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  • What does the build-up on the skin?
  • Traditional recipes of beauty
  • Believe it or not?
  • Acts or does not act - that is the question?
  • When should I remove the formation of the skin surgically?

Nowadays remove a wart on the body - troublesome, but not costly, as it is done even in normal free clinic with the help of liquid nitrogen, electrocautery, laser, etc. But even some half a century ago, our grandmothers and mothers copes with this problem on their own, without the help of doctors.

Unfortunately, the many effective and beneficial folk recipes beauty we have forgotten, because it is much easier to see a specialist, who will remove the papilloma surgically than to mess with the preparation of an agent. So let's try to figure out how to get rid of warts?

What does the build-up on the skin?

To begin to understand that such education on the body - it is not only aesthetic, but also a health issue. If you have warts started to appear, it means you have picked up the infection. Infected papillomavirus, or you can contact with the ill person or if it took advantage of things. That is why after visiting public places is recommended to wash hands with soap and water, which has an antibacterial effect.

The incubation period can be up to three months, but in some cases it takes up to three years. Most often ill after a certain time, self-limiting. By the way, these growths usually occur in cases where the body is a serious failure and reduce immunity. Therefore, if you or your family members manifested disease, review your lifestyle, start to eat right and give up bad habits.

 how to get rid of warts

Traditional recipes of beauty

Removing warts improvised means - serious and dangerous procedure, so the previously recommended to consult a specialist and undergo a complete examination. If no other disease is detected, you can safely begin to self-medicate. In the case where a month later the warts do not pass or there is deterioration of the skin, should be immediately sent to your doctor.

  • Celandine

In the villages in Russia, almost all the villagers were taken such growths on the body using a conventional celandine. Suffice it twice a day (morning and evening) to smear formation on the skin until they disappear. Typically, this happens for the third or fourth day, not later. Please note that you need to use only fresh juice. A full course of treatment is about two weeks, but it can be renewed after an interval of seven days.

  • Garlic

In winter, when you can not get the herbs, you can make masks of garlic. It should be one zubochek grind into a homogeneous slurry and put her two minutes to three, then rinse with plenty of water. The laziest person can simply cut a slice in half and rub the juice was made by the build-up. Do not do this procedure for more than 10 days - otherwise you run the risk of harm to the skin.

  • Magnesia

There is a more modern way to bring warts quickly and without pain - a daily intake of magnesium. Eat the medicine should be morning and evening before meals. Be careful and monitor the amount of powder - even an adult of medium build a little lacking (measured at the tip of a knife).

Be sure to remember that the full course of treatment of warts should not last longer than one week. Renew it downright dangerous to your health. Anyway - before such treatment is a good idea to consult with your doctor. It is unlikely, but in some cases may be a contraindication to receiving magnesium.

  • Vinegar

In second place on the effectiveness of the fight against build-up after the celandine is a regular household vinegar, which is in the kitchen of every housewife. Every evening, after taking a bath or shower drip one drop of the funds for education. To do this, you can use the eyedropper or cotton swabs, which can lubricate the head warts. In most cases, the warts begin to disappear after a few days, but the treatment can be stopped only by 7 - 10 days.

  • Kalanchoe

This plant is used to treat almost all diseases ranging from the common cold, finishing with burns and bruises. Due to its magical properties of Kalanchoe perfectly cope with warts. Throughout the week, every night before going to sleep applied to the skin, where the education, bandage soaked in juice. To enhance the effect, where you can add finely chopped or ground in the blender leaves. Likely to disappear even the largest warts.

  • Bow

Fresh onion marinate for three hours or four in vinegar, then chop. Cut out circles of waterproof fabric (four centimeters in diameter), which is made in the middle of the hole, the size of the wart. This is necessary in order to remove the build-up and does not burn the skin. After you paste using plaster base, it puts the resulting slurry on the problem area. Do this procedure to be for the night. Self treatment is necessary to continue about 10 days.

  • Bluestone

The most difficult to remove warts on the face, as thin and delicate skin is very easy to damage the aggressive and corrosive substances. So you should choose a more loyal, but no less effective treatments. So, for example, to eliminate such defects, you can use copper sulfate, which must be pre-mixed with butter.

First, education lubricated ordinary salicylic ointment (it is sold in pharmacies without a prescription and is affordable for every citizen of our country). Top with a thin layer is applied to the resulting mixture, which dries the wart. During the procedure, you may feel a slight burning and tingling caused by copper sulfate. If unpleasant sensations, but no more than that, you need a little patience. But if the discomfort is too much, immediately flush skin with plenty of water and smear baby cream. More experiments are not worth it - most likely, this method does not suit you.

The undoubted advantage of this method lies in the fact that after its application on the skin does not remain scars. First time on the site had fallen away warts may be a small depression, redness, inflammation and swelling. Wipe this area with special disinfectant healing potions and ointments. And after the treatment be sure to visit a dermatologist! It will assess the condition of your skin and, if necessary, adjust the restorative treatment.

  • Dry ice

If the skin began to appear flat warts, try to remove it with dry ice. Shook the dice in gauze (in two or three layers) or ordinary cloth napkin, and apply it to a problem area for forty seconds. If you can tolerate longer keep to the limit. It takes not very many sessions, to deal with this problem as a rule, 5-7. Longer treatment is not necessary to continue. But strictly followed so that the ice did not get on a healthy skin - otherwise there is a danger to damage the skin.

  • Baths with soda

Growths on the soles of the feet can cause pain and discomfort, so they should be removed immediately, without waiting for the size of the increase. So, first you need to hover your feet in hot water (one liter of boiling water - two tablespoons of baking soda). Half an hour later, try using special pliers cut the softened portion where the wart, and dig a root. After the procedure, disinfect the wound with hydrogen peroxide, iodine and grease bandage. Try the next two or three days to walk as little as possible. Then start to lubricate the wound ointment "Levomekol" - until it is completely healed.

  • Decoction of herbs

To prevent the spread of infection, the skin is cleaned daily decoction and tincture of burdock, mother and stepmother, oak bark, sage, blueberry leaves and other plants. If you have no way to dry herbs on their own, get a collection in the pharmacy. Terms of Use and the appointment of an agent is usually written on the packaging manufacturers - strict compliance with the recommendations contributes to faster get rid of warts.

 how to get rid of warts on their own

Believe it or not?

Another good method to remove warts - self-hypnosis. For good reason there are so many different plots used by people who believe in magic, witchcraft and the supernatural. Actually doing this or that rite, we program ourselves for recovery.

  • Wheat stalks

If you live near a field on which grows wheat, go back and pull out a pair of stems with roots. The sharp end of a couple of times a wart-school (not to the blood), and then bury the straw in the ground upside down. Note roots must be at the top. According to the belief, when a blade of grass will rot, warts disappear immediately.

  • Apple and thread

It is necessary to cut fresh apple usual red thread halves and rub obtained growths on the body. After that, the pieces collected, rewound so that they stick together, and buried in the ground. As in the first case, you should wait until the fruit is completely rotted. In fact, the warts are due to acid, so it's worth taking a green apple and it is desirable that it be grown at home. By the way, the same is done in Russia and with potatoes.

  • Meditation

Turn on some relaxing music, sit comfortably in a chair, put his hands on his knees, close your eyes and imagine how the warts on the body gradually begin to disappear. This option fits very hypochondriac and sensitive ladies, because meditation works exactly the same as the placebo effect. If necessary, you can read a special plots on the moon decreasing or increasing.

  • Dog saliva

No one knows who first ventured to spread the wart dog saliva, but people believed it - one of the best ways to deal with growths. Of course, you can also try this remedy, but this should be done very carefully. Do not try to get life-saving fluid from the mouth alone, brush something tasty skin warts. Ten minutes after the dog slizhet food, wash your body with soap and water. By the way, note the animal while everyone should be completely healthy and calm.

Acts or does not act - that is the question?

Do not wait for that first day of the wart will fall off, and in its place will be a smooth skin. At first, the head starts to build-up a little bit darker, until blackened. Do not worry, as it suggests that the roots of education are beginning to dry.

However, do not allow the most common mistake in this situation - in any case does not cut the skin, as this can lead to negative consequences. As a result of such manipulations on the body may remain scars or virus starts to progress. Remember, this build-up must fall itself and without any outside help. If our ways of how to get rid of warts, you do not come, you go to the doctor.

When should I remove the formation of the skin surgically?

If the wart on the back does not hurt you, and do not poison life, then you are unlikely to pay attention to it. But such growths on the face or hands look, to put it mildly, not very attractive. Unfortunately, surrounding still can not properly treat such defects. In addition, you are unlikely to want to infect their colleagues at work and household papillomavirus.

Urgent is to remove a wart if you feel discomfort, pain, and it varies in size, dark, and you are constantly hurting injure her. Since it is necessary to be careful, as a mole, as benign can move malignant. The same applies if the build-up is on the sole of the foot. The hospital will do everything quickly and without pain, but after a couple of days the skin is completely healed.

 How to get rid of warts on their own?

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