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  • Furunkuleznye rashes
  • Redness of the skin
  • Swelling around the eyes
  • Peeling Skin

Eyes - mirror of the soul, says the proverb. And what is the skin of the face? On this account, this is the wisdom of silence. But doctors give voice - dermatologists. They argue that the skin of the face is the mirror of the present state of human health. And in particular - of all internal organs, without exception. And so the problem with the skin are far beyond the aesthetic character.

Any problem is a clear indication that the human body has this or that problem. Virtually any disease leaves a mark on the state of human skin - changes this or that portion thereof, and sometimes skin type changes completely. We will not talk about issues such as acne, etc., although they are also nothing more than a disease. We will talk about more serious cases that require as quickly as possible a visit to the doctor - a dermatologist, and if necessary - to other narrow specialists.

Very often, in our frantic pace of modern life, people simply do not pay attention to these, they think little things. And it is in vain, because any disease is much easier to treat if it is diagnosed in a timely manner. And for the delay may be too high a price to pay.

Furunkuleznye rashes

Very often, people are faced with a situation where the previously completely healthy facial skin begins to intensively covered purulent rashes and even boils. The reasons for this phenomenon may be a few, and all of them require treatment. Let's look at them:

  • Hormonal disorders in the body

A lot of women complain that such eruptions occur more often before the onset of menses. Of course, you can tolerate the situation, a few days a month harassing stocks foundation and matting pencil.

However, in any case, do not forget that the problem is not only the aesthetic character. Most often this phenomenon is observed in case there is a disruption of the normal functioning of the endocrine system, causing hormonal changes in a woman's body.

A hormonal disorders can lead to very serious consequences for the health of the woman - that a failure of the menstrual cycle, and various diseases of internal organs, and even infertility. Perspective can delight except masochists. And prevent these complications is possible, if the time to seek medical help.

  • Violation of the intestine

If you pass the tests, the results of which showed that the level of hormones that's all right, it is necessary to pay special attention to the condition of the intestine. Consider your health - you do not feel pain in the intestines, you have a regular chair or constipation occur, there is no any unreasonable diarrhea? Very often it is a violation of the normal functioning of the bowel is the cause of purulent skin rash. And in such a case, the localization of lesions is vast - it is not just limited to skin.

Most likely, the doctor will prescribe a series of research and analysis that will help determine the condition of the intestinal microflora. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. But also be sure to begin to act. The best thing you can do - is to review your diet. Eliminate all greasy, spicy and salty foods, alcohol, carbonated and caffeinated beverages. But fiber-rich foods, like dairy, will also be most welcome.

 problems with skin

Redness of the skin

Redness of the skin - a problem familiar to many people. As a rule, this phenomenon most people dismiss as of annoying flies. However, doing this is by no means impossible, as reddening of the skin may indicate a variety of disorders of the body, sometimes quite serious.

The level of red blood cells in the blood largely determines the color of the skin, especially on the face. A reddish color often occurs precisely when this level rises significantly. This phenomenon is extremely dangerous - the blood becomes thicker, the heart gets stronger load. In addition, at times more likely to develop such a dangerous and unpleasant phenomenon as thrombosis. And in time it is very important to note and to take the necessary measures. And it can be done only by passing blood count, the direction from which you give your doctor.

In that case, if the facial skin is periodically covered with red spots from swelling, resembling hives, can be suspected or atopic dermatitis, or allergic reactions. Redness of the skin in this case is due to the fact that the blood is thrown large amounts of histamine and other biologically active substances. In order to identify the allergen, which has led to the emergence of such a reaction, it is necessary to conduct a number of surveys - immunological blood tests, provocation tests, skin tests.

At the time of research, the allergen is not clearly determined, doctors recommend to completely eliminate from the diet all the foods that often trigger allergic reactions. These include seafood, eggs, citrus fruits, drinks and coffee stains. In addition, it is recommended to exclude all sugary foods - thus manages to reduce the amount of histamine produced. Accordingly, the inflammation decreases.

Swelling around the eyes

Swelling around the eye skin problem can be called only conditionally. Yet around this issue attention in any case impossible - edema in all cases evidence of serious irregularities in the body - a violation of water exchange, or a pathological functioning kidney. All of this is instantly reflected on the human face. Edema occurs due to the fact that water accumulates in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. This is especially noticeable after waking up in the morning. Normally, the kidneys work day is always a little more active, so the swelling disappears.

  • Hypothermia

Incidentally, most of the victims of this phenomenon are the fair sex. In most cases of kidney problems result from hypothermia or a sharp decrease in body weight. And it was the woman for the sake of beauty ready for anything. On the forty-degree frost in nylon stockings and thin boots? You're welcome! And then, as a result, cystitis, pyelonephritis, and other "charms". In order to establish a diagnosis, it is necessary to pass urinalysis, and blood to do ultrasound. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe treatment for the disease.

  • Sudden weight loss

Get rid of the extra kilos as soon as possible by the strict diet? Yes, with great pleasure, although now begin. Familiar, is not it? But the drastic weight loss often leads to a shift of the kidneys and the resulting disturbance of their operation. In order not to expose themselves to such dangers, remember that a week can not be discounted more than 2 kilograms. Otherwise, kidney problems are not the only ones. Moreover - if you care about your health, losing weight to be most sensible to consult a dietitian.

  • Thyroid problems

In that case the swelling is not lost during the day, the physician may suspect hypothyroidism. The disease develops when the body has a shortage of the hormone produced by the thyroid gland. In order to clarify the diagnosis, you need to take a blood test for hormones. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe drugs containing iodine - they stabilize the thyroid gland.

 skin problems

Peeling Skin

No less common and a problem such as peeling of skin - it is familiar to every third woman. And if the majority of women are faced with the phenomenon periodically, some "lucky" less fortunate - skin peeling them a usual thing. There are several reasons that can lead to this problem:

  • Allergic reactions

The fact that most allergies can adversely affect the skin condition, mentioned above. And in addition to redness peeling it could be a manifestation of the allergy itself. Driving actions in this situation is standard - an appeal to the allergist, quizzes and tests, the selection of appropriate therapy. Do not forget to adjust your diet.

  • Cosmetic products

Do not forget that the allergic reaction and skin irritation can cause color cosmetics, as well as products for skin care. Try to time to completely abandon their use. Under the ban, even soap - at least for three days. If the skin condition improves, more likely, the matter is in cosmetics.

You will have to experiment to find out by what of cosmetics cause allergic reactions. As you can imagine, from the use of this means you have to give up forever. Moreover - if you have already been cases of allergic reactions to cosmetic products, continue to need to approach their choice very carefully, a few days observing how your skin will react.

  • Iron-deficiency anemia

Surprised? Yes, it is iron-deficiency anemia can cause severe peeling of the skin. As a rule, it is on top of that and much more dehydrated. Peel off the skin due to the fact that the lack of iron inevitably violates the update process of the epithelium. This is what leads to the formation of scales. And the more the lack of iron, the more flaky skin - in severe cases it may look as if the woman had a sunburn.

In women, the risk of developing anemia is much higher than that of men. Firstly, a woman's body metabolizes iron produced with food a little worse than men. And secondly, the woman during menstruation blood loss occurs regularly, though not great. And all the same notorious diet are often the perpetrators of serious anemia.

Moreover, peeling skin, it induced anemia, it is not the only symptom of the disease. For example, there are disturbances smell or taste. You were surprised to notice that enjoys spending time in the department of household chemicals, inhaling the scent of laundry detergent? You wanted to dramatically oranges and herring? A whitewashed wall and beckons, promising moments of bliss? No, of course, go to the pharmacy: pregnancy test - it is good and necessary. However, do not forget on the way to the pharmacy to go to the doctor and a blood test. After all, it causes anemia and these weird cravings.

In addition, changes and skin color. Look in the mirror - what do you see? If your view appeared pale aristocratic face and whites of the eyes, which have a bluish tinge, do not hurry to rejoice. Most likely, the noble roots of your great-grandmother's got nothing to do with it. But anemia, "a hand" to your complexion with a very high probability.

If you notice at the above signs, in any case, do not delay, consult your doctor! Anemia - does not such a trifling disease, whom he used to think. In severe cases, it can jeopardize not only health, but also the lives of the sick person. The doctor will select the appropriate intensive care, which will help raise the level of hemoglobin in the shortest possible time. Of course, this course is chosen individually for each patient. And then you must regularly monitor blood counts - this will help prevent recurrence of the disease.

As you can see for yourself, the state of the facial skin is able to tell a lot about human health. The main thing - time to hear this "story" and not ignore it. After all manifestations in the skin - this is usually the most initial stage of a disease. So, to deal with it will be easy enough. Be healthy and beautiful!

 Problems with the skin - a smart decision

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