how to get rid of heartburn at home


  • The diet of the sick person
  • The rest of the rules of supply
  • Treatment of heartburn traditional medicines
  • Emergency measures to correct heartburn

Heartburn - a phenomenon quite unpleasant. On the one hand - it is not much of a threat is. On the other hand - heartburn is able to deprive of sleep and rest absolutely anyone. What to do? Of course, it is best to seek help from a doctor, a gastroenterologist. But sometimes, for one reason or another, a man in no hurry for medical care. And it interested in the question of how to get rid of heartburn at home.

What is heartburn? These are sensations that occur as a result of the inflammatory process, exciting the esophageal mucosa. And developing the inflammatory process due to the fact that the contents of the stomach is thrown up into the esophagus. Including hydrochloric acid, part of the gastric juice.

There are several very effective recipes that help to cure heartburn as soon as possible. Before you begin treatment, be sure to check out the general rules to get rid of heartburn. If you do not revise your lifestyle and diet, it is unlikely you will help even the best recipes.

The diet of the sick person

If you have a heartburn, look carefully at his menu. Very often the food can become a cause of heartburn. Usually heartburn occurs after the use of the following products:

  • Spices, spicy seasonings, sauces.
  • Meats, semi-finished products.
  • Sweets - especially cocoa and chocolate.
  • Milk - subject to systematic use.
  • Fizzy drinks.
  • Alcoholic drinks.

If you see the relationship between the intake of the above products and the onset of heartburn, eliminate these foods from your menu. If heartburn is gone - you have found the cause. So, just stop using these products.

 get rid of heartburn at home

The rest of the rules of supply

So we figured out a diet. But the diet - that's not all. Firstly, the very important role played by the schedule of food intake. It is not recommended to eat earlier than 15 - 20 minutes after waking up and two hours before bedtime. And during the day, try to at least 20 minutes after a meal do not stay.

The fact that at the time when a person is in a horizontal position, casting the risk of stomach contents into the esophagus increases significantly. So, heartburn occur with high probability. In addition, it would be nice to take care of body position during sleep - it is desirable to raise a little pillow. To do this, you can simply roll up a blanket, and put it under your pillow.

Also, do not forget about the size of servings. Unfortunately, most people during the day only "bites." But the bulk of food gets it over dinner. And this is - a direct prerequisite for the development of severe heartburn. So try to eat little but often - the interval between meals should not be more than 3 hours.

And last but not least. Watch your clothes - is highly undesirable as to be close. Tight clothing is putting pressure on the internal organs, including the stomach. As a result, the person gets all the same notorious heartburn. Incidentally, heartburn - is not the only trouble that arises because of the tight clothing.

Mint heartburn. Everyone torturing heartburn, know that the first funds from it - a weak solution of soda. But this is not the best option. Boil the dried leaves of mint and drink as a tea two or three times a day for a month. Or, at least, put a few mint leaves in a teapot with tea. Mint perfectly dampens acid, so it is especially good this recipe is for those who have heartburn happens from acidity.

Treatment of heartburn traditional medicines

We offer you some very effective recipes that will help get rid of heartburn as soon as possible. All of these recipes are safe for the body, so do not have any contraindications. The only thing you should pay attention - this is the fact that the person did not have allergic reactions to one or the other component.

  • A decoction of yarrow and peppermint

Very well to get rid of heartburn decoction of herbs yarrow and peppermint. Place the herbs into an enamel bowl and pour one liter of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Then wrap the pot with a thick towel, leave to infuse for two hours, strain using a gauze cloth.

In the event that the cause of heartburn became gastritis, add half a teaspoon of decoction of any of honey. Honey is not only to quickly and effectively relieves inflammation of the stomach and esophagus, but also normalizes the level of acidity of gastric juice. Like broth sick person should drink before each meal, half cup, but not less than five times a day. The duration of treatment - 21 days.

  • Broth pharmacy chamomile and fennel

If you are plagued by heartburn in addition to pain in the stomach area, try this remedy. Place in an enamel pan one tablespoon fennel seeds and inflorescences pharmacy daisy, pour one liter of water, bring to a boil. After 10 minutes turn off the heat and leave to infuse for 30 minutes.

Then strain the broth using a gauze cloth, add one tablespoon of honey, pour into a glass container. You need only store broth in a refrigerator, no more than three days - otherwise it will lose its properties. Take broth person must empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast, one glass. The duration of treatment - one month. Although heartburn naturally disappear much sooner.

  • Cranberry and Aloe

This recipe is especially good in the most severe cases, when no other means will not help. To make it, you need 100 grams of fresh cranberry juice, 2 tablespoons honey, 100 grams of fresh aloe juice. Aloe previously put on the day in the freezer, then squeeze the juice. In a glass container, combine all the ingredients - you should get a homogeneous mass.

Take it means a person must before each meal, one tablespoon. Relief sick person feels after the first application. The duration of the full course of treatment - 21 days. Keep in mind - this tool has a mild laxative effect.

  • Juices

If heartburn is not strong, you can try the treatment of fresh apple and carrot juice. Treatment is simple - in the morning, before breakfast, drink a glass of juice. You can make a mixture of two kinds of juice, and can alternate apple and carrot juices. The duration of treatment - 10 days.

 get rid of heartburn at home right

Emergency measures to correct heartburn

All of the above means very well relieve heartburn. But all these means - prolonged action. Simply put, in order to heartburn is gone, you need at least a few days. And what if the heartburn is very annoying in a minute: There are a few universal ways that will facilitate the state of a person in minutes. But remember that these funds can be used only occasionally - to get rid of heartburn in this way will not succeed.

  • activated carbon

Dissolve in half a glass of warm milk 10 tablets of activated carbon. Drink the resulting broth gulp - just 2 - 3 minutes heartburn retreat. Do not use this tool more than once a day, as the milk itself can provoke the development of heartburn.

  • The soda solution

Many people talk about the fact that they very quickly got rid of heartburn attack the house with a solution of soda - half a teaspoon of baking soda to half a glass of water. Heartburn will take a few seconds, but may appear belching.

If all these funds will be ineffective, treatment should appoint your doctor. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse. Be healthy!

 How to get rid of heartburn at home? Simple Tips

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 how quickly heal the black eye


  • First aid after strike
  • Medication black eye
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of bruises

Black eye - not only the destiny of young brats and marginalized. Unfortunately, from such injuries no one is immune - anyone can fall, hit the open door of the cabinet, becoming a victim of bullies in the end. And if you too are faced with a hematoma, you'll want to learn how to quickly cure a black eye. You do not want to watch about 10 days, as "blooms" your bruise?

Namely, as a hematoma will show off on your face if you let the process take its course and not going to heal the bruise. With proper treatment, this period is quite possible to be reduced to three or four days. So let's see the order as it is necessary to act after the injury.

First aid after strike

So, to avoid injury failed. As soon as you stop to admire the stars in the eyes, immediately go to the refrigerator and open the freezer. If you like cocktails, you have on hand will be the ice, consider yourself lucky. Well, if you're a fan of hot drinks and ice cubes in the refrigerator not, you can use any means at hand - a pack of ravioli, frozen piece of meat or ice cream.

Well, if you're unlucky and you do not have even the refrigerator, look for any cool thing. This can be a wet handkerchief, a bottle of cold water, or at least a piece of metal. Include a first aid medicine to the affected area and leave for about 30 minutes.

Under the influence of cold blood vessels constrict very quickly. As a consequence, the skin falls minimal amount of blood. So, the area of ​​the bruise will be much less than if the cold did not make. Moreover - the impact of cold largely eliminates swelling. And you do not have to flaunt with puffy eyes. Yes, and pain under the influence of cold are much weaker. As you can see, the cold in this case is really a panacea.

By the way, these cool gadgets to be done every hour during the first days after the injury. However, in subsequent times the exposure time can be shortened to 15 minutes. You should not be lazy and ignore this step - it is in the subsequent greatly facilitate the treatment of bruises.

In addition, be sure to visit the doctor-traumatologist. Unfortunately, very often people feel like injury nuisance, nothing more. However, a very high probability of injury to the eyeball. And the man himself says this is not right. But the sooner the necessary measures will be taken, the less damage will be done to the body. Therefore, all the same be sure to see a doctor - only he will be able to assess the situation.

 how to cure black eye

Medication black eye

Immediately after the injury, the treatment should be started. You can use absorbable hematoma ointment. They are sold in every pharmacy without a doctor's prescription, so buy them is not difficult. To date, the most effective are:

  • Troksevazinovaya ointment

This ointment should be applied to the area of ​​soft tissue injuries every two hours, thin layer. Ointment should soak yourself, to rub it in any case impossible. Otherwise, you will create additional pressure on the blood vessels, thus only worsen the situation. Duration of treatment - 5 days.

  • Heparin ointment

Heparin ointment dissolves very efficiently even strong bruising. But it must be applied to the affected area are more likely than troksevazinovuyu - every hour. Rules of application - all the same. Apply a thin layer on the skin, lightly, without damaging blood vessels. Duration of treatment - 5 days.

  • Vitamin K

In addition to external funds, is to drink products containing large amounts of vitamin K. This vitamin is most beneficial effect on the condition of blood vessels. They are strengthened, restored to become much more flexible. Self-medication is not necessary to choose - ask your doctor to help pick up the medication.

 how to cure black eye alone

Folk remedies for the treatment of bruises

You can also try to quickly cure a black eye with the help of popular recipes. They have long been used in human beings and, as they say, time-tested. However, be careful that you did not have allergic reactions to one or another component of the recipe. In all other respects, all these recipes are safe for human health.

  •   Grass burnet

This tool is very well stimulate blood circulation in soft tissue injuries. So, many times faster resorption bruises. Most often, this herb is used to stop bleeding, however, and with the treatment of bruises she copes as effectively. As a rule, the application of this tool bruise disappears on the fourth day.

For the treatment of bruising used lotions with broth burnet. Preparing traditional decoction. In enamel ware put three tablespoons of dry grass, burnet, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Pour a glass of water, bring to a boil and reduce heat. Boil broth until until only half the volume of liquid.

Then strain the broth using a gauze fabric, cool. Prepare cotton pads or gauze. Drench in broth burnet and apply for 20 minutes to the affected area. Change the gadgets as they are drying. The same procedure should be carried out as often as possible, but not less than once every two hours. Otherwise, the effect is much worse.

  • Seeds of anise

In the event that in addition to the bruise there is also a pronounced swelling, get help from anise seeds. They are also used for cooking broth for lotions. You will need two tablespoons anise seeds, two tablespoons of honey and one cup of water. Preparing the broth as follows.

Boil in an enamel pan one glass of water to sprinkle in seeds of anise. Boil them for about 10 minutes. After that pot Cover the towel and leave to infuse for an hour. Then strain the broth using a gauze fabric, add honey and mix thoroughly. You can start by gadgets.

Moisten a cotton wool in the resulting broth disk or gauze and apply to the affected area for 20 minutes. Change cloths as they are drying - they should be wet. Lotions should be done every two hours, otherwise the desired effect will not be able to achieve. As a rule, the treatment of bruising takes three - four days.

  • Warming

We have already mentioned that in order to quickly cure black eye, it is necessary to apply ice to it. However, this statement is true only for the first night. In the second and subsequent days in order to quickly get rid of a bruise, you need to warm up the affected area. Heat very well stimulate blood circulation, and thus the absorption of bruises.

For heating, you can use a heating pad, hot water bottle or other means available. But remember that in order to achieve the desired result you need to dry heat - it works much better.

For heating, you can use the old antiquated way - table salt. Of course, the need to tinker a bit, but it's worth it. First, you should make a small linen bag - about 10 by 15 centimeters, with strings, since it must tightly closed. To sew the pouch can be used only natural fabrics - ideally flax.

Further, all simple. Place on a clean, dry skillet large five tablespoons of table salt. In principle, it is possible to use salt and fine, but it is worse holds heat. Salt and pour the red-hot in her pouch. Slightly cool to an acceptable temperature to avoid burns. Warm up every two hours during 15 minutes, at least three days, and if necessary any longer. Although most of the end of the third day of the bruise becomes virtually invisible - all depends on the individual.

As you can see, deal with the bruises quite real. But still continue to be careful - take care!

 How quickly cure a black eye?

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