how to treat thrush


  • Causes of thrush
  • The symptoms of thrush
  • Treatment for thrush
  • Treatment for thrush folk remedies

How to treat a yeast infection? If this question is relevant to you, then you're out of luck, and you are in the vast majority of women who are faced with thrush. In most cases, women are to this disease is very dismissive - tabletochku drink, the symptoms disappear. All this treatment is completed. And then wonder that the disease comes back again and again. Thrush should be treated to prevent the development of chronic forms of the disease. But how to do it correctly? This is what we will now discuss.

Causes of thrush

And to begin with, before you start to look for an answer to the question of how to cure yeast infection, you need to figure out what is thrush. On the skin and mucous membranes of any woman live yeast fungus Candida. They are part of a healthy human microflora. And these fungi lead to the development of thrush. Why is this happening?

Typically, this occurs under the influence of various unfavorable factors. Most often contributes to the development of yeast:

  • The weakening of the immune system

In the event that for any reason a woman disrupt the immune system, increases the likelihood of developing thrush at times. This happens due to the fact that the immune system ceases to control the growth of yeast.

  • Gestation

Unfortunately, thrush faces almost every second expectant mother. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy immunity is largely reduced. This is to ensure that the woman was able to make her baby.

  • Admission antimicrobials

One of the most common causes of yeast infection - antibiotics. Of course, antibacterials save many lives. But, unfortunately, in recent times people resort to such treatment with or without cause. A preparation destroys not only pathogenic, but also useful microflora. And it begins active growth of yeast.

  • Endocrine diseases

Endocrine diseases, especially diabetes, is also very, very often leads to the development of thrush, and most of the chronic form of the disease.

 how to cure thrush

The symptoms of thrush

Many diseases can be completely asymptomatic. However, this is not about thrush - vaginal candidiasis occurs in a very acute form, with pronounced symptoms. They can manifest as all at once, and optionally:

  • Vaginal discharge

One of the first and the main symptoms of thrush - the emergence of heavy vaginal discharge. Usually, they are white, and the consistency of yogurt or cottage cheese. And the smell of their conformity - sour.

  • Discomfort

Do not avoid the occurrence of thrush and uncomfortable sensations in the genital area. First, there is intense itching and burning and then. These sensations are amplified many times during the night, after intercourse and after taking a shower.

  • Pain during sexual intercourse

He suffers and sexual life of a woman - with thrush during sexual intercourse there is very sharp pain.

Treatment for thrush

In some cases, the symptoms of thrush may disappear on their own. This is due to vigorous activity "useful" flora in your body. But do not hurry to rejoice - suddenly disappeared, these symptoms may also return unexpectedly. Therefore, you must start to treat thrush at the first of its symptoms.

Very often she alone puts a diagnosis and start treatment. Sometimes she carries - with thrush can not cope. However, most often the disease comes back very quickly. How to be? Of course, consult your doctor. First, the doctor accurately diagnose the disease. Indeed, sometimes these symptoms occur and other diseases, is not such harmless as thrush.

Secondly, the doctor will choose the best course of treatment that is suitable for you. Most often used to treat thrush comprehensive treatment:

  • Tools for internal use

The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a variety of candles and creams that are inserted into the vagina. They operate the place, destroying the pathogenic microflora in the vagina. However, such a treatment is generally insufficient, as a fungal infection foci are not only in the vagina.

  • Tools for internal use

No less choice and tools for internal use. Tablets kill the fungus, are localized in the body. The tablets should be individualized, taking into account the characteristics of the organism.

 how to cure thrush Tips

Treatment for thrush folk remedies

There is a huge number of the most popular recipes of different treatment of thrush. And if you are wondering how to cure thrush folk ways, we'll tell you about it. Of course, they can not be a substitute for treatment, your doctor orders. However, they can be used as an additional tool. All of these recipes are safe, unless you do not have an allergic reaction to a particular component.

  • Soda-herbal infusion

For the preparation of the tools you need one teaspoon of baking soda, herbs yarrow and calendula. Herbs put in a thermos, boil one liter of water, dissolve baking soda in it and fill it with grass. Close the lid and leave to infuse for 6 hours.

Before syringing infusion of cool - in fact in a thermos, he retains a very high temperature. You must douche twice a day - morning and evening. The first time may feel a slight burning - it's completely normal and indicates the effectiveness of the treatment. As a rule, the simplification comes within a day, and a full course should last five days.

  • Borax with glycerol

Purchase at the pharmacy borax and glycerin, mix them in a ratio of 1 to 1. Stir until smooth creamy consistency. Keep the mixture must be in a glass container with a lid, in the refrigerator.

Prepare a decoction of chamomile - boil one liter of water, then reduce the heat, sprinkle in five tablespoons of dry inflorescences pharmacy daisy and simmer 10 minutes, turn off the heat. After that, cover the pan with a lid and wrap a towel, leave for 10 minutes. After that, the broth using gauze Tacna, strain, pour into a glass container.

Morning and evening douche this broth. In the evening, after douching, soak in a mixture of borax and glycerin, and enter into the vagina. Leave it on all night, morning, remove and strain again. Do not forget about the one-time pad - it will protect night-clothes from stains borax and glycerin. The duration of this treatment - 3 days. Those women who have tried this remedy, claim that the thrush disappears for a very long time.

  • Garlic water

Garlic has antibacterial properties, which can also be used to treat thrush. For this you need to cook the garlic water. Preparing it is very simple - thoroughly crush two small cloves garlic, pour one liter of cold and warm water, leave to infuse for 8 hours. Bedtime douche resulting garlic water. Treatment should continue for five days.

  • Tampons with garlic juice

If a woman has yeast in the form of running, you can try a more radical means. Squeeze the juice of one clove of garlic and mix with the same amount of boiled water. Moisten the swab in the solution and enter the vagina, leave it on all night. Be prepared for the fact that the feeling will be very unpleasant - there strong burning sensation.

  • Magnesia and yogurt

This tool helps to get rid of the persistent thrush, which, in spite of the treatment, returning again and again. Purchase at the pharmacy magnesium injection - it is sold without a prescription. Before going to bed, dissolve one vial of magnesium at 0, 5 liters of warm boiled water. This broth douche. After douching soak in 1% kefir cotton swab, enter into the vagina and leave overnight. The duration of this treatment - at least 7 days.

Recipes, how to cure thrush, a lot of - choose the most suitable for you. It would be a very good pre-consult with your physician-gynecologist. Be healthy!

 How to treat a yeast infection? The nature of the charge of women's health!

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 heavy sweating


  • The reasons for excessive sweating
  • Treatment for excessive sweating
  • Traditional ways of treating excessive sweating

Heavy sweating can destroy the life of anyone. Of course, perspire all people without exception. But someone completely bypassed shower and deodorant, and someone this helps just a couple of minutes. What to do in such a case? After all, this problem is really very serious and it is required to do something. It is in that we now face it.

Increased sweating is observed at various parts of the body - in the armpits, palms and feet, chest, back and head. Sweating may occur at the time of strong emotional stress, but may occur without any apparent reason. But in any case, these bouts of sweating always appear at the wrong time.

The reasons for excessive sweating

Generally, most people sweat under high temperature environment. This is absolutely normal process of thermoregulation, which prevents overheating of the body. But if there is heavy sweating is not exposed to high temperatures, it is necessary to seek the cause of this phenomenon. Of course, these reasons may be many, but we will consider only the most common ones are:

  • Fervescence

All people, without exception, sweating becomes more abundant, if increased body temperature. Moreover - sweating during illness accompanied by fever, considered a good sign. However, such short-term excessive sweating and disappears immediately after the recovery of man.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

The first thing that should be excluded when sweating - a hormonal imbalance. The slightest change in hormonal levels can lead to very severe sweating. The reasons that lead to changes in hormonal levels, as quite a lot. Firstly, it is any disease of the endocrine system and in particular the thyroid, adrenal disease, some gynecological disorders.

In addition, hormonal imbalance is typical for teenagers and pregnant women - are often other people face excessive sweating. Incidentally, in this category of people hormonal changes it is a normal physiological process and requires no intervention. After some time, hormone levels back to normal on their own.

We should also mention about women in menopause. Climax will inevitably entail changes in hormonal levels, and very strong. That is why women have particularly difficult - excessive sweating literally "chains" of their homes. As a rule, get rid of sweating alone in this case, it will not turn.

In men, these hormonal jumps can occur in diseases of the prostate gland, especially in oncology. It is therefore unacceptable to delay treatment to the doctor. Sometimes timely visit can save not only health, but also the life of man.

  • Medication

In some cases, it causes sweating becomes taking certain pharmacological agents. Therefore, if you are faced with such a "wet" problem while taking medicine, be sure to tell your doctor. If necessary, it will replace the drug.

  • Diabetes

Almost all people suffering from diabetes, among other symptoms of note is actively sweating - there is cold sweat. Therefore, be sure to turn in your blood if you are new to sweating. The earlier the disease is detected, the easier it will be to treat.

  • Autonomic dysfunction

In most cases, the cause of sweating are autonomic disorders. In particular - dystonia. Typically, in such cases, in addition to heavy sweating observed pale skin, low blood pressure.

 heavy sweating what to do

Treatment for excessive sweating

Of course, few would agree to put up with excessive sweating. And there are new ways to treat hyperhidrosis:

  • Drug therapy

Most often, doctors prescribe sedatives (tranquilizers) medications normalize the activity of the central nervous system. And if the cause of excessive sweating was the hormonal imbalance can be assigned to hormone therapy. In any case, all pharmacological agents should be appointed only the doctor - self-medication can lead to serious complications.

  • Iontophoresis

Treatment of excessive sweating with weak electrical discharges. The most popular method - Drionik unit. Typically, this treatment is effective for severe sweating softly. Repeat treatments necessary every three months.

  • Injection Methods

A more effective treatment - injection under the skin problem areas of special preparations such as Botox. The principle of operation of such injection is simple - blocked sweat glands neural connections with the cells of the brain. Typically, about half of sweating can be forgotten. The main disadvantage of such treatment - a very high cost.

Surgical intervention.
In rare cases when all other treatment methods are useless, doctors can decide on the need for surgical intervention - the sweat glands are simply destroyed.

In any case, you should consult your doctor. He will spend the necessary examination, which will help to identify and eliminate those diseases or necessary. In that case, if so desired, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment.

 what to do with a strong perspiration

Traditional ways of treating excessive sweating

But in the event that excessive sweating is only your physiological features, and not a consequence of any disease, you can try to cure people's means. Often, they are not as effective as, for example. Those Botox injections.

  • Cold and hot shower

The first and most simple means - it is a regular douche, accessible to everyone. It is best to hold it twice a day - morning and evening. Make sure that the temperature was acceptable - you can not go to extremes. Reduce the temperature of the cold water slowly, or you might catch a cold. It should be about three to four interleaved lasting about 30 seconds each. After a shower rub thoroughly with a towel. By the way, like water treatment will become a good habit, as they are the most positive impact on all of the state of the human body.

  • Oak bark

What would be sweating you do not encounter - whether arms, legs, armpits, or other body parts, be sure to try a decoction of oak bark. The oak's crust contains a large number of substances, which normalizes the sweat glands, have a bactericidal effect.

Preparing the broth as follows: in an enamel bowl, place five tablespoons of finely ground oak bark, pour a liter of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until such time as half of the water does not boil away. After that, cover the pan with a lid, wrap a towel and leave for about an hour.

Strain using gauze and pour into a glass container. Keep it should be exclusively in the refrigerator and up to three days to the broth did not lose its medicinal properties. Every evening, after a shower, you need to make lotions. Dampen a decoction of oak bark gauze and apply them to problem areas for about 20 minutes. As drying cloths should be changed. The improvement you'll notice in 3 days, and the full course of treatment should last at least 10 days.

  • Apple vinegar

No less effective, and the most ordinary apple cider vinegar. During the day as often as possible trouble spots, wipe with a cotton pad soaked in vinegar. And before going to bed to make compresses - soaked in a solution of apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon of vinegar to half a glass of water) gauze and apply for 10 minutes to the problem areas. Then wash the skin with cool water. The duration of treatment - 14 days.

  • Pasta Teymurova

Of course, this method can be called a very popular shareware - still Teymurova paste is sold in a pharmacy. But she is so popular among the people, which has become a real folk remedy. Using it is simple enough. On thoroughly cleaned problem areas, apply a thick layer of paste, let it dry thoroughly. Rinse with plenty of running water and blot with a towel.

As a rule, noticeable effect is already visible after the first application. But just necessary to at least 10 of such procedures. Otherwise, excessive sweating quickly returned. After the full course of treatment for the majority of people sweating and do not remember the next six months.

  • Tincture of walnut leaves

For the preparation of tinctures, you will need three tablespoons of crushed leaves of a walnut. You can use both dry and fresh leaves. Place in a glass bowl and pour a glass of vodka. Leave to infuse in the refrigerator for 10 days, stirring occasionally. Get the infusion should be lubricated place excessive sweating at least five times a day. The duration of treatment - 14 days.

  • A decoction of horsetail

It is very effective for excessive sweating and field horsetail. For treatment it is necessary to prepare a decoction. Place in an enamel container three tablespoons of horsetail, pour half a liter of water and boil for 3 minutes. After that, cool, strain using a gauze cloth and pour into a glass container.

Before going to bed, after a shower, you need to make compresses with horsetail. Apply soaked in the broth gauze to the problem areas, leave for 20 minutes. As drying cloths should be changed. Continue treatment for one month. If necessary, it can be carried out 4 times a year.

  • Softwood ointment

If sweating is very strong, you can try softwood ointment. For its preparation you need five tablespoons of any of honey and three tablespoons of crushed needles of spruce or pine. Honey in a water bath melt, add the pine needles and simmer about 10 minutes. Then pour the resulting mass in a glass bowl and put on 10 days in the refrigerator.

Treatment is as follows. Every day before going to bed apply to the field of excessive sweating a thick layer of ointment. After 20 minutes, rinse the skin with plenty of running water, blot with a towel. In most cases, excessive sweating disappears after the first procedure, but you can not stop the treatment - it should last for 14 days. Otherwise, a few days come back.

Note - If a person has an allergic reaction to honey ointment should be done a little differently. 3 tablespoons of needles need to pour 5 tablespoons of water, bring to a boil and mix with an equal amount of baby oil, insist week.

Of course, sweating - unpleasant phenomenon. But what to do about it, now you know. Be healthy and beautiful!

 Heavy sweating. Is there a way out?

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