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The aggravation of gastritis - a problem familiar to so many people. Doctors often faced with the disease in the summer. This pattern is due to several factors: first, many of the fair sex in anticipation of warm days begin to actively fight obesity. In the course are very harsh and unsafe diets adversely affecting the stomach. All in all, what to do in any case impossible.

Furthermore, in summer time the temperature is very high, therefore, increases the probability of eating tainted food. And the amount of fruit and vegetables in the diet increases significantly. This creates a certain pressure on the gastric mucosa. In addition to the worsening of the disease can be affected by factors such as various stressful situations, chronic fatigue syndrome, a variety of bad habits - smoking, alcohol consumption, even alcoholic. And, of course, in any case can not be overlooked such an important aspect as food. Malnutrition with a very high degree of probability can lead to gastritis in acute and chronic phase.

Symptoms of acute gastritis

Before you begin a story about how to deal with the aggravation of gastritis, let's refresh your memory about what is a disease. As is known, the stomach is lined with a mucous membrane. And if it is aggressive effect is developed inflammatory process. This phenomenon is called, and gastritis. The degree of severity of the disease and its stages are directly dependent on the degree of destruction of the gastric mucosa.

In some cases, gastritis, a very long time may occur without symptoms. However, it is very deceptive calm - sooner or later gastritis will be felt in full. And the feeling with the sick person can deliver a lot of discomfort.

So, gastritis symptoms and signs of its existence:

  • Pain

    Almost always, sooner or later, but there are pains in the stomach. The pain can be very severe, or, conversely, pulling. Pain can be both continuous and periodic, occurring after administration of junk food or on an empty stomach - all very individually. But the pain symptoms, as signs of the disease, are almost always present.

  • Nausea and / or vomiting

    In some cases - and often enough - gastritis accompanied by a feeling of nausea, and at times vomiting. Sometimes these phenomena occur on an empty stomach, sometimes - soon after ingestion. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of each individual, as well as the type of gastritis. But this manifestation of gastritis forget, too, not worth it.

  • Violation of the intestine

    In some cases, the constant companion of gastritis are a variety of disorders of the intestine. As a consequence, in a human patient symptoms such as systematic constipation or diarrhea.

 exacerbation of gastritis

  Treatment of gastritis

Of course, exacerbation of chronic gastritis in any case can not be ignored. Unfortunately, most people are very careless about their health, considering gastritis something insignificant, like a light cold. However, this is not so - gastritis can lead to the development of threatening human health and life events, such as peptic ulcer or even cancer. Agree, very bleak prospect. Especially considering the fact that getting rid of gastritis is quite real. And to treat it is not too difficult, the main thing to know how. And also to know the symptoms in time to react, and not to bring the disease to a severe stage.

The first thing to do, seeing at the very first symptoms of gastritis - as quickly as possible to seek the help of a doctor, a gastroenterologist. Usually, a doctor will examine the sick person, to listen to all his appeals for a more accurate diagnosis appoint EGD - endoscopic examination of the gastric mucosa. Based on all the data, evaluating symptoms, the doctor will put the final diagnosis.

And, accordingly, appropriate treatment. Treatment in all cases complex. And not the last place in the treatment takes diet. Food is very important, as gastritis - is an inflammatory process that captures the gastric mucosa. So, it is very important that it enters the stomach during the period of the disease. Firstly, from the diet should exclude products such as:

  • Smoked sausages

    Leave sausage and other smoked products at the best of times. It is not necessary to eat even dairy sausages, which seem at first sight quite harmless. Unfortunately, the quality of IT products is poor. And the extra preservatives your stomach does not need it. Be sure to revise your diet. Otherwise, all may turn exacerbate the gastritis.

  • Carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol

    You probably should not talk about that coffee and alcohol have on the gastric mucosa is very strong irritant effect - and so it is clear to everyone. However, conventional mineral carbonated water and soft drinks harm caused no less, and sometimes even more. Therefore, the period of the disease is to drink only weak tea and non-carbonated drinking water. Even juices - and they are extremely harmful during gastritis. And not only in fruit acids, and preservatives that are added to the juice to ensure that they are kept longer.

  • Tomato paste, tomato

    Tomatoes are a very strong impact on the gastric mucosa, so they are also not completely abandoned.

  • Fried, fatty meals

    Fatty foods also have a very strong stomach strain. Therefore, make sure that all the food that was fairly light and easy to digest. In addition, pay attention to the fact that a very important factor is not only what you eat, but also how these products are cooked. You should not eat fried foods - there are so many ways to cook them differently. Optimally to give preference boiled, baked or steamed dishes. Of course, some of them at the same time turn out not so tasty, but because health is more important! Therefore, power should be strictly diet. Diet during exacerbation of gastritis - a prerequisite to treatment benefited!

About medication we will not say, as it may appoint a doctor. In that case, if you try to engage in self and start taking any medications on their own health condition will only get worse. So experiment still not worth it.

But there are a number of ways to treat gastritis at home. However, pay close attention - these recipes can only be a supplement to the basic treatment prescribed by your doctor, not replace it. And be sure to consult with your doctor - the funds, which are ideal for one person, can impair the health of the other. Let's start with the story of general tips:

  • Glass of water

    Folk medicine recommends that people suffering from gastritis, in the morning, immediately after awakening on an empty stomach to drink a glass of cold clean water. This will help eliminate the walls of the stomach mucus that has accumulated on the mucosa of the night.

  • Mode meal

    All people, without exception, are suffering from diseases of the stomach, doctors recommend to eat food very small portions, so as not to burden the stomach, but often enough that it was not empty. This measure will also help significantly faster cure gastritis.

  • Temperature range of food

    Be sure to make sure that what temperature you have to consume food. It should not be too cold or too hot. And it is in any case do not mix - for example, do not wash down with hot coffee ice cream. This is done in any case it is impossible!

  • The use of fiber

    Be sure to watch out for, so that your diet contains sufficient amounts of fiber - it is not only a positive effect on the intestinal mucosa, but also stimulates the digestive tract as a whole. The highest amount of fiber found in raw fruits and vegetables. But since a large amount of fruit drink with gastritis undesirable lean on vegetables.

Traditional recipes

As already mentioned, folk recipes medicine can make life very sick person. We offer you the most effective and safe ones:

  • Potato juice

    Fresh raw potato juice is very effective adjusts the level of acidity in the stomach and the very production of gastric juice. Clean the potatoes and squeeze some juice from them. Half a glass of this juice should drink no later than one hour before a meal. If possible, try a little after taking the juice soak. Treatment should last at least a week.

  • Carrot juice

    In exactly the same way it is recommended to take the juice of fresh carrots. However, this course of treatment should last no more than two consecutive weeks. Thereafter, if necessary, the treatment can be repeated again, but only after a week's break.

  • Rolled oats

    A wonderful way to cure any form of gastritis is oatmeal. Moreover, prescription treatments are extremely simple - soak overnight rump rate of half a glass of water half cup of cereal. In the morning, drain the water in an enamel bowl, bring to a boil, reduce the heat. Stirring constantly, add one tablespoon of flour or starch. It is necessary to cook a kind of jelly, which should be drunk before breakfast. Well, breakfast, in turn, should consist of oatmeal, cooked most of these oatmeal. Such treatment can last as long as necessary.

  • Apples

    The most common apples able to handle even the most neglected gastritis. The recipe is very simple treatment - rub on a small grater one small apple, with the skin. The resulting apple mush must be eaten immediately. Treatment should be continued for two weeks.

  • Seabuckthorn

    If you have a sea-buckthorn berries, you can try the following recipe for the treatment of gastritis. Boil half a liter of water to add three tablespoons of mashed sea-buckthorn berries, reduce heat and simmer about 15 minutes. Drink the broth must be 200 grams, twice a day - in the morning on an empty stomach, in the evening, not earlier than one hour after the meal. Treatment should be continued for at least ten days.

 The aggravation of gastritis: Symptoms and Treatment

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