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Today, the topic of our conversation will be green tea: the benefits and harms. About green tea recently said as much, that is not surprising confused in all this abundance of information. Let's try to streamline it and understand it. Green tea is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants. And as you know, antioxidants affect the body in the most positive way - actively remove toxins and prevent the formation of new ones. That is why the green tea is very useful for a variety of diseases.

The composition of green tea

First we need to find out what part of the green tea. Knowing this, it will be easier to understand the beneficial and harmful properties of the drink. So:

  • Tannins

Green tea contains from 20 to 30% of tannins - such as polyphenol, catechin, tannin, and other. Incidentally, the notorious tannin in green tea is approximately two times greater than its black counterpart. The higher grade of green tea, the higher its level of this substance, which means - and its usefulness.

  • Essential oils

The essential oils in green tea at first glance contains quite a bit - only 0, 5%. Most of these oils is completely lost during the processing of tea leaves. However, these oils give green tea its unique aroma.

  • Alkaloids

Few people know, but in green tea contains a large amount of caffeine. However, unlike coffee, caffeine, green tea reacts with tannin, resulting in its effects on the softer and gentle.

  • Amino acids

Green tea contains a large amount of glutamic acid. It is extremely important for the normalization of the central nervous system and stimulate metabolism.

  • Vegetable proteins

Green tea contains a large number of proteins - at least 25%. This is about the same as in legumes. However, proteins contained in green tea, are digested by the human body much better than everyone else.

  • Minerals

Approximately 7% are mineral elements such as gold, copper, calcium, fluoride, potassium, magnesium, manganese. All of these elements are essential for the normal functioning of all internal organs.

  • Vitamins

Green tea contains a large number of different vitamins. For example, Vitamin A - is responsible for the state of almost all of the mucous membranes: oral and nasal cavity, the internal organs. Furthermore, it normalizes the vitamin vision. Green tea contains a large amount of vitamin C - five times more than in citrus fruit. Also, thiamine, folic acid and niacin.

 the benefits of green tea

Use of green tea

On the beneficial properties of green tea has been known to mankind for many centuries ago. It has been used not only to maintain the vitality, but also for the treatment of a sufficiently large number of various diseases. Which ones? Who will learn:

  • Low pressure

Due to the high nicotine content, green tea is a powerful biological stimulant. You have lowered the pressure? Drink only one cup of green tea - and it very quickly normalizes blood pressure. But do not always solve the problem with the help of green tea. If you have pressure drops on a regular basis, it makes sense to seek help from a doctor. Quite often low pressure indicates a serious illness. So do not risk your health.

  • The normalization of the nervous system

Green tea is the most wonderful way normalizes the central nervous system. He not only restores the exhausted nervous system, but also improves its resistance to various types of stressful situations. Pay special attention - if you use green tea to strengthen the nervous system, it is by no means impossible to brew too hard.

  • The elasticity of blood vessels

Even the most healthy people over time inevitably enhanced fragility of blood vessels, particularly capillaries. Numerous studies have confirmed that regular consumption of green tea not only strengthens the walls of blood vessels, but at times increases their elasticity. Thereby minimizing the likelihood of any internal bleeding.

  • Prevention of heart disease

Doctors suggest that regular consumption of green tea - at least one cup per day - 50% reduces the risk of various heart diseases. Including and myocardial infarction. Moreover - will ease over existing heart disease, at times shortened rehabilitation after heart attacks and strokes.

  • Poisoning and intestinal infections

Green tea contains substances such as catechins. They have excellent antimicrobial action, especially against cocci and dysentery bacteria. Only two - three days of receiving the green tea appear to pathogenic microorganisms detrimental. However, the tea will have to prepare a little bit different. Place in a glass vessel 50 g of green tea, one liter fill of cold water, leave for about 30 minutes.

Then simmer for an hour, leave to infuse for another 30 minutes, then strain it with the help of gauze fabric. A sick person should drink small sips of this volume, for two - three hours. At night you can drink no more than three liters of green tea prepared in a similar way. Moreover, a similar tool can even be used to treat children. Of course, in this case it is necessary to reduce the dosage - two teaspoons per every five kilogram weight.

  • Indigestion

In that case, if you have any digestive disorders - diarrhea or constipation, green tea also come to your aid. In the event that a problem with constipation drink tid weakly brewed green tea without sugar. And drink it should be no later than 15 minutes before a meal. Usually the chair is normalized on the third - the fourth day. But the treatment still has to last at least 14 days to the problem is not repeated.

But in that case, if you have diarrhea, green tea should be brewed as tightly as possible. Drink one cup of green tea every two hours, as long as the stool is not normal. You remember that green tea has powerful antibacterial properties? Therefore, all pathogenic microorganisms are killed very quickly. Moreover - like tea very effectively increases the tone of the intestine.

  • Treatment of colds

It is known that people with colds encounters throughout his life more often. And green tea in this situation, your first mate. However, please note - it is inadmissible to use green tea to treat colds when the body temperature above 37 degrees and 5, since there is very strong pressure on the cardiovascular and excretory systems.

For the treatment of any kind of cough you have to prepare the following mixture. The thermos put five tablespoons of green tea, a pinch of red pepper, and pour a liter of boiling water. About three hours later strain the tea using a gauze cloth and add five tablespoons of any of honey. Take the solution should be warm, in small sips throughout the day.

When a cold is very useful to wash the nose weak brew green tea. Place one tablespoon of tea leaves in a glass bowl and pour a half cup of boiling water. Insist only five minutes. Do not forget to drain, or persistent sneezing you provided. The nose can be washed using ordinary disposable syringe. Of course, without needles. To eliminate the need rhinitis 6 - 7 washings per day.

In that case, if you have a sore throat, or even purulent tonsillitis did not spare you, you can cope with the disease with the help of strong brewed green tea. To do this, pour two tablespoons of green tea with one liter of boiling water and leave for an hour. Add five drops of iodine and use the resulting solution for gargling. To eliminate the pain gargle as often as possible - at least once a day. Once the pain becomes less, the interval between rinses can be increased up to three hours.

 green tea benefits

Harm green tea

Another legitimate question. And what are the harmful properties of green tea? In fact - in addition to a huge plus green tea has a number of drawbacks. While it would be correct to say - a number of contraindications. In that case, if you have the following diseases, from your green tea is better to refuse. Or, at least, to reduce its consumption to the minimum possible. So:

  • Hypertension

Some people believe that green tea increases the pressure is absolutely not. However, this is not so - because it contains considerable amounts of caffeine. And so people who are prone to high blood pressure, you can not get involved in green tea. Especially if hypertension occurs in an acute form. The most that can afford such people - it is one - two cups of weak tea. In this case, damage to the green tea will be minimal.

  • Hyperthermia

As mentioned above, in no case should not drink green tea at high temperature of the body. Otherwise there is a risk disruption of the urinary system.

  • Gastrointestinal disease

Green tea stimulates increase in gastric acidity. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink for people suffering from gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Try to completely eliminate the green tea. But in the case of the low acidity of the stomach green tea can be very useful. But do not forget that pre-need to consult with your doctor. In the end, only after some research you can find out the level of acidity of gastric juice. And they can spend only a doctor.

  • Problems with the central nervous system

Since the composition of green tea contains a large quantity of such irritants as theophylline, theobromine, and caffeine, which act on the central nervous system stimulant, it is not recommended to use for people who suffer from insomnia and hyperexcitability. Otherwise, the situation will only grow worse - damage of green tea in this case, there is no doubt.

Also, remember that green tea in any case you can not drink in the day, when you drink alcohol - even if it is very low-alcohol drinks. But very often people try to get rid of the feeling of intoxication in this way, knowing nothing about the harm of green tea in a given situation.

Certain substances contained in green tea, are reacted with molecules of ethyl alcohol, resulting in a large number of aldehydes. And these aldehydes have the most negative impact on the work of the urinary system. As a result, the most harmless, what can turn such an attempt to improve the state of health - is the development of a strong swelling. In the worst case - and at renal failure.

And finally I would like to draw attention to the tea itself - the use of green tea in tea bags is highly questionable. Try to choose and acquire elite varieties of green tea. It costs not too expensive, and the benefits - are far higher. Drink green tea with pleasure and be always healthy!

 Green Tea: Benefits and harms

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