Fenichka of thread


  • What does the color of weaving
  • The direct weave Baubles
  • Choosing thread for Baubles

Jewellery known to mankind since the foundation of the world, as people have always sought to perfect. Women and men dressed themselves as best they could at all times. Jewellery and valuables has always been performance status of a person, as well as fashionable additions to the outfit. Jewellery impart flavor to any image in clothes. It should be noted that all the jewelry has a special symbolism. For example, in ancient Rome wore rings on certain fingers for different purposes. Ringed pinky symbolize successful trading business, thumb - the god of war Mars, who comes to the aid in military affairs.

Particular attention is attracted wrist jewelry, such as bracelets and all sorts of baubles. They were charms of our ancestors. Even now, you can weave your own is not only beautiful stylish decoration, but also a powerful talisman for themselves and their loved ones. In this article you'll learn how to weave Baubles straight weaving. But first let's deal with characters that we definitely needed. Let's start with color, from which we weave Baubles.

 scheme of direct weave Baubles
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What does the color of weaving

  • Red symbolizes passion, love and energy
  • orange bears sexuality and affection
  • yellow - the sun, summer, faith
  • Green - a symbol of life, youth and nature
  • Blue brings friendship, harmony and tranquility
  • Blue - cleanliness, purity
  • Purple means wisdom, dreams.

Remember, and the negative values. Weave black is sadness, grief and loneliness. All colors and pale gray tint means longing. You have already decided on the value of the bracelet? If yes, proceed to the manufacture. Weaving baubles can be of two types:

  1. straight
  2. oblique

This article will be a question of the first type.

 different schemes weaving
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The direct weave Baubles

Figure 1 shows the general scheme of direct weave Baubles. If you look closely, it's pretty simple. Even if you are new in this business, then the neat and careful work can make beautiful Fenichka the first time. The diagram is indicated by arrows in which direction the longitudinal thread. Consequently, the green shows the thread axis, which stretches beforehand and baubles on the ends tied a knot. Longitudinal thread tied knots and twists axial forming pattern.

Figure can choose from the additional circuitry. Any image will look attractive, but it can be done simply Fenichka of multicolored threads. This decision depends on you. Threads on Baubles braided knot.

The background for a background thread or rather, we choose by the primary color on the chart pattern for weaving. This color will be most in your Baubles, therefore, it will be used as the main color symbol.

The thread for the background - the main. It should be long, as will the entire length of your baubles. It is recommended to take a skein. Yarn of other colors are important, but you can cut into pieces with a length of 40-50 cm and weave them into the scheme of the selected pattern Fenichka. So, the background color of the thread is fixed on the axis, and go! Then bundle is wound onto the next, and so continue to move horizontally row by row.

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Choosing thread for Baubles

Thread for weaving a wide variety of baubles. But it is better to stay on the floss or iris. These cotton yarn is very easy to use. They do not form pile, and consist of several threads, fibers. In their six floss. The manufacturer is not twisting them together, so they can easily be separated and do not go awry. Molyneux is composed of cotton and yarn shpatelnoy. Cotton will provide strength and prokraska fiber provides a large selection of colors and shades. Glitter floss strands gives special treatment - mercerization. This technology does not allow threads to fade and gives extra strength. Who makes the thread with a fluorescent and metallic effect. Therefore, the beauty and strength of baubles you provided.

We understand what it represents a direct weave? Get to the point! But first, use some tips:

  • The yarns shrink much during weaving. It is better to leave a reserve of 10 cm of thread.
  • To calculate, multiply the length of the thread length of the wrist by a factor of 4.3 and add the length of the two strings.

Schemes direct tangles can be on various subjects.

So we looked at the question of how to weave Baubles straight weaving. Now start working on the scheme. Good luck in your endeavors!

 How to weave Baubles?

 Baubles of the tapes


  • Fenichka two tapes
  • Scourge spiral Fenichka
  • Scourge round Fenichka
  • Fenichka square of four tapes
  • Tips for Beginners

Baubles - a colorful woven bracelet. Surely you too in his school years was this cute little thing. What just not wove their childhood: beads, ribbons, laces, rezinochek, thread, buttons. Each courtyard has grown any girl, great trudging Baubles. Hereby needlework can be called a process of weaving ornaments.

And yet, how to weave Baubles of ribbons? Fenichka - a bracelet that weave by hand from virtually any material that may give the necessary form. Then her clothes on hand in the form of jewelry. And you know, as it is called in English Baubles? Friendship bracelet. Nice to weave Baubles for a cute girlfriend, having invested in it his love and respect.

The history of occurrence of baubles. It turns out that this decoration Indians invented many centuries ago. To them, he was wearing the iconic character and was created to match the tradition of a certain tribe. The second birth of the hippie baubles are required, or as they called themselves "children of flowers" made such a kind of bracelet charms. With this decoration, they expressed their feelings and aspirations. Woven from a variety of materials, decoration symbolize friendship and love, brotherhood and freedom. Baubles gave loved and put them in exchange wedding rings. As in the ancient Indian culture, from the color of the hippie baubles carried its significance: weaving white with red hinting at the freedom of love and colored ribbons to symbolize a community of people of different social status and age.

Fashion for Baubles recently returned permanently, with each new generation rediscovers these lovely decorations, production of which there is no difficulty. How to weave Baubles of ribbons with designs? Everything is very simple. Make it easy to follow diagrams and instructions. Teach your daughter to weave these ornaments. Perhaps your child will not go into the details of the history of the baubles. But without a doubt the children weave Baubles with great pleasure for yourself and friends.

Your fantasy - the main key to success in creating a woven bracelet, if you attach to it a desire to work diligently. If all of the above you will not alien to the next stage of the process is the purchase of tapes. Maybe for your jewelry need closure, but not necessarily all depends on the chosen model.

Let's start with the easiest way to weave Baubles.

 Fenichka two tapes
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Fenichka two tapes

  • Take two satin ribbons of different colors a length of about one meters. Put them on one another so that both tapes the front side was upstairs.
  • Tie a knot, it is not tight, a distance of ten centimeters from the end of the tape. These will go to the ends of the string.
  • Secure the knot to bracelet was away from you. For a fixed position Zapletal Baubles use a pin or needle. You can also stick to the table beginning Baubles with adhesive tape on the work.
  • Pinch with two fingers of his right hand, thumb and index, right ribbon, forming a loop. Accordingly, the left stifle tape two fingers of his left hand, and forming a loop. Now thread the one loop to another (whether left or right, or vice versa). Tighten the ribbon.

Note: the first steps of the most complicated, more simple.

  • Form a new loop on one of the tapes, where the loop is collapsed.
  • Insert a new loop to the one that remained. Tighten.
  • Under this scheme to continue until Fenichka will not be ready.
  • At the end of the braided bracelet gently tie a knot.

 Materials Baubles

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Scourge spiral Fenichka

For the following method of weaving baubles you again need two 1 m long ribbon. To do this, woven bracelet, we took a light and a black ribbon.

  • Bend the ends of both belts 15cm and put them on the rest of the tapes.
  • The angle between the two tapes to each other should be a little less than 90 degrees.
  • Fold the ribbon under the dark ribbon of light in the form of nodules.
  • Wrap the dark tape to a full circle, to the tip of the tape sticking out.
  • Now, miss small, dark light through a large loop.
  • Then, the dark loop pull a short tip until until a loose knot.
  • Make a new loop, skip the rest of the loops through the rest of it.
  • Finally, pull one end of the loop while simultaneously fixed to each loop. Do not apply excessive force, as it will Fenichka not very beautiful.
  • Following these steps, you can see the square, resulting from the ribbons. Be careful not to bend the edges of the tapes during weaving. In weaving, pulling tabs, adjust the edges.
  • Repeat all the above steps until Fenichka until you get the desired length.

 square weaving way

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Scourge round Fenichka

Round Fenichka woven using "Chinese knots" (nodules "Lotus"). In weaving a bracelet, you will need approximately one hour. To the product does not lose its original shape, tie it tightly.

  • Prepare two ribbons of different colors a length of about 2, 5 m. Place the tape crosswise, fasten them poseredinke pin.
  • In our example, we took a tape of silver and black. First, the upper end of the black tape placed vertically, the horizontal position on the left side of the silver tape.
  • Get into the left end of the light-colored ribbons for the two halves of a black ribbon downward.
  • Point the top right half dark tape.
  • In order to finally form a node, the upper part of the silver tape is necessary to have a top half black.
  • Feel free to tighten the knot.
  • It may be a little hard to pull off. Then flatten the tape, after tighten tighter.
  • All further steps repeat the procedure described initial steps. As a result, you should have a cord.
  • Half drawstrings located under the ribbon cable on the other end. By doing this, ready to wear Fenichka will be very easy.

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Fenichka square of four tapes

This method of weaving baubles implies greater consumption bands than previous schemes. You will need four ribbons, each length of two meters or more. (By the way, the four tape can be replaced by two, and braid bracelet as above). Proceed to the weaving square decoration. You do not need to worry about the location of right and wrong sides tape, with this method of weaving, they are equally visible.

First flatten the tape on all sides. Then weave in the following sequence. We have four different color ribbons. Pick them up so that the colors match. Then, the finished product will look very nice.

  • The first tape is bent downwards, making the loop.
  • Its close the second tape by bending it from right to left.
  • Close the second tape by bending from the bottom up third.
  • Finally, bend the left the last quarter of the tape threading it into the loop of the first tape.
  • Pull gently all the ribbons, gradually forming a square. Spread all of the tapes. No need to greatly tighten the belt, will Fenichka uneven.
  • Gradually repeat the five steps until Fenichka reaches the desired length.

Fenichka, braided in a way, it turns out quite a volume. An attractive such Fenichka of the webs that are not only its original form, but in a twisted spiral. To do this carefully, without deforming the product, twist it slightly. With square bracelets should be treated with care. If strongly stretch Fenichka, in original form, it has not come. Do artists have long trudging Baubles, it is the secret of how to permanently retain the shape of the square bracelet: simply insert the Fenichka at the beginning of the harsh thread.

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Tips for Beginners

  • Use common sense when choosing color Baubles, it's ornament - a cult object, which absorbed a culture and thought. Before making jewelry is not superfluous to read about the meaning of that bear the colors in the spectrum of the hippie culture. The new information will not only expand your knowledge, but also help to avoid ridicule from the "know."
  • When making Baubles not tighten the loop too much. Leave them a little loose, so that the product looks symmetrical, and the pattern has turned out smooth and neat. At the same time try to tape the same length. Perhaps the first time you have something that can not happen. Do not let that upset, because you can always create a new Fenichka. But it is better to learn to weave the product correctly from the beginning than after remodel and re-learn.
  • To tape from your hand does not slip and loops were not disclosed, it is possible to fasten them with a pin or needle. Over time, you gain experience, you will do everything in the weight. But first, better to err, securing the end loops. Tie the finished product can be a normal node, leaving the ends to hang ribbons that will give your Baubles playful and alluring look. But this is optional, because the good and baubles that there are no two identical among them.

Now that you know a lot. Get in the shop colorful satin ribbons, and within a couple of hours you will have a new decoration in the form of cute Baubles.

 What Baubles and how to weave the ribbons?