strong sweating


  • Causes severe sweating
  • General recommendations when sweating
  • Traditional methods of combat later
  • Folk remedies to combat the problem

Increased sweating medical term is called hyperhidrosis. Doctors say that this trouble is facing about 17% of all people. And you know what the best part? Almost all of them are residents of cities, not villages. It is difficult to say why, but the fact remains.

Perhaps needless to say that excessive sweating is a very complicated man's life. This means that you must get rid of it. But in order for you to get it done, you need to approach the problem thoroughly. And the first thing to do - find the root of the problem.

Causes severe sweating

Excessive sweating can be of two types - general and localized. With a total understanding - sweat all parts of the body without exception. A localized sweating is characteristic only for certain parts of the body - the face, head, feet, hands, armpits. Incidentally, it is localized sweating often indicative of problems in the body.

There are a number of diseases, symptoms of which may be sweating. Moreover - sometimes it just makes the physician to suspect a particular disease. Thus, the main causes of severe sweating related to health:

  • Diabetes

In diabetes, in most cases very sweaty armpits and / or hands. The earlier the disease will be diagnosed, the greater the chances of a person to live a normal full life.

  • Cardiovascular diseases

In the event that a person has raised a total sweating, can be suspected problems with blood vessels. And if sweating occurs at night, it is a high probability of heart problems. Especially if cold and clammy sweat - in this case, you can not hesitate, immediately go to a cardiologist.

  • Tuberculosis

If you develop a strong sweat palm, you experience weakness, quickly get tired, and even more so if in addition to all this, you just can not get rid of the cough, you need to see a doctor - in some cases, this may indicate the presence of tuberculosis.

  • Pneumonia

Severe sweating may be in the case if the person pneumonia. Although in this case is a snap to suspect something was wrong, because in addition to sweating is a number of other symptoms - cough, fever, shortness of breath. The doctor can easily diagnose the disease.

  • Problems with the endocrine system

Sometimes, the reasons for which may develop excessive sweating, associated with the endocrine system. And if you specifically - with violation of hormonal background, what he had not been summoned. Endocrinologist examine the person and, if necessary, appoint a survey that will reveal why all experienced this problem.

Of course, not always causes a very strong sweating associated with various diseases. For example, strong sweating can occur in the child's adolescence, the elderly, and for a longer period of pregnancy.

Or, in the end, no reason at all not - it is a banal feature of your body. Although, as a rule, in this case the man suffers because wet body lifetime, since adolescence. But if the problem is sudden, do not be lazy and still go to the doctor. At least for their own reassurance.

 strong sweating body

General recommendations when sweating

So, what to do if sweating is very strong? Well, if the cause - a particular disease, it is necessary to take medication. Get rid of the disease, to get rid of a very strong perspiration. In the same case, if the cause - only your physiological feature, getting rid of sweating - your task.

  • General hygiene

Be sure to observe basic hygienic rules. Shower accept no less than two times a day, remove vegetation from the armpits. Of course, by sweating these measures do not relieve, but to prevent odor.

  • Fashion

Very carefully watch their clothes - firstly, change underwear after each taking a shower. Secondly, choose clothes made from natural materials and not too close. And if you have a very sweaty feet, the toes should be replaced whenever possible. And the shoes should be made of natural materials, so that the skin can "breathe."

  • Deodorants

Do not forget about deodorants - they can also do a good service. But not get carried away too much - no more than two times a day. It is contained in deodorants zinc and aluminum are not the most favorable effect on the skin.

Traditional methods of combat later

Today doctors beauticians offer a few traditional ways to treat very severe sweating. Doctors and also help you to choose the treatment for the individual, taking into account many factors.

  • Botox injections

This method of treatment is the responsibility of sweating in the problem area of ​​special substances - Botox. It is entirely and completely suppresses the normal activity of the sweat glands. Simply put, a person suffering from even a very strong perspiration, after these injections forgets about the issue. However, only about six months. Yes, and this procedure is not so cheap - that's why you should not turn to do it.

  • Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is nothing more than a familiar to all from childhood electrophoresis. Remember? The operating principle is the same - in problem areas using current drugs are special. In principle, the method is quite effective, but in the case of very profuse sweating is unlikely to be effective enough. Result treatment will continue for about two months.

  • Surgical intervention

In the most severe cases, your doctor may decide on the need for surgery. There are several techniques of such an operation, but the point is the following - the doctor affects the sweat glands. which means that they simply cease to function. But remember that this is an extreme measure and just like that, at your request, no doctor to do surgery just will not - not worth the extra time to experiment with your body.

 very strong sweating

Folk remedies to combat the problem

In addition to traditional methods of treatment should not refuse, and from popular recipes. The main thing - do not forget to closely monitor those components that are part of the recipe that you liked - you allergic reaction to anything.

  • Funds with strong sweating of the feet

If you are faced with the scourge of sweating of the feet, you can try the following means. First of all, try soda baths - in the evening, before bedtime, dissolve in three liters of warm water half a cup of baking soda and soak your feet in the solution for about 15 minutes, such baths do need at least a week. In most cases, this measure allows to greatly reduce foot perspiration.

In addition, good help birch leaves - can be used with both fresh and dry. Leaf scald with boiling water, cool down and attach to the foot and between the toes. Do you need this procedure once a day for as long as the sweating will not retreat.

  • Funds with strong sweating of palms

If you annoy wet palm, try to get rid of them as follows. Pour three tablespoons of oak bark glass of water and boil for about five minutes. Leave to infuse for about an hour. Then heat the glass of water, mix it with a decoction of the bark and hold the palm of at least 10 minutes. This procedure is sufficient to do once a day, for a week, no less.

If it means to solve the problem does not work, try to prepare honey-cream soda. Melt in a water bath every two tablespoons of honey, add a teaspoon of baking soda and mix thoroughly. After the mixture has cooled, apply a thin layer on clean hands and leave about 20 minutes. This procedure is ideally done twice a day for five days.

Remember that in order to achieve the result you need to show some patience and, of course, regular treatment. From one-off procedures useless, alas, will not be. But do not despair - there's absolutely nothing is impossible and you will certainly succeed.

 Strong sweating. How to fight it?

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 allergic to dogs


  • Symptoms of an allergic reaction to the dogs
  • Why is this happening?
  • Diagnosis of allergy to dogs
  • Treatment of allergic reactions
  • Prevention of allergies to dogs
  • Hypoallergenic dogs

We all know that the dog - man's best friend. And this truth is relevant today. As the all-knowing Ms. statistics, even in large metropolitan areas the dog is in every third family. It is not difficult to guess that to face the dog hair can be anywhere - even in places where dogs entrance is strictly forbidden. No wonder - the wool is on the soles of shoes, clothes to the hosts. And going for a walk around the city with them.

Seemingly, there is no problem. In any case, there should be. However, all is not so rosy, if a person is allergic to dogs. In this case, there are many difficulties, and human health is put under serious threat. But do not get too upset - in most cases this allergy is quite possible to keep in check.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction to the dogs

Allergy to our younger brothers practically does not differ from other types of allergic reactions. But briefly tell about the symptoms is still necessary:

  • Lung problems

Hoarseness, coughing, wheezing in the bronchi and lungs, shortness of breath - all these signs indicate that allergy to dogs. The severity of these symptoms can be very different - it depends on the amount of allergen on the individual.

  • Eye problems

In almost all cases, the allergic reaction does not spare his eyes - they redden, unbearably itchy, watery eyes may appear - in short, all the delights soon.

  • Problems with the nasopharynx

In rare cases, it does without a cold. In some cases, the nose just pawns, but often there are clear liquid mucous discharge - in the course are packs of handkerchiefs. In severe cases, it may start sadnit throat and begins almost incessant sneezing. These symptoms - almost constant companions allergy to dogs.

  • Skin rashes

Very rarely, yet sometimes and cutaneous manifestations of allergies to dogs - a rash on the skin of varying degrees of intensity. Most often, these lesions are located in the chest, hands and face.

 symptoms of allergy to dogs

Why is this happening?

Where does this attack? Why are not all people can enjoy the company of furry friend? It is believed that allergy develops it on the dog's coat. In fact it is not so! Almost always, the problem is not in the wool:

  • Chapped skin cells

The skin of the dog, as well as any other being continuously updated. A dead cells exfoliate. That's right, these particles of skin and often provoke the development of a severe allergic reaction. This allergic reaction often leads to coughing and wheezing.

  • Proteins

A number of skin glands dogs produce very specific proteins. They are found in the skin of the animal, its coat, and also in saliva and urine. These tiny proteins are easily spread through the air, settle on the interior and the clothing of man. And it is enough to get them to the mucous membranes, and occasionally on the skin to start an allergic reaction. Of course, only if a person has a predisposition to this type of allergy.

Why allergy occurs not all people? It's very simple to explain - the immune system in some people are too sensitive. And it is very sensitive to certain substances (allergens), seeing them as something violent - such as viruses or bacteria. Sneezing, runny nose - it's just the body's attempt to get rid of the invading allergen.

Diagnosis of allergy to dogs

Sometimes it is very difficult to determine which is the allergen in humans such a violent reaction. How to understand exactly what the dog was the cause of sickness? Of course, you can closely monitor their condition and eventually notice certain relationship. However, the most reasonable to ask for help to the allergist.

The doctor will conduct the necessary research to help identify the allergen. Typically, this involves a special blood test that accurately determine the allergens to which the body reacts. And sometimes resorted to conduct skin tests - on the skin and make small scratches on them allergens applied dissolved in distilled water. After a while, the doctor evaluates the result of allergy testing.

Ignore these samples in any case impossible - often the results are completely unpredictable. You can years of sin on pets Fuzzies, in every possible way to avoid contact with them. And in fact it would be allergic to pollen, you can bring the dog in his coat from the street. Or, on the contrary, people will suspect allergic to cosmetics, certain foods, but he did not come to mind, which was to blame his beloved four-legged friend.

Treatment of allergic reactions

This type of allergic reaction is treated in the normal way, but nevertheless, treatment should pick allergist, with all the features of the disease and your health in general.

  • Antihistamines

Antihistamines act on the following principle: they block the effects of allergens on the human immune system. So, do not develop an allergic reaction. Despite the fact that almost all of these drugs are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, you should still be very careful. Some of them have a number of not very desirable side effects. Form release also different - syrups, drops, tablets and even sprays.

In the case of an allergic reaction makes itself felt cold, not do without decongestants, which dilates blood vessels and prevent stagnation of mucus. These funds are quickly removed discomfort.

  • Hormonal treatments

Hormonal drugs can be administered in the most severe cases of allergic reaction, when all other methods of treatment are powerless. These medications without a doctor's prescription to buy impossible. And do not try to do it - too high a risk to health.

 unpleasant allergic to dogs

Prevention of allergies to dogs

Thus, the survey confirmed the worst fears - you really are allergic to dogs. What to do next? Does the dog have to leave? In cases of severe allergic reactions - alas, the answer to this question is yes. But in most cases you can do less radical ways.

Firstly, it is very important that you follow all the recommendations of the physician responsible attitude to treatment. Second, keep in mind a few simple rules:

  • Place the animal

Everyday Vacuum animal litter and the places where the dog is more often. Do not forget about wet cleaning - do it once a month is not enough. At least once a week bedding should be washed to remove accumulated on her fur and dander dogs.

  • Air filters

If you can afford to buy a dry filter for air, you are lucky. These filters are very effective - they catch up to 70% of airborne allergens. Think for yourself, how many times reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions. People who use filters for air, note that allergy symptoms almost disappeared on the third day.

  • restricted area

Ideally, every house should be a kind of exclusion zone, where entry is prohibited dog. Well and if it is a house where the dog lives, this area is a must. There you will be able to get away if you feel the symptoms of an allergy attack. Best of all, if such a zone will be your bedroom.

By the way, to allow the dog to climb on the bed - a very bad habit. No matter how clean person was not your pet in the bed it is not the place. Firstly, in the bedding can accumulate a large number of allergens in just two or three days.

  • Textiles

Furniture is covered with removable covers, which should be washed at least three times a month. Take a good look at his curtains - they must be made of natural fabrics and laundry should not be a problem. Curtains also need to be washed twice a month, as they are a wonderful collection of allergens.

The mat also has certain requirements. Today is very popular carpet with a long nap. Of course, they are very pleasing to the legs, and look very presentable. However, in such carpets accumulates the highest number of allergens, which are very difficult to remove. Therefore, you notice them easy to clean carpets with a short pile artificial. And do not forget to vacuum them every day.

  • spring-cleaning

In most homes, general cleaning is done once a month, at best. If you live in a house dog and a person with an allergy to this same dog, cleaning should be done three to four times a month. Thoroughly vacuum the furniture, wipe the dust, wash floors. By the way, if cleaning does a person suffering from an allergy, you can not forget a protective mask. But it would be best if this duty will take the health of family members not to provoke unnecessary allergy attack.

  • Wash animal

Be sure to bathe your dog at least once in two weeks, using a good shampoo. This measure will prevent the accumulation of skin flakes and secretions of glands on the dog's coat. So, the risk of allergy is reduced significantly. But do not overdo it, think about the animal - too frequent washing the dog will lead to overdrying of the skin and coat.

  • Walking with dogs

There was a interesting pattern - on your dog allergic reaction can be expressed less strongly than on another. Keep this in mind for a walk with a four-legged pet. Of course, the animal need to communicate with their own kind, but it is better to avoid it. Otherwise, your dog's coat will remain alien dog allergens. And do not be surprised the next evening allergic attack.

 allergic to dogs treatment

Hypoallergenic dogs

In recent years, increasingly heard about the magical dog, next to which symptoms of the allergic reaction does not appear even in those who started to itch when one word "dog." True or myth? Definitely hard to say - the views of experts on this subject are divided. But do not mention it all the same it is impossible.

Proponents of this theory argue that there are some dog breeds that do not cause allergies. The peculiarity of these dogs is that they do not shed. But do not hurry to rejoice - trouble with their wool is no less: wash, haircut. A little easier with the dogs, who are deprived of the skin. Doctors recommend pay attention to the following breeds:

  • Chinese crested dog
  • Mexican Hairless Dog

Truth in this is - no hair, it does not accumulate in the skin cells, and ordinary dust does not settle on the dog. In short, the allergen actually less. But only if you are allergic not highlight skin cancer - have bald dogs there are many more and they are located all over the body. Although this problem can be overcome - just wash your pet often.

Doctors also allergists have a different point of view. If you have allergies, get a dog but you want more than to get an inheritance from her grandmother from Australia, is considered a breed of dog whose coat is modified. For example:

  • Yorkshire terrier

This breed has a very unusual satin fur - its structure is identical to human hair, did not shed. Cases Yorkshire Terrier allergies are so rare that you can not worry.

  • Bedlington Terriers

Their wool is very soft and do not shed, but requires constant shearing. And the appearance of this breed is quite distinctive - an amateur.

As you can see, are allergic to man's best friends - a serious problem and requires urgent solutions and responsible approach. But nothing is impossible, it would wish!

 Allergies to dogs - not a sentence!

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