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  • What is a cold sore on the lips?
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The beauty of a woman - the most important wealth and weapons. And it's not just that the nature has given us. The real female beauty we create with their hands over a lifetime. The fair sex have to constantly fight for the perfect look to many factors: weather and harsh climatic conditions, the effects of childbirth and being overweight, a problem with health. The first enemy flawless appearance - it's cold on the lips, in a scientific way - herpes. Surprisingly, almost every one of us occasionally suffers from this disease. Among the total population of our planet there are only five percent of the lucky ones, are not subject to the scourge.

The townsfolk are herpes as an opponent, temporary cosmetic defect, and believe that it can not pose a serious threat to health. Doctors hold the opposite opinion. The main danger lies precisely in the fact that people do not believe it is a dangerous disease, but the statistics, unfortunately, disappointing. The mortality caused by the herpes virus, ranks third after AIDS and influenza. Fortunately, not all that bad. To avoid the most terrible consequences can be sufficiently aware of the real danger and the time to begin treatment. And to choose the right methods of struggle, the "enemy" need to know in person, so it is useful to know the scientific facts of cold on the lips. In addition, we'll tell you how to quickly cure a cold sore on the lips.

What is a cold sore on the lips?

Once in the body, the virus "embedded" in the genetic apparatus of nerve cells. This happens often in early childhood and throughout life to finally get rid of him is impossible. Herpes is constantly in the body in a dormant state. Activate it may be several factors: the common cold, "critical" days, pregnancy, hypothermia or hyperthermia. That is a condition in which the immune system is able to resist the development of the disease, significantly weakened. And sometimes nasty virus may come back to haunt even for no apparent reason.

Herpes occurs in four stages. In the first stage we feel burning and itching in the corners of the mouth, on the inner surface of the lips, or other areas of the face. Then, the skin appears a small, but quite painful bubble, this stage of inflammation. The third stage - the most painful, the bubble bursts, it goes from a liquid comprising a plurality of viral cells. It forms a small ulcer, which causes discomfort and pain, itching and burning sensation. In the last step appears crust. It is important not to damage it, as it is very painful and can cause scarring.

 how to quickly cure a cold sore on the lip

Ways of transmission

It should be remembered that this disease can be transmitted by contact. You just need to touch the hand of the person, which you touched the wound, and the virus will go to the other. Therefore, during the illness, observe basic rules of hygiene.

Avoid touching the affected areas of the skin, and if this is not possible, wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water.

Do not touch, do not rub your eyes, you risk to bring an infection on the mucosa, and receive, in addition to a cold on the lips even more exotic disease.

Do not Kiss, is sick. The person you want to cuddle, guaranteed to get the virus. And even more so, give this a period of oral sex. Genital herpes is more unpleasant than the common cold on the lips.

Use only the individual crockery, cutlery, and personal hygiene. If the cold is not passed within 10 days, be sure to consult a specialist, herpes is fraught with serious consequences.

Complications Herpes

Herpes is especially dangerous for pregnant women. As with rubella, it can cause miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy. Seventy-one hundred of infected children die from diseases such as herpes encephalitis. Moreover, the infection can be transmitted to the child during conception, childbirth and even breast milk.

Cold on the lips increases the risk of heart disease. Scientists conducted a study of 600 people. It turned out that the participants in the body which had antibodies to herpes, suffered a heart attack are twice as likely than the others. Everyone knows that the best treatment - is prevention. To prevent the recurrence of cold on the lips, you need to follow a few very simple and accessible to every rule. It does not take too much time and effort, but it will save you from discomfort and possible consequences.

Take care of the protection of the skin of the lips from the sun, frost and wind. Use the creams, lipstick and other means. In time, start the treatment of colds. Try not supercool and do not overheat. Remember that the regular dosage and reasonable exercise strengthens the immune system, and thus prevents the development of diseases.

 rapid treatment of herpes on the lips

Treatment of herpes

In ancient times, annoying cold lips treatment involves one single: poor grandmother was sent to the local-Sage. She read the plot and piously believed in its healing art patient returned home, supposedly healthy. Today, little hope otherworldly forces, and the grandmothers of the afternoon with fire you will not find, and the treatment of herpes involves two types: medical and traditional methods.

Doctors are advised to start medical treatment as soon as the first symptoms of the disease. That is the first stage when they feel itchy and burning. The main component, which is part of ointments for herpes is acyclovir. This substance is entering into complex biochemical reactions that result in preventing the emergence of new virus cells. It is interesting that even the creators of acyclovir were awarded the Nobel Prize.

It is very effective in the treatment of cold on the lips are traditional methods. It's really quick treatment of herpes on the lips. Among the popular methods - the use of infusions of herbs, essential oils - pine or lemon balm.

  • Peppermint

To cure herpes, often use a lotion with peppermint: it is necessary to make an infusion, brew a tablespoon of mint leaves cup of boiling water. Ready infusion filter, and each time they wet the affected skin.

  • Raspberries

Will cure herpes and raspberries. Enough fresh sprigs chop up mushy state and lubricate the mass of the affected area.

  • The infusion of birch buds

If you are often exposed to cold sores, you can pre-prepare the infusion of birch buds: in a glass of alcohol add two tablespoons of the kidneys and allow to infuse for two weeks. Now it can be applied with a cotton swab on the painful areas. As a rule, this means the herpes virus can be cured in just a day.

  • Eggshell

In the fight against malicious virus all good. If the hand was not anything of the above, and you feel that again there is a cold on the lips, rapid treatment can be carried out by the most famous folk: plenochkoj on eggshells. It is applied to inflamed skin and leave to dry completely. Such means can cure herpes in a single day.

  • Toothpaste

The fact that we often treat ailments most unexpected means, has long ceased to surprise anyone. It concerns and herpes. Once you feel the itching and burning, indicating the imminent appearance of the rash, immediately lubricate the skin on the lips of toothpaste. Leave for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

And even if there already rashes, treatment of the toothpaste may also help. But bubbles must be lubricated at least three times a day. Duration of treatment - no more than one day. Note - If you feel a strong burning sensation, or if the skin turns red, immediately rinse the toothpaste and more to this method of treatment is not to resort.

  • Strong welding

If you are not afraid of small pain, you can try the following method for the treatment of herpes. The mug put 3-4 teaspoons of tea leaves of black tea, pour boiling water. After a few minutes, when the tea has cooled slightly, dip a spoon into it and heat it. Apply to the rash on the skin and hold it for about a minute. Of course, you first need to check the temperature to avoid burns. The same procedure should be carried out three - four times a day. Duration of treatment - for three days.

  • Valocordin

The ratio of physicians to this method of treatment of herpes on the lips of ambiguous. But the fact remains - it dries perfectly rash. Treatment is very simple - soak a small cotton wool in valokordin and attach to the bubbles into two or three minutes. As a rule, there are quite painful to pass quickly.

  • Ointment with ash

For the preparation of this tool, you will need 3 small cloves of garlic, a piece of plain paper A4, a teaspoon of all natural honey. Rub garlic on a small grater, mix with honey. The paper was put in a glass container and ignite. The resulting ash add to the other ingredients and mix well - you should get a homogeneous mass. Apply it to the affected skin for about 10 minutes every 4 hours. Then rinse with plenty of cool water. The duration of treatment - 5 days.

  • Salt

Another very effective treatment for herpes is the most common table salt. Three times daily salt grains apply to affected skin areas for 10 minutes. Then wash the skin with cool water. And before going to bed to make a compress with saline solution. Preparing it is very simple - a glass of water, dissolve one teaspoon of salt.

Prepare several small gauze. Moisten one of them in the solution and apply to the rash for about 20 minutes. As drying cloths should be changed. After the obligatory rinse skin with cool water to avoid irritation. The duration of treatment - 3 weeks.

We have listed to you the most effective means for the treatment of herpes - the choice is yours. If you do not come one way, try another. Very often, a recipe that is perfect for one person, does not help the other. Be healthy and beautiful!

 How to quickly cure a cold sore on the lips? Very simple!

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