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First, let's try to understand what leads to snoring. After all, snoring - it's just a consequence of something. And foolish to eliminate the consequences of not knowing the reasons. What is snoring? In fact, these are the sounds that occur when the air passes through the constriction of the throat. In most cases, such a restriction is a consequence of the weakened muscles of the tongue and palate, which supports the throat. And in a dream is a relaxation reaches its maximum.

  • Age man

In most cases, snoring makes itself felt with age, as far as how aging muscle palate and tongue. Because of this, they are no longer able to maintain the airway open, as appropriate. Although, of course, this phenomenon is observed not all older people. But this factor to write off still not worth it.

  • The structural features of the human throat

In some cases, the cause of snoring can be no other than the congenital anatomical features of the structure of the pharynx. In such cases, snoring starts to assert itself even at the tender age crumbs - the first month or two after birth. But do not confuse the pathological snoring with mild snoring, which can be in any kid.

  • Diseases of the nasopharynx

In some cases, snoring can be caused due to the fact that a person has problems with the nasal passages. These problems include polyps, a deviated septum or a congenital narrowing of the nasal passages. And even overbite and an elongated uvula may be the culprits of snoring. This may seem strange, but it is actually quite natural, because in the human body all closely linked.

  • Use of alcoholic beverages and severe fatigue

Perhaps you've noticed that very often the person who is intoxicated, begins to snore. Even if it is generally seen him. Why is this happening? The reason is very simple: while intoxicated muscles relax, and therefore there is snoring. Incidentally, the same thing happens in the case, if a person goes to bed too tired. As a rule, such cases of snoring occur sporadically and do not merit concern.

  • Overweight

Snoring is often seen in people with excess weight. As you know, being overweight is very negative impact on human health. And snoring is - one of these manifestations. And it arises from the fact that the fat deposited in the neck and compresses the airways.

To get rid of snoring is necessary, first of all, reliably establish the root cause of its appearance. And only after that you can begin treatment for snoring. Of course, if the situation requires. Medical help in such cases it is necessary to see a doctor or a sleep otorhinolaryngology. Only he will be able to accurately determine the causes of snoring in adults, and choose the appropriate treatment. In an extreme case, if you live in a small town and these experts have not, you can contact the general practitioner.

 causes of snoring

Getting rid of snoring

Let's look at the existing methods, which will be an effective treatment for snoring. And we start a conversation with the simplest ways that are available to any person in the home. These measures to combat snoring are absolutely safe, so it is safe to try them on snoring man, without fear for his health.

  • Posture during sleep

The most common snoring makes itself felt at the moment when a person lies on his back. Of course, to get rid of their own sleep habits so very difficult, and sometimes impossible. Therefore, there is a good way, invented by some craftsmen.

Sew in pajamas or T-shirt in the back, a tennis ball. As you know, sleep on your back in this dress you are unlikely to succeed. Of course, the first time, your sleep will remind sheer torture. But do not give up this method. About a month later, you will get rid of the habit of sleeping on your back.

  • Exercises for Language

You must perform a special set of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the tongue and soft palate. The first exercise: open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. And you need to strain your muscles as much as possible. Repeat this exercise 30 times is necessary, according to two approaches a day.

Then try to relax the muscles of the jaw, for about 30 seconds. After that, take in the mouth of any object and hold it with the strength of 5 minutes. It is best suited for this purpose carrots. In conclusion, again for a few minutes, relax all the muscles of the jaw.

Of course, it would be naive to expect instant results. But after about a month of regular these exercises, you will notice the first positive results. Persistent effect occurs after 3 months. But then should not relax: Repeat the exercise at least three times a week to maintain muscle tone.

Mechanical means for getting rid of snoring

One type of these assistants is a bit like pacifiers for babies. They are located within the oral cavity. Constantly referring to the language, the device constantly maintains muscles tense.

There is another assistant who reminds his appearance boxing mouthpiece. The device is made so that the lower jaw is largely moved forward. This measure makes it possible to significantly increase the airway, thereby reducing the likelihood of snoring. But this device is quite expensive, as is made individually for each person.

But we must not forget that all intraoral mechanisms designed to eliminate mild snoring, in other words, in order that caused the weakening of the muscles.

But if there are any problems with the nasopharynx, to get rid of snoring in this way you are unlikely to succeed. So you're just wasting money and time. But when the snoring is caused by a disease, it should be treated as soon as possible.

If your doctor determines that the cause of snoring is a congenital narrowing of the nasal passages, the person will come to the aid special stickers that are attached to the wings of the nose. They hold the wings of the nose in a certain position, thereby maximize the nasal passages and make breathing easier.

 Snoring Causes and Treatment

Pharmacological preparations

In order to stop snoring, you can try to take advantage of special pills. But remember, these pills can only be for short-term use, for example, when will the road to train, or treatment in a hospital.

The first results are already noticeable in a day, but the main effect is on the second or third night. Often, trying pill once a person begins to drink them constantly. However, doctors are categorically against the regular use of these drugs - they are permitted to drink no more than five days per month.

Operational methods for the treatment of snoring

If the cause of snoring is the anatomical features of the nasopharynx, the treatment will be more serious. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination of the sick person and will decide whether surgery. There are two main types of such operations:

  • Nasal septum

If the cause of the snoring was deviated septum, in some cases, a fairly simple operation aimed at eliminating this defect. Many people are afraid of the word "operation" and reject it. However, this intervention is very simple - after that you forget to think about the problem, as snoring.

  • The soft palate

In some cases it is necessary to resort to surgery on the soft palate. The aim of this operation is to reduce its size. This will help avoid problems such as sagging of the sky, which leads to the development of snoring.

To be afraid of this procedure is not necessary - the operation lasts only 15 minutes and does not cause any discomfort to man. General anesthesia in most cases do not apply, and the operation is restored quickly enough.

As a rule, such a measure is very effective. Sometimes, however, the improvement is temporary as the muscles of the sky at any moment can become loose again. To prevent recurrence, should periodically perform exercises to strengthen the muscles that have been described above. Such a measure will help reduce the risk of recurrence by 50-60%. It is enough to perform these exercises 2-3 times a day.

Snoring can be caused by a lot of reasons, and independently determine the current very difficult. So be sure to consult the appropriate specialist. In no case do not ignore the problem, even if your snoring does not interfere with anyone. Besides the fact that snoring can indicate the presence of certain diseases, it can also lead to some complications, sometimes quite serious.

For example, due to the fact that snoring complicates the process of normal breathing may develop hypoxia - oxygen starvation. And in the most severe cases may even occur stop breathing. Therefore, the problem of snoring should disturb not only the person who snores, but also those who are close to him. After all, the person may not know about the problem. Therefore, in this case the sensitivity - are not the best solution.

In any case, whatever the causes of snoring, get rid of it, you can almost always.

 Snoring: Causes and ways to combat it

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