numbness of fingers

The numbness of the fingers, the causes of which can be very different, very common in many people. And one of them is experiencing the discomfort quite rare, and some, on the contrary, suffer from them almost continuously. Not long ago, a similar phenomenon was most characteristic of older people. These days even the very young, people often wake up with a very unpleasant sensation of numbness of fingers, are replaced by a feeling of tingling and "whining".

Most often numb extremities, especially if the fingers are cold when it indicates that the person is largely disrupted normal blood circulation in the hands. And in order to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, it is necessary to know exactly what led to the appearance of numbness of fingers.

For example, in some cases, numb fingers at the banal reason - in the morning, waking up, the person feels numbness and tingling in the extremities simply due to the fact that the dream was in an uncomfortable position. The only thing that needs to be done in this case - a little warm-up, followed by an issue at all, you can forget.

However, if the numbness of the fingers occurs fairly regularly, but still there is an increase in seizure frequency, a person must as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor, I want it to or not. It is not always numbness of the fingers is the result of trivial violations - often a symptom of this is inherent in very serious diseases that pose a real threat not only to health and even life.

The main causes of hand numbness

  • clothing

In that case, if you experience numbness of the fingers immediately after you wake up, look at the clothes in which you sleep. Very often, the doctor and the sick man had unsuccessfully tried to find the cause of this phenomenon, whereas the response was very close. In the event that the sleeves nightwear gum is too tight, it was occluded blood vessels, and, accordingly, greatly disturbed circulation.

After blood flow is restored to the nerves start flowing certain substances which are very strongly irritate the nerve endings are located in the fingers. It is because of this irritation, and there is an unpleasant tingling in the extremities. Get rid of the problem in this case is quite easy, just change the clothes in which a person is sleeping.

  • Osteochondrosis

Another frequent cause of numbness of fingers is osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. And note that in this case is characterized by numbness of the fingers of the left hand or the right hand. But almost never result in degenerative disc disease is not just numb fingers on both hands. In order to accurately establish the diagnosis, the sick person must seek medical advice.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

This name is a human condition in which he pinched median nerve, which runs through the carpal tunnel. And in this case, people often feel not only a sense of numbness and tingling, and pain. Fingers can be hard enough to hurt, depriving the rest of the sick person.

By the way, most often this phenomenon is observed in the event that the specifics of the work of the sick person is that his wrists have to be on their toes, but still in the same position - for example, a computer. In order to prevent this disease, while the need to make every half-hour break at least a minute and a kind of warm-up for the hands in order to avoid congestion and a pinched nerve.

  • Polyneuropathy

In this case, there is an organic lesion of the nerve plexus, both the hands and fingers. And as a result of this defeat numbness and tingling constantly replace each other. The frequency of their occurrence depends on the degree of nerve damage - from several times a week, until substantially hourly attacks.

Such damage may result as the various infectious diseases, and functional - such as diabetes or pancreatitis. In some cases, these lesions provoke enough lack of a vitamin, or the presence of iron deficiency anemia.

  • Raynaud's disease

The disease is characterized by impaired blood flow in the smallest blood vessels of the hands and fingers. Circulation is broken due to the fact that there is a damage of small arteries and capillaries.

Do these sick people numb fingers of both hands, and hurt, and not just freezing cold and very much whiter. To diagnose the disease can only be a doctor. And in order to avoid its development, a person must be taken with due regard to their hands - not worth it for a long time to hold hands in cold water, such as washing the dishes or wash, and in the cold should not ignore the presence of commercially available gloves.

  • Thrombosis of the upper extremities

In that case, if the artery is located in the upper limbs, clogged blood clot, the person begins to feel numb. First, numbness in the fingers felt only the affected limb, but as time numbness persists, as usual, and continues to grow, rising higher and higher.

Be sure to pay this much attention to nuance - if the feeling of numbness in the fingers, or even more so in the very hand, does not pass within one hour, the sick person should as soon as possible, seek medical help. Otherwise very great risk that its development will begin the process of necrosis of tissue - in this case, in the absence of timely assistance is very high risk of losing the hand.

  • Clogging of blood vessels of the brain

Numbness of the hands may also indicate that over a man in danger of stroke. Typically, in such cases, there is a feeling of numbness in one hand. At the same time a human patient greatly raised blood pressure, and severe headaches. Such a state is by no means unacceptable to leave without proper attention. At the first alarming symptoms of a sick person should as soon as possible, seek medical help.

  • The so-called "syndrome of lovers"

Another fairly frequent cause of a strong sense of numbness in his hand is a case where a woman falls asleep on his hand man. As a result, for quite a long time the hand is not only in the oppressed condition, but still. As a result, a strong and prolonged compression of blood vessels, a strong feeling of numbness which persists for a long time. Therefore, no matter how nice a close embrace of a loved one, make sure that head to all - still lay on the pillow, not the hand.

  • Other reasons

Apart from all the above reasons, numbness of fingers can be caused by a variety of other systemic disorders, such as injuries, diseases of the endocrine system, rheumatism, inflammation of the joints. And independently determine what exactly caused the cause numbness of the hands in each situation is simply impossible.

In order to find out the cause of the sick person should seek help from a doctor - a neurologist, who will make a special survey, which aims to not only diagnosis but also the selection of treatment regimens. Proper and timely initiation of treatment is very, very important - otherwise the person may lose the mobility of the limbs.

 numbness in the fingers of the left hand

Prevention of numbness of fingers

No less important role played by the prevention of such conditions. But prevention is not hurt in any way - a very small set of physical exercises that should be performed only a few times during the day.

These exercises will help to eliminate the unpleasant consequences that happen in the case if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, static posture, and especially of the hands while working:

  • In the morning, not getting up, lift up and about 50 times compress and unclench his fists. Then stretch your arms at your sides and repeat the exercise again.
  • Turn your face to the wall, stand on your toes and raise your hands. Stay in this position for about a minute. During the day, you must repeat this control about five - six times.
  • Press the palms together, cross your fingers, and then about thirty times compress and uncompress them.

These simple exercises at times reduce the risk of numbness of fingers. And, besides, physical workout will benefit the entire body. Be healthy!

 Numbness in the fingers - Causes and Prevention

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 Hemorrhoid Treatment folk remedies

Hemorrhoids. About this disease, usually shy to say out loud. Nevertheless, it suffers from the great number of people of all ages, except perhaps children. And hemorrhoids plagued mankind for hundreds of years - at the time he received the title of "royal disease." And until now, humanity can not eradicate this disease. And the disease is serious enough - not treated early, it can be very lick human health, and significantly damage the quality of life. In the best case, people try to cure hemorrhoids folk remedies.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

What is this disease? It is believed that the hemorrhoids - is the appearance of hemorrhoids. However, this is not true - these same sites have absolutely everyone without exception. However, at the confluence of precipitating factors leading to stagnation of venous blood in the rectum, hemorrhoids situation begins to change - they go down, and then become inflamed and embraced outside.

The man starts to notice in his bright presence of symptoms of hemorrhoids. These symptoms include:

  • Hemorrhage

Hemorrhoids, especially in the presence of a strong inflammatory process, can greatly bleeding during defecation - the sick person can observe blood on the toilet paper in the stool. In severe cases, the nodes can bleed continuously. If you find yourself in this symptom as soon as possible, seek help from a doctor! This indicates that the disease is in a very advanced stage.

  • Discomfort

A person suffering from hemorrhoids may experience extreme discomfort in the anus - or pain, or severe burning, and sometimes even unbearable itching. And during bowel movements, these feelings can be amplified many times, turning an ordinary trip to the doctor in a real test for the sick person. And the more people will ignore their disease, the worst would be his condition.

  • The feeling of presence in the anus of a foreign body

In addition to all the other discomforts often a patient with hemorrhoids person has a strong feeling that the anus had some foreign body is present, or that he can not empty the bowel. In addition, people often feel a strong sense of pulling down. "Like someone - it pulls me by the rectum" - as they describe this condition.

  • Prolapse of the rectum

If treatment is not started on time, the disease will progress rapidly. And very soon, hemorrhoids will start to fall out. And it is very, very strong pain. In addition, excessively large inflamed node, dropped out, may be trapped in the anus. And it will require emergency surgery. Otherwise, the complications can be very serious.

  • Intense pain

Inflamed and enlarged in size hemorrhoids are extremely painful to the touch. However, as the disease progresses intense pain begins to occur without irritation of hemorrhoids - a person in the position of sitting, walking. And the pain is like a tooth - it is also completely deprives a person of sleep and just rest.

Please note that is not always the person with the disease hemorrhoids these symptoms appear all at once, and in the bright degree. Often, there is only one or two symptoms, and then, as the disease progresses, join everyone else. The same is true with regard to the intensity of pain - they can be very different - from weakly expressed to extremely intense.

That is why in any case not to delay treatment to the doctor - do not wait until the pain becomes unbearable. And besides, remember that as with any other illness, hemorrhoid treatment more effective, the earlier you start.

 Hemorrhoids Treatment folk remedies

The causes of hemorrhoids

For some people is no less important, and the prevention of hemorrhoids. Because hemorrhoids are almost never there for a reason - its development provokes a variety of external factors. And those people on which these factors affect regularly fall into a kind of risk. All these risk groups will be described below a little - Understand the carefully this information. And if you fall into one of these groups, be particularly careful with regard to the state of his health. So:

  • Mostly sedentary lifestyle

As mentioned above, the development of hemorrhoids is due to the stagnation of blood in the veins of the rectum. The most commonly to such stagnation leads a sedentary lifestyle, and certain activities - work on the computer, the driver and other work. Similarly, people in any case can not be forgotten periodically - about once every two hours - to do a little physical workout. Yes, and sports did not hurt either.

  • Overweight man

Almost all people who suffer from obesity sooner or later face hemorrhoids. They should be especially careful. Moreover, doctors recommend aside useless shame and undergo periodic checkups. And the doctor - dietician visit also would not hurt - because obesity leads to the development of various diseases, not just hemorrhoids.

  • Wrong diet

No matter how strange it might seem, but often develop hemorrhoids can be triggered by nothing more than a wrong diet. In the event that a person consumes an excessive amount of spicy, spicy food and smoked meats, condiments residues contained in the stool, irritate the hemorrhoids, and often lead to their inflammation.

And if as a result of malnutrition in human cases of systematic constipation, hemorrhoids, sooner or later, it is almost guaranteed. Hemorrhoids development occurs due to the fact that during stool in the rectum is pressurized. It is therefore important to adjust the diet. Yes, and your stomach will thank you for a healthy diet.

  • Anal

Often, women who regularly practice a kind of sex is anal. It certainly happens during micro trauma rectal mucosa. And there before hemorrhoids hand.

  • Exercise stress

In the event that a person is constantly lifting weights - during any sport or during operation, the risk of hemorrhoids is also increasing significantly. And these people have to undergo regular routine examinations by a doctor.

Hemorrhoids Treatment folk remedies

The most important condition for getting rid of the disease, of course, is a timely reference to the doctor - proctologist. After a survey of the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment to man. In severe cases, a human patient, surgical intervention, the aim of which is to remove the inflamed hemorrhoids.

However, treatment of folk remedies for hemorrhoids are also very effective. The main thing that people used the recipes of traditional medicine as a supplement to the basic treatment, the doctor appointed by it and not completely replace it. Below are the basic, most effective, methods.

  • Candles made from potatoes

Very effective in the early stages of hemorrhoids candle potatoes. They do very simple - clean one raw potato, and cut out her candle small diameter. These candles must be inserted in the morning and before going to bed, about 15 minutes. Inserting a candle, be careful that its end remains outside - otherwise it will be enough to remove problematic. The course of treatment should last at least one month, but it can continue for as long as is necessary, because this recipe has no contraindications or side effects.

  • Host of onions and candle wax

The above recipe is very good. However, not always it can be used are the people who have hemorrhoids is at advanced stage, but still in the acute stage - because of the pain the person does not enter into the rectum solid object. And here it can be very useful have the following recipe candles.

One hundred grams of any vegetable oil must be up to the state of coals fry one large onion crown. Oil is necessary to drain and mix with 100 grams of wax. Slightly cool the mixture, to form one of 10 candles. Candles should be stored in the freezer. Candles are used as follows: - after each bowel movement, place a candle as deep as possible into the rectum. There she is completely dissolved - therefore it does not need to extract. However, pay attention to the fact that in the process of dissolution of the content can get on the clothes - so take care to protect it from the appearance of oily stains.

  • Ice candles

Very effective during the acute stage of hemorrhoids help any ordinary ice candles. Make them easier - simple: create paper molds, such as those in the childhood we all were making for the seeds, only a very small size. Then fill them with water and place in the freezer.

To put these candles need to as often as possible. And relief comes very quickly - after about a second candle. Pay attention to the next point - before you insert the candle in the rectum for a few seconds dip one end in hot water. This must be done so that the edge is rounded, and does not cause pain during injection.

  • Sit-bath with onion

Equally effective also sit hot baths with infusion of onions. To do this, you need to chop three kilograms of onions and cook them for about an hour in three liters of water. The resulting broth must be dissolved in ten liters of water. The duration of the bath should last about 15 minutes. Baths should be done every night, as long as the person does not feel relief.

  • Aspen leaves

Aspen leaves very effectively relieve inflammation. For this purpose they must be placed in boiling water cool for about three minutes. Steamed leaves need to cool slightly, then attach to the hemorrhoids. Note that the first few times you may experience a burning sensation. Soon, however, these feelings will disappear completely. Continue treatment should be 14 days.

Summing up, it should be noted that if a person has hemorrhoids, treatment of folk remedies can greatly alleviate his condition. But in any case we must not forget the need for timely and regular basis to visit the doctor - proktologa.Ved only a doctor can give an accurate assessment of the patient's rights and the correct treatment. And besides, we do not forget the fact that folk remedies for hemorrhoid treatment, unfortunately, are only effective if the disease is not running very strongly. Otherwise, a person can help a doctor.

 Effectively hemorrhoid treatment folk remedies?

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