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  • Medication excessive sweating
  • Folk remedies
  • Hygiene Regulations

Wet armpits few people give pleasure. Poor wash out stains on clothes, unpleasant moisture smell. Fortunately, in most cases, in order to cope with the problem, rather ordinary care and deodorant. But there are people who were not so lucky - they have a pathological sweating. And the traditional means in this case is completely powerless.

What do you do in this case? Is there a remedy for underarm sweating, which helps in the most severe cases? Of course, such funds there are for the most part they are available to anyone. But let's take first things first.

Medication excessive sweating

If you are a supporter of traditional medicine exclusively, you may find the following resources:

  • Zinc ointment

Zinc ointment may help in the early stages, when the problem only started to give themselves felt. Buy zinc ointment at any pharmacy without a prescription. To use it simply - Wash and dry your armpits, scalp if there is - be sure to remove it. Then apply a thin layer of zinc ointment and leave for about 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm running water ointment. This procedure should be done once a day for ten days.

  • Pasta Teymurova

Pasta Teymurova be relevant in more severe cases, when a very profuse sweating. Pasta also sold only in pharmacies in the public domain. In the evening, after water treatment, apply a layer of paste abundant Teymurova leave as long as it does not dry up - as a rule, it takes about half an hour. Then rinse and be sure to apply ointment on the skin a small amount of the usual children's cream.

  • Iontophoresis

If the above methods did not help you, you can see a doctor and try iontophoresis. This was a beautiful word hidden impact on the sweat glands of electric shock. In most cases, ten treatments to approximately two months completely forget about such annoying problems like excessive sweating.

  • Botox injections

More and increasingly popular Botox injections. The essence of this treatment is simple - under the skin of a person entered a special drug. Its purpose - to block the exchange of momentum between the sweat glands and nerve cells. So, completely stop sweating about six months. The only disadvantage of this treatment - the price, quite impressive.

 funds from underarm sweating

Folk remedies

If you are not an enemy of traditional medicine, is to adopt some of her recipes - in most cases they are very effective and help to solve the problem as soon as possible. But be sure to watch out for, so that in the chosen recipe does not include those components that have previously had an allergic reaction.

  • Saline compresses

Very often to get rid of sweating can be using the most ordinary table salt. Prepare a saline solution, in a glass of water, three tablespoons of salt. In the resulting solution soak a gauze and apply to problem areas. Duration compress - 15 minutes. Napkins dry up rather quickly, so do not forget to moisten them. Then be sure to rinse with water and apply baby cream. Ideally, these packs should be done twice a day throughout the treatment which should last at least two weeks.

  • Oak bark

Oak bark has a number of medicinal properties that can be successfully used in the fight against wet armpits. To get started, try compresses with a decoction of oak bark. To make it, fill it with water, five tablespoons of chopped oak bark two cups of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until the boil until half of the water. Then the broth cool and strain. Further, in general, all is simple - soak in the broth gauze, apply to the armpits and leave for 20 minutes.

If these packs do not help, you may want to prepare a medical ointment on the basis of oak bark. However, the need to tinker a bit. To begin, prepare everything you need: a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of shredded oak bark and a quarter of the egg yolk. All components are mixed thoroughly so that the mass became homogeneous, to shift it into a glass jar with a lid.

Twice a day - morning and evening, apply the resulting mass in the armpit and leave for 10 minutes. Then be sure to rinse with water, to prevent the development of irritation. This treatment should continue for no longer than one week. And, if necessary, continue to - to make a three-week break.

  • The broth chamomile

A good remedy for excessive sweating will be a decoction of chamomile and soda. The broth is prepared by the classical scheme - five tablespoons of chamomile pharmacy pour a glass of water, bring to a boil and leave to infuse for about an hour. Then strain the broth and dissolve it in two tablespoons of baking soda. The resulting solution twice a day lubricate armpits. After 5 minutes, be sure to rinse with cool water.

  • Lemon juice

As a one-time emergency funds can be used freshly squeezed lemon juice. Simply rub half a lemon armpits and do not rinse - about two hours of sweating is not. But remember that this tool can not be used more than twice a month.

 anti sweating armpits

Hygiene Regulations

In no case can not forget the elementary rules of hygiene. Otherwise, no anti-sweating you will not be able to help. And the rules are very simple:

  • Regular showers

Shower should be part of daily care. And in the summer you need to take a shower at least two times a day. One "but" - buy a good moisturizing shower gel to prevent drying of the skin ordinary soap.

  • Do not forget about hair removal

Vegetation under the arms, of course, it's natural. But it's not hygienic - sweat accumulates in the balance and eventually permeates through them. As a consequence - a very unpleasant smell that even deodorants can not be eliminated. As they say, there is no admission against breakage.

Subject to all rules and appropriate treatment fast enough, you forget about your problem.

 How to pick the best remedy for underarm sweating?

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 pigmented spots on the skin


  • Whitening lotion
  • Bleaching compresses
  • Whitening Mask

Hardly any wishlist least one woman can find spots on the skin. Nevertheless, they occur often enough, and when they did not expect. And the women are trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible. In most cases, by the way, using the means at hand.

But alas, in most cases, it ends very pitiable - skin burns. A dark spots, like the WHO and now there. It would seem that out of this situation is obvious - to go to a professional beautician. However, not all women have the opportunity - someone has no free time, and someone has no money.

So what to do? Just accept and continue to try to mask the dark spots with the help of foundation and powder? Of course not! Eliminate dark spots or at least to make them less noticeable and can be in the home. The main thing - to cook strictly by prescription tools and procedures do no more than is recommended.

Whitening lotion

If the color of age spots are not too dark, most likely you will be able to get rid of them using just the whitening lotions. The most important rule - it is their regular use. If you only occasionally lubricate the skin from time to time, no you will not see the effect.

  • Cucumber Lotion

The bleaching properties of cucumber are known to our grandmothers. Do not neglect them and us - for sure you will be pleased with the results. One small cucumber grate on a fine grater, not peeled. Cucumber put any weight tightly closable container (it's best to bottle), cover with 50 grams of vodka and let it stand on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Infuse lotion takes at least one week, about two to three times per day by shaking the bottle. Then, using a strainer or gauze cloth cucumber lotion strain, pour back into the bottle and add 50 grams of cold boiled water. All your lotion ready for use.

Moisten a cotton pad in the lotion and rub the dark spots. Once the skin is dry, repeat the procedure again. Just a day should be three or four of these approaches. If you notice that the skin begins to peel, add the lotion has 50 grams of pure water. And be sure to use moisturizer!

The first results you will see in two weeks. But to consolidate the results of ongoing treatment for a month. If you get a result you are not satisfied with the result, it is necessary to look for other means.

  • Lemon Lotion

Lemon lotion acts a little more aggressive than cucumber. Therefore, it is advisable to use only those girls whose skin refers to fatty type. To prepare the lemon lotion grate a lemon (with peel), place it anywhere in a glass bowl and pour a glass of hot water. Be careful - do not use boiling water cool, otherwise the glass container to burst. You do not want to mess later with burns or cuts?

Capacity close the lid and leave to infuse for three days. Then strain the lotion using a strainer or a muslin cloth, add two tablespoons of vodka. Stir lotion again and remember that you must only keep lotion in the fridge and no longer than two weeks. The skin in the area of ​​age spots should be cleaned often enough - about 5-6 times a day. The whole course of treatment should last about a month.

  • Lotion of fennel

Dill whitens skin very, very effectively, so it would be at least unwise to abandon their properties. To prepare finely chop fresh dill - you need two tablespoons. Put them in any suitable container - most importantly, do not iron - and pour 50 grams of vodka.

This lotion should insist in a dark and cool place for three days. If you wish, you can filter the lotion to pieces of dill are not left on the skin. Then add 50 grams of boiled water and stir. Wipe clean with dark spots that means enough twice a day - morning and evening. If you notice that the skin starts to peel off, immediately start using an intensive moisturizer.

 ugly dark spots on the skin

Bleaching compresses

If some lotions were not enough, try adding compresses. Their action is more intense than that of lotions, but softer than the masks - so to speak, an intermediate option. At first glance it may seem compresses like lotions, but this is not so.

  • Compress Grapefruit

Squeeze the juice of one small grapefruit and cook gauze of appropriate size. Soak the cloth in the juice and apply on the dark spots. The duration of a compress should not be less than 15 minutes. If the cloth dries before, soak it again - it should be wet all the time of the procedure. Then wash the skin with warm water, wipe and apply any moisturizer.

If after the first treatment the skin will not be signs of irritation - rash or redness - you can continue to further procedures. Otherwise, this method is not for you. In a week you need to spend at least three of these sessions, and the entire course of treatment should last about a month.

  • Cucumber wrap

No cucumber was left without attention and at this time - for whitening wraps, he will also have to be very helpful. More precisely, not the cucumber and freshly squeezed cucumber juice. The procedure itself is of standard compress - moisten with cucumber juice gauze and apply it to the dark spots. Duration compress - 20 minutes. Cucumber juice on the skin especially any negative impact of not having so compresses can do as often as you want - at least twice a day. Treatment makes sense to continue for no longer than a month - if not achieve the desired result, try some other means.

  • Compress from apple seeds

Do you like apples? And rightly so - it is useful for the body, and in the fight against pigment spots in handy. Bull's eat, but do not throw away the seeds - they will be useful for bleaching compress. A tablespoon of seeds pour a glass of water, bring to a boil and reduce heat. Boil them for as long as half of the water does not boil away.

Then the broth cool, wet gauze and apply to the spots on the 30 minutes. Do not forget to change the towels as they are drying. Compress does not irritate the skin, so it can be done at least every day. The approximate length of the course of whitening pigment spots - one month.

 pigmented spots on the skin treatment

Whitening Mask

In severe cases it is necessary to resort to the whitening mask. Be very careful - masks can damage the skin. Observe the proportions of the ingredients and do not mask more often than is recommended.

  • Mask with ammonia

This mask can be done on any basis you liked - as a rule, for this purpose, yogurt or sour cream is the most common. Add one teaspoon of bases five drops of ammonia and immediately put on the dark spots. Top cover with plastic wrap mask and leave for 15 minutes.

Normally, you should feel a slight burning sensation, which only shows that the mask works. In that case the discomfort will be too strong, the mask wash off immediately - so your skin is too sensitive and you need to look for another mask. After you wash away the mask with water, put on the treated areas of the skin an intensive moisturizer.

Such masks can do no more than twice a week - enhance the effect of a portion of the mask, you will not get, but the skin will burn. The duration of treatment should not be less than one month but not more than two. But remember - if in the course of these masks you notice adverse reactions, treatment should be stopped immediately.

  • Mask with hydrogen peroxide

Obtain the pharmacy any clay powder - or blue, or white, as well as hydrogen peroxide. Spread the clay with water so that you have turned creamy substance. Then add a third of a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, again all mix well and immediately apply a pigmented skin.

The mask should be left on the skin for about 15 minutes. Simply watch the time - unpleasant sensations in most cases this does not cause the mask, which means you can forget about it. And as a result - the risk of burns. The mask must be very careful to wash away, with plenty of water. Once the skin is dry, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer to prevent over-drying the skin.

Within two hours carefully watch the reaction of the skin - if signs of irritation will not be possible to continue the course of bleaching. By the way, about the course: this mask should be done three times a week, for at least one month, and ideally two. Longer treatment is not necessary to continue - if by that time to get rid of age spots do not succeed, try, and not worth it.

  • The mask of red currants

If you have dark spots cheered his appearance in the season, when you can buy red currants, you are lucky. The mask of these berries is capable of removing dark spots very quickly. Just do not forget about the need to stock up for future use berries - the duration of the course masks should not be less than a month, and red currant season is much shorter. And the berries in the freezer will not take up much space.

So, with the help of the plug izomnite berry puree to the state, apply a thick layer of pigment spots mask and cover with plastic wrap. Leave the mask on the skin for about 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Be sure to lubricate the skin treated with their usual moisturizer. Currant mask can be done in a day, for one month.

  • Mustard mask

To prepare this mask you need mustard powder - as a rule, it can be found in the department of cereals. Prepared mask is very simple - mix the powder with warm water so that you have turned creamy mass.

The mask should be applied to pigmented spots so that it does not hit the other portions of the skin. Be prepared for the fact that you have to suffer a slight burning sensation - so the mask is valid. Keep track of time - a mask should not be on the pigmented spots longer than 10 minutes.

Then wash the skin with plenty of running cool water and immediately apply a thin layer of sour cream. Morning and evening is necessary to use an intensive moisturizer to avoid skin irritation and dryness. The mask can be made three times a week for one month. In most cases, using this mask is possible to get rid of even the most persistent pigment spots.

  • Mask "cocktail"

If all previous methods have been tried and have not brought results, you can try a last resort - a mask with the intriguing title "cocktail." And it would be fair to rename in the "explosive mixture". To make it, you will need: half a teaspoon of ammonia, half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and a tablespoon of fat-free yogurt.

All components are thoroughly mixed, so that you obtain a homogeneous mass. Grease dark spots very thin layer of any vegetable oil, then apply a thin layer of the mask. Once you begin to feel a burning sensation, the mask should be washed off immediately. If not, rinse the mask after 10 minutes, not later.

Please note - to wipe face in any case can not let it dry out on their own. Then apply to the treated skin with plenty of intense moisturizer. In no event it is impossible to do such a mask twice a week! A full course of treatment should not last longer than one month.

As a rule, at a certain diligence and patience we manage to get rid of almost all age spots. If not, avoid visiting beautician you still fail. Professional surely find a way to help you.

 Brown spots on the skin - it's not a problem!

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