goat milk benefits and harms

Goat's milk is perhaps the most talked-dairy food. Benefits and harms of goat milk is often underestimated and sometimes exaggerated. This article describes in detail all the properties of goat milk, indications and contraindications to its use - both from a scientific point of view and from the point of view of traditional medicine.

The benefits of goat's milk has been known since ancient times. Even in ancient Greece there was a myth that Zeus nursed the baby goat is Amalhteia. For thousands of years engaged in breeding goats peoples of Asia, Europe and the Caucasus. Even Hippocrates, and Avicenna recognized the healing properties of goat's milk, using them to treat sick people. The most commonly used goat milk for treatment of pulmonary diseases and gastric.

For the treatment of children suffering from rickets, in the Middle Ages it is very widely used cheese is made from goat's milk. The reason is very simple - like cheese contains a large amount of vitamin D and calcium, the lack of which is the cause of rickets in children. But for the inhabitants of the mountainous areas of southern and products from goat's milk had long since become a part of daily diet.

But seriously interested physicians healing properties of goat milk and come to grips with the study of its composition only at the beginning of the 20th century. The impetus for the start of the study was the observation of scientists for babies, for one reason or another deprived of mother's milk. Mortality of those children who received instead of breast milk goat milk was significantly lower than those babies fed with cow's milk.

The Paris Academy of Medical Sciences in 1900 officially recognized the goat milk is a highly dietary product, and recommended it for babies and people with weakened body. In Russia, the most ardent advocate of goat milk has become a pediatrician and child nutritionist VN Beetle, the author of the most popular in the Soviet Union of the book "Mother and Child". It was during his active support and participation in the suburb of Saint - Petersburg was organized farm breeding a special breed of goats brought by special order of the government of Switzerland.

However, goat milk has become a very popular, very soon it became too small for everyone. Goat milk began to be issued only on prescription feeding for malnourished children and nutrition of people with chronic diseases. It was at this time the use of goat's milk has been officially recognized and Russian medicine.

However, after a while goat's milk has gone unnoticed in the shadow of an absolutely unknown reasons. For a long time, and goat's milk and all products made from goat's milk, were considered sufficiently exotic products. Most likely, this is because we are all from childhood accustomed to the traditional taste is cow's milk and cheese, and the perception of products with an unusual taste and smell are always difficult.

Recently, however, goat's milk is starting to take back the old popularity. People began to think about their health, pay close attention to the issues of healthy eating. Products of goats' milk is very useful to the human body. In addition, no small role in the popularity of goat milk brought pediatricians who unanimously recognize the benefits of goat's milk for the child's body, especially for the weak and frequently ill children. Goat milk for kids - a very useful product. And, besides, these days there are more and new fans of traditional medicine, in which recipes using goat milk is very prevalent.

The composition of goat milk

The following describes in more detail the composition of goat milk. Its medicinal properties Goat's milk is obliged, of course, its composition. And milk and dairy products contain a part of a huge amount of vitamins, such as A, C, B, D, E, micro and macro.

The chemical composition of goat milk is very different from the milk of other animals. For example, in the goat milk is about 6 times higher cobalt, which is contained in the composition of vitamin B12. And it is this vitamin is ultimately responsible for such vital processes in the human body, like metabolism and hematopoiesis. This feature of goat milk is critical for those children whose health is largely weakened.

Another, no less important and valuable feature of goat milk composition is sufficiently high content of valuable substances such as potassium. Potassium is necessary for proper formation, development and operation of the entire cardio - vascular system of the human body. That is why physicians - nutritionists recommend drinking goat's milk for human suffering what - any kinds of malfunction of cardio - vascular system.

Despite the fact that along with the goat milk cow belongs to the group of casein, goat milk in the content of alpha-1s-casein is practically zero. It 1s-alpha-casein is the principal source of human allergic responses to cow's milk. Such an allergic reaction to cow's milk are often. But allergic to goat's milk - something out of the ordinary.

But the beta - casein in goat milk contains almost as much as in human breast milk. Because the proteins in goat milk contains a large number of albumins, proteins are easily cleaved and converted into small flakes. This is much easier to form the body metabolizes milk proteins, in contrast to suck intact cow's milk proteins. That is why the goat milk is almost never cause any disorder of the digestive system of a normal human body.

Due to the fact that goat's milk contains 57% less than in cow and 23% less than in human milk lactose, goat's milk is allowed nutritionists to eat even for those people who suffer from lactose intolerant individual. Of course, there is the risk of rejection by the body and goat's milk, too, but it is found, as a rule, very, very rare. However, the sick person should start drinking milk gradually, in small portions and gradually increasing them. Only after it becomes clear that there is no intolerance can drink goat milk and cooked out of it without any dairy products - or fear.

We should also talk about such an important factor in the composition of goat's milk, as it is the fat content. Despite the fact that the average degree of fat goat milk is about 4, 4%, the digestion of goat milk is almost 100%. This is due to several properties of fat goat's milk. Firstly, the size of the fat globules of goat milk is about 15 times less than cow milk fat globules. Secondly, in cow's milk of 51% unsaturated fatty acids, whereas in the composition of goat milk for the unsaturated fatty acids there are about 69%. By the way, this kind of metabolic acids have the ability to obstruction of the accumulation of cholesterol in the human body.

Also, the composition of goat milk is very rich in various vitamins and trace elements, for example, such as:

  • Calcium

Everyone knows that calcium is responsible for the normal development and health of teeth. The embryo must be a huge amount of calcium for the formation of bone and dental systems. However, after birth, throughout his life, people will continue to need calcium.

Calcium in the human body is responsible for many processes. For example, normal blood clotting is only possible when a sufficient amount of calcium in the human body. In addition, the calcium it plays a leading role in the normal functioning of the central nervous system, bone - muscular system, elasticity and strength, as well as the normal permeability of the vessel walls. In addition, residents of large cities to get enough calcium in the body is particularly important - because calcium has the unique ability to output of radionuclides tissue and strontium.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is essential for the correct course of many physiological processes. First of all magnesium is necessary for the normal course of different types of energy metabolism. The reason is very simple - the splitting of ATP released a lot of energy. But for this to happen is the splitting, it must have in the body of magnesium ions, without which this reaction is simply impossible.

In addition, magnesium is responsible for the regulation of normal cell growth, synthesis of new proteins necessary for the functioning of the body, the normal functioning of the central nervous system, the output from the human body of radionuclides and heavy metals. Magnesium is generally very effectively cleans the human body, preventing the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels, kidney stones and urinary bladder.

Also involved in the process magnesium phosphorus metabolism, normal neuromuscular excitability or even stimulate normal intestinal peristalsis. Besides all this, magnesium is a must to complete the work - the reduction and relaxation - the heart muscle. And for normal blood pressure in the human body is also a great responsibility it is magnesium. This effect is achieved due to the fact that magnesium extends the walls of blood vessels and thereby reducing high blood pressure.

  • Manganese

Manganese is necessary for any living organism for full operation. And the human body is no exception. It manganese activates the vital processes such as the process of cellular respiration and mineral metabolism. Manganese is also a must needed for normal functioning of the following organs: liver, kidney, pancreas and brain.
In addition, magnesium is involved in the development of bone and muscular systems, which is why it is so necessary to children during the period of active growth. Also manganese is involved in a large number of different immune reactions, and lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Also goat milk contains a very large number of high-grade animal protein, fat, minerals and trace elements that are extremely beneficial to the metabolism.

 goat's milk to infants

This is useful to goat's milk?

Now it is necessary to tell you more about who of the people is most useful goat's milk and products made from it. Of course, its use is beneficial to all, but in some cases, goat's milk has not just useful, but according to the therapeutic effect on the person suffering from certain diseases. So:

  • The presence of human allergic responses to cow's milk protein

Such people have to completely abandon the use of dairy products, which are so necessary to the human body for proper operation. Protein such as goat's milk does not cause allergic reactions and may be used by this category of people. Moreover - goat's milk has a positive effect on the human body. With regular use it daily for at least two months, often a person completely disappear any allergic reactions to cow's milk protein.

  • Recovery of the body after various stress and increased physical loads

As mentioned above, the balls of fat in goat milk is significantly less than that of cow milk fat globules. It is due to this fact, the absorption of goat milk is much easier and faster than the cow. This fact is very important for the people whose bodies are weakened as a result of various factors. And also in goat's milk a high amount of potassium, which is absolutely necessary for normal functioning of the cardio - vascular system of the human body weakened.

  • Children rickets, as well as recovery of bone fractures of varying complexity

As is known, goat milk contains a large amount of calcium and vitamin D, which greatly strengthens bone. That is why doctors often advise goat's milk for children after a year to prevent and treat rickets. And, in addition, goat milk is extremely useful for people who have suffered broken bones. As shown by numerous studies Surgeons - trauma, the daily consumption of one glass of goat's milk in 2 times reduces the fusion and the full restoration of the bone.

  • Goat milk for pregnant women

For a pregnant woman drinking goat's milk brings invaluable benefit, because it is a real storehouse of a wide variety of nutrients and microorganisms, as well as minerals. Calcium is contained in large amounts in goat's milk not only provides all the necessary crumbs to form bone, but also protects the mother's teeth from decay, and nails - from the bundle.

  • Goat milk during breastfeeding

A nursing mother drink goat's milk, also fully supports the need for trace elements and vitamins, not only children, but also your body. Thus nursing mother removes itself from a huge number of very different issues, ranging from vitamin deficiency and hair loss ending a banal. Goat's milk substitute for nursing mothers receiving multivitamin complexes.

  • People who want to lose weight

Despite the fact that goat's milk contains a sufficiently large amount of fat, it is not converted to adipose tissue in the human body. A great content in goat's milk to various micro and macro, vitamins and minerals can help prevent during dieting onset deficiency diseases and other complications in the organism, which is devoid of normal power supply.

  • The presence of the human intestinal dysbiosis

If a child or an adult faced with such a nuisance as the disruption of the normal balance of intestinal microflora, dairy products and cheese made from goat's milk, very quickly will help lead the intestines to normal. Be sure to include in the diet of sick people kefir, yogurt or even just fermented goat's milk. Typically, to achieve the desired result it is necessary to drink milk products from goat's milk at the rate of 100 grams per 10 kg of body weight.

The course of treatment should be the next three days should be consumed dairy products, then make a two-day break. Then the reception should be five days - and one day break. After this, the reception has to be for one week, then you need to be tested for bacteria overgrowth. If necessary, and it rarely occurs, treatment should be repeated. Although, as a rule, noticeable improvements in patient person comes on the third day consumption of dairy products, prepared on the basis of goat's milk.

It is also extremely useful when dysbacterioses cheese from goat's milk. It is prepared in the same manner as the cheese from cow's milk. Also, you can buy ready-made, both in stores and on markets.

  • The presence of human chronic gastritis with acidity of gastric juice or the gastric or duodenal ulcers

Goat's milk is extremely useful for gastritis. Goat milk, among other advantages, has the surprising and unique ability to instantly neutralize the hydrochloric acid contained in the composition of gastric juice. And at the same time during the neutralization does not proceed violent chemical reactions that cause bloating, heartburn or eructation. In addition, the composition of the goat milk is lysozyme. This material has a high ability to heal wounds on mucous membranes.

If you are suffering from a stomach ulcer or gastritis, you can help the next course of treatment goat milk. Every morning, on an empty stomach, you need to drink a glass of raw milk. Then, during the day, you must drink a sip two cups of goat's milk. The course of treatment should be approximately 21 days.

  • Goat milk at a diathesis

Too many kids and their parents are faced with such a problem as diathesis, or atopic dermatitis. Faced with a similar problem parents know how unpleasant moments gives the disease crumbs, and how hard it is treated. Pediatricians have found that children who eat goat's milk, is much less likely to suffer diathesis. A goat's milk, eat the child during treatment, significantly accelerates the recovery of remains.