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Brown spots are able to plunge into despair almost any woman. Still - in a nice little "decorating"! But to get rid of age spots is quite possible. The easiest way, of course, seek help from a professional beautician, who knows exactly how to help cope with your problem.

But sometimes a visit to a specialist or do not have time or do not have money corny - but you never know the reasons may be. And in this case, should not get upset - you can get help available means: recipes of traditional medicine are often much more effective than salon treatments.

Causes of age spots

Before we talk about how to remove age spots, I would like to briefly mention the causes of age spots.

  • Hormonal

Sometimes subcutaneous pigment distribution is uneven due to the disruption of hormonal balance. This may be the result of a disease, hormonal changes the body - for example, during adolescence or during pregnancy. By the way, moms spots appear often enough.

  • Prolonged exposure in the sun

Sunburn is, of course, great - dark skin tone decorate any woman. But in some cases, if the pigment produced is too active, it may not have time to be distributed evenly. And then do not be surprised, whence came the notorious dark spots.

  • Age-related changes

But most of the dark spots occur in older people. Firstly, melanin does not occur in all cells. Second, the liver and kidney with time lose their full ability to remove toxins from the body. And they removed from the body is through the skin. As a consequence, there are dark spots.

  • Genetic predisposition

Sometimes the tendency to occurrence of pigment spots can be inherited. So if your parents is such a thing took place, it is not surprising to find one day spots and in their skin - their causes is your genes.

Generally, in most cases of pigmented spots to have no human health threat. The only negative aspect - it is aesthetic. That is why we will now try to figure out how you can get rid of age spots on the skin. But we can not forget about that small percentage, when the spots may appear due to certain diseases. So visit the dermatologist still worth it - he will be able to determine exactly why these spots appear.

 from what appear dark spots

Whitening lotion

In that case, if the dark spots are not too bright, you can try to do "little blood" - bleaching lotions. They are soft enough and spare skin. But it is enough to deal effectively with pigment spots. Just remember one very important thing - if, after your skin lotions starts strongly shelled or even more ill, immediately stop the treatment. This means that your skin is too sensitive and traditional recipes do not suit you.

  • Cucumber Lotion

To make this whitening lotion you will need one medium-sized cucumber, and 50 grams of vodka. Wash the cucumber, grate on fine grater, put in a glass container with a lid and pour the vodka. Put in the fridge for a week and do not forget to shake the container every day. After the lotion infusion, strain it with gauze cloth, add 50 grams of water and then pour into a glass container.

Twice a day - morning and evening, wipe the dark spots with a cotton pad soaked in cucumber lotion. Once the skin is dry, be sure to put on the treated areas of any moisturizer - it is simply necessary in order to avoid over-drying and flaking of the skin. The duration of treatment should not exceed one month.

  • Dill Lotion

Lotion of fennel very effectively removes dark spots. And besides, it will be a real boon for those women who suffer from the fatty skin type. Prepare a bunch of fresh dill, 50 grams of vodka. Dill is very finely chop, sprinkle in it in a small glass jar or bottle, tightly closed. Then pour the vodka and put infuse in a dark and cool place. Insist lotion need at least a week, do not forget to shake the bottle several times a day.

After strain lotion and be sure to add 50 grams of pure boiled water, mix thoroughly. All the lotion is ready! Brown spots should be cleaned at least three or four times a day. If you have oily skin, twice a day, wipe the entire face - it will help get rid of blackheads and other rashes. And in this case do not forget the moisturizer - alcohol, which is part of a lotion, very dry skin. Do not use this lotion for more than two weeks in a row. If necessary, continue the treatment required to make at least a week's break.

  • Tomato lotion

Tomato lotion will also help whiten the skin as soon as possible. And preparing it is very simple - all you need is a tomato and clean boiled water. Squeeze the juice (you can do this with the usual gauze fabric), pour it into any container and add a little water, stir.

This lotion must be applied to the pigment spots three times a day. After about 15 minutes, be sure to rinse skin with cool water, pat dry and apply a moisturizer. In most cases, if the dark spots are not too dark, enough for about two weeks of treatment. If treatment is necessary to continue, do a week break, then repeat.

  • Lemon Lotion

Grate one lemon is medium in size, place it in a small glass jar with a narrow neck and pour 100 grams of cool boiled water. Close the container and put it in the refrigerator for about five days. After the lotion can drain to pieces of lemon are not left on the skin.

This lotion, wipe the skin at least five times a day - try to handle only pigmented skin. After about a week you will notice a significant improvement. If you see the skin irritation, the treatment can be continued for as long as you need it.


Whitening Mask

If some lotions do not succeed, try a whitening mask. They are much more active than lotions. But care has to be great - otherwise there is a risk of damage to the skin. And be sure to discard the whitening lotion! The effect you are not an effort, but the problems end up being unique!

  • Mask of clay

To combat pronounced pigmentation spots, try this mask. Purchase at the pharmacy normal healing clay powder and hydrogen peroxide. Make a creamy mass, mixing the clay with water - you have to get a tablespoon. Add a third of a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, mix again and apply on the spots, avoiding contact with other areas of the skin. Remember - strictly pigmented spot!

On top of the mask is required to cover with plastic wrap. Leave the mask for about 15 minutes, then rinse with plenty of cool water. You may feel slight discomfort - this is normal. But if the tingling or burning sensation is too strong, immediately rinse mask to avoid burns.

Be sure to use moisturizer! And not only immediately after you wash away the mask, but every day - morning and evening. Incidentally, immediately after the mask will not be superfluous to lubricate the skin cream. Do not make such a mask more often than every other day - you risk damaging your skin. Yes, and duration of treatment should not exceed three weeks. It is better to repeat then again, after a couple of weeks. But as a rule, even the most capricious spot surrender after the first course of treatment.

  • Sour cream mask

Strictly speaking, it would be correct to call it a mask of gidroperita, but it sounds eerily hurt. Sour cream in this case is only the basis - you need to buy in a pharmacy tablet gidroperita. Of the ordinary, of which our mother in her youth hair clarified.

Interpret powder half a tablet, mix it with one tablespoon of sour cream and apply on the spot. Make sure that the mixture did not get the rest of your skin! To avoid spreading of the mask, cover it with gauze cloth on top. The polyethylene film can not be used, because under it gidroperita effect will be much stronger. So, there is a risk of burn - exactly what allow in any case impossible.

Ten minutes later, rinse with plenty of water. In that case, if the discomfort is too strong, immediately rinse the mask - it does not suit you. And be sure to watch the skin for several hours after the mask - if it is too much blush, appear rash or peeling, abstain from further use of the mask. And do not make the mask twice a week - injure skin. The duration of treatment - two weeks, no more. Next, you need at least a month's break. Although in most cases after such treatment spots appear almost invisible.

  • Mask with ammonia

A very effective way to eliminate pigmentation - the most common ammonia. If you do not have an allergic reaction to honey, it can be used as the basis of his name. Otherwise take regular yogurt - of course, with no additives. In a teaspoon of basics you need five drops of ammonia - mix thoroughly mass and immediately put her problem areas.

Burning will, in any case, but it should not be too strong. The duration of the mask is not more than 10 minutes, but if an intense discomfort, immediately wash off - you do this mask does not fit due to the increased sensitivity of the skin. Immediately after, apply the mask on the treated areas of the skin a thick layer of moisturizer and leave until it is completely absorbed.

This mask can be done three times a week. A duration of treatment should not exceed two weeks. Repeat the treatment if he did not help the first time, it is not necessary. If dark spots have not disappeared, so this mask is not suitable for you. But it is absolutely no reason to be upset - try other means.

  • Curd Mask

All of the above masks have sufficiently strong action aimed at eliminating age spots is strongly expressed. But often you can get rid of pigmentation using a much more benign masks that do not injure the skin. For example, cottage cheese mask.

You will need most common low fat cottage cheese in packs. Apply to the problem areas of the skin a thick layer of cheese, cover with gauze cloth and leave for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with cool water and brush with cream or sour cream. The mask did not threaten your skin, so it can do almost every day.

  • Kefir Mask

This mask is quite simple, but the effect is surely please you. You will need a third of small lemon and a tablespoon of yogurt. Mix them and apply on the ill-fated spot. To mask does not spread, cover it with gauze cloth on top. The mask must be on the skin for at least 30 minutes, after which it was necessary to wash off with water.

Be sure to follow the reaction of the skin - in the event that redness or scaling of the skin, reduce the amount of lemon juice half. And be sure to use moisturizer! The mask can be done in a day, for a month.

Typically, all of these funds is enough to eliminate age spots - at least one, but it will be effective for you. If it still does not happen, one way out - to recover to the beautician.

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