How to improve metabolism

How to improve metabolism? A lot of women ask this question and try to answer a variety of sources. And they find these answers - usually a variety of variations of diets. The woman begins to follow these diets in the hope that normal metabolism, and the body will begin to occur miraculous processes. However, one diet to improve metabolism, is unlikely to be even how - ever effective.

However, this is not true. Of course, in order that the body running smoothly and disorders, metabolism really have to be perfect. After all, most a wide variety of health problems occur because of improper metabolism. Yes, and the remaining small part of the disease, one way or another, but is also associated with it.

Individual approach

That is why, of course, necessary to normalize the metabolism, and then maintain it is also very important. However, do not mindlessly sit on different diets - such measures not only normalize metabolism, but, on the contrary, it can significantly degrade and provoke development of various diseases. Normalization of metabolism - it's not a one-time raid on a diet, but a very long and, most importantly, a complex event.

What's more - there is no universal way to the normalization of metabolism, suitable to all people without exception. In each case, a program of weight normalization should be selected strictly individually. And it is desirable to do this is not their own, but under the guidance of therapists and nutritionists.

The doctor - the therapist will conduct a full examination of the human body, if necessary, prescribe certain tests and studies. After that the doctor will assess the condition of the body, to make a statement and recommendations. Doctor - Dietician, after a conversation with the patient and with the advice of a therapist, will help to make the individual chart of the normalization of metabolism.

However, doctors still emit some general guidelines that are relevant to all people without exception. In cases of lung disorders of metabolic processes, these measures can normalize metabolic processes. Yes, and they can support them very effectively. But still before it should consult with your doctor.

Schedule meals

Unfortunately, more and more, you can observe the following picture: during the day the woman has virtually nothing - in the best case, that - or "hooks", and in the evening before going to sleep, I eat. However, this way of life - a direct path to disruption of normal metabolism.

To avoid such complications, should try to develop the habit of eating right. The best doctors recognize the so-called "fractional" food - the food should be taken in small portions, but often: approximately every three - four hours. And especially important not to skip breakfast - it was in the morning metabolic processes are most active. And as paradoxical as it may sound - but it was the food, and starts the metabolism. And in order to be active and correct, breakfast is a must.

Also, pay attention to what it is you are eating. Try to eliminate from the diet of all the food, which is called "harmful" - anything that contains preservatives, dyes, smoked, salted, spicy foods. Of course, the first time you will be quite difficult, but very soon this way of life will become a habit and will have something - something taken for granted, does not produce any discomfort. But the benefits to your overall health and metabolic processes in particular will be really invaluable.

Exercise man

Maybe talk about what good health brings moderate exercise. However, despite this, a lot of people simply ignore the need for regular exercise - occasional forays into the countryside or in the gym do not go through. Generally, people blamed this attitude to the sport to thousands of the most diverse reasons, among which the main course - a lack of time.

However, this is not a valid reason to refuse to exercise. No time for the gym or the swimming pool? Highlight a few minutes for morning exercises. You can not force yourself to get up a little earlier? Perform at least a few simple exercises throughout the day - even ordinary tilts and squats. Get off the bus one stop earlier, or take a walk in a nearby park before going to sleep at least fifteen minutes. The main thing is to have a regular load.

Despite the fact that the time and effort to do this, you do not have to spend so much, the result is truly stunning. And as a nice bonus to the normalization of metabolic processes, you get slim and elastic body, tightened muscles, high vitality and a great feeling.

However, it is worth paying attention to one feature. In many sources you can find a very common advice to perform certain physical exercises just before going to bed. It explained this advice to the fact that the alleged similar exercise at times increase the rate of metabolism. However, doctors say that such activity is nothing but an unnecessary excitation psychophysical organism. At best, it will result in insomnia.

 how to improve the body's metabolism

Full body massage

Stunning effect gives and massage. And we are talking about the power of massage, in which the muscles and the skin is very strong physical impact. This exposure leads to an increase in the intensity of the blood and lymph circulation, and hence the improvement of metabolic processes.

Especially effective in this respect, honey massage, acquiring a very wide popularity. The most expensive and high-end beauty salons offer such a procedure. However, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on trips to the beauty parlors. You can purchase honey make this massage yourself, before each taking a bath.

But, alas, there are certain groups of women, which all kinds of absolutely contraindicated. For example, in any case impossible to massage those women who suffer from varicose veins or have weak blood vessels. In any case, before the course of massage is advisable to consult your doctor.

A visit to the sauna or bath

No less benefit to the normalization of metabolic processes, brings a visit to the bath and sauna. Especially popular in recent times it uses infrared sauna. Under the influence of infrared rays is an acceleration of metabolism, skin regeneration and skin. And just bath and sauna no less effective - by heat expansion occurs then, the person sweats heavily. Together with then from the body displays a wide variety of toxins.

However, note also the fact that there are a number of different diseases for which any thermal procedures strictly contraindicated because they can be very dangerous not only for health, but in some cases for life. So before you go to the bath or sauna, you should consult with your doctor.

By the way, even if the woman is absolutely healthy, it is by no means impossible to visit the steam room during menstruation. High ambient temperature provokes vasodilation due in increased bleeding. This in turn may lead to a lowering of the pressure and the development of iron medicine.

Water Consumption

For the normal life of an adult should drink at least eight glasses a day. Everyone is familiar with the fact that, without water does not flow, no exchange process. And in that case, if the water stop ingested in full screen, the organism would be to delay the small amount that it gets. As a result, it may appear rather strongly pronounced swelling.

Doctors recommend to give preference to such drinks like sparkling mineral water with a slice of lemon, or as green tea. Incidentally, green tea is an excellent oxidant, which is a very positive effect on all metabolic processes in the body.

Sufficient sleep duration and lack of stress

It is important to keep track of how much time you sleep. Doctors recommend sleeping at least eight hours. And note - the eight hours should account for it in the night, so the sleepless nights at the computer held a cup of coffee in a society, have to leave in the past. However, these victims will be compensated by a beautiful complexion, lack of bruises and bags under the eyes and excellent metabolism. Agree - not such a great sacrifice in the name of beauty?

One should not forget about the various stresses. Of course, to completely avoid their often virtually impossible - it is such a feature of modern life rhythm. However, to a large extent reduce their very real. A lack of stress for you to say "thank you" is not only the metabolism, but also the entire body.

In any case, if the woman will comply with all of the above recommendations, her health and appearance will certainly change for the better!

 How to improve metabolism?

 itchy scalp

Itching of the scalp annoy enough people. Someone faced with him only occasionally, and someone carries much less itchy scalp and tormented man almost throughout his life. Agree, not very bright prospects for development.

Of course, with this scourge can and must be fought. However, in order to eliminate an itchy scalp, you must know exactly the cause, which has caused it. It is unlikely that you will be able to independently determine the cause of so much more reasonable time, not shelving them, seek help from a doctor - dermatologist. It did not appear absolutely nothing serious, and you will quickly get rid of the painful feeling of itching. Or maybe the problem is much more serious and need medical help and treatment.

So, what can be the causes of severe itching of the head? This is what will be discussed below:

Various stressors

Not long ago, doctors in some cases in response to complaints of people that have very itchy scalp, puzzled shrug and signs in their own powerlessness. Recently, however, medical studies have found that there is a very direct link between the stress state of the organism and the appearance of pruritus. Itching of the scalp from stress - are not uncommon.

Situations requiring excessive concentration, the psychological pressure on the person mental tension for a long time, emotional instability, serious illness or death of a loved one. All these stressful situations lead to the same result - the body is increased production of the hormone adrenaline.

To the adrenaline left the human body requires a certain exercise. Otherwise adrenaline and remains in the body for very long periods. And it is the high content of adrenaline in the blood often causes a person annoying, exhausting itching scalp.

Muscle tension

Despite the fact that few people can even imagine it, but the itching of the skin of the head can be caused by excessive muscle tension. And more often itching causes tension in the muscle groups such as the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck. Furthermore, remember also that color also has a lot of variety of muscles, which may also be in tension.

How does muscle tension can lead to feeling itchy scalp? All very, very simple - because muscle tension is deteriorating blood circulation in the blood vessels of the skin of the head. And, moreover, the constant tension of the muscles of the head can not cause microtraumas muscle fibers. As a result, it is developing an inflammatory process, which also makes itself felt quite intense and almost continuous pruritus.

Moreover, itchy skin when undue stress on the muscles of the head is still the biggest trouble. In severe cases, this is the itching appears on the background of intense hair loss. In this case, can only help the individual physician with a special intensive care, whose ultimate goal is the complete relaxation of the muscle fibers of the head. As a rule, as a result of such therapy achieved a complete relaxation of the muscle fibers, blood flow is restored full, wound inflammation. Accordingly, the itching disappeared without a trace.

Effects on skin chemicals

One of the most common causes, provokes pruritus, is the impact on the scalp various cosmetics. Such provoking factors may include: shampoos for washing the hair, conditioners, masks and balms for the hair, different hair styling and coloring.

In addition, itching skin often women provoke frequent washing of the head, using a hair dryer or other appliances for drying and styling hair. Yes - yes, it is no wonder - the impact of high temperatures not only adversely affect the condition of the hair, but dry out the scalp, thus causing irritation and itching.

In such cases, you can try on their own, without the help of a doctor to try to help yourself. First, try as little as possible to change the type and brand of funds that would normally use to care for the skin. If a cosmetic change, the first time very closely follow the state of the skin of the head. In that case, if you feel itching and burning, stop using it.

If you are unable to identify the predisposing factor is completely renounce the use of cosmetic products, at the time of opting for the simplest of baby shampoo, no - or additives. As a rule, most effective way to use shampoo for infants. Of course, be sure to consult a doctor - a gynecologist.

The presence of dandruff

What is dandruff, probably, everyone knows. However, few people understand exactly where it comes from, and why dandruff often accompanied by severe itching. The average life cycle of skin cells in the human head is 30 days. In that case, if there is a violation of this process, the cells begin to die more quickly, resulting in the formation cheshek and - the same dandruff.

A dandruff, in turn, can cause quite - still strong and exhausting itching. As a consequence, before the person is a problem - itching scalp dandruff. In the course are a variety of handy tools that do not bring little or no relief. And on the underlying disease is left without due attention.

In no case is inadmissible carelessly treat dandruff. It appears it is also due to the fact that disrupted the normal production of sebum, which is threatened by the fact that ordinary dandruff can develop into quite a serious disease - seborrheic eczema. In this case, the only solution will be as quickly as possible human treatment to the doctor - a dermatologist who will prescribe appropriate treatment that can eliminate the disease.

The presence of parasites in a human patient

One of the most unpleasant reasons that could lead to the emergence of the strongest, almost unbearable itching - is the presence in the hairline parasitic insects: lice, fleas and ticks. Despite the relatively high quality of life of modern people, this problem occurs very often - is not immune from infection by absolutely no one.

To diagnose the disease, and one or another type of parasites is not so difficult - the doctor can easily cope with this task. Fortunately, and to get rid of parasites is not so difficult - because pharmacies sold a lot of variety of means for hair treatment and household items that can easily cope with the destruction of parasites.

 itchy scalp dandruff

The treatment of itching of the scalp

If you or your relatives are faced with such a problem as itching of the scalp, in any case, the issue should not be left without due attention. In the first place the sick person should try to determine the cause which provokes irritation of the scalp. To do this, you must carefully observe their way of life - you may be able to find a cause - effect relationship.

If you managed to install this reason - eliminate it once and for all. In principle, this is what will be the most basic treatment. In addition, you can use by simple folk recipes that will help get rid of the itch is much faster:

  • Onion peel. Onion peel is perfect not only for coloring Easter eggs, but also to eliminate the itching of the scalp. To do this, place the husks of three - four bulbs in an enamel bowl, pour one liter of water and boil for about an hour. After each shampooing, rinse your hair this broth. Typically, pruritus disappears after two - three days.
  • Apple vinegar. The solution of apple cider vinegar is also very effective in eliminating the discomfort. Dissolve two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in one liter of clean, warm water. Rub the solution into the scalp for five minutes before washing. The course of treatment - five days.

In the event that their own to get rid of itching of the head is not possible, the sick person should see a doctor - dermatologist. Unfortunately, sometimes in order to diagnose the cause of itching, it is necessary to conduct a series of surveys. Yes, and sometimes treatment must be very, very seriously.

 Itching of the scalp - Causes and Treatment

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