black tea benefits and harms


  • From the history of the drink ...
  • Useful properties of black tea
  • Cosmetic aspect of the useful properties of tea
  • Contraindications

Tea - a wonderful drink. It invigorates the morning, calming evening warm in winter, but in hot weather thirst quencher. Black tea is healthy (in particular, for our cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract) as well as helps preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.

Benefits and harms always go hand in hand. However, the beneficial properties of this wonder-drink known to mankind for almost four millennia, far more than bad. Actually, the use of the word "harm" to the tea simply inappropriate. Rather, we can talk about some of the contraindications for people with certain health problems. For a healthy person the benefits of tea have long proven, and we want to convince you of this again.

From the history of the drink ...

The botanical name of tea refers to its origins: Camella sinensis - Chinese camellia. It was a wild tea bushes growing in the south-eastern provinces of China, and is the ancestor of all known varieties of the plant today. From there it spread throughout the region - from time immemorial tea is grown and consumed in Burma, Vietnam, and India. A special case is Japan, which not only pays tribute to this drink, but also built a tea party to the rank of fine art. The tea ceremony in Japan - it's a real performance in which clearly defined roles for each member.

In Europe, more specifically in England, tea brought English merchants as a gift to the royal family. It happened at the end of the XVI century. Initially, because of the high prices, due to duties, the tea was not available to ordinary citizens, but over time the value of bounced back and got a drink in the country's enormous popularity.

The Russian tea leaves were in the XVII century, and then forgot about them almost 30 years. And in 1769, Russia signed an agreement with China for the supply of tea.

Interestingly, initially as a raw material for beverage use the dried leaves of the tea bush green. Black tea, like all genius, was invented by accident. Once the party leaves Podmokly, did not want to throw it out and decided to dry. It turned out that the drink is completely different to your taste from the usual green tea, but it is also very good. Thus began the industrial production of black tea.

Today, we can buy the different kinds of black tea: large leaf, broken-leaf, long leaf, granulated and packaged. He comes into our market from India, China, Sri Lanka and some African countries.

 black tea benefits

Useful properties of black tea

According to experts, black tea is good and just as the tonic (but more on that later), and as an excellent diaphoretic and antipyretic drug for colds, especially in combination with honey. Black tea lowers blood pressure and is very good for stomach disorders. Strong sweet tea with milk is used for poisoning (alcohol, arsenic overdose of drugs), it has a positive effect on the body even if the radioactive contamination, linking strontium. Benefits, as they say, is obvious.

Black tea has antibacterial properties - it is perfectly neutralizes the microorganisms that cause eye, abdominal, skin infections. The very first vehicle, for example, at the initial stage of conjunctivitis - a rinsing freshly strong tea.

It is used also as an antibacterial agent for various infections of the oral cavity. Furthermore, it positively affects the health of the teeth, because it contains a significant amount of this necessary for good enamel substances as fluoro. It's undeniable benefits of black tea, especially for those people who suffer from tooth decay.

The presence of tannins helps protect from intestinal infections. When diarrhea strong brewed black tea relieves unpleasant consequences in a matter of hours.

Contained in black tea theophylline stimulates metabolic processes, helps control the level of cholesterol has a positive effect on capillaries, improving blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

The researchers found that regular consumption of black tea improves the immune system and prolongs life. The benefits of black tea for the elderly is also in the fact that they keep fit and high performance for many years.

Cosmetic aspect of the useful properties of tea

Tannin, which we have already mentioned above, slows the aging process of tissues, that is, acts as a kind of elixir of youth. Usefulness tannin manifested as when using tea as the beverage and when used as a cosmetic.

The tea leaves contain more than 200 nutrients: provitamin A, vitamin B, C, K, P, trace elements, essential oils, tannins, catechins, teotanin caffeine. Tea has anti-bacterial and anti-aging action, well-toned skin, restores its freshness and healthy color.

For oily skin lotion is recommended to use the tea, which is prepared in just a few minutes. To be strong brewed tea to add a few drops of lemon juice. Rubbing face lotion so you flatten enlarged pores and improve the complexion.

For dry skin beauticians recommend toning mask of strong tea and honey.

For all skin types suitable ice, made from strong tea leaves, followed by massaging the face every morning - a good tone and a fresh complexion guaranteed. And Beauty Eye recommend a cold compress of strong tea. Tampons soaked in tea leaves, it is necessary to previously hold in the refrigerator.

An excellent tonic tea baths are very popular in China. However, to get such a pleasure, it is not necessary to go to China. Tea bath can be cooked at home. Simply mix the black and green tea (you will need about 5 tablespoons of the mixture) and brew a liter of boiling water. An hour later pour the infusion into the bath, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and enjoy. The benefits of such a bath is to improve blood circulation, it also has a powerful antiseptic.

Strong welding is shown and for the strengthening and growth of hair. It can be used as masks with different additives, the use of which for a long time proved the hair (which, in particular, castor oil, cognac et al.).

 black tea benefits


About the harmful effects should talk only if the person is abusing strong tea. But this warning is equally can be attributed to any Food & Beverage: everything is good in moderation. Hurt brings a surfeit. Although there are a small percentage of people that tea can be harmful. However, to be precise, it is not harmful, but rather a contraindication. We are talking about people who are hypersensitive to caffeine, or even dependent on it.

This damage is manifested as increased excitability, insomnia, tachycardia, headaches. When such symptoms should either opt out of tea, or eat poorly brewed tea.

In strong tea has one very annoying flaw - it removes from the body of such an important trace mineral that is responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system, such as magnesium. This is applied to an absolute harm the human body. Lack of magnesium manifests itself very unpleasant consequences: chronic fatigue syndrome, nightmares, convulsions.

If you love tea, and do not want to deprive yourself of the pleasure, just turn in your diet more foods rich in magnesium. This is nuts, apricots, peaches, cauliflower. It is also helpful to drink mineral water with a high content of magnesium.

If you know that a strong tea is harmful to your health, and the weak no pleasure, you can try to prepare black tea with various additives - be it grass, berries, currant leaves, cranberries, strawberries.

Not recommended also drink tea medicine multivitamin. Substances contained in tea leaves, negatively affect the absorption of medicines and vitamin preparations.

 Black tea: the benefits and harms

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 removal of tonsils in adults

"And they have a headache and a sore neck! "

A sore throat. Who are the people not experienced it at least once in life. And some less fortunate people have to live side by side with angina life. Angina doctors call an acute infectious disease in which are involved the upper respiratory tract and nasal tissue. The source of infection is in angina patients with various forms of acute diseases and carrier of pathogens. The most important are patients with foci of infection in the upper respiratory tract.

The disease is very common, because it is extremely contagious. It is very easily transmitted by airborne - drop by, so it is enough for one person in a team ill as an epidemic begins rampant.

And if angina in humans repeated twice per year and more, it is considered chronic and require more drastic treatment. As a rule, we are talking about removing the tonsils. Of course, the removal of tonsils in adults is not made to all the people who have a sore throat. There are several strictly limited indications for this surgery:

  • Relapses profiles more than 3 times a year, especially accompanied by the rise of heat - more than 38, and 5 degrees.
  • The appearance of abscesses of tonsils.
  • Angina, leading to complications such as renal diseases, heart and joints.
  • Extremely weakened immunity.

Sometimes it does not carry out a full and partial removal of the tonsils - tonzillotomiyu. As a rule, it is prescribed in cases where the patient's condition itself can not cause doctors specific complaints, and complaints of feeling on the part of the sick person also been reported. However, the patient tonsils are too large and prevented him from breathing normally, and give rise to snoring. And if a person uvelichiny glands removal in this case inevitably.

However, there are a number of circumstances that are strict contraindications to surgery. These include:

  • Severe blood diseases such as leukemia or aplastic anemia.
  • Angina or other serious cardiac arrhythmia.
  • The open form of tuberculosis.
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
  • Time during pregnancy.
  • Third trimester of pregnancy.

Features of the operation

Despite the fact that the removal of tonsils is not even how - a serious danger for the sick person, and particularly difficult for the doctor, it was, is and will remain still surgery. And, of course, that the removal of tonsils, like any other surgery, has its individual specific features.

If you or your loved ones will have surgery to remove the tonsils, the excitement that you feel completely natural. Described below information will let you know about exactly how this surgery is performed. For the most part it is the lack or total absence of information and give rise to fear.

Typically, surgery to remove the tonsils performed under general anesthesia. This not only allows doctors to do their work safely, but also to save people from unnecessary emotions, fears and other stresses. So, what kind of anesthesia will be used, it decides the doctor - anesthesiologist in each case, given the large number of various individual to individual.

Once a person will act anesthesia, the doctor pathological tissue excised tonsils. Excision can be done in different ways:

  • Ultrasound.
  • Laser beam.
  • Electricity.
  • A liquid nitrogen.

After removing the tonsils will be completed, doctors turn it over on its right side. In order to reduce blood loss, on the neck of the sick person make ice lotion. Immediately after surgery the doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics to the sick person, the purpose of which is the prevention of wound infection.

On the first day after surgery the patient receiving any person - any food is strictly forbidden, allowed to drink only water. On the second day can be filled with liquid have porridge. And pay attention to the temperature of food - ideally it should be cool, but certainly not hot. Too many doctors even recommend on the second day after the operation to use ice cream. A similar diet should be followed for at least four days. At about the fifth day of the operating wound is completely closed.

 removal of the tonsils

Possible complications after surgery

In some cases, quite rare, but nevertheless, some sick people may develop certain postoperative complications. However, this is not a cause for concern - modern medicine can cope with these complications are absolutely painless and in a short time. That is why the first time after surgery a person must be under the supervision of physicians.

  • Hemorrhage

After surgery, a person may develop bleeding, particularly in those patients who are suffering from rheumatism. Usually, the doctor informed in advance about the possible threat and taking all measures to prevent bleeding. And even if still bleeding starts and doctors can easily stop it. Therefore, such bleeding is absolutely no threat.

  • Lymphadenitis

The second incidence of complication is the penetration of pathogenic organisms in the cervical lymph nodes, operating through the wound surface. As a result, inflamed lymph nodes and develop lymphadenitis. The doctor immediately prescribe a treatment that will get rid of the disease as soon as possible.

However, despite the fact that no particular risk this surgery is not abusing them as not worth it. Operation has operations, and any outside interference is the least. It is much wiser to observe preventive measures in a timely manner to prevent the development of disease.

Tonsils and pregnancy

Talking about such disease as angina, we can not tell you about one interesting feature of this disease. Doctors - gynecologists advise women who want to become pregnant, but for them it does not work, consult your doctor - audiologist. Often, the most common removal of the glands allows a woman to get pregnant very quickly. Doctors explain the surprising fact that infertility in women may be caused by the presence of foci of chronic infection is localized to the tonsils.

Therefore, if you have any - any problems conceiving, do not rush to start a complex and expensive treatment. To get started, visit the doctor - otolaryngologist - perhaps that he can solve all your problems.

In any case, the decision operation must take physician based on all information available to it. Very often it is possible to do "little blood" - conservative treatment. Of course, conservative treatment can take a long time. But do not try to take the path of least resistance, ask your doctor to remove your tonsils. Remember that any cell in the human body is not excessive, and they all do their part, each of which is important in its own way.

 Removal of tonsils in adults

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