folk medicine for inflammation of the appendages

Gynaecological disorders are a major headache for most women. Moreover, as shown by health statistics, most women suffer from inflammatory processes, which are drawn into the ovaries, or as they say - appendages. And the women are trying to get rid of the disease in all possible ways, including in the course of attending and traditional medicine in inflammation of the appendages.

And fairness I must say that the simple recipes of traditional medicine are sometimes no less effective than the drugs that doctors prescribe. However, needless to say, traditional medicine is in any case should not replace a visit to the doctor - a gynecologist and implementation of all its recommendations.

Why ovaries are one of the most common gynecological diseases? Doctors - gynecologists referred to quite a large number of different factors that provoke the development of these diseases. And one of the main factors is commonplace hypothermia, lowered immunity. Besides that:

  • Violation of the digestive process, entailing constipation, including spastic.
  • Having different pelvic infection, especially chronic.
  • Excessive physical activity - especially lifting different weights.

 folk medicine for inflammation of the appendages

Treatment of inflammatory processes

As mentioned above, the traditional medicine of inflammation of the appendages is sometimes very effective. So why not try some recipes? After all, they are totally harmless and have virtually no contraindications. However, needless to say, before to try this or that means, check with your doctor - a gynecologist.

  • Aloe and Calendula

This tool can help even in case of strong inflammation. However, for its preparation it will take some time and effort. Prepare a two tablespoons of aloe, two glasses of Cahors wine and one cup of honey. Bring to a boil Cahors, then add the honey, reduce heat and simmer until the honey until completely melted. Then add two tablespoons pre-shredded leaves of aloe and simmer on the fire for about 30 minutes. The resulting mixture should be poured into a glass jar and store in refrigerator.

However, this is only half the job. You also need to collect the following medicinal herbs: Dried marigold blossoms - one and a half tablespoons of dried plantain leaves - one tablespoon. Pour the above herbs in a thermos and fill it with one liter of boiled water. Thermos tightly cover the pan and leave overnight, then strain the infusion using a gauze cloth and also stored in the refrigerator.

Take these infusions should be alternately - one day you need to drink herbal infusion, the second - an infusion of honey and aloe. They must take in the morning on an empty stomach, three tablespoons. The treatment should be two weeks, but a woman will feel a significant relief on the second - the third day after the start of treatment.

  • Celandine and sea buckthorn oil

Also very good result brings the next method of treatment. Put in a thermos two tablespoons dry celandine herbs, fill it with one liter of boiling water and leave for at least three hours. Then strain the infusion using a gauze cloth. With this infusion of a woman should douche at least twice a day - morning and evening, after heating it up to body temperature. A cold infusion can greatly exacerbate the situation.

In parallel with this sick woman should prepare the following way - buy in a drugstore or a sterile gauze bandage and sea buckthorn oil. Chop three tablespoons of aloe leaves, using gauze cloth squeeze the juice from it and mix with sea buckthorn oil. From sterile bandage small shape pads. After each irrigation is necessary to moisten the swab into the sea buckthorn oil and enter into the vagina as deeply as possible. The tampon should be left for the night, but do not forget about the one-time pad, necessary in order to protect from stains linen.

  • Gathering to treat pain and inflammation in the appendages

In that case, if a woman is experiencing intense pain, alleviate her condition may be using the following herbal teas:

Eucalyptus leaves - one tablespoon;
Leaves lungwort - two tablespoons;
Berries of bird cherry - 5 pieces.

Eucalyptus and lungwort should be placed in an enamel bowl, pour one liter of water and simmer for at least twenty minutes. After that the berries of wild cherry need to add water (about a glass) and simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes. After that you need to with the help of gauze fabric carefully drain the two broth, then mix them in a glass container.

Drinking active decoction must three tablespoons, 10 minutes before each meal, but at least five times a day. The pain will recede after five - six hours, but in order to not just numb and completely get rid of the disease, you need to take a decoction for one month.

  • Herbal to remove secretions

Purchase at the pharmacy of the following herbs: flowers of white clover, centaury leaves, St. John's wort and birch buds. Herbs should be mixed in equal proportions, pour one liter of water and boil for about ten minutes. After that pot should be tightly cover and insist hour. Then strain the broth, and pour into a clean container. Keep it should be refrigerated no longer than three days.

Take the broth must be three times a day, about half of glass, and always before eating. The first results you will see in a day, but the full course of treatment should be at least three weeks.

Simultaneously with the reception of the woman should douche infusion broth chamomile. Preparing it is very simple - pour one liter of water two tablespoons of dried chamomile blossoms. Bringing it to the boil and leave for two hours. Then strain using gauze cloth. Douche them every day before going to bed, during the course of treatment.

  • Goose cinquefoil

Another tool that can greatly alleviate the condition of the sick woman - infusion of herbs Potentilla goose. It is prepared as follows: - Place a container two tablespoons of dry grass cinquefoil, fill it with one cup of boiling water and leave for two hours. Then strain the broth, and drink at once.

Drink the infusion must be three times a day, preferably before meals. Parallel to this, women should several times a day douche same broth. For this purpose only necessary to prepare two times more saturated infusion. Before syringing sure to strain the broth and heat it.

The course of treatment should last at least one month. By the way, this applies to absolutely all the treatments, what would you choose, whether it's only pharmacy, or even traditional medicine, inflammation of the appendages should be cured until the end. Otherwise, a woman's risk of the disease to drive deep into the body. And then it will be felt again and again at the slightest negative factors - hypothermia, decreased immunity.

Also remember that the inflammation of the appendages often occurs even due to normal a cold or viral diseases. Therefore, the treatment a woman should be particularly attentive to the general state of the organism. You should not provoke such complications.

In addition, finally I would like to remind women - inflammation of the appendages is a serious disease. Moreover, it is often leads to the most severe complications - infertility. Therefore, in any case inadmissible to ignore the problem - a visit to the doctor should not be delayed, even if you plan to use the recipes of traditional medicine. Follow all doctor's recommendation - and the disease necessarily recede.

 The use of traditional medicine in inflammation of the appendages

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 medicinal herbs and plants

Medicinal herbs and plants a long time ago and have strongly taken place in human life. Moreover - for centuries they were the only available drug for humans. Despite the fact that modern pharmacology replete with many different drugs, many people still prefer to treat many diseases it is through different medicinal herbs.

In this method of treatment has both opponents and supporters. In this article we will look at and one point of view, and second. After all, in order to decide on the admissibility or inadmissibility of such treatment for themselves and their loved ones, you need to have an objective assessment of all positive and negative aspects, which are medicinal herbs.

Cons medicinal herbs

Often you can hear that the treatment of herbs may be hazardous to human health and even his life. And this is true - the action of many herbs may be more intense than the action of certain pharmacological agents .. And so it is, in fact, even in pharmacological medications are often used extracts from herbs.

And what can happen when misuse of drugs, they know everything. And herbs are fraught with the same - if you use them unchecked, could happen the same. Overdose can have a very negative impact on various human organs and systems, and especially on the liver and kidneys.

In addition, the drugs have a number of contraindications. There are many diseases in which herbal treatments can lead to a number of different complications, often very serious. And the age of the sick person depends on a lot - often some herbs can not be used in adults and elderly people, pregnant women.

By the way, pregnant women should be especially careful with herbs - many medicinal herbs contain active substances that can trigger the development of an increased tone of the uterus, and in severe cases - spontaneous abortion or premature birth.

Of course, pregnant women should not completely abandon the use of herbal remedies, but you must be very careful and pre-agree herbal medicine with your doctor - a gynecologist.

Furthermore, at least must be taken to carefully treated herbs child. Children often react to the grass completely unpredictable manner. Therefore, a preliminary consultation of the doctor - a pediatrician is needed to strictly mandatory. Do not ignore it and hope for the best, otherwise the consequences can be very sad.

In addition, there is another problem herbal medicine - an allergic reaction. This individual reaction of the organism to a specific person or that grass and predict the reaction in advance is impossible. That is why, before taking a particular drug in its entirety, you must make sure that the sick person is not allergic imennno these medicinal herbs. To do this, he should drink a very small dose infusion or decoction, and closely observe the condition of the body.

In that case, if a person has symptoms such as itching and redness of the skin, shortness of breath and so on, you must immediately take antihistamine medication to continue not to take this herb. Otherwise, big risk of developing pulmonary edema.

 medicinal herbs

Positive aspects of medicinal herbs

However, despite some negative aspects of herbal medicine, it is not necessary to abandon their use. Especially as medicinal herbs often have the greatest impact on the human body than the pharmacological drugs. And the side effects of drugs are much more than herbs.

However, for the treatment of herbs to be effective, you need to know a lot of different nuances. In addition, one of the features of herbal treatments is that their effect on the human body is almost always prolonged - treatment takes more than one or two days. Yes, and instantly get rid of a headache by means of a herbal unlikely.

Therefore, sick people should be prepared for the fact that the treatment can last for months, and sometimes not even one year, especially if the disease is started, or in the chronic stage. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of each patient man. Note, however, that sometimes it takes a few weeks of treatment to get rid of the disease, often for the first time emerged and is in the acute stage.

It is also very important that you follow the recommendations on the duration of treatment. Despite the fact that often the symptoms disappear rather quickly after the start of infusion or decoction of herbs, in any case not allowed to stop treatment immediately after the improvement.

Otherwise, a very high risk that the disease just goes deep into the body and take a chronic course. So before you stop treatment, you should definitely see a doctor and make sure that the disease is cured completely.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the same medicinal herbs affect the body are absolutely different people in different ways. Therefore, the same recipe, which uses medicinal herbs, can perfectly help one sick person, but no result will be quite another.

Therefore, no doctor - phytotherapeutist can not guarantee you the effect of a particular agent. Therefore, as a rule, the doctor prescribes treatment, and about a week later is required to evaluate the state of the sick person and the disease. In that case, if no improvement occurs in about a week, your doctor may suggest a different way of herbal medicine. It is thus possible to pick up a really effective tool that will help you.

 medicinal herbs

Other features of medicinal herbs

Also on the extent to which medicinal herbs are effective, affect their quality. It depends on many factors:

  • The place where gather medicinal herbs. The quality of medicinal herbs is largely influenced by where they were collected. It is necessary to avoid such gathering places as highways and railways, gas stations and the area around the various factories, homes, power lines. That is why it is not recommended to independently collect medicinal raw materials - herbs inadequate quality can cause irreparable harm to the human body. It is much safer to buy a ready-made medicinal herbs drugstore, obviously good quality.
  • Time collection of medicinal herbs. No less important role played and the time when it was collected or that herb. In fact, many herbs have medicinal properties only in a certain phase of its growth. Some herbs should be collected only during the flowering period, and other herbs - just before or after they ottsvetut. Therefore, in order to collect medicinal herbs, you must have some knowledge.
  • Conditions of storage of medicinal herbs. No less important are the storage conditions of medicinal herbs. They must be stored at a specific temperature and humidity. To ensure these conditions alone is not so simple, so, again, it makes more sense to buy herbs at the pharmacy.

Finally I would like to repeat once again - no matter how attractive did not seem to cure with medicinal herbs, be sure to pre-consult with your physician and a physician who specializes in herbal medicine. Only in this case, treatment with medicinal herbs will have on - truly a beneficial effect on the human body.

Otherwise, you risk at best, just lose time, and at worst - to lose time and get advanced disease. In this case, it is unlikely you will be able to do "a little blood." Most likely you will need much more severe treatment with serious pharmacological agents.

 Medicinal herbs