aspirin cure for cancer

The terrible diagnosis cancer. We are afraid of this disease, too many deaths. Why this word brings fear and phobia? Is there a cure for cancer, how to live, if you recognize a malignant tumor? Why it occurs and whether there are ways to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Cancer - a cell mutation, degeneration of cells of epithelial tissue (skin, tissues, glands, mucous membranes). Almost every organ can develop cancer. Cancer - a generic name (varieties of the disease 200: sarcomas, melanomas, teratomas, chlamydia, and others.)

Rumors of cancer

As one of the most mysterious illness, cancer has acquired many myths. Periodically there are rumors that a cure for cancer found that cancer is defeated. Let's talk about this terrible disease, the many rumors that go around this disease.

  • Cancer - the most dangerous disease

In fact, cancer is not considered to be the most terrible disease. Absolutely all the people get sick and eventually die. Half of all deaths from the disease - heart attacks and strokes it. These statistics given to cancer only 17%.

  • Our forefathers did not know what cancer

Malignant tumors have always existed in all times. Keep in mind that before the average life expectancy was about 40 years, most of the deaths simply do not diagnosed. Nowadays, with the development of medical diagnostics more accurately determine the cause of death, so it seems that the cancer - a disease of our time.

  • Cancer can not be cured

The cancer is treatable in many cases. Healing from cancer depends on timely diagnosis and treatment in the early stages of cancers. According to statistics, about 3% of the population of all developed countries are living with cancer and treated half of them are considered to be cured completely. Most types of cancers completely cured in early stages of disease onset.

  • The most effective means - this unconventional treatment

We will always believe in miracles. But oncologists, based on the inexorable statistics, consider traditional healers and traditional healers cancer killers. Results of treatment of pseudo-doctors are disappointing and in 100% of cases - is death.

Dietary supplements were never considered medicine and cancer, they do not save! The only benefit they bring - is to improve the general condition of the patient man. Supplements are natural immunomodulators only.

A mixture of wine and toxic mercury salts (corrosive sublimate) in our country successfully sold to the 90s of the last century. After careful inspection found that there was no effect of the drug is supposedly not allowed. But speculators continue preying on people who are clutching at the last straw to get rid of the cancer.

  • The cancer can be inherited

Inheritance can be transmitted not the cancer, and genetic predisposition. In oncology, there is even a special term "cancer family". In some families, an increased number of tracked cases of malignant tumor.

It is proven genetic predisposition to cancer of the colon, stomach, breast. Set specific genes, which explains the presence of some people's exposure to cancer.

  • Cancer - a contagious disease

This is not true. Infected cancer impossible. The only virus that is transmitted from person to person and can cause cancer - is the human papilloma virus. Recently launched clinical trials of a vaccine against this virus, and it is possible that in the near future papilloma will be defeated completely.

  • A benign tumor is always degenerates into a malignant

This is possible, but fortunately, it is quite rare. Increased attention should be cause benign tumors of the intestines, stomach polyps and fibroadenoma of the breast, as well as simple papillomas and moles and birthmarks large.

Cancer and aspirin

In the medical literature began to emerge about the impact of research data aspirin on the formation of cancerous tumors. In fact, the use of aspirin significantly reduces the likelihood of cancer. This is especially true of breast cancer in women, stomach, lung and intestines.

The secret of aspirin (aspirin) is not yet fully understood. Conclusions of scientists is based only on research and observation. And to the question: aspirin cure for cancer or just prevention, definite answer yet. This drug is still being studied and investigated.

But doctors warn that the use of aspirin carries many side effects. It is contraindicated in patients with gastric ulcer and gastritis, because aspirin causes irritation of the stomach lining. Also, aspirin can cause internal bleeding. Therefore, this drug should be carried out strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Herbal medicine against cancer

Sometimes herbal medicine - the last hope of the patient. In case of failure of oncologists to conduct chemotherapy or radical surgery (for example, in the case of neglect and inoperable), a terminally ill person thinks of herbal medicine.

Naturally, none completely cure cancer herbs are not able to. But the clever use of certain plants can bring tangible relief and extend the life of the sick person. Many unique effective anti-cancer drugs is derived from plants.

Herbal able to even reduce swelling in size and prevented the development of precancerous lesions. Herbs lead to normal content in the body of mineral salts, vitamins and biologically active substances. This is important prior to chemotherapy and radiation.

In total there are more than 120 plants that have the ability to help in the treatment of cancer. But none of them is completely harmless and inoffensive. There are a number of extremely dangerous, poisonous plants. If you own, without proper experience and knowledge to try to deal with phytotherapy, can provoke even greater development of cancer.

Use medicinal plants should be with great caution, especially when it comes to cancer treatment. In no case do not self! Follow the advice and recommendations of the expert physician-fitoterapevta.

In modern medicine, unfortunately, still no definite opinion as to prevent the development of malignant tumors. We very much hope that a cure for breast cancer, cancer of the blood, stomach, skin, etc. It will soon appear on the shelves of our pharmacies. Take care of yourself and carefully watch your health!

 A cure for cancer? Methods of dealing with the disease

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 tonsillectomy in adults

Tortured endless sore throat ... constantly sore throat and painful swallowing. And to blame the tonsils, or rather their inflammation. What can conduct the removal of tonsils and get rid of the constant temperature and endless hospital? Remove or not? It's so easy, but then will not be problems with angina and throat. But is this true?

What are tonsils and why they are needed?

Tonsils - a connecting lymphoid tissue, which permeated the entire lymphocytes and cells which are the basic and important part of the immune system (macrophages). In our body six tonsils: pharyngeal, palatine, lingual and tube.

Palatine tonsils carry and hematopoietic function, in clusters of lymphoid tissue formed lymphocytes (white blood cells), which are the main basis of immunity. The most important part of our immune system - this is the amygdala, the removal of which is not quite a good effect on the body as a whole.

Experts say that the amygdala (or adenoids) are so important for the body, even half-dead and destroyed the amygdala produces more immunoglobulin than the rest of the immune system.

Due to the porous structure of the tonsils, all pathogens when trying to penetrate into the body, get into the environment of cells of the immune system and destroyed. Adenoids - a serious barrier to infection, and if the body itself can not cope with the disease, it becomes inflamed tonsils.

When the operation is necessary?

In the recent Soviet past adenoidectomy was quite an ordinary operation. In America, almost all children up to six years removed adenoids (glands or). Today on adenoidectomy are much rarer, because such operations involve a number of unpleasant consequences for the organism.

Modern doctors recommend removing the tonsils in only a few cases:

  • If a person falls ill with angina (acute inflammation of the tonsils), more than four times a year, and the disease is high fever and general weakness of the body.
  • The appearance on the background of constant sore throats tonsillitis (irreversible changes in the tonsils and constant inflammation.)
  • The development on the background of the disease festering abscesses (abscesses), affecting the area of ​​the larynx.
  • When there is an unconscious airway closure large tonsils (snoring during sleep, which is the cause of short-term cessation of breathing).
  • The sharp weakening of immunity.

Chronic tonsillitis, which is one of the main reasons to conduct surgery to remove the tonsils - a pathological condition of the body. The natural function of the tonsils on protection against infections is lost in this disease, and the tonsils themselves become a hotbed of inflammation.

Progressive chronic tonsillitis can cause heart disease, joints and break all the body's defenses. It can also cause severe rheumatism, and renal diseases.

But the early great tonsillitis treated by conservative methods (washing, lubrication, physiotherapy, etc.). In the case of inconclusive treatment of chronic tonsillitis inflammation goes too far and damaged amygdala do not contain lymphoid tissue healthy.

In this case, doctors recommend surgery. The operation to complete or partial removal of the adenoids is called palatal tonzillotomiya.


How is the removal of tonsils?

Nowadays tonsillectomy produces gentle methods and using modern equipment.

  1. Partial removal of the adenoids.

    Foci of inflammation affecting ultra-low (freezing with liquid nitrogen) or ultra-high (burning with an infrared laser or carbon) temperatures. After the death of the affected tonsil or a part of its direct removal occurs.

    This operation is absolutely painless. But tonsils removed only partially so in the postoperative period the patient is suffering from a sore throat and mild fever.

  2. Complete removal of the adenoids (glands).

    Mechanical tonsillectomy in adults. Using surgical scissors, wire loop. This operation is performed under general anesthesia, and it is accompanied by a slight bleeding.

    Electrocoagulation. On the damaged and destroyed the amygdala affect high-frequency electric current. The operation is painless and bloodless. But the application of an electric current may adversely affect the surrounding healthy tissues damaged amygdala. There may be some complications after surgery.

    Ultrasound excision. Cutting the fabric to remove the tonsils is produced by high-frequency sound vibrations, this operation is good that no damage of any blood vessel or surrounding tissue.

Immediately after surgery, the patient is placed on the right side, on the neck put an ice pack (cold helps to narrow the blood vessels and prevents the onset of bleeding). The next few days the patient takes a course of antibiotics to prevent the occurrence of possible infection.

On the first postoperative day allowed to drink a few sips of water, in the next few days you will have to confine liquid and pureed food cold. Five days later comes the healing of the wound surface after removal of the tonsils.

Contraindications to surgery:

  • The presence of blood diseases (impaired clotting).
  • Heart problems (angina and tachycardia).
  • Kidney disease.
  • Diabetes.
  • Severe forms of hypertension.
  • The active form of tuberculosis.
  • Acute infectious diseases.
  • Pregnancy in the third trimester (after six months).

Against the surgery to remove the tonsils act categorically cardiologists and gynecologists (in the case of women). The body is very much weakened by the loss of the tonsils.

The consequences of such an operation and the complications *

After a tonsillectomy (any operations, even the most benign) may begin complications.

  • The body is now more vulnerable to pathogens after tonsillectomy, greatly weakens the immune system.
  • Fabrics pharynx and larynx are experiencing severe stress, which manifests itself as a sharp constant sore throat.
  • The possibility of dangerous bleeding.
  • The spread of infection in the cervical lymph nodes (lymphadenitis). This complication subsides after a week after surgery for tonsil their removal.

Remove or not?

This issue should be solved by qualified and experienced doctor. The decision on the transaction shall be made only as a last resort when other treatments do not help. In this case, the harm and the danger of chronic tonsillitis outweighs complications after surgery.

Deleting your adenoids - is the most extreme measure. If a person suffering from chronic tonsillitis, the problem starts with the internal organs, it is no doubt necessary surgery to remove the tonsils. Tonsillectomy is performed only when the tonsils are beginning to work against his own body.

In any event, in modern pharmacology have strong antibiotics. We have many folk remedies, homeopathy. Our health and well-being of the body depends on its integrity.

Remove tonsils or not? First of all, try to treat them and not to let things take their course. Quenched own body, taking vitamin complexes in the offseason. Any operation - a major change in the body, and is better to do without surgical measures. By the way, removing the tonsils in people adult goes much harder than in children. The adult body is rarely completely healthy.

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!

 Tonsillectomy in adults - is it necessary?

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