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Perhaps no one is talking about the role played by the brain. It was from his work depends on proper human health. And why such a question, as the improvement of the brain, is always relevant, and for all. In this we try today to understand this article.

There are many ways to improve brain function. Moreover, relatively simple, there is no difficulty for a person. This is a proper diet and exercise, and exercises designed to exercise the brain. But let us tell you everything in order.

Exercises for the brain training

Today, there are several exercises aimed at improving the efficiency of the brain. They can do all the people without any restrictions, as there are no negative health effects does not happen.

  • Eye movements

The next exercise is very effective in improving the coordination of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. There is a significant activation of those areas of the brain responsible for memory. Sit back, relax as much as possible. Rotate the pupils in a clockwise direction for 30 seconds. After that, 10 seconds, close your eyes and repeat the exercise again. To facilitate the task, you can watch the imaginary second hand. Just imagine that it is moving three times faster than usual.

  • Memorizing information

Surely we all remember the perseverance of adults, with which school we were forced to learn a poem. But such a "cramming" is actually one of the best exercises. And the reward you will - improve the functioning of the brain. What to teach? But all the same poem. It takes only 15 - 20 quatrains in a week, that memory improved by 50%. However, remember that the amount of information must be spread evenly over the whole week, and do not leave on the last day. This will increase the efficiency of the exercise.

  • Association

To improve the functioning of the brain is very useful to develop associative thinking. I'm sure many occasionally used in a similar way. We explain to the illustrative example. You need to remember phone number. 24 - 45 - .. Remember - perhaps with the number 24, you associate an event? Or someone from the familiar 24 lives in the house or apartment? Similarly, very well developed not only logical thinking, but also trains the memory.

  • New smells

Did you know that smell strongly stimulate nerve receptors located in the cerebral cortex? Doctors - Neurologists recommend periodically buy various aromatic oils and inhale them for a few minutes, preferably at bedtime. One week - a new scent. Of course, you can use a variety of spirits, but not the types that you use regularly. Otherwise, no effect is because the brain has become accustomed to the smell. The essence is that odor must not be strong, but new.

  • Closed eyes

Another type of great brain exercise is walking around the apartment with his eyes closed. Due to the fact that the vision for some time off from the perception of the world, largely aggravated all the other senses. This is the kind of "charge" for the brain.

  • The right-hander? Lefty!

Are you right-handed? Try as much as possible to use his left hand. Of course, writing novels left hand you are unlikely. But to brush your teeth or comb hair quite a force anyone. This shake-up will benefit the brain. "Mirror" days is necessary to arrange at least once a week.

  • TV

Want to improve brain work? You will ... TV. Turn on the TV and turn off the sound completely. Looking at the picture, try to reproduce all the monologues and dialogues. This exercise is very effective for people of all ages.

 improve brain function

Proper nutrition

Of course, do not live by bread alone. However, we must not forget that the right menu of the brain are not as important as all the exercises and training. Watch your diet and, if necessary, enter the needed products. This measure is very effective - you will see the results almost immediately.

  • Prohibited Products

The fact that fatty food is harmful, they know everything, without exception. And the brain also does not tell you very much for an excess of fatty foods. Normally, the human body should get no more than 90 grams of fat a day - both animal and vegetable. Unfortunately, modern man consumes a huge amount of fat contained in fast food, smoking and other products.

The same applies to the large number of sweet and starchy foods. It is believed that glucose and carbohydrates are extremely useful for the brain. That may be true, but remember to comply with the measure. In that case, if you eat too many sweets may very well be that you will continue to raise the level of blood sugar. And this is the most negative impact on the ability to concentrate on any action. For example, medical studies have shown that people who drink more than a liter of soft drinks a day, much less assimilate new information.

We should also mention about alcohol. Surely you do not need to explain that alcohol negatively affects the human mental abilities. And everyone knows why this is happening? Doctors say that every use of alcohol leads to the death of a certain number of brain cells. And the stronger and more alcohol the amount, the greater the suffering brain. So, before you drink alcoholic cocktail or beer, think - are you ready to leave the next portion of the brain cells?

  • Recommended Products

So, what of the products of a very negative effect on the brain, we are found. Now let's talk about which products should be included in your diet. Well, firstly, meat and fish products. Protein is essential for normal functioning of the brain. After all, the amino acids create neurotransmitters, which are responsible for transmission of nerve impulses.

Also watch out for, so that in your diet enough carbohydrates. Carbohydrates stimulate the production of insulin. And insulin directly affects the brain. However, try to keep the bulk of carbohydrates comes not from the sweets.

Equally valuable to the brain is and phosphorus. It phosphorus participates in the formation of new brain cells. Try to include in your diet plenty of foods that contain phosphorus. These products include fish, soy, walnuts, radishes, cauliflower.

In order to supply oxygen to the brain is normal, he needed sulfur. Otherwise largely deteriorates movement coordination and memory. Perhaps even the development of irreversible processes - in a word, there is hypoxia. Most of the sulfur contained in foods such as onions, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and figs.

You begin to notice that your memory is pretty much worse? It is very likely that your body lacks zinc. It is found in foods such as sunflower seeds, bran, beef, oysters and crabs. Include them in your diet every day and you will soon see a significant result.

Moreover, not worse improves memory and calcium. Besides, the calcium concentration increases, and various infections protects very effectively. So do not forget about beets, cabbage, peaches, pineapples, strawberries. And, of course - all dairy products.

Do not forget about the iron and magnesium. Iron is responsible for the normal process of supplying oxygen to the brain. A large amount of iron contained in cereals, cheese, hard cheese, chicken egg yolk, all green vegetables, especially apples. Sufficient is the content of magnesium in the body reduces the risk of insomnia, irritability, headaches. Magnesium in large quantities contained in almonds, peanuts, potatoes, pumpkin.

Potassium is necessary for the smooth operation of the cerebral cortex and the rest of the nervous system. In particular, it controls such processes as supply of oxygen to the brain and is responsible for the water balance of the body. Most potassium is contained in red tomatoes, bananas, dried apricots and baked potatoes. Selenium is a very strong influence on the emotional state of a person. Therefore, the diet should include foods such as rice, seaweed, fish and shrimp.

By the way, about the vitamins necessary to tell more detail. What is a vitamin deficiency - known to all. And it is quite natural that suffer from vitamin deficiency including the brain. And first of all very dangerous shortage of vitamins such as vitamin C and E, as well as the entire group B. These vitamins are many berries and fruits, meat products and eggs.

 what determines the work of the brain

Lifestyle Human

So, exercise and diet we have understood. But the image of a person's life to lose sight of in any case impossible. No one, even the most perfect diet and exercise, can not help to achieve the goal of improving the functioning of the brain. It is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle. But, unfortunately, for many people the concept of "healthy lifestyle" - it's just an empty phrase. And a very good reason - you must observe the following rules:

  • Healthy sleep

An adult should sleep at least 8 hours a day - it is an indisputable truth. However, few people adhere to it religiously. But if you want to improve brain function, you have to forget about the night sittings on the Internet or regular trips to nightclubs with friends. And pay special attention - it is a dream to be at night. 8:00 The same day will bring the body to sleep much less benefit.

  • Walks in the open air

"How many times told the world ..." On the need to walk in the fresh air is known to all. But remember - the last time you walked? Not from the car to the door of an office or store, but really? That's it! Make it a rule at least 15 minutes a day walking. Just a couple of days you will notice the positive effects of these walks.

Regular walking has a positive effect on the whole body, and the work of the brain in particular. In addition, exposure to fresh air greatly reduces the risk of hypoxia. And for women is another nice bonus - they figure only benefit from this.

  • Physical Culture

Exercise is also very important for the proper functioning of the brain. Of course, it is not necessary to wear down a heavy load. But the most common exercise is quite able to anyone. Select at least 5 minutes a day to perform simple exercises. And your body will tell you thank you for it.

We hope that after reading this article, you'll know exactly what it depends on the brain. And not just to know and to apply this knowledge in practice. And you will always, as they say, in sound mind and sound memory. Be healthy!

 On what does the brain work?

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