Diet for acne


  • Forbidden and allowed foods
  • Sample menu for the week

If a person is "lucky" to face with acne, he tries to get rid of them by all available means. But often enough ... just simply adjust your diet! Perhaps it will seem strange to you, but more than half of all cases the cause of acne and acne is just the wrong food.

Yes, and in all other cases to successfully combat acne diet should be reviewed. Do not hurry to get upset about the fact that you have to give up many of the products - you get a very nice bonus in the form of a perfect figure. Do not worry - you will experience a feeling of hunger will not be, because the diet is not intended to be limited in the diet, but only the replacement of one product by another.

Forbidden and allowed foods

A number of products you have to completely eliminate from your diet. These products include:

  • Any sweets

Chocolates, cream cakes and especially the chocolate should be strictly prohibited. Of course, a sweet tooth will have oh how hard. But as you know, the beauty demands victims. In an extreme case, you can afford a tiny slice of the bitter (!) Of chocolate. And you can replace the sweetness of dried fruit and nuts - they are no harm to your skin will not do. One solid advantage.

  • Fatty foods

Fat - not the best friend of any organism. It affects the skin and is not the best, and overweight is becoming commonplace. Although, of course, completely abandon fat has serious problems, but try to eliminate fatty foods. Lard, fatty meats, fatty fish - this is not for you.

  • Artificial colorants and preservatives

Chips, crackers, soups, noodles and other food is very doubtful for a long time have become constant companions of modern man. But, unfortunately, man is unable to ask his body, whether he liked it. And the body with all the desire can not answer you. But express outcry - easy! And this project will be expressed in the appearance of acne, brittle nails and hair.

  • Flour products

Flour is now also not for you - bread, rolls, cakes and even pasta to use highly undesirable. Well, except that in very small quantities and as little as possible. Consoles himself with the thought that it was flour products is very, very high in calories.

  • Some beverages,

In addition to the products you should pay attention to what you drink. Packaged juices, sodas, any - even a mineral, not to mention soft drinks, should be removed from your menu. The same goes for coffee and cocoa. It is much wiser to replace them with green tea.

Someone can be indignant - they say, and what then eat ?! Believe me, not all that bad - in the world there are a lot of products that not only will not die of hunger, but also bring benefits to the body. Of course, the first time you will have a hard time - it is always difficult to change habits. However, it will not take long and proper nutrition will be commonplace for you. So, in your menu should include:

  • Grains and bran.
  • Any fruits and vegetables, both fresh and heat-treated.
  • All cereals except the manna.
  • Green tea, freshly squeezed juices, non-carbonated clean drinking water.

Without exception, all dairy products. Of course, it does not contain preservatives and artificial colorants.
As you can see, it's not so scary as it might seem at first glance. Power is not only a full and varied, but quite tasty.

 Useful Diet for acne

Sample menu for the week

So, it was decided - the diet of pimples and blackheads you just needed morale i..ponyali you that did not know what would have breakfast or dinner. To ensure that you do not fall into such a situation, we offer you the option of the right menu for the week.

On Monday

As usual, all start a new life on Monday. We will not and we have to break the tradition.

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, cook an omelet. Of course, from the bacon will have to give, but a little sausage it is possible to afford. Tea and cheese sandwich and can be very useful. But no more than one piece of bread, and the rye!

  • Lunch

For lunch, prepare any soup - most importantly, try to avoid fatty meats. On the second - the steam cutlet with rice and, of course, a salad. Of course, the vegetable. All you can drink fresh juice or compote.

  • Dinner

For dinner, you can cook the fish. Choose low-fat varieties, and remember - the fish must be either cooked or baked in the oven or steamed. But not fried! As a side dish - mashed potatoes. You can drink tea or yogurt.


  • Breakfast

On Tuesday morning, you can indulge in a porridge. If you like sweet, you can add a bit of jam. You can boil the porridge as water and milk. Tea, one sandwich with a slice of sausage. At first glance, it may seem a meager breakfast, but it's not - oat meal will give you a deep sense of saturation and before dinner you will not feel hungry.

  • Lunch

Today, for the first cook vegetable soup and the second rice with beef. Rules are the same - the meat must be either boiled or roasted, or steamed. Dinner drink glass of fresh juice can.

  • Dinner

For dinner, we cook buckwheat porridge with steam cutlets. Mince for meatballs should not be bold. After dinner, you can drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.


  • Breakfast

Today we can afford two eggs. And how you can cook eggs and omelets. And, of course, tea and a cheese sandwich - where do without him? If this seems a little, eat an apple or banana.

  • Lunch

Today, lunch is prepared fish soup - remember that the fish should be low-fat varieties. On the second - baked chicken breast with rice, stewed fruit or juice.

  • Dinner

As you know, dinner should be given to the enemy. We will not do this, but to overload the stomach is still no good. Today, therefore, we arrange a fasting day and eat dinner cheese with sour cream. If desired, the cheese can add a little fruit or jam. You can drink kefir cheese or milk.


  • Breakfast

For breakfast, we prepare buckwheat. It is possible to make both sweet and seasoned. Traditional tea and a sandwich - either with cheese or sausage with milk.

  • Lunch

At lunch you can afford soup - but not pork. On the second cook vegetable stew with beef. Drink all you can compote, fruit drinks or juice.

  • Dinner

For dinner, prepare a baked fish and vegetable salad. Remember - you can not fill the salad with mayonnaise! Just any vegetable oil, and in reasonable quantities.


  • Breakfast

For breakfast, prepare all the same porridge. Well, for a change, add the porridge does not jam and chopped banana and some chopped walnut kernels. After porridge can drink a cup of green tea and eat a sandwich with cheese or cooked sausage.

  • Lunch

For lunch, prepare the chicken noodles. On the second - grated carrots. Depending on your preference, you can add salt and carrots add seasonings, and you can - add a little honey. A glass of fresh juice or tea.

  • Dinner

Bake in the oven for a few potatoes and boil the chicken breast, make a cream sauce. After dinner - a cup of green tea.


  • Breakfast

For breakfast cook scrambled eggs with cooked sausage, green tea and a cheese sandwich. If you do not scrambled eggs one eats, you can cook a little wheat porridge with butter.

  • Lunch

For lunch vegetable soup again. And the second - the steam cutlets lean mince and mashed potatoes. Drink all of this can be either tea or a glass of fresh juice.

  • Dinner

For dinner, bake in the oven chicken breast in cream sauce, as well as a garnish your regular boiled rice. Drink is best conventional yogurt.


  • Breakfast

Given that today is Sunday, you can indulge yourself. For example, prepare the croutons. Of course, within reason - not more than three pieces of bread. From once a week no harm. Tea with lemon complement your breakfast.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can cook a fish soup or chicken noodle. On the second - stewed potatoes with beef or chicken. Fresh juice or compote.

  • Dinner

For dinner, cook buckwheat porridge with meat sauce. Of course, the meat should be lean. And, of course, the traditional cup of yogurt.

Very rarely, a person is able to withstand from reception to meals without snacking. But snacking must correctly - fruits, vegetables, yogurt, kefir will only benefit you. And, of course, remember that only one diet to get rid of pimples will not help. This requires a proper skin care, and in some cases treatment. Therefore, be sure to visit a dermatologist. Be healthy and beautiful!

 Effective diet for acne