how to clean the intestines

In recent years, the fashion for a healthy lifestyle attracts more and more people. Exercise, healthy food - it all ceases to be mere words. And along with these concepts are increasingly heard talk about cleaning the body. Doctors often hear from people question how clean the intestines. And most people attribute this to their desire to get rid of toxins.

Doctors refer to this phenomenon as the toxins in the body, rather ambiguously. Someone says that the body - this is not a blast furnace, and no toxins in it can not be. Other well agree with the fact that the human body may actually accumulate harmful substances. But no matter what the doctors said, people will continue to seek answers to the question of how to clean the intestines.

But cleaning cleaning strife. In some cases, treatment is really going to benefit the body, but sometimes it can greatly harm. So when you've gathered to clean up the gut, then do it no harm to the body. And we will help you in this, describing the most effective and secure way. But remember that in any case, before cleaning the intestines in any case it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

What where When?

Let's try to figure out what do I need to bowel cleansing. The function of the bowel is very difficult to overestimate - it takes part in digestion, removes from the body undigested food residues and harmful substances. In the event that the intestines scored his work deteriorates. Contaminants remain in the body, and moreover, there is an accumulation of feces. A similar phenomenon is very negative impact on the functioning of the whole organism.

How to understand it time to clean the intestines, or have not the time? Basically, your body will let him know about it. The main thing to notice these signs:

  • Increased flatulence

And there he was practically "from scratch" is not associated with diet or with dysbiosis.

  • Often there is constipation

And at times they may be accompanied by intestinal colic.

  • Frequent respiratory diseases

In some cases, frequently occurring diseases of the respiratory tract may also be indicative of poor performance of the intestine. Yes, do not be surprised - in fact in the body are all very closely linked.

  • Skin rashes

Another very striking evidence of the problems with the intestines is the problem with the skin. You have frequent eruptions - blackheads, pustules or skin just covered with red spots and flaky? If there are no other reasons, then you will with a high probability should pay particularly close attention to your gut.

 open the bowels

Diet for bowel cleansing

So to the question, when you need to clean the intestines, we understand. Now let's find out what the bowels, not to harm health. We offer you the safest ways harmful to the health of which is reduced to almost zero. All of these methods are available, and you can easily choose for themselves something suitable. But before the application of a prescription is required to make sure that you are not allergic to a particular component.

  • Rosehip berries

To prepare one serving of this tool, you will need 150 grams of rose hips. Of course, ideally it should be fresh berries, but in a pinch, fit and dried. They must be pre-pour liter of boiling water and leave for 5 - 6 hours. After that, clean the seeds from the berries and mince.

You must get a lot to eat in the morning, on an empty stomach. And be sure to drink a glass of warm water. Thereafter breakfast impossible for one hour. This recipe helps the intestine is much better than many pharmacological agents. The course of purification must be at least 10 days but not more than one month.

  • Cleansing vegetable salad

Equally effective for purgation next salad. To make it, you need raw vegetables such as stemmed celery, carrots, beets and cabbage. All vegetables you need 100 grams, but the cabbage - 300 grams. All vegetables should be grate and cabbage - finely chop. As refueling is desirable to use olive oil, but it can be replaced by any other vegetable. Naturally, pickle salad in any case impossible.

  • fruit salad

Take 100 grams of apples, black currant and gooseberry. Chop apples, berries and mince. This salad can be eaten before bedtime or during the day, instead of dessert. Of course, one way to spend it cleaning the intestines you are unlikely to succeed, but as an aid to use it not only possible but necessary.

  • Fruit juices

No less effective cleaning of the intestine with the help of natural juices. To cleanse the entire digestive tract is recommended the juice of spinach. He drank in the following way - in the morning on an empty stomach, you need to drink half a glass of freshly squeezed juice for dinner - a third of the glass, and half a glass - before going to bed. Cleansing course should last at least a week. Exactly the same effect has the juice of fresh cabbage and tomato juice. However, the dosage should be increased to glasses at each meal - three times a day. And the course of purification should last exactly 10 days.

The only case in which this method of treatment is contraindicated - a gastritis or peptic ulcer. In this case, the use of juice only after consultation with your doctor. Otherwise very high risk of exacerbation. Incidentally, in this case, you can try to replace the juice of milk jelly - it has about the same effect, only more weakly expressed. And the course of purification should last exactly two weeks.

 than the bowels

  • Drinking water

It is also a very effective way to clean the bowel is ordinary drinking water. The recipe is simple to outrageous - just before every meal should drink one glass of drinking water without gas. And in between meals also can not forget to drink - a day to drink at least three liters of water. And that does not include tea, coffee and soups. But in any case, unacceptable to use this method to people who suffer from any kidney disease.

  • Cleansing enema

One popular way to cleanse the bowel enemas are. In medicine, this procedure is called kolonogidroterapiya. This procedure does not cause any pain. However, some people say during a cleansing enema some discomfort. But those people who tested the procedure on himself, saying that the result is really worth it.

Firstly, there is a momentary loss of weight - up to two or three kilograms, without any diet. Secondly, greatly improves digestion and metabolism. And, besides, very quickly change for the better condition of the skin - rashes disappear, improves the complexion. Typically, these results are visible already after the second - the third procedure.

By the way, pay special attention to - to conduct a cleansing enema may be no more than once a week. Unfortunately, very often people seeking to quickly achieve good results, making the enema almost every day. However, such abuse can lead to very dire consequences, including goiter is not the most serious complication.

Also note another fact. Very often, people prefer laxatives in the mistaken belief that they successfully replace the cleansing enema. However, doctors say that the systematic use of laxatives leads to thinning of the intestinal mucosa, goiter and other problems. It makes more sense to replace laxatives cleansing enemas. But they, as mentioned above, should not be abused.

On what broths can be used for this procedure will be described below. In the meantime, let's talk about how it was carried out this procedure. To make a cleansing enema, you'll need a mug douches with the hose and nozzle. To get all this at any pharmacy. Do you need an enema with a decoction with a room temperature. Explain this requirement in that warm water is very rapidly absorbed into the intestine, and will not bring the desired result.

Prepare in advance cream to lubricate the tip. You can use baby cream or boiled vegetable oil. Fill the mug Esmarch five liters of broth, lie on your side and gently insert the tip into the rectum about 5 centimeters. Make sure that the water pressure was not too strong - the introduction of the total volume should take about 7 - 8 minutes. The broth should be in the gut at least 5 minutes. It is best to carry out a cleansing enema before bedtime.

Now it's time to talk about how to prepare a decoction for most of these cleansing enemas. To prepare the broth cleaning is recommended to use herbs such as pharmacy chamomile, tarragon, dandelion and marigold. Prepare the broth equally. Place in an enamel bowl with a capacity of not less than 6 liters of 250 grams of dry grass. Fill it with 5, 5 liters of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer about 40 minutes. After that, cover the pan with a lid, wrap a towel and leave for about an hour. Then strain the broth using a gauze cloth and cool to a temperature of 37 degrees.

  • Salt water for cleaning the bowel

It is worth paying attention to another very interesting method of cleaning the bowel, which is already more than one century the practice of yoga. To do this, you only need a common table salt, drinking water desire.

In the morning, on an empty stomach, you should drink one glass of warm water, which must first dissolve half a teaspoon of salt. After about 5 minutes, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. After this must be done at 10 tilts to each side. Relax for five minutes.

Again, drink half a glass of warm salt water. After another five minutes, start to make the rotational movement of the pelvis, as if you twist an imaginary hoop. This exercise should be performed for about three minutes.

In the evening, before going to bed, drink again half glass of water and do the following exercise. Sit on the floor, cross your legs and start to execute inclinations forward - slowly reach for the toes, take a deep breath and vypryamtes. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

Rest for a few minutes, even half a glass of drink and proceed to the next exercise. Become, feet shoulder width apart. Slowly bend so low as you allowing your stretch - ideally need to touch the floor with your fingertips. You must repeat this exercise 10 times.

Continue such a course of purification must be no more than five days. And those people who have tried this complex treatment, it is advised to hold it during the holidays, because it is a favorite place of man in this period - a toilet. Also, pay attention - this method of cleaning the intestines in any case can not be used by people who suffer from diseases such as ulcerative lesions of the stomach, duodenum, acute colitis and hemorrhoids.

We hope that you will be the methods described above, and you'll be able to clear your intestines. Indeed, as mentioned above, from a healthy bowel is highly dependent on the health of the whole organism. But remember that everything should be in moderation - do not abuse cleanings too. In addition, doctors recommend that after each cleaning to take complex bifidobacteria, which normalize the intestinal microflora, and intensify its work.

And remember that there is a category of people who are not allowed to clean the intestines in any case. This category doctors include:

  • Children and young people up to 20 years
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly people after 70 years
  • People with acute diseases

Perhaps there is no need to explain this ban - and the answer is obvious on the surface. All the rest - the success and health of the intestine. Be healthy!

 How to clean the intestines?

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