wondrous drink, but also extend the life of the coffee machine, protecting it from scale.

With regard to coffee machines, they are drip, geyser, carob and capsule. Depending on their type and different cooking methods.
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Drops and geysers

The method described below is suitable for modest, but not devoid of merits drip coffeemakers. Prepared with the help of the beverage has a mild and delicate taste, as all the grounds are deposited on the filter.

The first step is inserted into the disposable filter coffee machine, which is convenient because it is simply thrown out after use with the grounds. If your favorite is equipped with a reusable filter, do not need to insert anywhere. After each use, you need a good wash with a nylon mesh filter. If you forget that, over time, the coffee can acquire an unpleasant rancid taste.

Then 10-15 seconds smalyvaem electric coffee beans in the coffee and get a middle ground. He filled in the filter at the rate of 1-2 teaspoons per cup, depending on the strength of the drink, you want to get to the exit. Then the tank is filled with cool clean water. In measuring its quantity can be guided by the marks on the reservoir or simply pour water out of the cup from which you are going to drink. After closing the reservoir, press the start button and wait until the liquid stops dripping, then poured steaming beverage cups or mugs. If the coffee does not turn off automatically, do not forget to press the mute button.

The second common type of coffee machines at home - geyser. Look coffeemakers are very elegant and look at the old coffee pots. The process involves boiling water filling the bottom of the tank and filling the coffee medium or coarse grinding (5-7 seconds in the electric coffee) in the filter. Coffee in falling asleep should not be ramming, otherwise you can ruin the taste of the drink. Tea is placed on the hotplate or included if it is electric. Ready beverage enters the upper reservoir. It is important to ensure that the coffee does not boil. True connoisseurs claim that coffee, boiled in hot spring coffee maker, in taste slightly higher than the one that is obtained dropping. The main drawback geyser coffee makers - after each use it is necessary to disassemble and thoroughly washed with warm water and detergent.

 coffee maker
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Horns and capsules

With regard to coffee machines carob, the quality of the beverage is directly dependent on the grind. If you love coffee stronger, then take fine grinding (20-25 seconds into the electric coffee), if not too strong, the medium or coarse. The horn must be metal, as when using a plastic horn drink turns weak. When bad developments plastic horn can greatly overheat and coffee will acquire the taste of plastic.

The second fundamental point - the need to properly compress coffee horn. If compressed too much, the coffee will be too strong and bitter. If not enough, and the drink will be tasteless and watery. It is quite possible done it with the help of the usual plastic spoon or tolkushkoy, but true gourmets recommended purchase tamper - special tool for pressing, used by professional baristas. Before you achieve perfection in the art of ramming have to be trained. But then you will be able to teach friends and family how to properly brew coffee in a coffee machine.

Compress the coffee horn, just insert it in the machine, turn the lever, and half a minute later enjoy strong coffee. After use, the horn is imperative to rinse with warm water.

Holders of capsule coffee makers simply insert into a special tank hermetically sealed aluminum capsule with compressed coffee and click. The rest of the machine will do the work itself. A minute later, will be ready a fine drink your favorite variety - espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, with or without caffeine, vanilla, caramel or other additives. Most importantly - do not forget to pre-purchase these capsules, it is suitable for your machine as a regular ground coffee for the coffee machines of this type can not be used. But in this case do not have to wash, except that the rinse cup.

 Different methods dishwasher
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Alternative method

The risk that the quality of the coffee break eminent manufacturer, is quite small, however, it can not be ruled out. To suddenly and inappropriately does not go without the cup of salvation invigorating drink, it is recommended along with a coffee maker to buy the Turk, otherwise referred to as pots. Brew coffee in the Turk is not difficult to have a bit of patience and show a few minutes not to deviate from the plate.

The coffee is very finely ground (25-30 seconds into electric coffee) poured in Turku together with sugar and spices (to taste), and she Turk put on medium heat and warms. A minute later, pour clean cold water, but not to the brim, and about three-quarters, then stir and keep an eye out to coffee does not boil and did not run away. As soon as the skin, quickly remove the Turk with hot plates, wait until the foam settles, Turk put back. Repeat 2-3 times so. We give the coffee brew for a few minutes and poured into tiny cups. If you do not like the foam, you can remove it, or, on the contrary, carefully and thoughtfully to pass into the cup.

This delightful coffee with a slice of lemon, a drop of liquor or famous since Soviet times the legendary Riga Black Balsam. A bronze, copper or ceramic Turk will look in your kitchen just as wonderful as the most modern coffee maker.

 How to make coffee in the coffee maker?