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Gastritis - the second most common disease, after all sorts of SARS and ARI. Doctors have isolated a lot of varieties of gastritis, but they all fall into two main groups - gastritis with high acidity and low. Today we will talk specifically about the first version - with a high level of acidity of gastric juice.

For a start, we will find out what can provoke the development of this gastritis? Gastritis - an inflammation of the gastric mucosa, and thus becomes the cause of exposure to various corrosive fact that very mucosa. In addition, in some cases, the main culprit for occurrence of gastritis becomes the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. So:

  • Malnutrition

Unfortunately, the diet of modern man often leaves to be desired. Referring to permanent employment, we prefer fast food or, at best, semi-finished products. And about a healthy diet just forget. A similar food is the main enemy of the stomach - a month, and another gastritis virtually assured.

  • Stressful situations

Constant stress and chronic fatigue also often provoke the development of gastritis. Why is this happening - it is difficult to explain, even to doctors. But the fact remains - in relation to gastritis expression "all diseases of the nerves" true a hundred percent.

  • Bad habits

Use of alcoholic beverages, large amounts of caffeine, smoking is also very much injure the gastric mucosa. Almost all smokers, lovers of "green dragon" and ardent fans of coffee, sooner or later learn from their own experience, what gastritis.


Gastritis often takes a very long time without any external manifestations - a person may not even be aware of the presence of the disease. But sooner or later - the progression of the disease - the symptoms still make themselves felt. Please note - the symptoms can vary quite strongly. One person may attend only one or two signs of gastritis and the other - once all the symptoms, but still very pronounced. Everything depends on the stage of the disease and the individual characteristics of each individual. Please note - we will tell you only about the symptoms of gastritis proceeding against the background of increased acidity of gastric juice.

  • Pain

One of the first and most distinctive symptoms of gastritis with high acidity are just pain. All other attributes are attached later. And no wonder - because hydrochloric acid, which is part of the gastric juice, constantly is irritating to the gastric mucosa. And she will not hesitate to respond by pain - and quite very intense, localized in the epigastric region.

  • Belching and heartburn

In almost all cases, a sick man complains of severe heartburn - and it appears as an empty stomach or after a meal. But steady burping almost always comes soon after a meal - 15-20 minutes. These phenomena are very seriously annoy the sick person, depriving him of rest.

  • Poor appetite, weight loss

As the disease progresses - especially during periods of worsening - a sick person can almost completely lose your appetite. And no wonder - just a spoonful of soup can create a feeling of fullness, like a man, as they say, the elephant ate. And the pain that occur after a meal, make themselves known.

 gastritis with high acidity symptoms

Treatment of gastritis with high acidity

In no case is unacceptable to let the disease take its course - complications can be very unpredictable. It is important to promptly start the correct treatment - and in any case can not take any medications on their own. All medicines must be prescribed by a doctor, a gastroenterologist, only after examination and taking into account the individuality of the patient man.

But from the sick person it depends very, very much. In particular, it is important to strictly comply with all recommendations of the appointment and the attending physician. Also, do not forget about the need to adhere strictly to medical diet, without which no treatment will have the desired effect - in the best case, the symptoms of the disease disappear. And even then not for long.

In the acute stage of the disease the most rigid diet - a complete lack of food. It is necessary to mobilize the internal reserves, and began self-healing of the gastric mucosa. About two or three days the sick person can only drink unsweetened poorly brewed black tea or alkaline mineral water. Then you should gradually introduce products - from the list of permitted.

In that case, if a person with gastritis elevated levels of gastric acid, it is strictly contraindicated following products:

  • Stimulates the production of gastric juice

Alcohol, carbonated, caffeinated beverages. All kinds of fruit and vegetable juice, except for potatoes, legumes and cabbage.

  • Damaging the gastric mucosa

Sharp, smoked and salty dishes, foods containing artificial preservatives and dyes. Fatty meats, poultry and fish, sour fruits and vegetables, radish. All meals should be moderately warm - high and low temperatures very negative impact on the gastric mucosa. The same applies to the method of cooking - the best food boiled, steamed or baked in the oven.

At first glance, the restrictions may seem tough enough. But believe me - such a diet will greatly improve not only the state of the gastric mucosa, but also the whole organism. Over time, proper nutrition will become a habit. And note - very useful habit! It is a huge space for culinary imagination. Thus, authorized products:

  • Lean meats and poultry - rabbit, chicken, quail.
  • Low-fat varieties of fish - salmon, hake, cod.
  • Heat-treated vegetables.
  • Mucous soups and porridge razvaristye - especially oat, rice and semolina.
  • All low-fat dairy products, especially cheese.
  • Alkaline mineral water - at least liters per day.

A very important point - this is the power schedule. Nutrition should be a fraction - small portions but frequently. Such a measure will help to minimize the risk of heartburn.

 Treatment of gastritis with high acidity

Traditional methods of treatment of gastritis with high acidity

Of course, a visit to a physician - gastroenterologist is necessary. However, you can try to arm the recipes of traditional medicine. They can be used in parallel with the treatment prescribed by the doctor. But, of course, do not forget to consult with your doctor. He must give his permission, because it is the doctor is able to assess the real picture of the disease. And watch out for, so that part of the recipe did not include the components for which a patient person previously had an allergic reaction.

  • Insist that eliminates heartburn

In the event that gastritis is accompanied by severe heartburn, you can try the following means. You will need half a teaspoon of dried herbs: mint, yarrow, hypericum perforatum. Place in an enamel container and fill it with one cup of boiling water. Steep for two hours, then carefully strain using gauze fabric. The resulting volume infusion sick person should drink for one day, in small sips.

After the second or third day of treatment of heartburn almost disappeared. Moreover - retreats and belching and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Normalizes the process of digestion, appetite appears. The course of treatment should be at least 14 days. Typically, such a course of treatment lasts for two to three months. But if necessary - if the symptoms do not disappear - a week it can be repeated.

  • Fresh potato juice

We have already mentioned that in gastritis with high acidity are contraindicated any fresh juices. Except potato juice - it is used for intensive treatment. You will need two potatoes medium sized grater and gauze cloth. Potatoes wash and clean, rub on a small grater. Using a gauze cloth squeeze potato juice. All therapeutic agent is ready - all the juice sick person to drink in the morning on an empty stomach. The duration of treatment should be at least 10 days.

  • Liquorice root

Most often, licorice root is used to treat coughs. However, licorice and even gastric acidity perfectly normal. Carefully grind 20 grams of licorice root, fill it with a cup of boiling water and boil in water bath for about 20 minutes. After that, leave for two hours, strain using a gauze cloth. Add a glass of boiled water, stir and pour into a glass container. Keep the broth is only necessary in the refrigerator, because otherwise it quickly loses its medicinal properties. Take a decoction of two tablespoons before each meal. The duration of treatment - 30 days. If symptoms of gastritis do not disappear after a week break course of treatment can be repeated.

  • Honey solution

It is known that in chronic gastritis with high acidity is not recommended to eat sweets. The exception to the rule is the honey. Honey solution helps treat gastritis with high acidity thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, honey normalizes the level of acidity of gastric juice.

For the treatment of gastritis with high acidity honey solution you need - one tablespoon of honey every one cup of warm boiled water. Duration of treatment 15 days. Typically, gastritis symptoms disappear after a week. But, nevertheless, treatment is still necessary to finish.

  • Infusion to eliminate pain

In that case, if the pain annoy the sick person is very strong, you can try the next infusion. Put in a thermos one tablespoon of flax seed, pour half a liter of boiling water and leave for one day. After this infusion of strain and pour into a glass container. Every morning, on an empty stomach, the sick person should drink one glass of this infusion - during the day the pain should not be disturbed.

As you can see, people's ways of treating gastritis with high acidity is not so little. Surely you can find the most suitable for you. And remember that only the systematic application of a means to bring a positive effect. Be healthy!

 Gastritis with high acidity

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