properties of water

Water - the cradle of all life. With this statement is unlikely to solve any sane person to argue. But at the same time almost all people believe that water is absolutely simple and thorough study of the chemical element H2O. However, in reality this is not so.

At all times, including the present, the water was and is one of the most complex mysteries for scientists. Scientists are interested in the properties of water more than a dozen years, but by the end they have not been clarified to this day. This is not surprising - after all the water is completely unique substance. For example, virtually all the substances under cooling compressed. The water, on the contrary, increases. Or take the density. In a frozen condition water has a much lower density than the liquid. And there are endless variety of questions.

The importance of water in the body

Also, until now scientists are not fully clarify the question as to what is the role of water in human life. But the fact that it is irreplaceable and the functioning of the body without water is simply not possible - is undeniable.

It is known that the human body is 70% water. Human bone contains approximately 22% water, light - 80%, the heart - 75% muscle - 60%, brain - 90%, blood and lymphatic fluid - 95%. On closer examination, scientists found that in addition to the fact that the cell itself organism mostly consists of water, it is also in the interstitial fluid. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that if a person consumes an insufficient amount of water and the cells are not saturated properly, proper functioning of the organism is impossible, well-being and suffering.

That water is the basis of all beverages, without exception, that a person drinks. This applies, in principle, not only to drink but to all products without exception. For example, bread contains about 35% water, the meat - about 60%, tomatoes - 90. And that's why that body by the lack of water is very severely affected, even can not speak.

In that case, if the man felt no explainable very tired, sleepy or very thirsty, especially if the ambient temperature is not so high, most likely, you have the first signs of dehydration. A dehydration for the human body is a very serious threat.

And very often it is the man himself becomes the culprit dehydration. For example, people believe that if they drink large amounts of coffee, tea or beer, the lack of water they are not threatened. However, this is not the case - many drinks, such as wine, beer, tea or coffee is not only saturate the body with water, but, on the contrary, contribute to the removal of water from the body, thereby contributing to further dehydration.

Also, among the people, there is another widespread misconception that in winter the body needs much less water than in the summer. However, such a drinking regime - a recipe for dehydration. The daily need of an adult organism in water is at least one and a half liters. In the hottest time of year, this need increases to three liters. Anyone able to independently calculate the average daily fluid needs is for your body. It is enough to remember that for every kilogram of body weight should receive 40 grams. Water. If you drink the required amount of water, no dehydration and other complications associated with it, you will be scary. And believe me - these complications can be very serious.

 the amazing properties of water

Prevention of various diseases

Doctors also say that dehydration, especially wearing chronic, often provokes a variety of diseases, often quite serious. Thus, for example, cancer. Most recent medical research - oncologists argue that chronic dehydration increases the risk of cancer by about 40%. Agree - quite an impressive figure.

In addition, the amazing properties of water to protect the human body from such afflictions as stoves and kidney disease, gallbladder. Medical statistics show that 67% of people suffering from these diseases, there has been a chronic dehydration.

And, besides, the amazing properties of water to help the body cope with even viral diseases and flu. In order to reduce the risk of infections, doctors recommend that people during epidemics and in the off-season to increase the amount of fluid intake by about 30%.

Drinking water quality

However, the properties of water, of course, depends on its quality. Man can only drink pure water of good quality, does not contain any harmful impurities. Many people used to drink tap water straight from the tap, not cleaning it. However, unfortunately, most of the state of water supply systems in Russia, and not only in Russia, so bad, that drink the water without first clearing it, it is imprudent and fraught with human body.

The vast majority of people mistakenly believe that simply tap water to boil, and then you can drink. However, it is not so - simple boiling is not enough even to killing all germs. And that, and nitrates and phenols, and pesticides, heavy metals and after boiling and remain in the water, even not speak. Therefore, tap water should be cleaned with special filters. Buy these filters can be commercially available.

And, moreover, boiling has another very significant drawback. By the time the kettle boiling on the walls are calcium and magnesium salts that are so necessary to the human body. After all, the bulk of these salts, the person receives it from the water.

In addition to using special filters, doctors recommend the use of this method of water purification as defending. Water is necessary to defend about 6 hours, only in an open container. Chlorine contained in the water will evaporate, and all the pollutants, chemicals, salts and heavy metals which are harmful to health, settle to the bottom of the container. Please consider this fact particularly close attention - after two-thirds of the water will be used, the remainder of the water must be drained.

If you do not want to bother with filters and settling of water, you can use a special drinking purified bottled water, which is sold in almost all stores. This water is completely ready for use. By the way, doctors recommend for cooking and use purified or bottled water. After all, if cooking on tap water, all harmful substances still fall into the human body, and it will have its negative impact.

Now that you know the basic properties of the water, you can make it as an ally in the struggle for your health!

 Properties of water. Effect of water on the body

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 signs of a stroke in humans

Stroke. The disease has long been a real scourge of modern mankind. The scientists note with concern the fact that stroke is rapidly "younger" - today it can overtake even quite young people between 3 and 40 years old. Severe headache, nausea, vomiting. Loss of consciousness - about as an effect of cerebral stroke. And to predict when, where and who he will overtake again, virtually impossible.

That is why all adults need to know the signs of stroke, causes of its development on the way in which it is necessary to provide first aid to the sick person. Quite often a person's life depends precisely on literacy and operational action of those people who were close to the time of a stroke.

Causes of stroke

Stroke is due to a sharp change in the normal process of blood circulation in the human brain. In that case the healthy brain vessels, the blood does not coagulate them. However, when a person suffers from a particular disease, e.g., atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, vessel walls are formed by specific plaques that lead to the fact that the walls of the vessels become brittle and receptacles themselves - narrower. As a rule, people with similar pathological changes of brain vessels and disrupts the normal process of brain blood circulation, resulting in a stroke.

In that case the stroke occurs on the background of the dynamic circulatory disorders in brain vessels, it is less dangerous. In this case, violations occur fairly quickly, but also quickly and disappear, and therefore are called dynamic. One striking example of such a violation is a short sharp narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain, caused by the significant rise in blood pressure. The second most common cause of dynamic cerebral circulatory disorders - a sharp drop in blood pressure, but the narrowing of blood vessels of the brain is not happening. This phenomenon frequently occurs when a human patient is weakened heart activity, resulting in reflux of blood from the brain to the internal organs.

Another frequent cause of stroke are violations such as embolism and thrombosis. For example, in the event that a clot occludes - a vessel, blood ceases to flow through it in the region of the brain, for blood circulation which corresponds precisely to the affected vessel. As a result, very quickly going extinction of the area of ​​the brain. Thrombosis, as a rule, most often develop in people who suffer from pathological changes in the vascular walls of atherosclerosis, changes in the composition and consistency of blood, slowing blood flow, low blood pressure constantly.

Embolism is also a kind of blockage of blood vessels in the brain. The vessels can be clogged by thrombi which are formed not in the brain and in the distant organs of the body. Most often a blood clot in the brain gets from the surface modified with various diseases of the heart valves. In that case, if a stroke is caused by a blood clot, his symptoms do not occur instantaneously, but grows slowly, but steadily. First, a sick person may complain of numbness in one or another arm or leg, then his speech becomes slurred, the person becomes pale, loses the ability to orientation in time and space.

Especially careful when you notice such symptoms must be relatives of the sick people who are ill with such a disease as cerebral atherosclerosis. In no case, the likelihood of such symptoms can not be applied to the sick man's head cold, and even more to raise it. Wrap the sick person is admissible only in a horizontal position.

The symptoms of bleeding in stroke

Another factor disturbing the blood circulation in the brain is brain hemorrhage itself or its shell. The risk of bleeding in the brain especially great for those people who suffer from hypertension disease or atherosclerosis. This is due to the fact that due to illness the blood vessel wall becomes thin, very light. And any increase in blood pressure causes blood vessels that quite simply torn or leaking through the walls of blood vessels.

In that case, if the stroke was due to bleeding in the brain, symptoms of a stroke are as follows: a sick person suddenly loses consciousness and falls. A person becomes a crimson hue rather strongly swells, the lips are cyanotic. On the neck clearly show through the swollen veins pulsing and breathing becomes extremely difficult and noisy, clearly tapped wheezing.

In the case of individual work areas of the brain is broken, in a human patient may develop paralysis of the left or right hand of the body. Sometimes it is joined by a partial or complete loss of sensation in the skin, as well as partial or complete speech disorder. These processes can be either reversible or irreversible. Depending on the severity of the lesion.

In the first place the sick person is necessary to ensure complete peace and quiet. Try not to move the sick person - if possible, it should be left in the same room where he had a stroke and. All strangers. In addition to those who provide assistance. You must immediately leave the premises. Immediately unbutton his collar and belt of the sick person, release him from all tight clothing. Open doors and windows to maximize the flow of oxygen. Be sure to check whether he had dentures, and if there is - pull them out of the mouth. Try to visit the brigade "first aid" the most muted light - bright light creates a human patient discomfort.

The only case of a stroke, in which the need to raise the head of the sick person - a brain hemorrhage .  As already mentioned, it is very easy to recognize, even people without medical training - like face reddens and swells the patient .  In this case, you need to put a head on his shoulders and the pillow of the sick person, and in their absence - folded clothes .  If there is within the reach of the ice or cold water, it is necessary to attach them to the head, initially for 10 minutes to its left, then another 10 minutes to the right .  To the feet of the sick person, it is desirable to make a heating pad or hot water bottles .  In an extreme case, they must be continuously rub .  This measure will help to increase blood flow to the legs and, accordingly, reduce the tide to the brain .  However, be careful with heaters - the sensitivity of the skin, usually in the largely reduced, so to avoid burns .

Be careful when providing first aid - as you have seen for yourself, the disease is caused by various factors, signs of a stroke is also different, so the first aid in all cases is different. Those measures, which are vital for a sick person to another can become deadly. And if you are very confused in a stressful situation, it is better to do nothing. Limit the general measures: call the brigade "first aid", carefully lay the sick person, unbutton clothes and wait for the arrival of an ambulance. During a call, the doctors clearly describe any signs of stroke a person has - so the dispatcher send it doctors - resuscitation.

The effects of stroke

Despite the high level of modern medicine, as well as the level of scrutiny, stroke never ceases to present physicians various surprises in the form of its consequences. It is impossible to predict the consequences, even those strokes, which are caused by the same reasons - different people, they will be different.

However, there are several common features in all patients with stroke. The most easy to get off those sick people who have suffered a stroke, which developed as a result of the dynamic circulatory disorders in the brain - a stroke takes place for them without any consequences. In the same case, if the stroke was the result of embolism or thrombosis, with very high probability of a human patient for a long time paralyzed arm and leg movements.

In that case, if the bleeding has occurred in the right hemisphere of the brain, paralyzed the work of the right hand and foot. If startled turned left hemisphere, in addition to the defeat of the right hand and foot much suffering it. This happens because it is in the left hemisphere of the brain speech centers are responsible for a person's ability to speak. And sometimes people just do not lose the ability to speak words and altogether ceases to perceive it, in particular the words addressed to him.

Recovering from a stroke

However, a stroke - is not a sentence. With the help of doctors and loved ones in a human patient, there are all chances to return to a full life. Lost because of the stroke function of the body, in most cases, you can restore almost full. The circulation of the brain is reduced, if not through the main vessels are damaged, and through a network of more lateral vessels. In that case, if a part of areas of the brain atrophied their function, usually assume the adjacent healthy parts of the brain. It is due to this, and there is a restoration of the body after a stroke.

However, relatives of the sick person must be patient - it takes time to recover. And definitely say how long it will take, it is impossible. The recovery process can take up a month or two, or even a year. It all depends on the degree of brain damage and the individual characteristics of the organism. And help native people able to largely accelerate the recovery of the sick person.

First of all you need to pay close attention to the power of the sick person. Proper nutrition plays a very important role in the recovery of human rights. Doctors - Nutritionists recommend a diet to include a person who has had a stroke, the following products:

  • Dairy products: cheese, milk, yogurt, yogurt.
  • Various cereals: buckwheat, oats, millet.
  • Pureed fruits and hair.
  • Boiled meat low-fat varieties.
  • Lean fish.

It is useful to be and multivitamin complexes - consult with your doctor what to prefer. Pay attention to the amount of food - portion should not be too big - because people always spends lying down, his weight to anything. The same applies to liquid - day sick person should drink no more than 5 - 6 cups of fluid.

Make sure to have a sick man was a regular chair. If a sick person constipation, remember that the products, such as prunes, fruit, yogurt and yogurt have greatly increased peristalsis.

Do not forget also about the moral condition of the sick person. Talk to them, read the newspaper, let the TV. This will allow the sick person does not feel cut off from life. Yes, and if the sick person get enough of the day experiences, his dream will be strong.

Prevention of stroke

About half of all stroke cases, its development could be prevented if the necessary measures have been taken in a timely manner. For example, very often the cause of stroke is excessively thick blood. Virtually none of the ill people are not aware of the features of his. But if they had timely checkups by a doctor and a blood test, they would have known about this fact.

Prevent the development of stroke in patients with excessively thick blood is easy. Suffice it daily before going to bed to drink half a tablet of aspirin, which thins the blood very well. Tablets should drink milk to prevent irritation of the gastric mucosa.

In the event that a person is suffering from atherosclerosis of the brain, it must also receive the necessary treatment to help prevent stroke. In addition, a person must be under constant supervision of doctors.

Also, under no circumstances is unacceptable to ignore the increase in blood pressure. Of course, once the pressure increase is not dangerous. Yet hypertension is a fairly strong signal of danger.

And, of course, the most important stroke prevention, and not just a stroke - a healthy lifestyle. Liters of coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and lack of sleep - the right way to say goodbye to health.

 Signs of a stroke. First aid

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