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What is chronic smoker's bronchitis, known to almost every person who suffers from this addiction, like smoking. Any smoking person familiar with morning cough, which occurs after the first smoked cigarette after a night's sleep. This cough is intended to remove the mucus from the lungs - figuratively speaking, "clean" them. And every day, every week, every year this morning cough is becoming more and more intense.

Very often in the early stages of the disease smoking person simply does not notice this morning cough - do not pay any attention to him. And if they notice something simply dismiss it, considering some slight cough, and completely harmless side effect of smoking. However, if you do not pay attention to this problem, very soon it will become global in scope, jeopardizing your health.

Chronic bronchitis smoker - is a disease faced by the vast majority of people who smoke regularly and for a sufficiently long time. The main reason that causes cough - is that with every puff a smoker inhales the smoke man, which contains products of burning paper and tar contained in tobacco.

The disease can manifest itself in every individual smoker. It depends on many factors - primarily on the individual characteristics of each person, from the time of smoking, the number of cigarettes smoked. In addition, the important role played by the individual sensitivity of the smoker to all the components of tobacco smoke, which fall into a person's lungs. By the way - it is from this factor also depends on the likelihood of bronchitis of the smoker, and the severity of its course


Bronchitis smoker has a variety of symptoms. They also depend on the individual smoker, the state of his immune system, on the form of the disease and the severity of its course. As a rule, those people who have the sensitivity of the bronchial tubes is higher than the rest, bronchitis dannogotipa takes a very severe course - bronchial obstruction. When her patient person develops progressive narrowing of the bronchial tubes. So:

  • Intense cough

The most important symptom of this disease is a cough that occurs immediately after you wake up until the time until the person to smoke their first cigarette in the morning. A cough can be very different degree of intensity - it can even vary completely randomly one person.

By the way - I'm sure many smokers noticed the following feature - the cigarette smoke is another brand than usual, as the starting strong cough with sputum. This feature is also very clearly demonstrates that, most likely, has already earned himself a smoker chronic bronchitis. And he should think about their health.

  • Debilitating breathlessness

In addition to the cough of a person suffering from bronchitis smoker, in the absence of early therapeutic intervention very likely development of bronchial obstruction. In the sick person begins to appear shortness of breath. First it is very small and often remains invisible, but over time it increases. At first, it makes itself felt only when the strong physical exertion, then appears at the very moderate. If in this case the person is not caught on and did not seek medical help from a doctor - he is risking not only their health, but also life.

Shortness of breath continues to grow, appearing even in a state of complete rest of the sick person. This phenomenon is known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is a direct consequence of the complex becomes very unpleasant painful symptoms, in the absence of appropriate treatment - disability and even premature death.

And be sure to remember that the danger of ill so dangerous disease undergoes not only the smoking man, but also his family and all the people around him. After all, they often are so-called passive smokers who nilly forced to inhale cigarette smoke from the smoker, thereby jeopardizing their health. Therefore, if you do smoke, do not jeopardize your loved ones. After nicotine - it's your choice, not theirs.

 bronchitis smoker

Treatment of chronic bronchitis smoker

In that case, if you or your loved one has noticed at such symptoms of bronchitis smoker, you can not hesitate a single day - try as quickly as possible, seek medical help. And do not pull up until you will not have shortness of breath - consult a physician - pulmonologist or physician at the first sign - the morning wet cough.

The doctor will examine you carefully to avoid the possibility of the presence of any - or other lung diseases. After that, the doctor will prescribe pulmonary function tests - this is done in order to identify the possible presence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. If you are at the time of treatment to the doctor already suffer from shortness of breath - sure to tell him. In this case, you need to explore the function of the lungs as quickly as possible to begin treatment of this complex disease as early as possible.

The first and most important thing that you must do in order to get rid of bronchitis smoker - is to quit smoking. Of course, it's very, very difficult, especially if the experience of smoking a person is already large. Tragically, often smoking person mistakenly believes that he quit smoking makes no sense, because he smokes for a long time. And giving up cigarettes will not bring any kind.

However, this is not so - is very important to stop smoking at any stage of the disease or its treatment, no matter what a person smoking history. Of course, in severe cases, by dropping a cigarette to get rid of the disease is unlikely, but prevent further progression of the disease and alleviate its course by avoiding cigarettes.

However, quitting smoking, you must be aware of some features of the body's response to the termination of his admission to the nicotine. Unfortunately, they are found in almost all smokers, sometimes bringing a certain amount of unpleasant moments.

As a rule, from the early days of the rejection of cigarettes a person morning cough is largely enhanced, sputum departs very bad, difficult breathing, deteriorating general condition of the person and his health.

His maximum similar symptoms exacerbation of bronchitis smoker reaches about the seventh day after giving up cigarettes. This phenomenon is known in medicine nicotine withdrawal. As a rule, this is the reason and becomes the main justification for those who do not stand up and start smoking again. But do not rush to do it - the discomfort will soon go on the wane gradually disappearing altogether.

Very often a person to quit smoking on their own, and very very difficult - and this is no accident. Once in the body, nicotine is actively stimulate those areas of the brain responsible for breathing and cough reflex. That is why smokers feel much better having smoked at least one cigarette. For these people have very useful help both doctors and loved ones and relatives.

The doctor probably prescribe certain drugs, nicotine and facilitate weaning from cigarettes to facilitate the process of cleansing the lungs of phlegm, vasodilators, which will facilitate the person the first month after quitting. In no case do not take any whatsoever pharmacological medications without first talking with your doctor. Too great a risk not only alleviate their condition, but also further aggravate it.

In the event that bronchitis kurschego person takes extremely sharp and well-being is suffering very much, you should immediately go to bed and call a doctor. With this disease you should not joke - in fact, as has been clear from the above - it is very, very dangerous. Before the arrival of the doctor, you can take the following steps:

  • Bed rest is necessary to strictly observe any ill person.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids. It allows you to avoid dehydration and stagnation of phlegm.
  • Banks or mustard. However, do not forget to lubricate the skin with oil, to avoid possible scalds. And besides, remember that mustard can not be used during hyperthermia.

 smoker's bronchitis symptoms

Traditional recipes from bronchitis smoker

In that case, if a smoker has addressed to the doctor, it is in addition to the prescribed treatment may try some recipes of traditional medicine. However, their use is advisable to agree with the doctor. And also satisfy itself that the sick person is not allergic to any - any of the components of the recipes.

  • Infusion against bronchitis smoker

To make this recipe you will need one tablespoon of dried herbs rosemary and St. John's wort. The grass should be placed in an enamel bowl, pour one cup of water and simmer for at least an hour. Use the resulting broth is necessary as an ordinary welding.

A sick person should drink at least three cups of this tea during the day. About the second day in a person's cough greatly strengthened - this is normal, and it should not be scared. On the second - the third day of this tea consumption begins to actively sputum departs. And about the seventh day cough stops completely. This means it is ideal for bronchitis smoker - for any other types of cough it is absolutely useless.

  • Herbal tea with chamomile and rosehip

No less useful and herbal tea, which is composed of inflorescence dry pharmacy chamomile and rose hips. They do easier - in a teapot is necessary to place two teaspoons of chopped rose hips and chamomile. Pour two cups of boiling water and leave for about one hour. Drink necessary as well as any other tea. It is recommended to drink at least two cups a day. In this tea is very useful substances that help clear the lungs of the smoker and his body as a whole as soon as possible.

  • Infusion with dandelion and thyme

Unfortunately, even after the person has held an acute stage of bronchitis of the smoker, it is still a very long period of time can pursue the so-called "residual" cough. With him very well help to cope with thyme tincture of dandelion. For its preparation you need fresh dandelion root, and a tablespoon of dried herb thyme.

Boil half a cup of water, then immediately sprinkle in thyme herb in it. Turn off the heat and cover the bowl with a lid tightly. Zaparivat it is necessary for one half hour. While the infusion is prepared, using gauze cloth remove the roots of dandelion five teaspoons of juice. In that case, if it comes at a time of year when finding fresh dandelion root is impossible, it can be replaced by an aqueous solution sold in pharmacies.

After infusion of thyme has cooled, mix it with the juice of a dandelion. The resulting mixture should have a drink in one go, at least 10 minutes before eating. On the day you need three such admission, and the course of treatment should last at least two weeks, but not more than one month. By the way - pay attention to the fact that it is unacceptable to cook the mixture for future use - just before treatment.

The effectiveness of this decoction is explained by extremely useful properties that have on the body of the smoker a very positive impact. For example, the root of dandelion very effective drug helps to remove all of the human body during smoking accumulated toxins. And Thyme has a strong antispasmodic effect.

In any case, the success of such a responsible and a very important event, like quitting smoking is the only desire of the smoker seeking to abandon addiction. Otherwise, all measures will be absolutely useless, and time will be lost in vain.

 The price of smoking - the smoker's bronchitis

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