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Such an annoying ailment, like coughing, a sign to all people without exception. And most states currently cough at the wrong time. Although, of course, the disease does not happen all the time. But, nevertheless, one of the most pressing issues - this is how to get rid of a cough quickly. And it really is quite real. However, in order to get rid of the cough, you still need to figure out the root cause that caused its appearance. If you eliminate the cause of the cough will disappear on their own.

Most often, it is a companion cough colds. A cold reason is considered to be completely frivolous disease. And a very good reason - because the cold can lead to various complications. So make sure to seek medical help from a doctor. The doctor will evaluate your condition and, if necessary, prescribe appropriate treatment.

However, you can try additional treatments that can quickly get rid of the cough. And this treatment - recipes of traditional medicine. However, remember that before the application of a therapeutic agent be sure to consult with your doctor not to aggravate their condition. In addition, carefully study all of the components that make up a particular agent. You should not be allergic reactions.

 quickly get rid of cough

Inhalation Cough

In the event that the cause of your dry cough are the pain and sore throat, you can try inhalation. Ideally you should use a special steam inhaler, but you can do the usual "old-fashioned" way pots and towel. The water temperature for inhalation should be around 40 degrees Celsius - hotter should not be used.

Above the liquid containers should be tilted to a distance of 30 centimeters, and on top of his head covered with a towel. In order to have the desired effect of inhalation, inhale the steam necessary to mouth.

Generally, the average duration of inhalation should be around 10 minutes. During inhalation should not be any discomfort. On the contrary, you should see a significant feeling of relief. The night should be done at least 5 - 6 inhalations a row.

However, keep in mind that in any case it is impossible for inhalation if you have fever. It could go even higher. And it is completely useless - the state of the sick person will only get worse. In addition, after inhalation for one hour can not smoke, talk loudly and especially to go out. Otherwise, the effect of inhalations will be reduced to almost zero.

There are several most popular and effective inhalation:

  • Honey

For this you will need inhaled half a liter of water and 10 grams of any of honey. Water bring to a boil, carefully dissolve honey in it and cool down to 38 degrees. In this case, typically breathe through the nose is overdue, but also need to mouth breathe. Especially if you have a cough, not only, but also cold. Duration of inhalation - not less than ten minutes.

  • Salvia officinalis

For this you will need to inhalation two tablespoons of chopped herbs of sage. Bring to a boil a liter of water, put in an enamel container herb sage and fill it with water. Insist 20 minutes - during this time the water has cooled to just the right temperature. Duration of inhalation - not less than 5 minutes.

  • Eucalyptus

Prepare a two tablespoons of crushed eucalyptus leaves, two tablets validol and a teaspoon of finely ground garlic. Mix all ingredients and pour one liter of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes. Duration of inhalation - not less than five minutes.

  • Alkaline inhalation

As is known, the most effective inhalation cough - is alkaline. And to make it easier than ever - just add boiling water per liter of five tablespoons of the most common baking soda. Bring water to a boil, sprinkle in baking soda and cool to 40 degrees. Duration of inhalation - 7-8 minutes. Especially effective when inhaled like bronchitis and asthma.


Equally effective and rinsing, which are also very effectively soothe irritation and inflammation. Rinsing can be carried out either separately or together with the inhalation. Gargle need at least every three hours.

  • Herbal

To make this broth you will need one tablespoon inflorescences of calendula and eucalyptus herbs. Mix the herbs and pour a glass of water. Bring the broth to a boil in a water bath and cook for ten minutes. After this cool down to a temperature of 37 degrees and strain - the broth is ready for use. Always bear in mind that its medicinal properties broth retains only the first few hours. After that it is absolutely useless - why cook fresh every time.

  • Soda solution

Baking soda can not lose focus in this case. Preparing broth easier - one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water.

 quickly get rid of cough

Tools for internal use

In addition to the means for rinsing and inhalation is possible to use the funds for internal use. They also prove to be very effective in the fight against cough. We offer you the most effective:

  • Aloe with honey

This tool will help to quickly get rid of the cough when wet cough. To make it, you'll need five tablespoons of aloe leaves and five tablespoons of honey. Honey must be melted in a water bath to a liquid state. The leaves of aloe is necessary to carefully grind - it is best to mince.

Then connect the two components and carefully stir until smooth. The resulting mixture was placed in a glass container and store in the refrigerator. Take it should be one tablespoon five times a day, regardless of meals. The course of treatment - up to the complete disappearance of the cough. Typically, a relief occurs at the end of the first day.

  • Raw potatoes and honey

This tool is very effective at helping dry cough. To make it, you'll need two large-sized potatoes and every hundred grams of honey. Potatoes Wash, peel and grate on a fine grater. Then mix it with honey and place in a glass container, which is sure to tightly cover. Accepted necessary one teaspoon every hour and a half. The course of treatment should last at least five days. Even if the cough disappears before.

  • "Babushkin" means

Of course, talking about people's ways of getting rid of the cough, in any case we can not ignore the old way, most people are familiar with the deep childhood. To do this you will need one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of butter, a third of a teaspoon of baking soda and one cup of milk. Mixed Race, is not it?

Further preparation of the scheme is very simple - Bring the milk to a boil and dissolve it thoroughly all ingredients. Done! This means you need to drink at night, until the complete disappearance of cough. As a rule, the sick person feels considerable relief.

 How to get rid of the cough quickly?

 Without water a person can live


  • Why do we need water?
  • How long can you live without water?
  • As we act on the water?

Water has no color, smell, taste and calories, and yet it is a vital element for all life forms. No man, animal or plant can not live without water. And a huge elephant and tiny bacteria alike need water, and nothing can replace it. No water means no life. It is the second most important after oxygen compound in which the human body needs for survival.

Why do we need water?

Without water a person can survive for very long. The body consists of muscles, bones, organs and fluids, and the durability and functionality of the organism depends on several factors, particularly the consumption of water and food. Every body needs water to continue to function normally. In general, the body of people by about 70 percent water; children share the water is, and even more - 85 percent.

Water has many vital functions. It promotes detoxification, minerals and trace elements transportation, disposal of degradation products in the process of metabolism, regulates body temperature. During the day, through our brain runs almost a half thousand liters of water, and through the kidneys in the same period held two thousand liters. Approximately two and a half - three liters of water a day, a person separates from the body. Together with the liquid people lose essential minerals and trace elements. If these losses are not recovered, the person can not live long.

How much water you need to consume daily to maintain an optimal balance of fluids in the body? Usually, one needs about two liters of fluid. However, this figure may change if you are more physically active than usual, or when the weather gets too hot. In such situations, you lose through sweat much more fluid, and you need to replenish what you lost.

 how many people live without water

How long can you live without water?

Without food a person can do for quite some time. However, after a few days spent without food, you will feel very different. You will have the symptoms of nutritional deficiency - fatigue, lethargy, irritability, inability to concentrate, you lose the ability to make the right decisions. But, nevertheless, without food a person can live for four to six weeks.

But without water as you can stand? On average, people live without water for more than three days. In some circumstances, this period may be increased up to five days. There are cases when the body is struggling with dehydration to ten days, but cause irreparable damage to health. Survival of the brain, the kidneys and the heart, the blood density is directly dependent on the amount of water consumed.

Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells and transports waste of their life, so it is extremely important level of stress. Lack of water is to the body transition from life to death. That is why people live without water for much less than without food.

Sometimes it happens when a person gets into an extreme situation, and drinking water is not available to him. In such a case, it may help the survival of an ancient technique: you just have to find a round stone and put it in a dry mouth. Start sucking the stone, while inhaling and exhaling only through the nose, keeping your mouth shut. Sucking pebble will stimulate the salivary glands and help distract from intrusive thoughts of lust. A breathing through the nose to help fight the feeling of dryness in the mouth and increase the time during which the stone will "quench" thirst.

This is a very effective way to survive if the water is not available. Pebble, of course, no substitute for water, but it will help to reduce the suffering from dry mouth and extend the ability of a person to look for water. Besides, the stone contains some minerals, and it may also help the body. You have no idea how many people still live thanks to this method!

 how many people live without water

As we act on the water?

We have already mentioned how much fluid you need to maintain health - about two liters a day. And we are talking about clean water, without taking into account the fluid that enters the body with food.

What other effects, in addition to eliminating dehydration can have on the body of water?

  • It stimulates the digestive system. A glass of water on an empty stomach improves digestion;
  • Invigorates better than coffee. If you feel tired at work, drink a glass of water - it will refresh you and give you strength. And if you are cold, drunk hot water will increase blood circulation, and you get warm;
  • Water - a cheap and affordable beauty elixir. If you consume the necessary amount of liquid, your skin will never look flabby, tired and pale;
  • Water is not only the skin color from the inside. When applied topically, it invigorates and refreshes the skin, stimulating blood vessels. Rinse your face, neck and décolleté with cold water, and the skin immediately becomes fresh and radiant;
  • Suppresses hunger. A glass of water before or during the water quench appetite and leads to a more rapid saturation. Especially effective is valid if the water add a little apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Survival experts say there is a "right-handed". Man lives without air for three minutes. In the cold, you can survive without shelter three hours. After three days without water a person will start to die. Can endure three weeks without food, but no one can promise that it will be fun.

Let fate keeps you from extreme situations!

 Without water a person can expect to live less than without food

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