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  • Useful properties of horseradish
  • Recipes with lemon horseradish
  • Horseradish recipe at home
  • The recipe horseradish with beets

About the medicinal properties of horseradish has been known since BC, when the Greeks used it as a tonic and rubbing. In our country, the plant was brought from South-Eastern Europe, although many believe hell native Russian plant as it grew Slavs in the 9th century.

Now the root is used not only as a condiment for meat dishes, but the recipe for the preparation of home cosmetic, therapeutic and restorative means.

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Useful properties of horseradish

Preparation of the healing root intended for internal use, and exterior. Horseradish has healing properties due to its content of mustard essential oil, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, amino acids and enzymes. Essential oil improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and gives the food a spicy pungent flavor.

Widely used horseradish root for cosmetic procedures, as it promotes skin rejuvenation, stimulates hair growth head and removes toxins.

Preparation of horseradish in diseases such expedient:

  • Anemia, angina pectoris;
  • Hypertension and diseases of the circulatory system;
  • Gastritis with low acidity;
  • Stones in the kidneys;
  • Colds, viral diseases;
  • Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract;
  • Brown spots and freckles;
  • Hair loss;
  • Poor appetite
  • Also, horseradish is used as an anesthetic.

When all of the advantages of horseradish has a number of contraindications. Like all medicinal plants, the root is used on doctor's advice, and in appropriate amounts.

The root of horseradish - is, above all, hot spices, which is contraindicated in any inflammation. The use of horseradish in large quantities can cause hypertension. Special care must be people who are characterized by:

  • Increased acidity of the stomach;
  • Inflammation in the gastrointestinal system;
  • Kidney and liver diseases.

For external use should also be careful: prolonged infusion of horseradish interaction with the skin can cause burns on it. Thus, horseradish - medicinal and useful plants, which should be consumed in small doses.

 horseradish and lemon
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Recipes with lemon horseradish

The beneficial effect has cooking horseradish and lemon for coughs, colds, sore throat and skin lightening.

There is an old recipe that effectively helps with bronchitis and cough. To make it, you need to take 150 g of horseradish, wash, peel and mince. The resulting mixture was squeeze the juice of two lemons medium. Composition thoroughly mixed and put in the refrigerator: the medicine is ready. The prepared mixture is take 1 ch. L. in the morning before a meal to adults and children - half hours. l. But children can be given a medication with only 5 years of age. If the disease is not running, in a few days already showing the first positive results. This tool is very good and the common cold.

When inflammation of the throat makes this recipe:

  1. 150 g washed and peeled horseradish should grate.
  2. Pour the resulting pulp 1 tbsp. of boiling water and cover the top;
  3. Infuse for 30 minutes and strain. The resulting infusion gargle. This composition has excellent antibacterial properties. They can treat inflammation of the oral mucosa. And to improve appetite received the drug should take 1 tbsp. l. half an hour before a meal.

To lighten the skin of age spots can make cosmetic mask:

  1. Purified horseradish grate.
  2. Add a few drops of lemon and grated apple. All thoroughly.
  3. Apply gruel on clean skin is not more than 1 time per month. This mask perfectly refreshes and tones the face, improves and enriches the skin with vitamins.

 recipe for homemade horseradish

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Horseradish recipe at home

To prepare spicy seasoning required:

  • Horseradish root 1, 5 kg;
  • Lemon 1 pc .;
  • Salt 1 tbsp. L .;
  • Sugar 3 tbsp. L .;
  • Water

The rhizomes should be a good wash, peel and mince. The resulting slurry, add salt, sugar and pour the boiling water until the consistency of thick cream. The mixture is mixed thoroughly and put in a container. In each jar add a few drops of lemon juice. The spice in jars tightly and refrigerate.

Serve with horseradish lemon fish and meat dishes. The prepared mixture is well kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 months. When applying spices to dishes horseradish can be mixed with sour cream.

 recipe horseradish with beets
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The recipe horseradish with beets

The preparation of this recipe is particularly prevalent in the Ukrainian cuisine. Beetroot gives a mixture of delicious red and spicy sweet taste. We need these ingredients:

  • Rhizomes horseradish 10-12 pcs .;
  • Beet table 1 pc .;
  • Sugar, salt to taste;
  • Vinegar.

Clean the roots and wash thoroughly. Then soak hell in very cold water for 5-6 hours. This will reduce the pungency plant, which will allow to prepare a seasoning.

Then the roots are ground either mince or rubbed on a fine grater. To smell does not eat away your eyes, put a bag of meat grinder. To avoid such problems, it is ideal Grinder.

Further, the pulverized raw beets on a grater. From the resulting pulp squeeze the juice. The slurry was added horseradish beet juice, all mixed thoroughly and add 2 tbsp. l. edible vinegar. If the mixture was very thick, of the need to add a little boiled cooled water to the consistency of liquid sour cream.

The composition of cooked add salt, sugar to taste. After thorough mixing, horseradish with beets are laid out on the jars, sealed and put in the fridge. The mixture is ready. The next day may be fed to the jellied meat and fish.

Bon Appetit!

 Tasty and useful properties of horseradish and lemon

 Dried mushrooms


  • Drying mushrooms: what you need to know about this method,
  • Drying technology in the microwave
  • Determine the readiness of mushrooms
  • Features drying mushrooms in the microwave

Drying - one of the affordable and easiest ways to harvesting mushrooms. The dried mushrooms are well preserved for a long time. They are superior to the pickled and salted mushrooms digestibility and nutritional value. Protein content of dried fruits, canned superior. When drying all advantages stored food and flavor of some kinds even amplified in this method the preform, for example, white fungus.
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Drying mushrooms: what you need to know about this method,

But not everything can be dried edible mushrooms. Many fungi plate contains bitterness, which does not disappear during the drying process. They are not suitable for drying. At home, you can dry the following fungi:

  • from marsupials - white truffle, morel, Smorchkova cap;
  • tubular - aspen, white birch, all kinds of oil, the flywheel Dubovik, Kozlyakov, Polish mushroom;
  • of tinder - tinder colorful and branched mushroom-ram;
  • of the plate - estimates of location summer and winter, honey agaric autumn, mushrooms, podvishennik, mushroom umbrella motley, deer mushroom pholiota fuzzy;
  • from lisichkovyh - chanterelle.

Drying depends on the region, a specific place of gathering, transporting features and technical capabilities. Each test has a mistress and uses its own tried and tested over the years drying methods.

Dry fruits can be outdoors (in the sun), in the oven, the oven, on an electric or gas stove, exotic heating devices - kerosene or Primus, battery-powered central heating system, using modern microwave ovens, etc.

If you want to simplify and speed up drying, use of a microwave oven.

In short, if you want to save time, the microwave is well up to the task, and mushrooms prosushatsya efficiently and quickly.

 proper drying mushrooms in the microwave

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Drying technology in the microwave

Before the dried mushrooms in a microwave oven, carry out their thorough examination. Select the entire firm and fresh fruit, without rot, cracks and worm parasites, discard all others without regret. Dry cloth, carefully remove pine needles, remains of soil, moss and other "gifts of nature". Try to wipe the dirt as carefully as possible to wash the mushrooms are not needed. Wash complicates their drying and promotes rapid darkening of the fruit.

In the kitchen there is a rule of choice varieties of mushrooms: suitable for drying all kinds of marsupials and tubular edible mushrooms, while the plate is not desirable to dry. This is due to the properties of the latter to acquire moisture loss during a bitter taste. Exceptions to this rule are mushrooms and mushrooms that are transferred without drying problems and unwanted "side effects."

If time permits, immediately before drying mushrooms in a microwave podvyalitsya let them in the sun. To do this, they should be strung on a thread or fishing line harsh, leaving a gap between the bodies (do not let come into contact with each other) and hang outdoors. Due to the preliminary preparation of the fruit drying will occur gradually, and the results will affect well. This step is optional, but desirable. You can skip or after drying immediately proceed directly to the very drying.

  1. Mushrooms, clean, fresh or provyalennye, cut into pieces about the same. Typically, the cap is cut into slices, and cut feet thick slices about 2 cm. This mainly applies to the cutting boletus, ceps and boletus. If you are preparing dried mushrooms, chanterelles and boletus, it makes sense to keep only the caps. Well, morels and the lines it is better not to cut and to dry completely.
  2. Evenly spread out prepared slices of mushrooms on a glass tray or flat plate microwave. Turn it for 20 minutes at a power of 100-180 watts.
  3. After the automatic shut-off oven, remove the dishes with mushrooms, select the liquid drain (otherwise the fruit will not dry, and cook), leave the oven door open to ventilate the minutes 5. But the drying process is not completed, it is in full swing.
  4. Repeat several times the previous 20-minute cycle of the microwave oven and ventilation. The number of repetitions depends on the size, type and thickness of the pieces.

 determining availability of mushrooms

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Determine the readiness of mushrooms

Ready fungi determined by the following characteristics: they seem to kind of dry, but at the same time retain a certain elasticity, bend but do not break immediately, and only with a little effort. Upon reaching such a state can be considered that the quality mushrooms dry.

If pieces of fruit do not bend and break with a bang at once, or even crumble, it means they are too dry. Use them as independent components culinary specialties have hardly succeed, but the product can still be saved, prepared from a mushroom seasoning. With coffee grinder grind into powder-dried mushrooms. The resulting mushroom flour can be mixed with a dry salt or spices. It holds great mushroom flavor and transfers it to dishes if added to food for a couple of minutes until cooked.

Dried mushrooms for a long time, sometimes for years, retain their natural flavor, if properly observe the conditions of storage. Otherwise, the workpiece quickly absorb moisture from the air, dampen and spoil. That is why the storage of dried mushrooms is best to choose a dry, well-ventilated place. Packaging preferably in their glass containers or packages that are not water permeable.

In addition to the high absorption properties of dried mushrooms easily absorb odors. Make sure that with them for a long time are not other products with a rich aroma.

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Features drying mushrooms in the microwave

Despite the undoubted merits, microwave has its drawbacks when it comes to applying it to dry mushrooms. For qualitative and neperesushennogo nesyrogo product requires a certain skill. It is usually only comes with experience, so be prepared for the fact that the first batch may be corrupted.

Here you can also take into account the second feature of drying mushrooms in a microwave oven: the duration of this process. Many microwave does not have a large capacity. Thus, observing the unfolding technology fungi single layer, taking into account the number of repeated cycles of drying, you have to spend enough time from the beginning of the preparation of the fruit to produce the final result already.

But the merits of dried mushrooms themselves it does not detract. Spending patience and a certain time, you get a fragrant, rich, nutritious seasoning for a variety of culinary experiments. In addition, dried fruit retain all the useful qualities of fresh mushrooms, making them smell and taste expressive. Their weight is reduced by about 10 times, and in as much time are more concentrated nutritional properties. Dried mushrooms of the protein is retained more than pickled, salted and preserved in any other way. Stored for much longer and easier, occupying very little space. In short, the advantages in the preparation of solid fungi by the method.

 How fast to dry mushrooms