irritation on the face

We all want to see reflected in the mirror of a perfect face - clean, without wrinkles and under-eye circles. But very often we see quite the opposite - a reflection of reddened and inflamed skin with acne who took from nowhere. This usually happens at the most inopportune moment, before an important meeting or a responsible romantic date.

Why there is irritation on his face? It seems and looks constantly nourish the skin cream, and red spots as they were, and still are. To combat irritated skin, there are many methods, but they are not always effective. Means against inflamed skin must be selected individually and correctly, taking into account the overall health, age and cause irritation.

The causes irritation of the skin on the face

The irritation can be caused by many factors:

  1. The climatic conditions

    Variations in temperature, dry air. How to fix it? The stores have a large selection of modern humidifiers. They are useful in any case, and especially if the apartment is air conditioned. Humidity affects not only the general state of the skin, we feel much better and fresher

  2. Improper care and use of unsuitable creams

    If you already have a proven favorite and care for the skin a certain series, it is not necessary to change them. Skin creams used to the one usually does not tolerate abrupt change care products. Never use creams outdated and kept all tubes in a cool place

  3. Using poor poor-quality cosmetics, cause skin irritation

    Again, make-up need to acquire fresh, familiar to your skin. If you want to try out a new collection of another manufacturer, in the case of problematical your skin, its tendency to inflammation and irritation - do it very carefully. Cosmetics also better preserved in a cool place

  4. Stressful conditions and strong emotion

    There is no escape from the worries about a failed date or fails handed report on the work. Our life - is a constant anxiety and excitement. There are many drugs both medical and homeopathic relief of nervousness and anxiety. We will not list them, it would be better if you can recommend a qualified technician. Try to get in the frenzied turmoil of everyday life shakes place for myself. More often merge a rest on the nature, get active in sports, etc.

  5. Malnutrition

    If your diet is unbalanced, harmful substances from the intestine into the blood, which ultimately affects the skin. Eating should be carefully and correctly, there are a lot of recommendations on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. It is not necessary to strain yourself and remake - is important and want to achieve. And for beautiful color and condition of the person, any woman will go to great lengths

 irritation on his face after shaving

How to treat inflamed and irritated skin?

We recommend you a few recipes from traditional healers to relieve this problem. In our opinion this is one of the most proven and effective methods:

  • Steam baths

The use of steam baths contributes to the reduction of red spots on the face and overall skin tone. However, such baths are contraindicated for those who have problems with blood vessels. Cooking trays should be a mixture of crushed hop (one tablespoon) per liter of water. To bring this drug to a boil, and in the process of evaporation, keep your face over capacity. Top cover with a towel. If you have dry skin this bath is done for 3 minutes at normal limit to 5 minutes and if the facial skin is oily with enlarged pores - keep your face over the steam for 10 minutes. After the bath, apply on the skin nourishing moisturizer or lotion

  • Compresses

Compress parsley. Prepare a decoction of parsley, soak in the hot part of the gauze cloth and apply on face. During this procedure, try to relax, and even a little nap. With a cloth on your face, you can sleep for 20 minutes, then rinse your face and apply a nourishing cream

  • Masks

Make a mixture of half a tablespoon St. John's wort, add a tablespoon of olive oil and natural oatmeal, mix thoroughly and apply the mask on your face. Hold 20 minutes. Then wash your face with cold water. This mask is great help to cope with problem skin, removes irritation and relieves swelling

Irritation after shaving

By the way, you know that our strong half also suffers from inflammation on his face? Usually men irritation occurs on the face after shaving. Using an old machine, shaving hastily without using special gels and creams can cause peeling and red spots. Usually such irritation passes quickly in men skin is much thicker and coarser. Yes, and they do not give much importance to their appearance.

Another thing a woman with delicate soft skin, like the skin of a young child. Although many people use razors to remove coarse gun on her upper lip. And they do it for nothing. Usually women have skin irritation after shaving. Shaving is not worth - leather women not suited to such rough handling.

There is a mild hair removal wax strips, in extreme cases, a conventional tweezers to remove hairs. The person - a business card of a woman. And it should not look like a piece of cardboard, and the like velvet rose petal. To preserve youth, health does not have to spend a fortune on expensive spa. You can always seek assistance from the tested national methods. And you just need to love yourself. Beauty is not offered - it is saved and multiply.

 Irritation on your face - how to get rid of it?

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 Why swollen legs

The rapidity and energy of our modern life takes a lot of effort and energy. Running a job, running the shops. We still have so little time to just relax in a chair and just relax. And when such a life, sooner or later there comes a time when we ask ourselves the question: why swollen legs and arms?

With such a problem faced by every woman in his life. A lot of the reasons that lead to the ugly swelling. What's going on at our feet, why they are starting to bother us, and how to make the swelling was gone?

The reasons leading to edema

  • Flatfoot

Flat feet - a foot deformity. The very first bells on the development of the disease - a nagging pain in the feet and leg muscles of the lower leg and thigh. Usually in the evening there swelling that night subside. If the flat run, do not treat it, then you are guaranteed a clumsy, heavy and bound gait, constant pain in the legs.

For preventative measures should get special orthotics and start doing exercise for the feet. Treatment of flatfoot should go in the complex, aimed at the removal and reduction of pain and procedures to strengthen the calf muscles.

  • Phlebeurysm

Varices suffer now more and more women. And if before the disease were in women of advanced age, now varicose veins younger. Why is this happening? Wearing a tight, narrow shoes, thin tights in the winter - we sometimes careless in pursuit of beauty. And paying the emergence of ugly veins and venous plexus swollen reddish-blue color on calves. With progressive varicose legs very swollen in the evening, starting in constant pain, a burning sensation and itching.

Swelling in the legs at first imperceptible, with the development of the disease, they become chronic, sometimes even appear on their feet terrible sores and wounds. Varicose veins treated quickly and easily in the early stages. It should be time to see a doctor and take all preventive measures.

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system

The existence of such problems indicates swelling in the ankles. In old age, swollen feet due to the presence of chronic diseases of the heart. This happens because when heart problems occur changes of the endocrine system in the body and retained sodium ions, which leads to excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Recommend the necessary treatment can only be your doctor.

  • "Elephant" or disease elephantiasis

Such exotic name disease was due to the presence of edema terrible that make legs looks like an elephant. Swelling larger arise due to stagnation of lymph under the skin. Lymph nodes can not cope with the load, there is a degradation in the event of illness. At the very beginning of the disease appears slight swelling feet, gradually swelling spread up the leg and the disease gets an awesome view. Leg becomes ugly and is shaped like an elephant leg. The disease can be cured by surgery in 90% of cases.

  • Violation of the kidney

Kidneys are known to act as a pump system. If for some reason the job of the kidneys is suspended in the body is an accumulation of fluid and as a result, swelling in the legs. Such a condition is accompanied by migraine headaches, sleepiness, and even seizures. In severe cases, pulmonary edema.

  • Gestation

Almost all women who are in the later stages of pregnancy, swollen. Particularly affected are the legs and arms. To understand why swollen feet during pregnancy, it should be noted that the body of a pregnant woman working for two and experience a double burden, which increases wear in the last months of the child. The kidneys can not cope with the load, and the accumulation of fluid in the body of a pregnant woman. Such swelling should be treated, otherwise you can provoke severe complication of preeclampsia. To help eliminate swelling during pregnancy may be the strictest diet and fluid intake records.

  • Improper shoes

Very high heel - it is certainly nice. But long wearing showy shoes leads to swelling in the feet. Also, do not get carried away on the solid-soled shoes. The most optimal for continuous use - have on average heel shoes. Studs are best left to ceremonial occasions. Shoes should be sufficiently large that the feet are not crushed, and the fingers are in a natural position.

Preventive measures

Our recommendations to avoid swelling:

  1. Try to change shoes during the day. It is useful to periodically massage the soles of the feet, fingers to knead
  2. Do not walk in the same shoes for more than two days in a row
  3. Very useful for special treatment legs wearing stockings and orthopedic insoles
  4. Limit intake in the diet of salt and water. Avoid sweet drinks menu
  5. Treat your feet have, do daily baths with the addition of decongestants
  6. During sleep, enclose a small pillow under your feet

If these tips do not help to reduce or prevent swelling if the swelling becomes painful to the touch, there is heat and temperature - contact your doctor immediately. Procrastination and delay the visit until later can lead to tragic consequences.

Legs of a woman must be to please their owners, we hope that the question of why my feet are swollen, will remain a question, and will not be an issue. A visit to the doctor, you will need only in case of consultation, not treatment. Beauty will save the world - let's help her and we will take care of the fact that we have received as a gift from nature - our beautiful, shapely legs.

 Why swollen feet What to do?

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