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  • All of dandruff
  • General recommendations
  • Traditional recipes from dry dandruff
  • Folk remedies for oily dandruff

Dandruff gives a person a lot of inconvenience. And from an aesthetic point of view of dandruff - nasty phenomenon. Therefore, get rid of it is worth. Although, of course, you can go the path of least resistance - do ponytails and wearing gray clothes. But is it worth it? After all, to get rid of dandruff is not so difficult - if you know a few simple rules.

Do not rush to the pharmacy - often in expensive drugs makes no sense. Traditional recipes can help eliminate dandruff quickly and effectively. Proper hair care, a little treat - and you will be able to afford any style, because your hair will be beautiful, and without any hint of dandruff!

All of dandruff

What is dandruff? This is nothing like actively separating skin flakes. They remain in the hair and gives it an untidy look. Did you know that there are two types of dandruff?

  • Dry dandruff

In that case, if a person has dry skin, it is very likely that will dry and dandruff. Dandruff arises within a few hours after shampooing, the person feels itchy skin. Dandruff immediately shed from the hair - it is easy to see on the clothes, especially if it is dark in color.

  • Oily dandruff

A greasy dandruff appears most often in people who have oily skin. Oily dandruff occurs after two or three days after shampooing. This type of dandruff do not fall, but remains in the hair, giving them a very untidy appearance. Dandruff is stuck together, forming lumps.

In most cases, dandruff is caused by fungal infection of the scalp. But not always - sometimes the culprits are the wrong hair care, metabolic disorders, allergic reaction to hair dye and shampoo. The options are many, so to find out the reason carefully analyze what you did before the appearance of dandruff.

  • Hair coloring
  • Changing hair cosmetics
  • Any disease prior to the appearance of dandruff

However, it is worth noting that in most cases, find out the cause of dandruff and can not. And it does not matter - treatment in almost all cases it will be the same. The main thing - do not leave the issue unaddressed. Even if you do not mind a slovenly appearance (which is unlikely), do not forget about one more unpleasant prospect - dandruff, sooner or later begin to provoke hair loss.

 how to cure dandruff own

General recommendations

It would seem that all of the above by itself - a mere trifle. However, if you want to eliminate dandruff, for you little things just do not happen. So:

First of all give up their shampoo. Obtain low alkaline shampoo containing selenium and zinc composition. It is best to buy these in pharmacies - lower risk of purchasing a fake.

  • Diet

Try to give up sugary and starchy foods - they contribute to strengthening of dandruff. Ideally, in your menu should be as many foods high in vitamins and fiber, as well as dairy products. As for the menu wise to consult with your doctor.

  • Hair Styling

It's no secret that the hair is very dry skin. Therefore, in the treatment of dandruff need to abandon the use of a hair dryer. Or, in extreme cases, dry hair in the cold stream mode. In addition, it is better not to use foams and coatings, to prevent the risk of allergic reaction.

Traditional recipes from dry dandruff

Of course, in order to cure dandruff, of compliance with the aforementioned regulations is not enough. Therefore, we offer you a few simple but effective recipes from dandruff.

  • Chamomile decoction

Put in a thermos three tablespoons of dry inflorescences pharmacy chamomile and pour a glass of boiling water, let stand for about three hours and strain using a gauze cloth. Dampen a cotton swab with chamomile broth and drench the scalp. Wrap with plastic wrap, wrap head with a towel and leave for 15 minutes.

Then, wash your hair and rinse hair with the remaining broth, diluted with water at a ratio of one to one. Spend a similar procedure before each wash head, but at least twice a week. By the way - in case you have dry dandruff, do not wash your hair too often, so as not to dry up the scalp even more.

  • Broth nettle

If you do not daisy like, prepare a decoction of nettles. You must fill in five tablespoons of nettles two cups of boiling water and leave for about an hour. Then strain the infusion and add one tablespoon of honey and stir to dissolve the honey.

Rub a decoction of the hair roots and cover your head with plastic wrap, top to Insulate a towel and leave for an hour. This procedure must be done prior to every wash hair until dandruff disappears completely.

 how to cure dandruff own

Folk remedies for oily dandruff

If your dandruff is oily so that it will cure you need other means:

  • Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works wonders - he is an outspoken enemy of oily dandruff. A similar treatment time will take quite a bit. With cotton pad, moisten the scalp cider vinegar soaked in apple cider vinegar diluted in water (in a ratio of one to one), leave for 10 minutes and rinse with cool water. On this day, the head is best not to wash using shampoo.

  • Egg Mask

If dandruff too much, it is worth trying a more powerful tool - the egg mask with Nystatin. You will need two yolks and three tablets, which can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription. Tablets interpret to a powder, add egg yolk and mix thoroughly - be careful to avoid lumps.

Apply the mask on the scalp and evenly, cover with plastic wrap. Do not forget to insulate the head with a towel to enhance the effect. Leave the mask for an hour and then rinse with plenty of cool tap water. Do this mask twice a week and soon forget about dandruff, as a nightmare.

If within a month to cure dandruff will fail to stop self-worth. Go to a doctor who find out the reason and select the best course of treatment!

 How to cure dandruff at home?

 age spots on hands


  • Whitening Mask
  • Bleaching compresses

Hands - the card of any woman. They issue and the woman's age and her social status. That is why women need to handle constant careful maintenance. And even more annoyed to discover spots on the hands. But do not be too sad, because of age spots is quite possible to get rid of.

Of course, the easiest way to go to the beautician. But if for whatever reason you do not want to do that, you can remove age spots on the hands and in the home, materials at hand. Immediately I would like to warn - offered potent enough funds. Therefore, if you do not want to then treat and even skin irritation, be sure to obey all proportion.

 pigmentation on hands

Whitening Mask

Whitening Mask - the most powerful tool to remove age spots. Their operating principle is simple - under the influence of various substances pigmentation becomes less and less pronounced. As a result, lentigo becomes virtually invisible. By the way, that's why every single funds should be applied only on the spot - otherwise, and on other parts of the skin pigmentation will become lighter. And, as a result, spots will still be visible.

  • Lemon - egg mask

Lemon - enough known bleaching agent, so it would be foolish not to use it to remove age spots. To prepare the mask, you will need fresh lemon half the size and one protein. Mix white and lemon juice in any non-metallic container, using a mixer or blender, or corolla very carefully whisk to form a dense thick foam.

Apply the resulting mask on dark spots and cover with plastic wrap. Leave the mask for 30 minutes and then rinse under running water. In that case, if you feel too strong burning sensation, the mask should be washed off immediately. If the skin after the mask is too red, the next time before applying any weight lubricate the skin with vegetable oil, reduce the exposure mask to 10 minutes.

It is enough to make this mask twice a week for months to age spots have disappeared. If the pigmentation is very strong, the course can be repeated again, but only after a week break to allow the skin to breath.

  • Mask of dill

Equally effective may become a mask of fresh dill. For its preparation you need 50 grams of fresh dill and half a lemon. Dill doused with boiling water and mince, squeeze the juice from a lemon. Mix juice with dill and put on weight of pigment spots. Top cover with a gauze mask cloth and leave for about 15 minutes.

If you feel too strong burning sensation, rinse before. And in any case, after the mask necessarily apply to the skin any moisturizer or cream. This mask can be done in a day, for one month. Although, as practice shows, after a month of age spots will be over.

  • Starch and lemon mask

If dark spots are very strong, you can try a more concentrated lemon mask. But remember to protect your skin! Firstly, certainly apply to the skin before applying the mask any vegetable oil. Second, do not keep the mask for longer - Not more than 7 minutes. Third, do not forget after the mask apply a moisturizer.

So, for the preparation of the mask, you will need one tablespoon of starch, half a lemon and two tablespoons of water, one teaspoon of vegetable oil for skin treatment. Dilute the starch with water - you should have a creamy paste. Add the lemon juice and mix well again. Brown spots smear oil, then apply a thick layer mask. Top cover with plastic wrap and leave on for 15 minutes.

Then rinse with cool water and do not forget to lubricate the skin with plastic wrap. This mask can be done no more than twice a week and not more than one month in a row. YOU if for a month to get rid of age spots do not succeed, the treatment can be repeated. But first you must make at least a week's break.

  • The mask of white clay

Purchase at the pharmacy white clay - it will also help to get rid of age spots. In addition to clay for the mask, you will need the juice of half a lemon and a little water. Dissolve the clay with water to a creamy consistency, then add the lemon juice, and once again all mix well.

Apply resulting mixture on dark spots, cover with plastic wrap and leave on for 20 minutes. In that case, if you feel a burning sensation is too strong - immediately rinse the mask, because it is not suitable for you because of the very sensitive skin. Then lubricate the treated place moisturizer. This mask can be done three times a week, no more than two weeks in a row.

  • Mask of dandelion roots

This mask is very, very effective, but be careful with it, so as not to damage the skin. Making the mask can be no more than once a week! To prepare the mask, you will need a third cucumber, two dandelion root, one tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

Cucumber peel and grate, dandelion root, rinse and mince. Mix all the ingredients, pre-add lemon juice and honey. Grease dark spots vegetable oil and apply the mask. Time of its impact must not exceed 15 minutes. Then wash the skin with cool water and apply moisturizer. If during the procedure you will feel a burning sensation is too strong, or as if the skin shows signs of irritation from this mask is discarded. Obviously, you have too sensitive skin.

 how to get rid of age spots on hands

Bleaching compresses

In addition to the masks do not forget about the bleach compresses - they just made, and the effect is stunning. But remember that you can not do in one day, and compress and the mask - it's too serious test for the skin.

  • Kefir compress

To compress whitening is best to use a little podkisshy yogurt or, ideally, all yogurt. Dampen a yogurt gauze or cotton pad, apply to the spots, cover with plastic wrap. The duration of a compress should be about 15 minutes. Then simply wash treated skin with cool water. Kefir is acting very softly, so no restrictions on its application no.

  • Whitening compress

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to get rid of age spots on the hands as soon as possible, you can try to make the next wrap. In a non-metallic container, mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1, 5 tablespoons vodka, 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and 1 egg yolk.

Beat until then, until you have a homogeneous mass. Lubricate the dark spots with vegetable oil, then apply a compress on the skin, cover with gauze and leave for about 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and lubricate the skin with plenty of moisturizer. This compress can do no more than twice a week.

  • Potato poultice

To make this compress, you will need one large potato. Clean it, rub on a small grater and apply to dark spots. Top cover with plastic wrap and leave for an hour. Any discomfort you feel will not be, and there is no risk of skin irritation. Therefore, this wrap you can do almost every day.

  • Onion poultice

This compress, as did the previous one, is very gentle - it is ideal for very sensitive skin. Clear from the husk of one large onion, cut it in half and pour a liter of water. Bring water to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until such time as half of the water does not boil away.

Then drain the onion broth and cool it. Dampen a broth gauze and apply on the area of ​​age spots by 30 minutes. Do not forget to change the towels as they are drying. In order to get rid of age spots, these packs should be done twice a day - morning and evening, for at least a week in a row.

  • Elderberry

If you find a pharmacy elder flowers - consider yourself lucky and pigment spots over. Put the cup five to seven inflorescences and pour 100 grams of boiling water, leave to infuse for an hour. Then strain the broth and dilute it simple with clean water at a ratio of one to one.

Take a gauze cloth or bandage and make dual-layer napkins small. Dampen a cloth in the infusion of elderberry and apply to the spots on the 20 minutes. Then allow the skin to dry naturally, and apply a small amount of the treated area of ​​sour cream. This wrap can not be done more than twice a week, so as not to damage the skin. Duration of treatment - two months.

  • Yeast wrap

To make this compress, you will need 10 grams of yeast - but not dry, but of the living, 30 grams of milk, half a teaspoon of flour. Warm the milk to a temperature of 37 degrees and pour the yeast, dissolve flour. Allow the mixture to warm location for about 15 minutes.

Then soak in the resulting solution, gauze and apply to the spots, leave for 20 minutes. Then wash the skin with warm water and apply a thin layer of sour cream. This wrap can be made up to twice a day for two months. In most cases it is possible to get rid of, even from large pigmented spots.

Now that you know how to remove age spots on hands. But remember, what we talked about in the beginning - do not try to get everything at once. It would be foolish to hope that the dark spots will disappear within a few days - usually it requires a month at least.

 Brown spots on the hands - off!

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