causing bruising under the eyes


  • Stressful situations
  • Age-related changes
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Health problems
  • Cosmetology tools
  • Computers and TVs

Light my mirror, tell me ... But, unfortunately, the magic mirror exists only in fairy tales. And our mirrors always reflect the harsh reality. As the proverb says, there is nothing to blame the mirror, since face is crooked. Fortunately, the curve mug - the phenomenon is extremely rare and extremely. But, nevertheless, the reflection in the mirror of us, women, very frustrating and very often. And one of the reasons for such frustration is nothing else like bruises under her eyes. When he saw in a mirror-like "beauty", she immediately recalls all the turmoil and disappointments of the previous day, sleepless nights. And no wonder, because the result is literally "there."

Of course, you can simply posokrushatsya and habitually resort to using foundation. However, in a similar way to radically change the situation does not turn out. So let us not learn the basics of make-up, and try to get rid of these most unfortunate bruises under his eyes. And for that to happen, you must first determine why black eyes appear at all.

Of course, in order to accurately determine the cause of the bruises under his eyes, you should consult a doctor. However, we still tell you about the main precipitating factors for you to have at least a general idea.

Stressful situations

In that case, if you are in a constant emotional stress, suffering the whole body without exception. And no wonder - the man does not rest even at night, because it is constantly going through on a particular occasion. Common situation? So, it is time to change the situation, otherwise sooner or later to avoid a nervous breakdown. And even if black eyes seem a mere trifle compared to the potential problems.

At first glance, this may seem an impossible task. However, this is not so - all in your hands. We will not tell you banal things that need to be addressed as they arrive, preventing accumulation. Surely, if you had the chance, would you yourself did not you?

But as they say, if you can not change the situation, change your attitude to it. First, try to calm down. Perhaps even it makes sense to resort to a light sedative. Of course, they must appoint a doctor - wrong choice of drugs can cause irreparable damage to health. Second, despite all the stress, try to look for the positive. Look around: as if it did not sound snobbish, but life is good! Do not believe? Go outside, just a leisurely stroll - and certainly improve your mood.

Ask for support from people close to you. Do not hesitate to tell her husband that you're tired, tell us about your concerns. He must react with understanding to your problems and try to help. Mother, friend, anyone you trust. Sometimes it is enough just to talk. Well, in that case to cope with the problem you still can not, ask for help to a psychologist.

Age-related changes

In that case, if the black eyes appear in women who are over 40 years at least, the cause of the bruises under the eyes can become the most common age-related changes. With aging, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner, the blood vessels become more visible - the result under the eyes appear bluish "bags". At other times this can occur in a younger age, for example in the case of any hormonal changes.

In the first case, you can try to get rid of bruises on their own, using the popular recipes. For example, you can use honey-milk compresses. They do this - in a water bath, melt one tablespoon of honey and mix it with three tablespoons of milk. Get a lot soak two cotton pads and apply to the pre-treated skin around the eyes. Leave for 30 minutes, then apply a nourishing cream.

 causing bruises under the eyes

Sudden weight loss

Very often, bruises under his eyes are a payment for getting rid of excess weight. Especially if the most overweight gone too fast - faster than three kilograms per month. In such cases, the skin very quickly and significantly loses its elasticity. And, accordingly, sag - on the chest, abdomen and thighs. And including the eyes. And if nuisance in the form of sagging skin on the body camouflage clothing is not too difficult, with a black eye will have to tinker.

Firstly, the very loose skin forms a kind of bags, so more and more clearly appear the wreaths. And no wonder, because they concealed body fat disappeared. How to be in this situation? First, do not give up. And secondly, you can resort to a specialized cosmetic procedures. What is suitable in your case can be solved only cosmetologist. Therefore, be sure to consult with him.

Well, if a professional service for any reasons do not want to try the following method to eliminate these bruises. Place in the freezer three branches of aloe, a plant is not under the age of five, leave for a day. The same day, two tablespoons of oatmeal pour a half cup of boiling water and leave overnight.

Aloe leaves mince and squeeze the flakes using a gauze cloth. Mix all the ingredients - you should get a homogeneous mass. Apply it before going to bed on clean skin around the eyes and leave for 30 minutes. Then wash the skin with running water and apply a nourishing cream.

Health problems

In some cases the cause of the bruises under his eyes much more serious. By this phenomenon causes quite a lot of variety of diseases. Among these diseases - diseases of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidney, cardiovascular disease and disruption of the endocrine system.

Although, strictly speaking, bruising under the eyes can be caused by absolutely any disease that brings a person discomfort. Judge for yourself - poor sleep, pain, lack of appetite does not contribute to proper rest, which simply requires the body of any person.

In this situation, neither of which initiative is not out of the question. The only thing that can help you get rid of bruises under his eyes - a diagnosis of the underlying disease. And do it themselves is simply impossible. In no case do not ignore this phenomenon, as the bruising is not the worst thing that can be. Who knows what complications may result in one or another disease not seen in a timely manner?

Cosmetology tools

In some cases, black eyes are the work of their very "happy" owner. Or rather, misuse of color cosmetics and various cosmetic funds. There are several of these factors:

  • Low-quality cosmetics

Unfortunately, very often, many women prefer to save on everything, including on makeup. But to do that is by no means impossible. Of course, resist the temptation to buy cheap, but a nice shade of mascara or very difficult. But it is impossible to predict what will be a part of such cosmetics.

  • The lack of make-up remover

Under no circumstances should there be a widespread error - go to bed without removing makeup. No matter how tired you are, be sure to use a means for removing makeup. Otherwise, the deteriorating condition of the skin, thinning occurs, and before you know - and the bruises will not keep you waiting. It is unlikely that such a prospect will have someone to their liking.

 why there are black eyes

Computers and TVs

Progress does not stand still. And if not so long ago, the main attraction was the viewing of slides, today various information and communication devices surround a person everywhere. Take, for TV and computer - try to calculate how much time you spend around them?

The morning alarm goes off, you reach out, turn it off and reach for the TV remote. Sound familiar, does not it? In the morning, you brush your teeth, drink coffee, get dressed, looking at the screen with one eye open. Of course, we can not say that you had a great time watching television, but the load on the eye yet been received. Then you come to work, turn on your computer - the working day has begun. In the evening, coming home, you will again sit down at a computer and lost in the depths of the World Wide Web - it is so difficult to break. You look up at the clock - midnight is gone! And what do you hope to see in the mirror in the morning? Clean and clear bright eyes? But there it was ... The mirror will reflect fairly dull red bloodshot eyes, bruises under his eyes ... and eliminate the bruising is not so simple.

But it is still possible, though not immediately. And the most important thing to do - is to minimize the presence of the TV and the computer. Well, in case you are forced to work on the computer, do not forget about the need to do a five-minute break every hour. Get up from the table, go to the window and look at a couple of minutes the horizon. This simple exercise will help relieve eye strain.

And do not forget that an adult should not sleep less than 8 hours a day. Otherwise, wondering why there were unfortunate bruises do not have to - it is because of lack of sleep. To sleep was stronger, walk before going to bed at least 15 minutes - this is useful for the eyes and the nervous system.

As you can see, the reasons why our beauty can suffer, not so much. And if you really want, you can certainly get rid of the strongest black eye. For your beauty, as well as your health is only in your hands. Well, of course, do not forget about the existence of doctors and cosmetologists. Often, they are very useful.

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